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I-ROCKS 6820E Compact Illuminated Keyboard Black Orange LED USB

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i-rocks kr-6820e-bk 104 key usb/ps2 wired backlights gaming keyboard (orange led) - u.s. patent no. 7388167
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(Out of Date Item) I-ROCKS 6820E Compact Illuminated Keyboard Black Orange LED USB   $22.42 CAD Buy Now
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(Out of Date Item) I-ROCKS 6820E Compact Illuminated Keyboard Black Orange LED USB (KR-6820E-BK)   $22.44 CAD Buy Now
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(Out of Date Item) I-ROCKS 6820E Compact Illuminated Keyboard Black Orange LED USB (KR-6820E-BK)   $23.76 CAD Buy Now

(Out of Date Item) I-ROCKS KR-6820E-BK Black illuminated Backlit Gaming Keyboard (Orange LED)
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(Out of Date Item) I-ROCKS 6820E Compact Illuminated Keyboard Black Orange LED USB
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(Out of Date Item) I ROCKS KR 6820E BK Black 104 Key USB Wired Illuminated Backlit Gaming Keyboard Amp 40 Orange LED Amp 41 HEC0T5U33-1307
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I-Rocks KR-6820E-BK Compact LED Back-lit Slim - Keyboard - USB - bla KR-6820E-BK I-Rocks KR-6820E-BK Compact LED Back-lit Slim - Keyboard - USB - bla KR-6820E-BK $36.99 USD Shop Now
104 Keys Usb2/ps2 Kr6820e-bk Blk I Rocks Orange Led Back Light (kr6820ebk) 104 Keys Usb2/ps2 Kr6820e-bk Blk I Rocks Orange Led Back Light (kr6820ebk) $37.09 USD Shop Now
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Product Reviews

I-ROCKS 6820E Compact Illuminated Keyboard Black Orange LED USB
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.44/10

Review Date: 09/15/13
-backlight!!!-On/Off button for backlight!!-inexpensive-quiet-rather sturdy -Backlight doesn't turn off with the computer and I'm alway forgetting it-the ESC F1 F2 and so forth.. row is as well close to the numbers row, sometime although playing a game you finish up opening a menu or something when you press a quantity hotkey, not cool-some keys are in incredibly unusual place (like the ?)-keys layout change when in game or in word or in OS, I gotta figure where most of the particular caracter is

Review Date: 09/14/13
It's a keyboard. It has lighting behind the keys. It's smaller than a fullsize keyboard. ORANGE backlight! The arrow keys are annoying for the very first 2 hours you use it, and anytime you navigate a BIOS or something that calls for the arrow keys.NO SPACE between F4 and F5, F8 and F9. The QWERTY component and the ten Key are standard. The keys that are usually amongst the QWERTY and 10 Important part are not in their 'typical' place, but guess what, I've had many keyboards with these keys (page up, web page down, DEL, INS, House, End) in numerous setups ANYWAY. So, nothing at all really lost there, as the keys are still on the keyboard, just in unique areas.The backlight isn't very vibrant, but that's not really a undesirable issue. Super bright backlight would kinda negate the point of it, to see the keyboard in the dark.I'm completely used to this keyboard currently, it's extremely considerably less complicated to use than my earlier laptop's keyboard, and I can in fact fit it on my desk infront of my 21.5" LCD monitor devoid of forcing my mousepad off the desk.If you want a easy keyboard, get this. If you're seeking for a gaming keyboard, and don't want further attributes, just backlight, this is it. If you want added stuff, look elsewhere.

Review Date: 09/04/13
Good tiny keyboard, compact, orange LED, all the key operates and are crisp feeling. LEDs are not incredibly vibrant and exactly where the light shines by way of the key it isn't cut the finest so it appears a little affordable. Directional keys are placed weird and too little.

Review Date: 09/03/13
the keys click and bounce correct back , just like a pc ought to.i was recently hunting for a "gaming keyboard" kind answer, basically mainly because my server machine runs in a extremely dark area. and preceding keyboards,,.. made it challenging to figure out which keys are exactly where, specifically.BOY, I'll be sincere I am amzed that A> this keyboard is promoting for so low-cost suitable now. also, B> there are sooo several keyboards that are NOT( back-lit, & several a lot of of these keyboards are delux models that expense two, three, 4 times as considerably as this litttle guy expenses ! ! the keyboard cannot talk to me ( not but, anyways!! ) nicely, it's, um,.. it's not fee!!!

