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acomdata HDEXXUP-240 Black Enclosure Kit

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Acomdata USB 2.0 2.5-Inch SATA Hard Disk Enclosure HDEXXUP-2 Acomdata USB 2.0 2.5-Inch SATA Hard Disk Enclosure HDEXXUP-2 $30.47 CAD Shop Now

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acomdata HDEXXUP-240 Black Enclosure Kit
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Rating: 9.14/10

Review Date: 09/17/13
Functions fantastic, low-cost, applied with three different 160gb laptop drives and powered all of them with the 1 USB cable. I'm going to get one more a single when they get them back in stock. Tiny screws were truly tight, but I had the appropriate small phillips and no challenges

Review Date: 09/09/13
Functions fantastic none

Review Date: 09/02/13
Incredibly cost-effective and wonderful worth!! Extremely slick and compact, the material it's created out of is good and doesn't feel like cheap plastic. It's feels incredibly metallic and sturdy. The 2.5" Hitachi drive that I removed (upgraded) from my Macbook Pro fits in really snugly. Very tiny to no wiggle space after installed. Installation was a snap, took all of three minutes from unpacking to installation.After installed and formatted, I have been working with this on three Macs and two Windows 7 Pc migrating files and backing up critical documents. I have not had the need to have to use the dual USB input on any of my machines, infact I keep the bundled USB cable tucked away in my cabinet due to the fact I'm using my personal single head USB cable.The finest feature of this drive is the size by far. It's just a tad bit bigger than the actual drive. It's so smaller it can fit in your breast pocket unnoticeably! Fantastic for traveling!Newegg!! Low cost Eggsaver shipping arrived within 4 days of ordering! If you don't like bright LED lights then the blue LED may well be bothersome. It's absolutely nothing that a sharpie or tape cant repair! I would acquire this similar model once again in the future if required.

Review Date: 08/16/13
Easy to install. Had no difficulty formatting, appears good and has a solid sturdy feel to it. only a handful of very minor cons: the screws had been a bit too tiny for the screwdriver that i had, and the 2nd USB gets annoying just sometimes. got this when it was on sale for 9.99, greatest ten dollars ive ever spent. had a spare drive laying around collecting dust and i popped it in this guy and functions like a charm. I highly suggest this to anybody.

Review Date: 08/15/13
If you want a little two.five" USB two. enclosure then this factor is the ticket. It's develop quality is wonderful for ฝ. Get oneself a Ş screwdriver to make install a snap and within minutes off you'll go. I plugged it in in between a Vista, Windows 7, XP and Win2K3 and moved files with no troubles. It usually good to have a bracket to safe the HDD to an enclosure but this a single does devoid of and utilizes a rubber bumpstop. On the other hand, the bumpstop worked great with my two.five" seagate momentus.

Review Date: 08/13/13
I was a tiny hesitant to acquire this enclosure mainly because I didn't know too considerably about the business and there had been not a lot of reviews. On the other hand, the item turned out to be a great item. The enclosure itself seems to be very sturdy. It also has a good simplistic appear to it. It would have been cool if they would have incorporated a longer USB cord but I can't actually complain for 15 bucks. Tough drive fits well in this enclosure and does not rattle around at all. For me, this enclosure did not get hot and seemed to dissipate heat properly. It was plug and play and incredibly simple to set up. One particular point I was wondering about enclosures like this is if the hard drive just continues to spin all the time, or if the enclosure senses when it is not becoming accessed and stops the drive. You could just eject the drive when not utilizing. Newegg has not let me down yet, so I will continue to order. None

Review Date: 08/12/13
There are so several pros when it comes to this item ... The price tag, The design, ease of drive installation and most importantly - It works. It could have came with some rubber pads or feet on one particular side but it's not a huge deal as I can remedy this myself. I bought this to replace my old and broken Western Digital drive enclosure.

Review Date: 08/08/13
Affordable, durable, easy. If rattled, the drive can be heard moving slightly. Outstanding enclosure: the greatest designs are easy, reputable and effective. A piece of extruded aluminum with two screws and simple connectors is as simple as it gets. Buy 1 and you shouldn't be disappointed.

Review Date: 08/05/13
All metal construction. Quite uncomplicated to assemble/disassemble. Little size tends to make it effortless to transport.I can see the LED from the street Very smooth, slick, and rounded surfaces. Simple to have it slip from fingers when handling. Max drive height is 10mm. The Fujitszu drive it replaced won't match at 12mm.I can see the LED from the street You will need a jewelers driver set. The WD 350GB drive fits. While I could not get the older drive into the enclosure the finish cover still worked for SATA and energy connections.

Review Date: 06/28/13
three Year Warranty, Price tag, Metal Case, Properly Constructed, Single Standard USB cable The screws employed will not perform with a normal phillips screw driver, needs a specialty screw driver. Will not function with a unpowered USB hub/extension. Had to run out and purchase a screw driver in order to open it. Then plugged it into a USB extension cable, and it produced a funny beeping noise. I then plugged it straight into a USB port, and it worked nicely. Employing it with a Seagate Momentus 5400.three 120GB HD.

Review Date: 06/22/13
functions precisely as described ... surely would propose and obtain once again from ACOMDATA none

Review Date: 06/14/13
Straightforward to set up, and operates like a charm. There is no wobble, transfer speeds aren't restricted by the sata-usb interface. blue led indicates activity. You do need a incredibly little phillips-head screwdriver. My laptop case doesn't even require a single so modest. The usb cable is on the quick side--not a dilemma for me, but bear this in thoughts... I have a WD5000BEVT 鸴gb Western Digital 5400rpm) drive in right here, and it runs fine, but I presume that the second usb connector is to give further energy to the drive in the event that one particular connection is not enough (you can't transfer data by way of it).

