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GELID Solutions FN-SX12-10 Silent Case Fan

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GELID SILENT 12 cm 120mm Low Noise Silence Rubber Mount PC Case Fan FN-SX12-10 GELID SILENT 12 cm 120mm Low Noise Silence Rubber Mount PC Case Fan FN-SX12-10 $8.93 CAD Shop Now
Gelid Silent 12 120mm x 120mm x 25mm Case Fan Gelid Silent 12 120mm x 120mm x 25mm Case Fan $14.11 CAD Shop Now
Gelid Silent 12 120x25mm Case Fan Gelid Silent 12 120x25mm Case Fan $14.76 CAD Shop Now
Gelid Solutions Silent 12 120mm Case Fan FN-SX12-10 Gelid Solutions Silent 12 120mm Case Fan FN-SX12-10 $22.88 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

GELID Solutions FN-SX12-10 Silent Case Fan
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.63/10

Review Date: 11/15/10
Cons: No 3 pin to molex adapter

Pros: Whisper quietIncludes rubber mountsGreat Value
Compared to most case fans out there, this one is nice and quiet. Purchased it for $4.99, and happy with my purchase.. As another poster stated the rubber mounting supports are a pain to install. Once they are on they do the job well. With no vibration on the case.Would purchase these again.

Review Date: 11/15/10
Cons: cheap looking

Pros: works fine, cheap! on SALE
If you are looking for cheap and working fine computer fans, then you are in the right place. Since I am not sure what makes my build so noisy and I dont mind. I think it would be a perfect choice for a budge build or ppl like who want to save money.

Review Date: 11/14/10
Cons: only has 3 pin connector

Pros: Very quietCheap
Wanted a quiet fan and this product does the job well. Got it for $5 and it's running great. The rubber fan mount is kind of tricky to put on though.

Review Date: 11/13/10
Cons: none yet

Pros: $4.99 salequietrubber grommets
on sale for 4.99, can't complain, exactly what I need, I can can other moving components in my case but not this fan.

Review Date: 11/03/10
Cons: None as of yet

Pros: QuietLooksInstallation
well, these are MUCH quieter than the antc tricools. i had two tricools on lowest setting (3 spd switch), and 3 of these gelids are quieter than them. Very nice! I can't comment on durability yet.

Review Date: 10/04/10
Cons: Fan-controllable, but could not get it to always start-up at 5v.

Pros: Very silentPushes good amount of air when running at max rpmNice black & white color schemeComes with rubber mountsSleeved cables!!!
When running at low rpm, it's totally silent. When running at max rpm, you can hear it, but it's still quiet and doesn't have the annoying clicking, buzzing, vibrating sound that most fans do. I can control the fan-speed with my fan-controller, but it sometimes doesn't start-up when my fan-controller is set to minimum, which is 5v. Gotta bump-up the speed and then turn it back to low when I start-up my rig.

Review Date: 09/12/10
Cons: nothing

Pros: cheap, looks nice
a pretty good case fan, quiet as well. might wanna go with a better fan if its going to be installed on a cpu cooler tho.

Review Date: 07/07/10
Cons: - No 3pin to molex

Pros: - Rubber mounts- Nice design- Quiet
Comparing it against my other Yate Loons that were on sale for $1 cheaper than this fan, i'd have to say that i'm a bit disappointed that this fan did not come with the 3pin to molex adapter. Other than that, should do the job just fine.

Review Date: 05/27/10
Cons: Not much air movement

Pros: Quiet and good looking.
Is definitely quiet, but does not move all that much air.Using it as an exhaust case fan, so it's okay, but as a heatsink fan, I may reconsider.

Review Date: 05/12/10
Cons: none

Pros: very quietbetter then other fans at the same price point
horizontally mounted as an exhaust fan on the top of my case. very quiet, doesn't spin fast but does the job it claims

Review Date: 04/27/10
Cons: not completely silent, still buzzes

Pros: fairly quiet, lots of accessories, good price point
Second time I got one of these, they're probably the best silent fan at this price point. They still buzz though, albeit less than Yate and Nexus fans. They look pretty nice and come with a case badge too!

Review Date: 04/14/10
Cons: none

Pros: quietcheapgood air flow
using it to push the air in my computer. Doing the job perfectly and it is not making a lot of noise so it is good for me.

Review Date: 04/02/10
Cons: not dead silent...

Pros: relatively quite for the amount of air pushed.
Works great with my swiftech triple rad in my HAF932. easily the quietest fans ive ever heard, but not anywhere as silent as id like honestly. i went watercooling to be silent more than anything. in my opinion decent airflow considering how quiet they are. helped me alot getting my dustbuster i7 920 GTX260 SLI sound levels under control!

Review Date: 03/27/10
Cons: nothing

Pros: Pas chertrès silencieux
Bien content de mon achat, très abordable, ultra silencieux. que dire d'autre, ce sont juste des fans pas cher qui font ce qu'on leur demande. Le prix PP est excellent.