Review Date: 08/22/13
Sleek and Straightforward, no media keys or other clutter. Soft essential press but however nonetheless have firm resistance. Fairly quiet, lol sorry :-) The backlight is a quite nice, not to bright to use in the darkest of conditions, and very neat searching too. The keyboard has a really nice texture to the keys, its faint but adds a nice really feel. Anti Ghosting feature. All in all seems sturdy and nicely place collectively, I have owned i-Rocks prior to and in my sincere opinion they have good produts and when I contacted the business they had been nice and beneficial.I am still acquiring use to this keyboard and have however to do any extended gaming sessions on it but from what I can inform now and from my little use of it, that as soon as I get ajusted it will be a excellent keyboard with a lot of great characteristics at a great value. See Other Toughts mainly because I feel that they wernt seriously a Con but minor individual dislikes and the want for a lot more time to adjust myself.I ran out of area in Other Thoughts so to continue on :-)*Not incredibly numerous keyboards provide all the capabilities that I was hunting for so I had to make compromises and this keyboard turned out to have a very good set of characteristics to present*This was my criteriaɅ. Slim / Compact2. Backlitthree. Black4. Anti Ghosting5. Reasonably priced6. Scissor-Switch keys(had to compromise right here since keyboards models with all these features are couple of and far in between, and even far more so at this low value point) There are a handful of points that I would like to be distinct but are not a massive deal simply because I am still trying to adjust from my old keyboardɅ. The left Shift important is slightly smaller sized than I would like and appear to miss it typically.2. The Arrow keys are in a cramped spot and I am obtaining them really hard to use with no hitting the wrong important or when attempting to use far more than one finger on them.three. If you are planing on employing this on your lap at all the bottom coners by the windows key and the Ŕ" on the number pad get quite noticably warm, aswell as under the spacebar.four. I have previously owned an i-Rocks 6810 backlit keyboard just before this a single and I am use to a scissor-switch(notebook style) low-profile keyboard and a slightly wider layout of the keys But this keyboard does not have full hight keys nor the notebook style but something in among with a mechanical switch.5. The aforementioned soft important feel, if you do not press firmly adequate you may well miss a crucial or two occasionally.

Review Date: 08/08/13
I purchased this keyboard to replace my broken Logitech G11. I loved that keyboard, but this one is each bit as fantastic for much less than half the cost. You don't get all the programmable key capabilities or the varied dimming levels of the backlight that you get with the far more costly keyboards, but who cares?The only true Con I can come up with is that it requires some time to adjust to the compressed layout. I'm used to the group of keys amongst the major keyboard and the numeric keypad, and this has them all squashed with each other. This is a fantastic keyboard. I use it every single day. Not only is it effectively produced, but it has a tiny foot print, which makes stowing it easier. Due to the fact my Computer is in my living area next to my easy chair, this is a actual bonus.

Review Date: 07/17/13
Seems sturdy, glows orange, straightforward to read in the dark. the Residence and delete keys are on the similar row as the Function keys (f1-f12) and the keys are kinda close together, like on a laptop. Not truly a disadvantage, considering that it's small and out of the way, just anything to get applied to. The backlighting might be difficult to see if you're in a bright space. my computer area is dark, so the lights are actually bright and effortless to see, but in the sunlight you can barely see them.

Review Date: 07/03/13
Excellent backlighting!!!! Can see the characters in the darkest of rooms when gaming. None I already knew the keyboard would be modest so this isn't genuinely a con. But the keyboard is seriously cramped. Picture a modest laptopkeyboard with an added num pad and thats generally what you'll be acquiring. Overall Excellent keyboard

Review Date: 06/03/13
Can now kind at night with all the lights out, and play games better! The keys are lit just correct not as well bright or dark, you can't adjust the brightness. You can turn off the colour with a switch on the front of the keyboard! Worth the cash and functions with windows 7 64 bit just fine! None, mine came with absolutely free shipping:>) Acquire a single now!

