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SENNHEISER HD 595 Circumaural Stereo Headphone

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Product Reviews

SENNHEISER HD 595 Circumaural Stereo Headphone
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.89/10
With 18 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/24/10
Cons: price fluctuation from place to place

Pros: amazing sound , good bass with a decent amp.
I got these to my door for under 200 Canadian making them a great buy, but for 349 I could find some hd 650's for that price... what's up Ncix???

Review Date: 12/09/09
Cons: 200 hour break in period? that's what I've read around but who knows.

Pros: Strong BassPrecise soundComfyLOUDEverything you would want
I paired these headphones with a Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card. WOW! I am rocking out with this setup. Bass is perfect for me, any higher and you would get a head ache for sure. I am speechless and would highly recommend these headphones. You need a very good sound card like Asus Xonar Essence for example with these headphones. I got these on sale for $299.99, was a steal almost. Just go ahead and buy it already, what are you waiting for? You won't be disappointed.

Review Date: 11/12/09
Cons: Price?? You get what you pay for though.

Pros: Quality SoundComfortable
Very happy with my 595's. I've had them for over 3 months now and in terms of realistic sound replication, cannot be compared to any of the crap [some of which in the $150 range]that I've ever tried before.Would buy again. Not that I anticipate ever needing another pair of headphones. Ever.

Review Date: 09/27/09
Cons: Nothing at all

WOW, the sound quality is amaizing , Perfect for FPS games has well of movies, and music the bass is very good!Very recommanded over any other product!

Review Date: 09/14/09
Cons: needs breaking in

Pros: Comfortable, single cable on the left ear, durable
Pretty much the best open HPs you can get for under $1k.Price:Don't blame NCIX for the price. Talked to a Sennheiser rep and called around to the stores listed on Sennheiser's website, they all charge the same. Also have the same return policy and warranty.Performance:These are the second pair I have owned. Bought the first in 2007, and still working great, used them at least 8hrs a day. They still feel and perform as if new. Bought the second pair at NCIX today.Own grado SR-60 and SR-80 that broke in that time, and are now in my closet. Build quality, comfort, and sound on these is much better to my ears. You won't have to roll up socks to make these feel comfortable.Weaknesses:They really come into it after a week of listening.Some people say you need a HP amp, but in my experience, all you need is a decent sound card.

Review Date: 09/26/08
Cons: Disappointed that for this cost, they aren't made in Germany.MP3s sound awful - mind you, this is due to the quality of the headphones.

Pros: Good sale price at NCIX.Excellent sound reproduction.Comfortable and light.
I went through several hours of music review - classical, jazz, pop and rock CDs - and I give these 2 thumbs up. I'm no audiophile, but you feel like you're there which is my test for headphones.At first I was really alarmed when my trusty decade-old 535s sounded superior to these on my PC, but then it dawned on me that these 595s are unforgiving with poorly compressed music.My conclusion is that if you only listen to MP3s, then I don't see the point of the extra cost. If you listen to CDs or the equivalent then go for it.Make sure you buy them on sale.

Review Date: 09/09/08
Cons: Everyone can hear it. This can be a good and a bad thing.

Pros: Perfect sound.
I love these headphones very much. They look and feel absolutely phenomenal and the audio quality is just perfect, what you would expect from Sennheiser. Truly audiophile headphones. Just be careful if you are always on the road, these might not be the ones you want to buy if you crank up the volume to the max, everyone will hear it in a 10 meter radius.

Review Date: 06/05/08
Cons: 'open air' doesn't just mean they aren't sealed, the sound actually exits the outside of the headphones opposite your ear so these are going to really piss off your neighbours on a bus or in a classroom cause they'll hear everything.Bass - not a weakness IMO but some may want more punch. These phones are all about clarity and sound quality, and thats how the bass sounds with these.

Pros: Incredible sound. Just amazing.Extremely comfortable
I have a few songs I always used to listen to, orchestral songs that just took me to another place. Transcendental, I've heard it called. Well after getting these headphones these songs are taken to a whole new level. I close my eyes and I could swear I'm in a concert hall the sound is just so realistic, so perfect. That being said, crank up something nice and heavy and these will rock your socks off. It does everything except rattle your brain with bass.If you want immersive, true to life sound quality these are perfect.

Review Date: 05/01/08
Cons: Bass is only ok. cord is not removable/pluggable from headphones

Pros: Extraordinarily comfortable, great sound (highs and mids especially), long cord, ear pads are removable/replaceable
I've had these for awhile... 3rd owner, bought them used off the head-fi.org for sale forums. They are still like-new and sound great, so they hold up well to careful but regular use. I wear them about 8 hours a day, plugged into my computer. I have a DAC and amp, and the 595s benefit from them, but they certainly don't need them. My Cowon A2 drives the 595s just fine, too. So you don't need to have an amp to enjoy these.The sound on these is great, if you are listening to classical, binaural, or detailed pieces that you want to immerse yourself in. For gaming, rock, movies, I'd still give them a thumbs up, but not as heartily in this price range. The bass response is accurate and goes nice and low, but it just doesn't have as much punch as I want.These are not the headphones to have (or anything in this price range) if you are listening to 128mps mp3s. You will hear the compression artifacts and be displeased. Since getting the 595s, I've gone back and re-encoded my music with FLAC. When people talk about source, this is what they mean. Start with good sound, then send it through good equipment.They are currently on sale for $228.88, which is the cheapest I've seen in Canada. Definitely recommended for the price.