Review Date: 02/17/10
Cons: None for a quiet fan

Pros: SilenceLooks greatSleeved wireQuality
It does not pushes a lot of air but you have to keep in mind that this is not the purpose of this fan. It is not a "performance" fan it is a quiet fan and it's filling that bill. It is dead silent.

Review Date: 01/17/10
Cons: Doesn't move a lot of air.

Pros: Quiet, good value.
Quite happy with these fans, I've found them to be very quiet. I like the anti-vibration rubber mounts similar to those than come with Noctua fans. This review was modfied by poster @ 01-17-10 03:50 PM

Review Date: 01/13/10
Cons: Nowhere near as quiet as specs claim

Pros: rubber mounts, quality braided cable covers, sturdy frame, PM under $5
While they provide a nice amount of airflow, there is no way these measure at only 20.2 dBA when running at 12v.At 12V the fans are louder & more noticeable than my hard drives which claim dBA figures in the 30-40dBA range, and even when running at 5v they are louder than my Scythe Slipstream 800RPM fan j 12V, and roughly the same noise as a stock Antec TwoCool 120mm fan j 5VOverall, these are decent fans, but they simply don't compare against actual "Silent" fans from the likes of Noctua & Scythe.

Review Date: 12/22/09
Cons: None that I can think of. It does exactly what it says, looks great, and is really, really cheap.

Pros: Extremely quiet, and well made fan. I can't hear a buzz coming from it, only air.Aesthetically, looks great: The ugly tri-color wire is encased in a black mesh tube, and the white fins are very nice looking without all that LED nonesense which I hate. Very high quality fan!
This is, in my opinion, the best 120mm silent fan that I've used. Very quiet, great looking (without all that LED garbage), only one power molex (which reduces my case clutter), and it pushes a very nice amount of air for how quiet it is! I would easily choose it over another more expensive model.

Review Date: 12/08/09
Cons: -Can be pricey-Rubber screws may become a hassle

Pros: -Quiet-Adequate cooling-Nice colour scheme
I bought these for a quad core gaming system and they are fairly quiet and seem to do their job. The only issues I have is that you need to PM them to get a good price and the rubber screws provided can be a real pain when installing it tight areas without much access.

Review Date: 11/13/09
Cons: Doesn't Move A Lot of AirNo MOLEX adapter.

Pros: Silent3pin.
These fans are great for the price, they are extremely quiet. Although they don't move a lot of air, I use 3 of these in my case and it's good enough to cool the internal environment.

Review Date: 10/20/09
Cons: None yet!

Pros: Good price, quiet operation, not ugly like the Noctua :p
I have tried many fans and these are very good considering the price. I am using these on a Swiftech radiator and they keep my overclocked I7 nice and cool.

Review Date: 09/14/09
Cons: none

Pros: price, quality, rubber mounts, quiet
Very quiet fans, and has included rubber mounts (I believe it's to reduce vibrations). Some might still prefer screw mounts though, because the rubber mounts may be a bit tedious to put on or take off (depends on the person really).For the price paid (less than half), I can't complain.Never tried this brand before, but overall I'm quite satisfied with the purchase, so I would buy another product by GELID again.

Review Date: 08/03/09
Cons: Packaging is initially misleading. The features listed are not all of this fan, but of the different models that are available.

Pros: This fan passed all my expectations. For less than 1/2 the price it is well worth upgrading all your 120mm case fans.
Using as an intake fan on the side of cm 690, keeps my graphics card quite a bit cooler. I looked for a quality fan and I found it.

Review Date: 07/21/09
Cons: Feels a bit cheapDoesn't move much air...

Pros: QuietSuper cheap when PM'edSleeved cableNice packagingRubber mounts
For $3, you can't go wrong.These are extremely quiet, barely audible unless you're right up next to it.However, like most others have said, this doesn't move much air compared to the Wing series.Overall a good buy, but I'd buy the Wing series over these any day.

Review Date: 07/21/09
Cons: No 4 pin connector. Higher CFM would be nice

Pros: Very quiet, fair amount of airflow and sexy.
Overall I'm satisfied but I wouldn't pay full price. It's very quiet...I cannot hear it at all and I'm a noise freak. I paid 3.80$ so it was well worth it.
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Product Features

120mm Fan

Gelid Silent FN-SX12-10 120mm Case Fan
Maintain a cool and efficient system with the Gelid Silent FN-SX12-10 120mm Case Fan. This amazing case fan provides a steady stream of airflow within the system while still maintaining silent operations. It ensures ultra low noise levels thanks to its optimized fan blades and Hydro Dynamic bearing. Plus, it offers extra long, temperature resistant rubber fan mounts that stop vibrations from traveling into your PC case. Get the Gelid Silent FN-SX12-10 120mm Case Fan right now!

Product Specifications

Bearing Type: Hydro Dynamic Bearing
RPM: 1000 RPM
Air Flow: 37 CFM
Noise Level: 20.2 dBA
Power Connector: 3 Pin Molex
Compatibility: Case
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Features: Silent Operation Optimized Fan Blades High Airflow &High Static Pressure Rubber Fan Mounts Long Lifetime (50'000 h MTTF at 40C) Safety Approvals: CE, RoHS Compliant
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