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AMD FX Series FX-9370 8 Cores AM3+ 4.4GHZ Turbo 4.7GHZ 16MB DDR3-1866 Processor

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Product Reviews

AMD FX Series FX-9370 8 Cores AM3+ 4.4GHZ Turbo 4.7GHZ 16MB DDR3-1866 Processor
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.5/10
With 4 User Reviews

Review Date: 02/06/14
Cons: None Yet

Pros: Fast, reliable, cool running
Very pleased with this purchase, no issues with the core and where my previous core was bottlenecking my video card this one has been handling everything very well. I am a heavy gamer with a focus on performance and graphics and this is exactly what I needed. I picked it up on a sale but it's definitely worth the full price.

Review Date: 01/09/14
Cons: Needs Hi End Cooling

Pros: Fast, 8 Cores, Best bang for the buck in AM3+
Bought as an upgrade from my 6 core 1100T. This cpu is much faster and works better in BF4. I actually got a better frame rate of about 10fps just by upgrading to this cpu. The only issue is this cpu has a 220tdp which is double the power consumption of my last cpu and as a result gets a little toasty. You will need a high end air cooler or what I use (Corsair H80 or better) just to keep it under control. Idles at 36c and jumps to 55c during gaming with BF4, that's a 20 degree jump when it's wide open.. keep that in mind. Other than that it's worth the money in my mind.

Review Date: 10/23/13
Cons: Hot, apparently power hungry

Pros: Extremely Fast, Good price
I purchased this cpu along with a Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 Ver. 3.0 motherboard to replace my aging Phenom 2 965be. Ver 3.0 of this motherboard does not recognize this cpu properly and clocks the cpu at 3.8ghz. It did however set the right voltage (1.425). I am using a Noctua NH-C14 cooler and rather than cranking the cpu up to the proper speed I did 3 different settings. 1st at 4.4ghz 2nd at 4.7ghz and then a slight OC to 4.8ghz. I did not adjust the voltage just the cpu multiplier. I'm still running 1.425 volts and the system seems to be stable and running under 61 Celsius. At 100% the cpu will get too hot, but it seems to be fine during gaming and regular computer use whereas the cpu does not get fully used. My motherboard is telling me a peak of high 30's when gaming (which makes me doubt it) so I'm guessing it's in the 50's. I would definitely recommend a Water cooler (Corsair H100i) or better.My windows experience scores jumped from 7.4 7.4 7.9 7.9 7.5 TO - 7.8 7.8 7.9 7.9 7.9 with just the mobo and cpu change. My system boots faster and is overall noticably faster. Very pleased with this cpu despite all the negative reviews about it not being as fast as Intel's and being hot and power hungry. This is one of the current best desktop CPU's out there. Don't let the Intel fanboys convince you otherwise.

Review Date: 08/23/13
Cons: Its a overclocked FX-8320 Cherry picked chip

Pros: nothing good .....
you better buy a fx 8320 and overclock it to 4.5/4.7ghz You will have the same performance of the fx 9370 chip only for 159$ (Compared to 329$)

Product Features

Eight Core CPU Unlocked Processor

AMD FX-9370 Eight-Core 4.4GHz Processor
AMD introduces an incredible processor. You?ll game, overclock, and get the max out of your experience. For unmatched multitasking and high speed processing choose the AMD Eight-Core 4.4GHz Processor. With a base frequency of 4.4GHz, you can achieve 4.7GHz frequency with Turbo Core for the ultimate performance. This processor also incorporates 8MB of high speed L2 Cache and L3 Cache to boost up the processor?s speed. It is added with 1866 Max DDR3 memory for handling demanding computing tasks with ease. Belonging to the FX class, you can certainly expect a skyrocketing system performance. This eight core processor is unlocked for added efficiency. Order the AMD Eight-Core 4.4GHz Processor right now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 8MB of L2 Cache and L3 Cache; boosts up the system?s speed
  • 1866 Max DDR3 memory; for handling demanding computing tasks with ease
  • Unlocked Multiplier; allows changing the CPU frequency in your CPU settings to help overclock the system to higher speeds

Product Specifications

CPU Socket Type
CPU Socket TypeSocket AM3+
Tech Spec
Operating Frequency4.4GHz
Thermal Design Power220W
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