Review Date: 05/29/13
•Good Quality Item•Off/On Switch for Back light (Very helpful for dim rooms!) •Spacing on essential board amongst keys, not a huge situation just had to adjust

Review Date: 05/25/13
This keyboard has nice back lighting, not dim even from an angle and not so vibrant it melts your eyeballs. Personally I like the compact size of this keyboard, given that it creates less travel time when playing Starcraft two and other games. Keyboard feels quite solid also. When I initial got the keyboard, I would always neglect to turn off the back lighting given that you have to manually turn it on and off with a small button in the top correct corner. Meh..not a big deal.

Review Date: 05/18/13
It tends to make a fantastic keyboard in any circumstance exactly where light becomes an situation. It doesn't have the annoying blinding glow of an illuminated keyboard, or the useless in-amongst the keys glow. The essential placement really tends to make sense and is effective, but I'll have to get utilized to it a bit. Tends to make a good laptop accessory for those who are dissatisfied with your option of bluetooth keyboards and will fit in your mid-sized laptop circumstances. Cord is a little brief, but still very good sufficient for my utilizes. To other reviewers: Quit complaining about what you know you're finding by searching at the picture. You ought to be rating yourselves 3 stars or much less for getting a foolish customer.

Review Date: 05/17/13
Ummm, backlit?? ฤ. Appears to be good excellent so far. Smaller compact design leaves Delete, Web page up/Page Down buttons in uncommon placement. If I didn't burn up the delete crucial this wouldn't be worth dinging a star. I like it. Obtaining utilized to compact layout does require a week or two.

Review Date: 04/30/13
WOW I love it ! none

Review Date: 04/28/13
- Backlight- Compact- No Useless extras- No GhostingWhats else do you need? Everyonce and a although the keyboard will at random ( typically after sitting for a couple of hours devoid of use ) will enter keys continuously and I will will need to unplug the keyboard to stop this behavior. It is constantly a random key and the keyboard will not respond to any other essential-press till I unplug and replug. A rather small annoyance..... and the reason for the lost egg Use this as a gaming/programming keyboard ... gaming sensible it is fantastic.Programming wise it is also excellent ... I can type a tad bit quicker at about 95wpm, but i anticipate this to fall gradually as the keyboard ages.

Review Date: 04/17/13
It's backlit, and every crucial is at the same brightness. Quite uncomplicated to operate with in a dark room. Important click depth and accuracy is very fantastic, although it feels someplace in between a typical keyboard and a laptop in the resistance. The number pad is correct on the main keyboard, which means the arrows and other keys are squashed in. I'm sure this will be less of a issue as time goes on, but at the moment it is annoying as I attain for Ŕ" on the num pad and hit an arrow important instead. Not a undesirable keyboard given the price tag.

Review Date: 04/14/13
Basically love this keyboard. Tactile really feel is smooth and responsive plus it lights up. Not the way some generic keyboards do exactly where the whole essential lights and you can't make out the letters. Keys are visible at all viewing angles. None Important stroke is a tiny quick. Reminds me of a laPtop keyboard.Keys are grouped a bit nonstandardly so takes a tiny obtaining utilised to but that comes with the reduced size.

Review Date: 03/30/13
- Good orange lighting of each and every individual essential letter, but not the space among the keys.- Compact size, saving two inches in width compared to a typical size keyboard.- No driver computer software necessary.- Does not have the "alien device" look of a lot of gaming keyboards.- Not overly expensive. - Restricted anti-ghosting. Additional on this beneath.- Relatively quiet keys and no noticeable LED hum. - The crucial touch or response is not the finest, regardless of getting "instant response keycaps".- No programmable function keys.- Just one brightness level and color.- Only a single year warranty.- The Ctrl essential is normal size, but it ought to be wider.- Smaller sized keys on the prime row, with no further separation amongst F4 and F5 and involving F8 and F9.- So light it occasionally slides around a bit on my glass desktop.None of the above are dealbreakers for me, but YMMV. - The ൓ keys" which can be pressed at the identical time without having ghosting are precise ones, not just any eleven keys. According to I-Rock's internet site, they are: Q, W, E, A, S, D, space, up, left, down and appropriate arrows.BTW, the Microsoft Applied Sciences Group has a really great explanation of keyboard ghosting and a way to test it on their web site. Apparently their Sidewinder X4 keyboard is fully cost-free from ghosting, but the the KR-6820E is definitely not.- At least somewhat resistant to liquid spills. (Having spilled about a teaspoon of BEvERage on mine, I know this 1st-hand.)Bottom Line: Not ideal, but worth contemplating for somebody needing a budget backlit compact keyboardwith minimal gaming capability.

