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Generic HDMI-TO-DVI-I M/F Adapter Male to Female

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British Columbia
nGear HDMI-TO-DVI-I M/F Adapter Male to FEMALE(24+5) (HDMI-DVI-I M/F)   $9.99 CAD Buy Now

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nGear HDMI-TO-DVI-I M/F Adapter Male to FEMALE(24+5) nGear HDMI-TO-DVI-I M/F Adapter Male to FEMALE(24+5) $8.70 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Generic HDMI-TO-DVI-I M/F Adapter Male to Female
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.29/10
With 14 User Reviews

Review Date: 09/12/13
Cons: Adapter is a little tight in motherboards with integrated video for multi-monitor.-HDMI on current motherboards (and video cards) doesn't support 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 so this won't work to get monitor to a 27"/30" 1440p or 1600p display.

Pros: Works great!
Works great for adding a second HDMI monitor to a motherboard with integrated video (1x DVI, 1x HDMI, 1x DP ports).
Disco Cat@NCIX

Review Date: 10/08/12
Cons: a bit bulky for laptops

Pros: works like it should
Bought this to use a Dell u2412m as a second monitor for my laptop, which only has HDMI out. It works fine. The picture has more contrast than if it's plugged directly via DVI, so I wouldn't be doing any photo manipulation on this setup. Minor issue: the adapter is wide enough to block access to the neighboring ports, so I'm short one USB and the ethernet port when using the second display. Keep that in mind if buying for a laptop.
Freedom 42@NCIX

Review Date: 09/06/12
Cons: inexpensive

Pros: no problems, converts DVI signal from video card to HDMI input on TV
DVI is female, HDMI is male. Purchased for $2.99.

Review Date: 06/05/12
Cons: N/A

Pros: Works great and as published
For those that have a new monitor with an older video card, this is the ideal adapter to convert  from DVI to HDMI. It works great and there is no noticeable loss of video quality.

Review Date: 06/08/11
Cons: none

Pros: good quality, flexible placement
This is a perfect adapter to use when the HDMI port placement doesn't allow for the smaller, solid, HDMI-to-DVI adapters. I use this on an EeeBox 1021.

Review Date: 05/21/11
Cons: none so far

Pros: works as advertised
I bought this adapter to hookup my laptop to my DVI KVM switch, and for that purpose it's great. My 24" monitor displays perfect 1080p resolution off the laptop, and it even passes through the HDCP signal fine.I've also been using it to hookup the laptop to my big screen tv, and the video signal is fantastic, as is the surround sound. I'm actually going to order a few more of these because I don't want to share the one I already have amongst my multiple uses.

Review Date: 05/15/11
Cons: probably cable could have been shorter - a simple adapter rather than a dongle w/ cable would have suited me better.

Pros: works as advertisedno notice in increased lag
again, works just fine.there was no noticeable increase in input lag.prefer shorter cable - maybe some would prefer with cable all personal preferencePrice match to make it a reasonable price.

Review Date: 03/14/11
Cons: None

Pros: Does what it's supposed to do
This adapter did exactly what it was supposed to do with no loss in picture quality. If I need another one i would buy the exact same.

Review Date: 01/23/11
Cons: normal price

Pros: does its jobflexiblefits a dvi+hdmi card (unlike the small, single block units)
The best solution if you want to hook up a second DVI monitor to a video card with a DVI+HDMI output. Unlike the single block products, this one will actually plug in alongside a DVI cable. Works perfectly. With PM it is cheaper to get this if you have a spare DVI cable rather than a HDMI-DVI cable (and you can always get a longer DVI cable in the future).

Review Date: 12/29/10
Cons: -slightly stiff

Pros: -short-comes in reusable bag
Allows easy connection to low-end monitors via DVI, especially for nettop PCs which output only analog and HDMI. Cheap and easy solution, but I have to say that the short length of cable is stiffer than expected. With two DVI plugs and further cable hanging off it, it can put unwanted stress on your HDMI port if it's not secured, or bent by hand to balance it.

Review Date: 06/17/09
Cons: none

Pros: Very handy HDMI-to-DVI converter
Converts an HDMI out port to DVI. Signal is not affected. Very handy i.e. great alternative to buying an HDMI to DVI cable. Recommended.

Review Date: 03/06/08
Cons: none

Pros: Great product, does what it says, and cheap!
A great product that does what it says with no problems at all with the picture. Great price that you cant go wrong with.

Review Date: 02/05/08
Cons: None

Pros: PriceDoes what it is supposed to do
This part got me out of a bit of a jam for a customer. It was a cheap and easy fix. This part does exactly what it is supposed to and I can't really complain. Thanks guys!

Review Date: 12/27/07
Cons: - single link only, 1920x1200 max

Pros: + Works perfectly+ Exactly as shown on picture+ Inexpensive
I have been using on and it works just as I expected with my 1920x1200 monitor and the picture quality is jsut as good as with DVI.
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