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ZEROtherm GX700 VGA Cooler

ZEROtherm GX700 VGA Cooler (ZEROtherm: GX700)
VPN: GX700
Vendor: ZEROtherm
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ZEROtherm GX700 VGA Cooler
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 12/15/13
Cons: Metal clips in front are kinda flimsy. One popped out first time I tried to close it, but it goes right back on.There are a bunch of places on the back to organize wires, but the clips are so small that none of the wires even fit? You can cut own slide to slide the wires through it, but it's a bit more effort.The HDD bays are surprisingly rigid... which is a pro to install but a con to remove them because they dont want to let go.The top metal plate holds all of the fan control wires, making the slot essentially useless.Wish the whole wall of the HDD bays was detachable to take out all wall pieces and HDD bays that you don't use to allow air to flow better.It was 50 bucks after discounts, and then I had a 30 dollar rebate. The shipping cost 10 however, and the rebate is not showing up for me so it's at 60 right now when it could be 20-30.There are 5 wires if I remember for the fan switch, but 6 fan mount locations? Odd.

Pros: I got mine for 20 bucks, if I can figure out how to get this rebate to work..Full metal case lets air flow nicely.Comes with 3 fans already and can have 3 more installed.Plenty of space to hide all wires, even with modular PSU.Thumbscrews are always easier.The HDD bays are surprisingly rigid.USB 3.0 and fan control switch.
For the price, you're not gonna find a case that gets the job down as well as this one.

Review Date: 09/11/13
Cons: The full manual isn't included (saves on paper) so if you want it, you can get it from Antec's website. Didn't bother me, though. It's a case, you don't really need a manual and it does come with a quick setup manual anyway.

Pros: Unique and very good value for what you pay. You get 2xUSB3.0 + 2xUSB2.0 ports on the front. You also get a built-in fan speed controller that supports up to 4 fans with 3-pin connections (The control is accessed via a very cool flip-up cover that looks like you're about to launch a missile. However, you do not have individualized fan settings, so all fans are controlled with the same setting which can be either High, Low, or Off). The PSU slots has an air filter. Two front intake fans also have air filters. The case comes with three fans included (2x140mm + 1x120mm). Overall you have the option to have 6 fans running. Solid construction. I personally LOVE the military theme. Some people don't. I just think that it looks unique.
Lots of pros. Very few cons. Very happy with it.

Review Date: 05/18/13
Cons: Wiring is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!Wiring for the fan controller switch was hanging loose,apart from the switch and I found the 4 pin molex hard to connect because it is so flimsy and Antec support in my opinion, is slow or lackadaisical.I decided that it might be easier all around if i just replaced the switch as to replacing the whole case.Took days for any sort of progress report.(frustrating but no biggie)Emailed Antec April 10th.After the "auto response"I got a reply from tech(2nd) saying the part would be 6-8 weeks to find.Got another on the 30th saying 5-10 business days.18 days or 13 business days later and nothing still,but that could just be customs.Also there were signs that someone had installed this case once already...metal drive bay cover twisted off and a silver screw rolling around inside the case.Case comes with black screws,not silver and since I didn' open the box till 14 days after the 30 day NCIX return or exchange time limit,i am stuck with Antec support.Some day soon i may get this build up and running.The sun is ALWAYS shining!!

Pros: Nice looking case with ample room for most graphics cards.Great cooling(3 fans)with cleanable dust filters at front and bottom.Price is good
I think the GX 700 is an EXCELLENT case and NCIX has always done right by me!Price is OK ,easy access to the outer drive bays and the ability to(with a little patience) hide the wiring nicely.Even though i won't use the fan controller switch,i think it should still work!In the future,I won't wait till build time to open the box.Live and learn. This review was modfied by poster @ 05-18-13 02:16 PM

Review Date: 04/22/13
Cons: The 5.25" metal covers do come out of place with a little pressure.Rubber stoppers on the back to block water tubing if not used easily come out of place.

Pros: Good size all around with lots of internal space to place just about anything including a radiator (in my case a Corsair H80i)+ 6 fans.Fairly quiet case (depends on your fans a bit but general sound and quiet).Good materialsQuick and easy access to either side of the case and front. Can quickly add an HDD and or adjust fans etc. Nice look if you’re into a military thingExcellent price point!
Good MID tower size case (one of the smallest of the mid sizes with all the internal room you need). Polished look and good build materials. Price is absolutely a steal!

Review Date: 03/06/13
Cons: Difficult to lift, metal drive covers fall into case too easily, definitely not rugged, just rugged-looking

Pros: Solid cooling, built-in 4-plug fan controller, sufficient hard drive bays and 2.5" and SSD capabilities. Metal drive covers, dust filters
To start off with, this case is a great price, and other than a bit of thin steel at the bottom, it's all good. It has copious cooling capability, with tonnes of space to accommodate one 240mm AIO rad, or 2x120mm rads, whether 25 or 40mm thick with fans. The front panel is easy to remove and dust filter is easy to swap out and clean. The bottom also has a dust filter for the PSU that has a pull-tab on the back. Copious and convenient holes and nearly 1" of space behind the mobo tray make cable mgmt easy. Where this case falls (literally) is that it is painful to lift and move. It HAS to be grabbed from the bottom, or with two fingers into the rad grommets on the back. I lifted it with my left hand on the bottom of the back, and my right under the front panel. The front panel slipped off and the case went crashing down, bending the metal under the PSU. In addition the drive covers need to be a bit wider because they keep falling into the case with a tiny bit of pressure on them, or even when the clips are closed. Other than these two things, this case is a winner for the price.

Product Features

Product Specifications

CompatibilityNVIDIA GeForce 6600 Series (Except 6600 AGP)NVIDIA GeForce 7600 Series NVIDIA GeForce 6800 SeriesNVIDIA GeForce 7800 SeriesNVIDIA GeForce 7900 SeriesATI Radeon X1800 Series ATI Radeon X1900 Series ATI Radeon X1300 SeriesATI Radeon X1600 Series
Bearing TypeCeramic
RPM1600±10% RPM
Air Flow7.11 CFM
Noise Level14.7 dBA
Power Connector3 Pin
Fan ColorBlue
Heatsink MaterialFin : AluminumBase : Aluminum Heatpipe : Ni-plated CopperMemory Heatsink : Aluminum
Physical Spec
Fan Dimensions60 x 60 x 17mm
Heatsink Dimensions100 x 100 x 33mm
FeaturesMilled aluminum baseHigh performance thermal grease and 8pcs of aluminum memory heatsinks

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