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Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Blue Illuminated Ghost Macro Engine Wired USB3.0 Gaming Keyboard - Black

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Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Blue Illuminated Ghost Macro Engine Wired USB3.0 Gaming Keyboard - Black
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.56/10
With 9 User Reviews

Review Date: 02/06/13
Cons: pricey

Pros: red switches are nicelight
this keyboard is awesome! it better be awesome if you have to pay so much for it! red switches are very nice they are very light, i just cant get enough from the bottom-out sounds, i need to keep typing lol

Review Date: 01/30/13
Cons: - No dedicated media keys- USB/audio connectors are all tied together

Pros: - Solid build qualty- Excellent package- Adjustable Back-lit/volume scroll wheel- Convenient USB3 extension port
Overall I'm very happy with this keyboard. It's very pleasant to type and game with and would recommend this to anyone who needs a keyboard for work and play. One potential issue that others may run into though is that the audio connectors are attached together with the USB connectors so you can't reach any of the expansion slots where your sound card is located.

Review Date: 01/23/13
Cons: Blue BacklightSome key shakeCannot dim very bright Aivia logoNo PS/2 connector

Pros: Very fast MX Red switch keyboardHeavy sturdy constructionGood wrist restGood macro system
I've been using this keyboard off and on for playing CS:Source for the past couple of months and for the most part I have enjoyed it.With a good red switch keyboard like this you can use the light touch to almost float your hand on the keys and the results can be pretty good. Some users will really like the look of the blue backlight but it doesn't work well for me as I find that colour to produce eyestrain and be difficult to see so for the most part I have it switched off. There is no dimming the Aivia logo however and I had to deal with it by putting insulation tape over it.These comments may be nit picking but if they were addressed this would possibly be the best gaming board out there, especially as it is usually quite a bit cheaper than competing boards.

Review Date: 12/28/12
Cons: Honestly, none.

Pros: Beautiful construction, great key feedback, bright LED keys.
This is my first gaming mechanical keyboard, and I gotta say next to a SSD upgrade, this is simply the best upgrade to my computer use I've experienced. Coming from the similarly priced Roccat Valo (non-mechanical true) gaming board, there's no other comparison. They LEDs are 5x as bright, the construction more durable, and the software more intuitive and less prone to glitches. The tactile feedback of the keys is exactly what you expect from a mechanical keyboard without being overly intrusive. To top it off, it came packaged near-bulletproofed.Not only worth the money, I'd pay it again and recommend it to friends.

Review Date: 12/23/12
Cons: -Price, but this keyboard feels much better to type on than my previous mechanical keyboard, so this con is negated out. Well worth the price. Otherwise, there are no real cons.-As stated in a YouTube unboxing review of this keyboard, the box is HUGE (cue in the "that's what she said" joke). But the keyboard itself is actually smaller than my previous mechanical keyboard, so I'm assuming that it was packaged big to protect the keyboard from damage.

Pros: -Has built-in USB 3.0 (but requires connection to port on M/B), only keyboard (at time of writing) with this feature-Fully mechanical Cherry MX Red switches, unlike Corsair with partial dome switch nonsense-Blue backlighting, which matches very well with my Corsair M60 mouse. I liked this feature.-Cool looking and comfortable wrist rest (with no ugly logos), reminds me of the Logitech Wave keyboard that I owned years ago-Includes a key cap puller (about $5 value), and has a unique "win lock" key for disabling the Windows key for gaming.-Analog wheels for backlighting and volume look retro, but looks cool. Effective for fine tuning the brightness and volume, respectively.-Feels very easy and comfortable to type on, I had a mech keyboard with Cherry MX Black switches and that keyboard was not good for long typing sessions. However, I did like the non-tactile feel of the Black switches, so I went with the Red switches of this one.-Keyboard has a USB 2.0 passthrough, works like the Logitech G110 passthrough, it is powered by the keyboard itself, so it's less complicated than a USB HUB.-64 key rollover, this feature really sold on me. Perfect for virtual piano and multiplayer gaming on the same keyboard.
This is my second mechanical keyboard, and the first keyboard that I truly admire the most. Unlike Corsair's offerings (K60 and K90), this keyboard features the same Cherry MX Red switches, however this keyboard does not cheap out with partial dome switch nonsense, it's all 100% mechanical here. I also liked that the software GIGABYTE has provided does not boot from startup, so it's not intrusive at all.Very well worth the price if you have not got a mechanical keyboard yet, it is a dream to type on. Highly recommended, 5/5.