Review Date: 03/18/13
Compact w/o getting too close or also tiny. Just like they stated, a laptop keyboard with keys that stick up additional. Only comes in black with orange lights or white with blue? Takes a whilst to get employed to key placement. Other than essential placement it seriously doesn't give you anything a บ keyboard doesn't. At initially this keyboard wasn't the most responsive, at times when typing I'd hit a crucial and it wouldn't respond, nevertheless, after breaking it in for a although it responds best. I am not a large Keyboard guru, I typically use the ผ Lite-On which is amazing, but this keyboard is nice.

Review Date: 03/18/13
Good backlighting, keys feel excellent, works like it should. I purchased this for the color mixture. I'm at present building a new program utilizing the xigmatek utgard case and xigmatek red scorpion cpu cool, which each incorperate orange fans. It's nice in the early morning or evening when I require a small added to see the keys. Like other reviews talked about the keyboard layout is a little diverse than a standard keyboard, but i'm rapidly receiving use to it. Thiinking about obtaining another one particular for a pal, who is also a harley rider.

Review Date: 02/25/13
The keys really feel great and give just the right amount of resistance, also they dont get as substantially crud on the keys from your oily hands. The lighting on this is good and uniform throughout though it is extremely orange. Want it was blue to match my case lights but thats not that huge of a difficulty

Review Date: 02/08/13
everything. none. i have went via several low-cost backlit keyboards, this 1 has clearly lasted the longest. could be a bit a lot more rooms but nothing worth taking an egg off for.

Review Date: 02/02/13
The backlighting is excellent for somebody who desires a keyboard toe with no lights on when playing games.The keys have a good feel. It needs an adaptor to use as a ps2 keyboard. It certainly should certainly come with a single.I have a spare from a mouse I bought years ago. I purchased this for the backlighting. I would prefer a full layout with all the space among the keys, but this is half the price tag of the larger backlit keyboards.I would prefer full n-important rollover, but this is decent adequate for my uses and my wallet.

Review Date: 01/29/13
- No hiccups- Bright illumination- compact size - LED doesn't automatically energy off when computer system goes to standby.- No as responsive as what I would have wished. Keystrokes has to travel a tiny to respond. Crucial placement calls for some receiving utilised to, but it was expected. For it's compact size, designers have to be creative. With that stated, overall it's a nice layout.

Review Date: 01/28/13
I was not positive what to anticipate with this 1, nevertheless, I am not at all disappointed. -Backlit-Condensed keys but nonetheless not to a point that I feel overly claustrophobic.-Even resistance from keys. As a previous owner says, it does have a tactical really feel. The keys do not have the polished finish that quite a few keyboards have.-Solid, nicely built.-Space saver.-Adequate cord length.-The cost is correct. None so far! Many factors to note:-I have huge hands and can nonetheless use this keyboard quickly.-I have to disagree with a prior assessment, light breaks through the keys very properly and in my opinion, evenly.-I would obtain this once more!
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand i-rocks
Model KR-6820E-BK
Keyboard Connection Type
Keyboard Interface USB
Keyboard SPEC
Design Style Slim
Palm Rest N/A
Normal Keys 104
Keyboard Color Black
Type Wired
Mouse Included
Mouse Included No
OS / System Requirement
Operating System Supported Microsoft Windows 9ME, 2000 , XP, Vista, 7
Features Two key - in areas, compact, convenient and space-saving.

LED back light solution, No noise, Long life. (Orange LED)

LED ON/OFF switch for back light display..

The keyboard has USB interface which gives faster input interface as well as makes it compatible to every computer system and laptops.

Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited
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