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Fractal Design Core 3000 Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case 2X5.25 6X3.5INT No PS Front USB

Fractal Design Core 3000 Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case 2X5.25 6X3.5INT No PS Front USB (Fractal Design: FD-CA-CORE-3000-BL)
Vendor: Fractal Design
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Fractal Design Core 3000 Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case 2X5.25 6X3.5INT No PS Front USB
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.58/10
With 24 User Reviews

Review Date: 12/27/12
Cons: cable management is difficultPCI slots kind of hard to take outscrews kinda hard to install/take out

Pros: looks greatcheapa lot of fan slots
Overall this board looks great and for its price the cons are manageable. The cons of this case are not really serious issues.

Review Date: 12/14/12
Cons: I did mod this case extensively so it probably would not be appropriate to comment whether not everything is in its right place.

Pros: Great lookVery low price pointComes with 1x 120mm and 2x 140mm fans
Case looks and feels awesome and for such a low price point, it certainly does not feel cheap!

Review Date: 12/10/12
Cons: not that solid material. Feels a bit cheap

Pros: Nice looking case, lot of supplied fans.
For 45$ it was a nice deal. It's not worth more than 50$ though. The haf 912 and zalman z9 just have as much features as this one for cheaper.

Review Date: 10/12/12
Cons: -Poor cord management-Motherboard stand off screws were a bit annoying to get in-PCI slot screws are a pain to take out and screw back in

Pros: -Sleek, no nonsense design-Fan controller-7 fan slots-Excellent airflow
Even with the cons I'd say this is a 4 star for me, the pros more than outweigh the cons.. Excellent case for the price when on sale.

Review Date: 10/12/12
Cons: -Could have used a bit more ''info'' in the package

Pros: -Sleek Design-Cable Management-Dust filter included
I bought this for my GF's brother gaming rigGood ventilation, even enought space for the mighty Noctua NH-D14PSU Fan grill b Bottom (good thing)Nothing to say, good caseBlack inside

Review Date: 07/24/12
Cons: No dust filters for the side and top locations for fan mounts

Pros: HDD brackets come with screw holes to fit SSDs, no need to buy 2.5 inch mounting adaptersMiddle drive cage is removeable to provide better airflowComes with three silent, pre-installed fans with a nice fan controller, tooMore than enough screws and zip ties included
I'm a first time builder so the case was easy to use and had enough features to make installing my parts easy. I'm pretty sure there are better cases out there but for the price its a great budget case. I upgraded from a really old PC so I'm quite happy with how easy this case was to work with.

Review Date: 07/16/12
Cons: This is advertised as a ATX case. But read the manual, it says it is microATX case. Fair enough it does not have enough room for a ATX MB. It does not have space for ATX MB. It took 10+ attempts to install the MB in this case. Worst engineering tolerance on the screws holes. I could not match 5 out 9 screws on the MB and 1 screw on PSU.

Pros: LookRubber gaskets on HDD bays
My first case came with a broken leg. Second case had the worst tolerance related to screwing the motherboard. I could fix motherboard with bottom 4 screws, and it was kind hanging with massive Noctua NH D-14 after-market cooler. Thanks to NCIX's excellent support, I could RMA both these cases. I returned them to buy Antec 1100. Installation was a breeze, everything is up and running with lots and lots of space.

Review Date: 05/31/12
Cons: -motherboard stand-off screws and pci slot screws were hard to screw in

Pros: Smart design, useful features, case fans included with fan controller, simple yet stylish
I bought this case to house a computer I building for music recording and production. I had to use tools to get the motherboard screws installed as well as some of the screws for the PCI slots. That issue aside, my install was very clean and easy and was surprised I was able to fit in my EVGA GTX580, mind you I had to keep the middle hard drive tray in the sideways orientation, but I also had to take it out to fit the card in (or take it out). Overall I am very pleased with this case and would buy another one if I was on a tight budget, but I would 100% definitely give their higher priced cases a run.

Review Date: 05/30/12
Cons: - $$$, more expensive than the average budget mid-tower case ($25-50)

Pros: - Comes with 3 fans + Fan controller- Has all the features you need in a budget case.
Great case with a simplistic design. Fans with filters and controller is a nice bonus. I would recommend this case, if it was on sale. I don't think this case is worth more than $60.

Review Date: 04/18/12
Cons: I just wished that the instructions would be more detailed, which could help to find easy answers to questions like; what is the designated spot for this flash drive? I still don't know where so I insert ed it in one of the hard disk drives slots. Their website is also useless for this kind of support. There is also a strange design choice that was made, a strut that is part of the frame of the case runs behind the lower optical drive opening. I believe I will have to hack saw it out if I need to insert  a second drive. I was thinking of getting a blue ray and that would be its place.

