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GELID Solutions WING 14 UV Blue FN-FW14B-12 Case Fan

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GELID Solutions WING 14 UV Blue FN-FW14B-12 Case Fan
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Product Reviews

GELID Solutions WING 14 UV Blue FN-FW14B-12 Case Fan
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.88/10
With 16 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/05/13
Cons: pricematch needed.

Pros: well made and high performance
well built with stromg airflow.faster rpm than most 140mm fans makes them noiser too

Review Date: 04/02/13
Decently quiet on low-noise mode (with included cable plugged in).All wires are braided. Very loud in power mode-it moves air and is louder than any videocard's fan I ever owned.

Review Date: 02/28/13
This fan is great! Moves a lot of air and it's really and straightforward to clean. Dust proof! Appears far better in particular person. If you want LED's then this isn't for you. It's UV Blue which in fact appears far better then LED imo. Says its water proof but why would i want my pc in water? Replaced my Lian-li 140mm fan in my lian-li pc 7fnw case and its so substantially far better.

Review Date: 01/10/13
This issue is great. It's airflow and noise profile are excellent and are accurate to the advertised claims. Also, the cable is sleeved in dense black mesh and the fan ships with common screws, anti-vibration rubber attachments, and a noise/rpm reduction cable that is equally properly sleeved. The price is at the top rated finish of what I want to spend for a fan, but it's not so much a con this time due to the top quality and efficacy of the fan. I utilised this fan to replace the factory 140mm unit that came in my HAF X. The Gelid makes ever-so-slightly additional noise, but moves most likely twice the air. The CM factory fan supposedly pushed 60 CFM, but that should have been measured with the wind. This fan, on the other hand, delivers quality air flow at just about the same noise level as the 16 dBa CM. If you need a great 140mm fan, appear no additional.

Review Date: 11/22/12
Fan is near silent for the ammount of air it blows. Genuinely higher excellent feel to the fans as effectively. Water proof and repels dust, even though who requirements a water proof fan? My fan for some purpose came with no LEDs. I guess this may well be a pro, a lot more of a con, depends on the particular person. I truly kind of like it not getting lit up as I hear the light is blinding. Overal excellent fan, need to acquire some more.

Review Date: 05/29/12
Truly moves the air without much noise. none

Review Date: 05/02/12
Ideal 140mm fan I could find. Moves as much\more air then a 120mm fan with 1ǚ of the noise. none Why are 140mms not a lot more preferred?

Review Date: 03/17/12
This fan is very quiet and very affective. The nanoflux bearing uses a very distinctive magnetic style and runs friction free of charge therefore its quietness. Compared to sleeve and ball bearing fans the Gelids Nanoflux bearing is high precision and self lubricating and eliminates any oil leakage.The impeller can be detached and thus the fan blades can then be cleaned simply. The warranty Newegg lists is three years, but in fact the warranty is five YEARS!If you want it to run even much more silent you can use the enclosed noise reduction cable which will bring the fan down to about 900rpm and 20.5 dBA ࿟CFM) rather of the 1200 rpm and 26dBA but I favor full bore as the dba is so very minimal! At complete speed you ought to get about 80CFM. Added extended life 100,000 h MTTF at 40CThe wiring is sleeved in black and really nicely fitted ends. You can tell there was more put into the build on these fans. 3 pin Molex connector is what you have for connection. Pricey...But as they say you get what you spend for I guess... Also the fan blades are UV reactive so if you have your case lit with a UV light you get an added bonus ...Don't be fooled this fan is not led lit.four rubber fan mounts4 metal screws included.

Review Date: 02/21/12
Silent even at max speed! Very good airflow, and the design is great! Not truly a con but I believed it had blue LEDs when I purchased it lol... I will be buying a 4" Cathode to take benefit of the blue UV on the fan. worth each and every penny, if your thinking about buying this item you wont be disappointed

Review Date: 09/22/11
It works and they are just a touch quieter than my stock fans that had been previously in my case. They look great but doesn't matter a lot since i don't have them anyplace where its visible. They move air. I don't really feel much distinction on air movement compared to stock fans this are just quieter.I have one of three that i purchased connected to my controller and the controller is reading only 800rpm and it wont let me take it greater. Not sure if its a mistake on the controller of its just the fan... absolutely nothing actually.