Review Date: 04/28/08
Cons: - Not a fully closed design, if you don't want people to hear what you're listening to from 10 feet away in a quiet room then this isn't for you.

Pros: - Excellent sound quality for movies, gaming and music.- Very comfortable, at no time after hours of use do I feel that I need to take a break from wearing them.- Straight cord, not the coiled type that gets in the way.- Comes with a padded hanger that you can either attach horizontally or vertically to the edge of a table.- Can be driven by a portable audio device, does not need headphone amplifiers to get the proper effect.
I listen for hours a day and these are the best headphones I've ever owned, and I've gone through a number of them over the years. At one point I tried the HD 555 but found the sound to be too distant for gaming, the 595 remedied this by creating a feel that you're much much more upfront to the action, similar to sitting in the front row as opposed to several back as I recall one review mentioning which I can say is spot-on.
Hawk 1@NCIX

Review Date: 02/26/08
Cons: Non

Pros: ComfortNice finishSounds good
I don't have a pair of of these headphones myself, but a friend of mine does and he just love them.Very nice sound from these HD595 HI-FI Stereo Headphones.

Review Date: 01/10/08
Cons: None if used with quality rig

Pros: Extremely good sound qualityHuge rangeVery comfortableVery light
These are the best headphones I ever heard. They give an amazing ¨front row¨ sound, the highs are crisp, the bass is round and deep. If you have a good amplifier or a decent sound card, you can not be disappointed with these. Audiophiles might consider getting a balanced and bigger cable, along with a balanced headphone amplifier to deliver a better sound quality and increase the already wonderful listening experience you get with these. Sennheiser quality and reliability standard is evidently present.

Review Date: 12/05/07
Cons: NOTHING! Ho, yes, the it won't fit a Z2300 jack!

Pros: I thought they would be too big, but no, that's perfect.
Thanks God I bought this.I upgraded from cheap $50 headphones and these...are...just...You won't regret anything.

Review Date: 11/27/07
Cons: Perfectvery good product

Pros: Perfectvery good product
VPerfectvery good productPerfectvery good productPerfectvery good productPerfectvery good product

Review Date: 06/28/07
Cons: Expensive investment. If you like lots of bass you might want to look elsewhere.

Pros: Great sound quality, nice looking, lightweight, comfortable.
These cans are great. They have a forward aggressive sound to them. If you've never spent over $100 on a pair of headphones, then these would be a good place to start. They're comfortable and very very clean sounding. Keep in mind they are open cans, so they bleed lots of sound out, so if you're planning on using these for LAN parties, then you might want to reconsider. (DT770s would be my recommendation there). They're a bit pricey on this site though, but go on sale occasionally for 250.

Review Date: 01/22/07
Cons: Requires lots of powerExpensive retail price

Pros: Does everything exceptionally wellExtremely comfortableSo light I forget I'm wearing them
I'm not really an audiophile, but after using these cans I've realised how much I've been missing from my favourite music, games, and movies. These work excellent with an X-Fi soundcard and provide surround sound and awesome base response. Perfect for movies, games (especially Battlefield 2142) or taking advantage of the superior sound of an X-fi, you'll never believe your ears if you haven't tried a Hi-Fi pair of cans before. You might want to get a headphone amplifier to get full volume since these have a high resistance (I use a portable amp with the X-Fi, and also with my Creative Zen).

Review Date: 08/31/06
Cons: Rigid cord.

Pros: Excellent sound, very comfortable, excellent durability.
Simply the best sound I have heard in a headphone for a very long time. The sound stays true to the original output, and is a dream to listen to. You will notice immediately when you first put them on that it was well worth the price. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, you won't put these down.

Review Date: 06/08/06
Cons: The cushioning gets dirty quick

Pros: Stays true to the music, excellent finish, comfort
These are quite simply the best things my ears have ever heard. They stay very true to your music, no extra bass or boosted treble. I've got an energy act 6 5.1 (a $1000 system not including receiver) and these simply are leagues ahead. I got these to replace Sennheiser HD-500s and am glad I did! These may seem expensive but if really are looking for immersive comfortable headphones these will definately do the job and more. Only downside is the ear cushioning which attracts a lot of hair and gets dirty quick. And completely off subject, thank you NCIX for carrying these,they're impossible to find! This review was modfied by poster @ 06-08-06 11:38 PM
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