Review Date: 12/08/12
Cons: - Only blue back-lighting- The macro keys' software is kinda slow to respond

Pros: - Feels very well made and durable- Well priced compared to other mechanical keyboards- Very pleasant to type on- Back-lighting can go from very dim to very bright
This is my first mechanical keyboard and boy does it make a big difference! For anyone hesitating to go mechanical, don't! Just do yourself a favor and buy one!

Review Date: 11/24/12
Cons: none

Pros: Very well built, leds can be adjusted to whatever brightnness you want.heavy which i like for keyboard.
i was looking for a long time on what keyboard to buy, i went to the store and felt almost every keyboard.Stay away from those corsiark60 and k90 compaired to this those things are CHEEEEAAAP. the leds are amazing and the addition of a usb 3.0 on the keybnoard is nice because i only have 3.0 on the back of my computer so that will be handy.

Review Date: 11/01/12
Cons: - No dedicated media keys

Pros: - Excellent tactile feel for both gaming and every day use- Nicely illuminated keys- Ghost macro features are good- Very solid, weighs a ton
I have had this keyboard for about 3 days and I must say what a difference it makes in every day use. The keys feel so nice to type on. Some prefer blues/browns for typing but for me I think this is the best of both worlds if you game and type on your keyboard. I find the Black switches to be very noisy compared to the reds, thats why I chose this one instead. I have switched from my logitech g15 v2 and what a difference. BUY THIS! You will not regret it.Best purchase I have made so far as for a good gaming keyboard.
Dark Ranger@NCIX

Review Date: 09/08/12
Cons: Would have appreciate a on screen volume indicator like the Logitech or Microsoft offerings.Beeing hard on my keys when typing, I wonder if Black Cherry switches would not have been a better choice for me.

Pros: On keyboard USB 3 port (1).Volume and led adjustable with 2 independents rubber wheels.On keyboard memory chip.5 macro keys & 5 macro profile for a total of 25 possible macros.Nice breaded cable that is not too stiff for its size.On keyboard "Winlock" key to disable Windows key when gaming.Not too noisy for a mechanical keyboard.Comfortable wrist rest.Size still close to a standard keyboard even with the extra keys.The large rubber feet and the weight of the keyboard give a solid feeling.
This is an amazing keyboard to me. I needed one and first bought a Mionix Zibal 60. But a few hours after buying it, I realize the existence and availability of this new Gigabyte offering. Since the Osmuim was offering 1 USB 3 port and up to 25 possible macros for the same price range, I decided to return the Mionix and order this one. I do not regret my move at all, the back-lit lightning is better on this one as all the letters and numbers are completely lighted VS the Zibal where some of the keys where half lighted. Love the two rubber wheels for the back-lit & volume adjustment. The on-keyboard USB 3 port is for me a great feature since my PC USB 3 slots are located at the back of it and not available on the front panel, this keyboard is now providing me a way to use my USB 3 flash drive without having to move from my chair. Also, since this keyboard has a on-board memory chip, the back-lit adjustment is not lost when rebooting, and your macro are stored on the keyboard itself, so your macros will be following you even if you plug it into another PC. I did get nervous when I first plug it in and realized that the Aivia panel was flashing even when the computer was powered off, but this was something that could be activated/disabled with the Ghost utility. I'm a Gigabyte motherboard fan since a few years now, and I have to say that they have another solid product with this keyboard. I only wish that they improve the Ghost engine utility a bit and maybe add an on-screen volume meter like some other brands does. Also, since this is a pretty new product, there is no info on the durability of this keyboard, but considering the weight of it (1.5 Kg), I am under the impression that it is build to last.Highly recommended!
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Keyboard Connection Type
Keyboard InterfaceUSB
Keyboard SPEC
Design StyleGaming
Palm RestYes
Keyboard ColorBlack
Dimensions17.9" x 10.1" x 1.8"
Mouse Included
Mouse IncludedNo
OS / System Requirement
Operating System SupportedWindows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7
FeaturesActivation: Cherry Red Mechanical Switch

Switch life: 50 million times

Key Profile: Standard

Travel distance: 4mm to the bottom

Pre-travel: 2mm to actuation point

Peak force: 45g

USB Hub: USB3.0 + USB2.0

Report Rate: 1000Hz

Audio: Microphone-in/ Earphone-out

Cable length: 2.0m +/-10%

Certification: CE, FCC, BSMI
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