Review Date: 09/21/11
Cons: -doesn't shine alot under UV light-kind of noisy

Pros: -pushes good amount of air-nice sleeved cable-comes with a fan controler
Those fans are a little bit overpriced. Great quality though. It's made robust but a little bit loud.I would look for noctua fans instead of those next time.

Review Date: 06/21/11
Cons: on led's

Pros: air mover not to loud
I bot an antec df35 the is the 2 fan Ibot for this case it is top monted dus the job every well

Review Date: 06/05/11
Zero fan noise. Sleek. Pushes a ton of air. Temperatures dropped a couple of degrees just by adding 2 of these in location of the preinstalled case fans. None I have employed numerous different fans from many unique businesses, but GELID has constantly impressed me. If you notice noise due to the enhance air flow (fan is silent), you may well need a fan speed controller from GELID (for an HTPC or ultra quiet environment). Gelid Solutions FC-FX01 Fan Speed Controllerworks fantastic and will support up to 700 mA of power to a fan or fans. This fan was already quiet enough for me.

Review Date: 04/11/11
Cons: Super loud louder then my stock NZXT 120mm fan come in a 4 pin connector so you cant connect your NZXT Phantom fan control on it

Pros: Moves air like a charm
Vary good fan if you want to move air in or out. Great looking LED. Good Quality plastic it don't feel cheep fan is removable for cleaning. vary disapointed on how loud it is tho i can hear it through my Siberia V2 headset

Review Date: 04/03/11
Cons: -Kind of loud at default speed, I recommend getting a fan speed controller

Pros: -Lots of blades-Pushes decent amount of air even at low speeds-UV reactive, gives it awesome looks-Comes with rubber grommets
Pretty good, I got one as exhaust on my Corsair 800D and it does its job very well.

Review Date: 02/26/11
Cons: Loud motor noise

Pros: Moves a lot of air
Generally a good fan, however cannot compare to it's predecessor, the Wing 12. The motor noise is much much louder (even with the silent adapter on, I have to undervolt it further).Only completely silent around 600RPM. I would recommend the Wing 12 over this unfortunately.Other than the noise, a great fan.
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Product Features

140mm Fan Waterproof

Gelid Gamer FN-FW14B-12 140mm Fan Cooler
The Gelid Gamer FN-FW14B-12 140mm Fan Cooler delivers a superior cooling performance to keep your system running at optimum levels. This excellent 140mm fan features a unique Nanoflux bearing, winglet fan blades, and a low starting voltage to ensure state-of-the-art cooling for your high-performance system. The rubber fan mounts are specifically designed to deal with fan-induced vibrations and provide silent operations. Plus, the fan speed reduction cable can even decrease the fan speed to super silent 900 RPM. Purchase the Gelid Gamer FN-FW14B-12 140mm Fan Cooler right away!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 140mm fan; provides sufficient airflow within the PC
  • Rubber fan mounts; ensures silent operations
  • Fan speed reduction cable; decreases the fan's speed to your liking

Product Specifications

Brand GELID Solutions
Series WING 14 UV Blue
Model FN-FW14B-12
Type Case Fan
Compatibility Case
Fan Size 140mm
Bearing Type Nanoflux Bearing (NFB)
RPM 1200 RPM
Air Flow 80 CFM / 135.92 CMH
Noise Level 26 dBA
Power Connector 3 Pin
Color Blue
Physical Spec
Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Features Nanoflux Bearing (NFB)

Optimized Winglet Fan Blades

Waterproof & Dustproof

Long Lifetime (100,000 hours MTTF at 40C)

Rubber Fan Mounts

Fan Speed Reduction Cable

Cable Length (mm): 500
Safety Approvals: CE, RoHS Compliant
Static Pressure (mmAq): 1.45
Voltage (V): 12
Current (A): 0.35
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited

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