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AMD Phenom X3 B73 Processor

AMD Phenom X3 B73 Processor (AMD: HDXB73WFK3DGM)
Vendor: AMD
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AMD Phenom X3 B73 Processor
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.86/10
With 7 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/08/12
Cons: Should have bought with my power supply as a deal, would have saved 30 bucks, but that is entirely my fault :)

Pros: Cheap, Fast
Purchased to replace my dying P4 system. Even at stock speed, this one is a marked improvement to say the least. I seem to have gotten lucky and unlocked the fourth core, and am now running this thing at 25% overclock (3.5 Ghz) as well, completely stable and under 30 degrees at idle. So far so good. Very Happy with this purchase.

Review Date: 06/28/12
Cons: none really

Pros: Cheap, fast
Gives me the expected power, perfect for an HTPC :)

Review Date: 06/22/12
Cons: AM3 boards are pricey.

Pros: Great price, works great. Haven't unlocked 4th core yet but looks very doable.
Well worth the money. Using it for a low end rig at work and runs great.

Review Date: 06/18/12
Cons: i presume intel is faster, also costs more so i dont know.

Pros: amd socket compatability
Replaced a socket AM2 Athlon X2 5000+ BE t 2.8ghz with this chip and saw a very large performance increase in newer games, specifically BF3. Runs cool (
Cisco Kidd@NCIX

Review Date: 06/02/12
Cons: No heatsink included but they state that naming it OEM

Pros: Cheap Cheap Cheap on sale
Awesome value for the average person and even light gamer, this upgrade breathed some life into my wifes matx 785 cgipset running on DDR2. I was using a X2 550 which would not unlock and 4 GB DDR2. Now this B73 unlocked to X4 973 with 5GB DDR2. Noticeable difference even with the chip running its default 2.8ghz speed. Overclocked stable to 3.2 orthos/prime stable in a mini case, no issues what so ever on default vcore, temps are great. For ncix sale price this is great value. Add an SSD as her main boot drive and move the 750gb dr ive to slave and this is a really snappy system that can do pretty much anything she requires to a 22" lcd including some light gaming for myself with the 4350 pci-e card

Review Date: 04/30/12
Cons: Weird name...

Pros: Decent Speed, great price.
I bought a few of these for some Diablo III builds that I was making. It's actually quite a nice processor, and can keep up with decent video cards. The whole Bulldozer line was kind of a letdown - and actually doesn't perform much better than the old Phenom II line anyway.

Review Date: 04/30/12
Cons: You may receive one with a bent pin!

Pros: Very fast for the priceOn sale - faster than budget Intel CPUs (even Sandy Bridge Celerons) at the same price4th core might unlock if you're lucky
I was shocked at the performance of this for the price.Benchmarks on the web indicates it's faster than my trusty old Core 2 Duo E6600. I ran benchmarks myself to prove it:CPU Blowfish, C2D 7.383, B73 5.586, lower is betterCPU CryptoHash C2D 180.154, B73 272.947, higher is betterCPU Fibonacci C2D 4.303, B73 1.911, lower is betterCPU N-Queens C2D 12.824, B73 11.880, lower is betterFPU FFT C2D 3.629, B73 1.531, lower is betterFPU Raytracing 20.657, B73 10.979, lower is betterAnd here the whole time I thought AMD didn't make competitive processors because I was always looking at Sandy Bridge (and now Ivy Bridge). But the really fast SB/IB CPUs are in the $200-$300 range. In the budget arena, this CPU seems to be faster than the low-end SB-based Celerons.If you're lucky your motherboard may be able to unlock the 4th core for you. I tried with my new Biostar A880GU3, it seemed to work as it booted up as an X4 973. I did get into the OS and it did show 4 cores...but after a reset it never booted in that configuration again. Oh well, maybe you'll have better luck!I received mine with a bent pin. It was above one of the missing-pin areas on the Socket AM3 pin layout. I very carefully bent it back using a knife, research on the web shows I should have used a credit card but no harm done, it works fine.I'm extremely pleased!
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