Pros: Well built and simple. It was very easy to add everything. It even includes a fan controller for 3 fans and silicone grommets for all drives etc. well done Fractal
Good simple case well put together and it includes many little extras and some minor draw backs but nothing major.

Review Date: 04/15/12
Cons: hard getting dvd/cd covers out, removable hd basket not usable in fan blow through position

Pros: Looks good, comes with lots of parts
As advertised, not bad quality and not the best. Would buy again for budget build.

Review Date: 04/10/12
Cons: no cable management

Pros: Lots of fans, fan controller, tons of space
Case is excellent, very sleek design, very good cooling (dust filters included).Lacks cable management but at this price point, not complaining!

Review Date: 01/09/12
Cons: None.

Pros: Well priced, nice exterior and interior.
I love the black and white matte design.

Review Date: 10/31/11
Cons: no noise reducing foam like in its bigger brother

Pros: Small yet a lot of space. Very well built as is everything from fractal
One of the best cases for its price, very well engineered I cant think of anything they could add to make better without going extreme

Review Date: 10/05/11
Cons: No USB 3.0

Pros: Minimalist designSSD compatibleCooling fans included
Very nice and simple case, better than Antec 300 which everyone has imoHas 3 cooling fans included and really quiet. Lots of spots for installing other fans too.

Review Date: 08/12/11
Cons: -front dust screen should be accessible for cleaning-front usb ports are convenient but susceptible to dust

Pros: -excellent cooling options-includes a fan controller-excellent hard drive bay setup-includes plenty of thumbscrews and drive rails-very good cable routing options
This is a very good mid-tower case with very little to complain about. There are plenty of fan mounts for cooling options, including two front mounted fans. The case has a very basic/minimalist look to it, which is appealing to some, but might be a con for those looking for something a little more flashy. Overall this case is great!

Review Date: 07/23/11
Cons: - Wish that the drive mounting was tool less- If you don't need more fans you are left with some very large vented spots for dust entry

Pros: - Lots of space- Rubber to reduce drive vibration- comes with 3 large fans and a optional controller
For the price I was very impressed with this case, the only issue I had with it was actually an issue with the mother board I was using. The ASUS P8Z68-V Pro mounts the SATA connectors to face the side of the board instead of directly up. This makes it very hard to get things connected as the cables have to bend really close to the drive cages, which are thankfully removable on this case.Really good airflow, and I like having the buttons and media connectors on the front facing UP, it makes things so easy to see and reach when sitting at the desk looking down. The blue power LED is a bit on the bright side but that is easy to fix.

Review Date: 07/22/11
Cons: 2nd front fan only 120mmNot much space behind motherboard trayOnly 2 5-1/4 in bays

Pros: 85% tool-lessTop bottons/usb/audioWhite/black looks nice
I love this case. It has all the features you want in a budget case. Things are easy to install, you get a treasure chest of extra accessories including a fan controller to control all three fans. I've had nothing but great airflow and a pleasure to install and work with.

Review Date: 07/17/11
Cons: Un peu lourd mais c'est le prix à payé pour de l'acier de qualité.Pas de ports USB 3.0, Firewire ou E-SATA en facade.

Pros: Beau look.Très bonne qualité de fabrication.Bon système de gestion de filage.Plusieurs espaces pour les HD et SSD.Tôles épaisses.Filtre pour bloc d'alimentation.Bons ventilateurs inclus avec contrôleur.
Pour 65$ c'est probablement le meilleur boitier qu'on puisse obtenir. Sa qualité de fabrication est exeptionnelle et digne des plus grands manufacturiers. La gestion du câblage est bonne et il est possible de rentrer dans ce boitier la plus grande carte graphique du marché en démontant une des deux baies de disques durs. Pour ma part c'est probablement un des meilleurs boitier sous les 100$ sur le marché. À recommander!

Review Date: 07/08/11
Cons: Hard drive bays are not the best

Pros: Very slick, solid, all metal case, for a killer price!!! A must have.
For the price you can not go wrong!!! just as good at cases double the price. Good materials, and amazing air flow!

