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GIGABYTE GeForce GTS 250 GV-N250OC-1GI Video Card

GIGABYTE GeForce GTS 250 GV-N250OC-1GI Video Card (Gigabyte: GV-N250OC-1GI)
GigabyteVPN: GV-N250OC-1GI
Vendor: Gigabyte
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GIGABYTE GeForce GTS 250 GV-N250OC-1GI Video Card
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.71/10
With 17 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/23/10
Cons: - Loud

Pros: - Cheap!- Runs nearly all current games on med-high or high specs
Great card. I ran Batman Arkham Asylum, Starcraft II, COD: MW2 all on high settings beautifully. For $140 bucks it's not bad but grab it on sale and you be very happy. Waiting to pick up a second so I can run them in SLI.

Review Date: 06/17/10
Cons: The fan could be a bit quieter

Pros: Great value for the price
Honestly, wow, I grabbed this card at 100$ in a daily deal a year ago and it delivers great performance in games. Even at 140 I think it's a great price and I think it is a better idea to buy a good mid-range every year.5 rather then buy a high end every 3 or a crossfire/sli setup. I just bought a 5770 rev 2 from gigabyte and I think they offer a great bang for the buck and I will probably buy from them again if they keep building quality cards for cheap.

Review Date: 05/06/10
Cons: none.

Pros: Good cardVery low tempsuperoc:D
This card is one of the best cards i have ever used, it plays almost every game that is out at very good framerates, i played counterstrike source at 300fps, tf2 at 100-250fps,splinter cell conviction at a good 30-100fps,crysis warhead at 30-150fps, company of heroes around 100fps-120fps, and call of duty mw at 100-400fps. best card ever, buy it i would recommend this.

Review Date: 02/20/10
Cons: heat sink under fan prone to getting clogged up

Pros: Quiet, powerful
Smooth, quiet, and a powerhouse for your dollar, with a 120mm fan pointed over it the zalman/250gts combo shines under extreme duress, over clocked above and beyond what it should be at. said on the box 765mhz, rivatuner and GPU-z pegged it at 771mhz, only to see 900mhz and up, overclocked. Adequate cooling and ventilation is a must, however. Would buy a second and go SLI if I could.

Review Date: 01/08/10
Cons: none

Pros: Great card for the price
I have bought 2 of these cards at the sale price, which run in SLI mode much Faster than buying 1 card the a regular price.

Review Date: 12/03/09
Cons: The Zalman fan on the card is nice, but it runs 100% at all times. It must be controlled with a fan mate which needs to be modded to connect to the 2 pin from the fan.Loud if used without a fan mate

Pros: Pretty good price: I got this for $125 though.Good performance
Pretty good bang for the buck: I got this for $125 though.The Zalman fan on the card is nice, but it runs 100% at all times. It must be controlled with a fan mate which needs to be modded to connect to the 2 pin from the fan.It is loud enough to notice the noise if used without a fan mate.

Review Date: 09/03/09
Cons: None so far

Pros: Awesome Card, Got it onsale for halfprice aswell
Great Deal, on a great product. This card is easy to install and works amazing. It plays any game I've played to date no problem. Highly reccomend.

Review Date: 07/09/09
Cons: A re-badged last generation card (9800GTX or something) so not truly "current gen"

Pros: Nice performance even in modern games and low price (when on sale)
Bought this on a one-day special before I realized it was really a re-labelled 9800-something. Upgrading from an 8800GT was still quite a performance boost and for less than $140 I am not disappointed. I feel weird using an adapter to go from HDMI to DVI but it's not like it actually makes any difference as far as I know and everything works very well (even in Windows 7 Beta/RC1). I certainly don't regret the purchase and I guess my days of buying the latest $300 "mid-range" graphics cards must be over. Does that mean I'm a 'casual gamer' now?

Review Date: 06/18/09
Cons: Despite the advantages of a larger heatsink, it slightly touches other pci slot.

Pros: The 1gig vram makes a big difference at 1920x1200. The sturdy heatsink and huge fan keeps the card very cool. Constrict PCB means more airflow. 256 bus width is added bonus for Overclockers.
I was lucky to catch this gts250 on ncix's deal extreme day and must say the price/performance ratio bestest all, probably the deal of the year. At identical settings the GTS250 beats my previous Powercolor 4850HD (512MB vram) by 3-5 frames on most games. Turn up the resolution to 19200x1200 and the 1gig of vram shines. The difference become clear and obvious which is better. Now I run most games with 4AA and 16AF instead of noAA and 8AF.

Review Date: 06/08/09
Cons: Fan loudness and overheating issues.

Pros: Great card, fast and decent.
Great video card with 1GB and it is an overclock edition. Would have bought another one but was limited to one only. At $99.99, you can't beat the price!

Review Date: 06/08/09
Cons: no extra DVI port

Pros: Good Price on Entry level graphic card
I bought this card for few days ago at $99 after rebate(hopefully on rebate). It is a good VGA card. It comes with Zalman VF1000 cooling system. NCIX selling for $69 for VF1000. It means I only pay $30 for the card.I try to play Terminator Salvation at 1920 x 1080. It has a reasonable (acceptable. choppy somethime) speed. I am still happy with it compare the price with performace. $30....it is OK.
Roger D@NCIX

Review Date: 06/06/09
Cons: Not really a total weakness however I believe to use HDMI and to get sound you may have to use the included SPDIF cable and attach it to the SPDIF header on the card and run it to the SPDIF header on your Motherboard.Fan may be somewhat loud but it's easily remedied by attaching the fan to a 5Volt line on Molex. (I'm using a 3pin Fan to Molex Mod'd).