Review Date: 06/09/13
This is in all probability a single of the greatest enclosures i've owned in all the years i've been in IT.- It's extremely sturdy, metal is sturdy and doesn't bend (like some cheapy aluminum ones).- Performs with every single drive i've attached to the controller board so far (from 80 gigs to 320 gig).- File transfer is ultra-quickly, but then again my lappy is upgraded to a SSD so almost everything is more quickly now.- NO Will need FOR TWO USB PORTS - Awesome!!! which is the most annoying thing when you're using it on a laptop that only has 3 ports - none of which are Subsequent TO Every OTHER.General, the best two.five" enclosure I personal for the dollars. NONE!!! I'm purchasing two far more. The additional bit of expense is worth the solid functionality and the ability to run With out USB Y-cable!!! (Did i say that currently :-D - I actually hate these points)

Review Date: 06/05/13
extremely sleek and slim. incredibly clean appear. The way the connections engage are quite snug and have a good feel.บ shipped makes it the greatest deal. If you wish to swap drives a lot this is not the finest drive. the screws can strip effortlessly even if you use the appropriate screw driver, so you could wish to use a lot of stress on the screw driver so to assure the least quantity of slippage. Type And Function

Review Date: 05/25/13
Low cost and it does what it supposed too. This was my 1st purchase from newegg and i am very happy with the speed of service five eggs all about! Small blue LED is super vibrant it lights up my area at night. I read all the complaints about the screws I just applied the correct tool and I haven't had any problems!

Review Date: 05/22/13
Simple, sturdy building. I use it to back up my Playstation 3 and different other items. When plugging it into my 2007 MacBook, you only require plug in one of the USB plugs given that the MacBook puts out adequate power. Seriously bright blue LED--but that's a personal preference.

Review Date: 05/07/13
plug and play, metal, slim, cool seeking, excellent tight, secure fit, widespread USB plug in, luv it i have 3 banded together at a 1.five" none

Review Date: 04/27/13
So far so fantastic. I installed the drive (on Win XP) and it was promptly recognized. The drive is incredibly fairly and cool to the touch. I only had to use 1 USB plug, the other was not required. I like the chrome finish caps, very nice touch. I'm also diggin' the blue LED. None correct now to post. The second USB should be built as an added adapter, not 1 that's attached. Just hunting at it hanging there tends to make the complete factor appear weird.

Review Date: 04/25/13
Low cost The screws are basically a nightmare. The designers actually couldn't place in a bigger screw to make life simpler for the consumers? I imply I fully grasp that the value is currently seriously cheap and that they can't incorporate a screwdriver but is it that significantly harder to put bigger screws. Main design and style flaw that genuinely tends to make me angry that I brought this solution.

Review Date: 04/17/13
Operates completely. People complaining about the screws being also smaller have never ever noticed computer screws in their life. Please don't comment if you don't know what you undertaking. Side is created of plastic and doesn't really feel like fantastic top quality but its ten dollars enclosure. HDD may move a little bit so you may well will need to use double sided tape so it sticks. Even so I have employed other enclosures where HDD match exactly and its impossible to pull them out.

Review Date: 04/10/13
Quiet, fast, sturdy, stays cool. None so far. I just wanted to add that this enclosure did function with Windows 7 and that I did not even require the energy supply unit that I purchased for it. It does not come with a screwdriver, but if you have an eyeglass repair kit the screwdriver that comes with that does the job.

Review Date: 04/04/13
good top quality for the price tag. and surprisingly fantastic hunting. i got three of these on sale this summer season. so far so good. i've bought low-cost enclosures ahead of that bit the dust after a couple of years. none for the value.

Review Date: 03/25/13
Nice appear and feel The tiny screws are tight on the enclosure that I could not open the enclosure no matter what tools I used. The screw was also broken even though I was trying to loosen it. For such nice case, they must present additional top quality screw.

Review Date: 03/24/13
Easy to install and it functions! None.

Review Date: 03/02/13
Operates fantastic, looks good. Seems durable enough. Value was suitable. Straightforward to clip drives in and out. Screws on the face and back are SUPER tiny, make confident you have a fine pointed screwdriver. Fantastic function once again Newegg
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Product Features

Product Specifications

General Information
Manufacturer Part Number:HDEXXUP-240
Manufacturer Website Address:www.acomdata.com
Brand Name:AcomData
Product Model:HDEXXUP-240
Product Name:HDEXXUP-240 Hard Drive Enclosure
Product Type:Storage Enclosure
Technical Information
Case Style:Portable
Bays:1 x 2.5"Internal
Drive Support:1
Drive Type:1 x Serial ATA
Interfaces/Ports:1 x Serial ATA Internal, 1 x USB 2.0 External
Physical Characteristics
Form Factor:External
Bays Required:Not Applicable
Dimensions:11.94 mm Height x 78 mm Width x 127 mm Depth
Package Contents:
  • HDEXXUP-240 Hard Drive Enclosure
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • Installation Guide
  • Compatibility:

    Operating Systems:

  • Windows Vista/ XP/ 2000 SP4
  • Mac10.2 or later
  • Warranty
    Standard Warranty:3 Year Limited
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