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nGear 15IN Shock Resistant Notebook Bag

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nGear 15IN Shock Resistant Notebook Bag
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 6.95/10
With 19 User Reviews

Review Date: 10/15/11
Cons: Wrong size?

Pros: Does the job, protects my laptop
got a wrong size but still does the job

Review Date: 11/09/10
Cons: -Will fit only 15.4" and smaller laptops

Pros: -Cheap-Nice little laptop sleeve
This will not fit with a 16:9 15.6" laptop. This seemed like a nice sleeve but it's not really useful since most of the new laptops are wider than the bag.

Review Date: 02/14/10
Cons: stiching seemed a little cheap

Pros: bought it on sale great price
after having this case for awhile it has preformed very well as it is used to protect my laptop in my back pack it has held up very well

Review Date: 12/30/09
Cons: none

Pros: very durable
I bought this recently, and It fit my 15.4" HP dv6622ca notebook like a glove, not to tight or anything, perfect fit. Tag does say 17" but i think it would be next to impossable to pull that off.overall great item.

Review Date: 01/21/09
Cons: nonecan be fragile

Pros: sizecheappadded
I bought this notebook bag for my 14 inches msi. It seems the bad is a lot bigger han advertized to be sure all sized will fit in I think. Sure it is cheap, it is not a leather bag. It is more suited to people who want to put THIS bag in another bag, since this one doesnT' have handles. GO check for it in special It can be around 11$

Review Date: 01/14/09
Cons: no side padding, no carrying straps, no protection whatsoever not worth 14.00......not worth the 6.99 i paid for it

Pros: none do yourself a favor and buy a better bag!!!!
You know for 1400 a guy cant expect alot......this basically is a laptop dust cover......it offers no real protection whatsoever other then maybe from coffee spillage.....theres no straps...no side protection.....nothing........heres the worst parti paid 6.99 on sale for this item and im still complaining...it wasnt worth what it cost to shipITS A SATISFACTORY DUST COVER!!!!***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Review Date: 04/04/08
Cons: No edge protection

Pros: Very firm protection on broad surface
While there is serious protection from side impact (broadface), there is no padding along the edges.The foam protection is extremely firm. I could also use it as body armour.Could be designed better.I got it for a very low price, so I can't complain very much.

Review Date: 02/06/08
Cons: Not great quality

Pros: Cheap price on sale
I have had this laptop case about one month now and in is a tight fit to get a 15" laptop in it but it fits . I would not like to drop it when it contains a laptop but for sale price it is a good deal.

Review Date: 12/05/07
Cons: does not fit some laptops

Pros: great way to protect laptop
note: This will NOT fit many 15.4, 15.1 widescreen laptop.I purchased this to fit my Dell latitude 14.1 widescreen laptop. It fits great. Since this is built for a non widescreen laptop, I did have some extra space at the top of the bag.This is built better than many other laptop bags. It has a memory foam like material imbedded at the top and bottom of the bag. Protects it very well from harm. It will add some bulk to your laptop.Overall good buy. p.s. It is not the bag's fault if it doesnt fit a widescren 15.1 inch laptop. you should know better :D This review was modfied by poster @ 12-05-07 02:36 PM

Review Date: 11/02/07
Cons: Does NOT fit a 15" widescreen.

Pros: Cheap, good for non-widescreen users.
While the item description says 15", the tag on the bag itself says 17". Nonetheless, it fits my 15" non-widescreen laptop perfectly. However, a 15" widescreen does NOT fit (at least mine didn't).

Review Date: 10/27/07
Cons: There's no handle!!-a tad too big

Pros: -lightweight-easy to insert 15.4'' widescreen laptop
I got this for free with 1500 rewards points so I can't complain. I use it with my hp 15.4'' wide-screen laptop and it fits ok - it's a tad too roomy. The length is ok but the height is about 1'' too high. Overall, it does its job of protecting the glossy black finish on the laptop

Review Date: 09/27/07
Cons: Cheap, measures 17.5" diagonal too large for most laptops

Pros: Low cost, redeem for free with NCIX points
Redeemed this for free with 1500 NCIX points recently. I wish I hadn't. It's too large to fit most laptops (measures 17.5" diagonal, eventhough it's advertised as 15") and doesn't look too durable. Looking to give away to someone now.

Review Date: 09/14/07
Cons: Not protection from impacts.

Pros: Dense foam material. Does the job of offering limited protection to your laptop
Great value. I bought it for the purpose of preventing spills and surface stain/damage and the product does that job very well.

Review Date: 07/05/07
Cons: none found

Pros: exactly what it says it is
I'm not sure about the reviews here which complain that a 15" bag doesn't fit their > 15" notebook. Hardly the bag's fault.Got this on sale for 4.99 and I'm perfectly happy. It is exactly what it says it is and fits my 15" laptop very snugly.

Review Date: 06/26/07
Cons: not very good materialnot convinent to carry

Pros: smallprotection
When I got this it only discounted to $8 which is not a very good deal for me, now is cheaper, but better than nothing.

Review Date: 01/02/07
Cons: it is a bag. don't expect too much from it- too small, 15.4" laptops do not fit

Pros: it kinda looks nice if it worked
arrived todayThis bag doesn't fit my sony vgnfe vaio and asus w3v laptop. Both 15.4".the area does not even cover up the laptop surface in size, so i doubt it can fit a 17".i tried forcefully and ended up scratching my laptop with the zipper.

Review Date: 03/02/06
Cons: Foam is a bit tough

Pros: Seems sturdy enough
Decent scratch protection for your notebook if carrying only the notebook around, otherwise would prefer a better carrying case for accessories. THe foam is very stiff and not really spongy, so may not absorb impact. Lack of other pockets makes it use limited.

Review Date: 01/08/06
Cons: -my 17in widescreen laptop doesn't fit

Pros: -neutral looks-zippers are smooth
My 17in widescreen laptop doens't fit in this bag (Dell Inspiron 9200), but for a small notebook this should be great. Bought at 7.99$ during a sale.

Review Date: 12/28/05
Cons: -foams are very hard

Pros: -my 15" laptop fits perfectly-looks good-durable (it looks)
My first impression is that it fits really nicely for my 15" laptop. the laptop has thickness so it bulges, and a 17" bag would fit. The zippers are smooth, so it's not like they will break or come off any time soon.The only concern I have is the foams that provide the shock resistance. The foams are so tough you have to squeeze it really hard to feel it's actually foam. And the foam isn't elastic either. If you make a dent, it will take a while for the surface to flatten itself.Overall, it's better than no protection.
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