Pros: Price on Sale! Small Size, Zalman Heatpipe Cooler, HDMI, Overclocks Good, Runs Cool.
Was really happy to put this card into one of my rigs in the house that was previously running an Radeon X1950. Out of the box the card ran COD4 at med/high settings on a 1440X900 resolution nicely enough (comparable to my 4850).The fan was a tad loud so I cut on old 3 pin fan connector I had and attached this to the Black/Red side of a Molex to create  a 5Volt feed and now the fan spins just enough not to be audible and barely noticeable temp gains! Perfect!I then installed the cards overclocking tool found on the CD and cranked up the settings!For a card that cost a hundge and plays games like it does who can complain! Just for stats...the card (100.00) - ECS mobo (55.00) - AMD 4850 CPU (60.00) - 2Gigs Corsair Ram (30.00)....245.00 setup LOL.... This review was modfied by poster @ 06-06-09 10:52 PM

Review Date: 06/05/09
Cons: none so far

Pros: Cheap on special; GigaByte quality; easily overclocked much higher; solid performance
Got this card on sale and I'm loving it. Overclocking was a breeze with an EVGA tool which also controls the fan. The card is running at 40C idle and 62C in my poorly ventilated case with the fan spinning at 35% - and it's silent... never went to higher rpm, it may be loud at 100%, but then again at 85% my previous card - BFG 9600 GT OC - was loud, too. All in all, it's an excellent buy at $100!

Review Date: 06/04/09
Cons: Really loud fan that sounds like a jet.Doesn't vent through the back of the case (Does that provide the best airflow otherwise?)

Pros: Great performance for only $100 (after MIR)Stays nice and cool with the Zalman coolerSmall size fits most cases easily
This is a really good card with great performance when refering to it's price of only $100 (after MIR), but I was surprised at how loud it was when I installed it after reading reviews online stating how quiet the fan was. They must have been comparing the noise levels to airplanes or something...

Review Date: 06/04/09
Cons: noe for the moment.

Pros: got it for 99$.
Edit on November 2 2009.Look like that my card is already dead.5 month after the purchase, card dead....WoWI buy this card only for folding. I know they have more better card on the market but i got this card for 99$ + no Shipping. I dosen't care about the noise of this card.More impression later ! This review was modfied by poster y 11-02-09 06:40 AM This review was modfied by poster @ 11-04-09 06:42 PM

Review Date: 05/21/09
Cons: Fan runs at 100% out of box( easy fix = just get the zalman fan mate)

Pros: Extremely Overclockable!Quiet at 100% fan speed relative to other GTS 250s.Zalman gpu coolerProbably the shortest gts 250.
This is the best GTS 250 imo. It comes with 1GB memory and has serious overclocking potential. I've reached 810Mhz core 1960mhz shader and 2650mhz on the memory!!! That's a 450Mhz overclock on the memory!!

Review Date: 05/03/09
Cons: LOUD!does not vent to outside of casedespite "OC" in part number, this is not an overclocked part

Pros: custom cooler definitely keeps the card cool$158 on weekly special; good price for 1GB modelDVI, HDMI, and VGA connections
I read conflicting reviews regarding the loudness of the fan on this card.xbitlabs.com had this to say."The Gigabyte GV-N250OC-1GI has a much more impressive result: it is virtually silent when both idle and under continuous 3D load."-- http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/gf-gts250-sli_6.htmlNeoseeker made similar positive comments."Another bonus was the fan wasn't even all that loud running at 100%."-- http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Hardware/Reviews/gigabytegts250/3.htmlHowever, a user review on a major retailer site claimed that the cooler was quite loud.I know loudness is a subjective thing, and I will confess that I was upgrading from a fanless 9600GT, but this card is definitely NOT silent. I was surprised by just how loud the cooler is. It was definitely audible above a 50mm (chipset), 90mm (CPU), 120mm (side panel), and 200mm (top of Antec 900 case) fans.I dug up a 2-pin to 3-pin adapter from a 40mm Scythe fan I had laying around, plugged it into a fan header on the motherboard, and set fan to 50% in BIOS. It runs MUCH quieter now. Despite running at a slower speed, the cooler still does a great job. I really don't know why Gigabyte ships it with the fan running so high.These are just some quick numbers for reference. I haven't had the card for very long so don't have many comparisons.Idle o100%: 32CIdle o50%: 32CThe following was noted (using GPUz) while playing Oblivion (1680 x 1050 2x AA max settings) for about 30 minutes.Obvlion o100%: Max 49CObvlion o50%: Max 51CThese figures are from ATI Tool (0.27b4)ATITool o100%: Max 50CATITool o50%: Max 54CWhen graphing out in a line graph, it definitely looked like the load temps were about 2-4C higher using the fan at 50%, but they are still quite low.Gigabyte has overclocking marketing on the box, and the part number includes "OC", but the clocks are stock (738, 1836, 1100). As I am upgrading from a 9600GT, I haven't really felt the need to overclock (yet). :)Edit: Here is a fan that has the 2- to 3-pin adapter. It's less than $6, so the total price for this 1GB model (on sale) is still very good.http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=26750 This review was modfied by poster @ 05-22-09 05:22 AM
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