Review Date: 06/23/11
Cons: No 8 pin cpu power connector cutout on motherboard tray

Pros: Quality ConstructionGood AirflowGreat features at a Great Price
Bought this case for a cheap P55 build consisting of old components that I had lying around. Installed the MSI GD-80 board, xfx 850W PSU, and xfx 5770 with no issues. With the top HDD cage removed, there is good airflow provided by the front 140mm fan. I ran the 8 pin cpu power up between the motherboard and the motherboard tray since there us no cutout on the tray itself. Currently using this PC for playing less demanding games (SC2, L4D, etc) and file storage. Would recommend the core 3000 over any other budget mid-tower case.

Review Date: 06/05/11
Cons: - no dust filters on other holes in the case (you may want to cover them up)- less cable routing holes then I would have liked- lack of USB 3.0 ports built into the case

Pros: - near silent fans, dust filters on the front and PSU- more then enough room for a GTX 560 Ti and a large CPU cooler- good airflow, removable HDD bays, sturdy HDD trays- awesome aesthetics (painted black), decent build quality- gives a whole new meaning to "you get what you pay for" since I was honestly expecting far less for a $65 case
For the price, I would call this one the Antec 300 killer - you get way more for what you pay (my Core 3000 sits beside my old PC which is in the Antec 300, and I must say that this one is far superior). Removable HDD sleds, lots of room for fans, bottom mounted PSU with dust filter, and more then enough room for most video cards. The case has pretty good airflow, and is near silent (sans the sound of rushing air, which is to be expected).My only concern initially was the front panel is difficult to remove to clean the dust filter. However, unlike most cases which have recessed dust filters, the front filters are a sponge-type of material which is forced right into the honeycomb mesh. You could easily just vacuum off any dust buildup, and although I was initially skeptical of the design, I find it much easier to clean (remember, to each his own!).All in all, I think this case is the best value of any computer case right now. It's painted black, has a great build quality, and is only $65. While it doesn't have a lot of the features many of the high end cases do, for half the price, I was a lot happier with what I got. Great value, great job Fractal Design.

Review Date: 05/18/11
Cons: - None. It's a case. You put stuff inside.

Pros: - Silent- Spacious- Nice black coloring inside and outside
The case is pretty silent with the included fans, and the included fan controller is a nice touch. There was enough space to accommodate everything I needed, and the crawl space behind the motherboard tray was plenty enough to route all my cables. For the price, it's a great case.

Review Date: 05/14/11
Cons: Hard Drive bays are somewhat loose

Pros: SpaciousGood Cable ManagementGreat Air FlowSolid
This was a good purchase - great value. The included fans provide great airflow and the build quality appears to be solid. With all three fans running I find it quiet enough for watching movies and such. I used this case with a small Asus motherboard, and a Corsair A50 heatsink - which fits perfectly. The only concern I have is with the hard drive bays. They don't fit tightly in their sockets, but they can be held firmly in place with an extra screw - so it's probably not a problem. Overall great value for the price, lots of nice features.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

BrandFractal Design
SeriesCore 3000 Value PC Cases
ModelCore 3000
TypeATX Mid Tower
Case MaterialSteel
With Power SupplyNo
Power Supply MountedBottom
Motherboard CompatibilityMini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX
With Side Panel WindowNo
External 5.25" Drive Bays2 (with one 5.25 > 3.5 inch converter included)
External 3.5" Drive Bays1 (Convert from 5.25" bay)
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays6 (Compatible with SSD)
Expansion Slots7 x Fractal accent white painted brackets
Front Ports
Front Ports4 x USB 2.0 and Audio I/O ports
Cooling System
120mm Fans1 x 120mm rear fan included
1 x 120mm in front, 1 x 120/140mm in top, 1 x 120mm in bottom, and 1 x 120/140mm in side panel (optional)
140mm Fans2 x 1 x 140mm fan included (front, top)
Side Air ductYes
Physical Spec
Dimensions(L x W x H)18.90" x 7.87" x 16.93"
Weight15.65 lbs.
FeaturesSimple and elegant front panel with mesh and filter

Optimized for performance in a ATX form factor with multiple cooling options

Upper HDD cage is removable and rotatable to accommodate larger graphics cards and innovative airflow configurations.

Fan controller for 3 fans included

Sleek black interior with Fractal black and white signature colors

Supports graphic card lengths up to 270mm with the removable HDD tray

Supports graphic card lengths up to 420mm when the removable HDD tray is removed

Removable filter below PSU

Supports PSU's with a maximum depth of 160mm, when using bottom 120mm fan location. When not using the bottom 120mm fan location, the case also supports longer PSU's, typically 250mm

Easily removable front panel with clip on fan slots

Larger opening in M/B tray to support large CPU coolers

Supports CPU coolers with height of 160mm
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