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MSI GS70 Stealth Pro i7 4710HQ 16GB 1TB 384GB SSD 17.3in FHD GTX970M 3GB Win8.1 Gaming Notebook Red

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MSI GS70 Stealth Pro i7 4710HQ 16GB 1TB 384GB SSD 17.3in FHD GTX970M 3GB Win8.1 Gaming Notebook Red
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Review Date: 02/09/15
Cons: - Loud & Hot while gaming- Power brick is bit heavy and big- Fingerprint magnet brushed aluminum finish on top- Warranty void sticker on bottom...- Only two DDR3 ram slots.- TN panel... 15" (GS60) version has IPS...- Expensive

Pros: + Very Light & Thin+ Aesthetically pleasing+ Keyboard lighting+ Quiet when doing non-intensive tasks.+ Lots of freebies!
I have been using this laptop has my daily driver for a month now and I'd say I really like this laptop. Starting with mini-displayport, I get to enjoy my 144hz goodness with my BenQ 144hz 27". This laptop is equipped with three 128GB mSata drives configured in RAID0. I tested out with CrystalDiskBenchmark and I got around 1.4GB/s write max which is extremely fast considering this is just a laptop. A point that I want to make is that this laptop CAN be modified, but MSI puts a warranty void sticker on the bottom to prevent some users from accessing to the internals. I would probably have to access the inside of this laptop anyways for cleaning purposes, but I am still confused why they would do that.As for gaming side of this laptop, this laptop can handle many modern games which requires very demanding graphics. Sadly, due to thickness config, this laptop runs very hot on some games (Farcry4...) and makes very loud fan sounds on both CPU and GPU sides. I was expecting this anyways for thin & powerful laptop anyways. Oh, btw this laptop uses battery when playing high graphical intensive games. I went down to 85%~ when playing Farcry4 with power plugged in.

Review Date: 01/14/15
Cons: Windows 8 only option

Pros: Powerful CPU & GPU
Iím a huge Starcraft 2 fan and all the players of that game will agree it can be very demanding on the CPU and GPU when you reach a full 200 unit army size. It was almost impossible (or at least not fun should I say) to play 2 vs 2 games with my old laptop but now with my GS70 I can be max out with my gaming partner and my laptop run smoothly like if I was at the start of the game. Iím very impressed by the power and performance of this gaming laptop. The only down size that it only came with Windows 8 and Iím not a fan at all, the side menu always pop-up for no reason, thereís too much unnecessary settings and the one we want to customize are hard to find (or not as intuitive as before). It would be cool if we had the option between windows 7 or 8 but I guess Microsoft isnít pushing 7 anymore. I will get used to it.

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