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Antec Lanboy air Yellow Black / Yellow Computer Modular Case

Antec Lanboy air Yellow Black / Yellow Computer Modular Case (Antec: LANBOY AIR YELLOW)
Vendor: Antec
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Antec Lanboy air Yellow Black / Yellow Computer Modular Case
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.08/10

Review Date: 09/13/13
its antechandles keeps your rig running coldITS Big!!!! not the big but pretty bigUSB 3.suspended hdd antec could have employed a tiny sturdier material on the top part of the case from the initial time i saw this in pc magazine i fell in really like. but i was really skeptical whether or not the design was going to work as they say it does in the video. with the five fans it comes with it keeps it a decent temperatures, but if your gonna want to be overclocking your stuff i highly suggest you invest in filling all 15 fan slots as i did or go the other route and do water cooling, i myself am not ready for that but. the suspended hard drives just seemed pointless and harmful at initial but it does make your rig a little far more quiet this case is just all round good and the handles make it simple easy to take to LAN parties and what not.ASUS SABERTOOTH P67i7-2600K Sandy Bridge four.1 GHzSPARKLE GeForce GTX 580 GSKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB

Review Date: 07/31/13
incredibly nice case overall . toolbox requirements to be redesigned to user friendly specs no screws. attempted installing a gigabyte x58a-ud9 motherboard .i had to use a bansaw to notch one particular of the bracket covers the 1 that covers the bottom of the second vertical bracket support the tiny black point that covers the rivets so it would fit in ,had to move the energy supply to the top and notch plastic at the bottom set up motherboard into the bottom slide and then install the best slide just to fit the board in with the power supply youd figure there would be additional possibilities they are each new solutions i guess they need to redisign the case like i did to fit that unique size board witch i believed was fairly standerd. or even retap the mother board panel to move the mother board up greater on the motherboard mounting plate . also had to get rid of the 4 bottom mother board side air suspention mounts so i could connect the cables and pinsets porperly. if you want photos e mail me clarksparky@verizon.net

Review Date: 07/22/13
Colour scheme and all round design are incredibly visually appeasing to me. Lots of area, handles, inward fan program performs properly, got my method temperature down a couple of degrees idle and more under load. The modularity of this case allows for access to make modifications very easily. six screw side panels... it operates well with 2, if your moving around, 1 or even non are fine, so 6 doesn't make sense to me in addition to design more than function. Replaced the "toolbox" screw with a thumb screw for easier access, this need to have been apparent for style imo. Effectively, final believed is this: if you want your pc to appear fantastic and play around with a item that is quite exciting to perform with, this might be the finest case for you. period. If your seeking for functionality for price tag, you can get away a lot cheaper for a mid tower case, and obtain an ok full tower case. If you issue in aesthetics although, as properly as exclusive characteristics, this case is worth it.

Review Date: 07/15/13
I have my I7 OC from 2.4 to four. and before i was working with a fan heatsink that was loud like a lawnmower. My Temps droped from 50C down to 14C Complete loaded and do not have to deal with the sound of crazyness coming from my case. ZERO noise "That is with my Duel Radeon HD5770s going." The piping could have been a tiny bit longer. Some have been saying they have been to stiff but they are uncover just want far more length to be usful one hundred%. Other then that keeps my system cool. Its quiet and much less dust to be truthful. This is my frist water cooler and not my lastone. Since i got this i most likely go larger additional downt he road.

Review Date: 07/12/13
This came in as a replacement for my Antec 600 and has been a great option. I am not so sure about the claim that the inward facing of "all" fans to force out dust and heat are precise. I am nevertheless bent on facing my back case fan out. The colors are excellent looks sort of cartoony on the pictures but to get a single of these up close and see the detail and colors they are incredibly specialist searching. The mesh is great for getting airflow all through the case. My central ac or space temp just flows correct on in to the case now. Completely no case heat buildup. I like to max things out a bit Graphics cards, Ram CPU and I will push factors to the limit like voltages. If you are truly into maxing out you may want 1 of these to drop all that hot air I now have a technique twice what it rates at stock and the exact same stock temps! Just have to be a bit crafty or leave it up to Antec and get 1 of these. If you are a neat freak this case will be the cause you you neighbor finds you on the roof. There is little room for cable management due to the mesh becoming see by means of. I tucked alot of PSU cables under the power supply yes under. There is about a half inch gap below the PSU and you can tuck a lot of cable there. I ran most of it behind the motherboard and when I powered up I got a pulsating energy flow. I unplugged and checked anything appears that the tiny metal ideas hanging off the back of the motherboard punctured a single of the usb cables and triggered it to pulsate. I re routed and booted suitable up. This case has single handedly brought rescued me from the 80's I truly like the futuristic look its a bit unique from the norm to say the least!

Review Date: 06/26/13
The amount of airflow and space this case supplies is just insane.... This is a case you will use for several years to come! Not truly a con but a tad additional space behind the mobo tray for the wiring would be nice Incredible lengthy term investment. You will not replace this case for quite a few years to come!

Review Date: 06/10/13
Adequate area for much more drives and cards than I'll ever use. For as several fans as it has and as open as it is, it's incredibly quiet. (My power provide, graphics card, and heatsink fans are pretty quiet, and the case fans, turned all the way down, add extremely small noise.) Removable motherboard mount and internal space make method installation uncomplicated. Cable management is relatively good but could have been considerably greater with a few design and style tweaks. I'll join the couple of other reviewers who talked about that superior provision could have been produced to route 12v cable behind motherboard mount. Internal HD Audio wire and USB three. cable not long enough to run behind motherboard mount to rear of case. Re-attaching the back of the case can be a small finicky - have to get USB 3. bracket tail into slot and match rear fan past frame while not pinching ground wire. Antec says dust won't be a challenge; outdoors dust is kept away b/c case is pressurized by fans, which are blowing in external air with the outdoors dust...oh, wait. I'll want to see how this works more than a period of time.Case is much more sturdy and substantial (heavy!) than pictures could indicate. I don't intend on hauling this to LAN parties, so that's a great factor AFAIC.

Review Date: 06/03/13
The case appears wonderful. Most individuals did mention that the plastic feels little cheepy. That is correct. But all and all, I am quite happy. The greatest thing I liked about the case was the capability to route cables by way of the back of the case. The case does not include any sort of wheels or legs. At first it was literally sitting on best of the carpet. I am positive carpet will develop some kind of static electricy. I had to raise it up with a little table. None what so ever!!!! This is a very good case.

Review Date: 05/30/13
-- Exceptional design and style.-- Uses thumbscrews everywhere where it counts.-- Almost every thing is removable. A lot of points can be rearranged.-- Removable motherboard tray and power supply cage.-- Top rated-notch air cooling.-- Fits my Corsair H70 CPU cooler inside (large radiator + 2 fans).-- Component of me actually likes the challenging drive mounting system. -- Part of me worries about the tough drive mounting method.-- You only get *just* sufficient of some of the included screws/standoffs. Make sure you don't drop any, or at least have a different set handy.-- Takes some masterful cable management abilities to make the inside look very good. You can see everything, soon after all...-- The stock fan selections could be greater. Also, marking the airflow direction on the front fans would have been helpful...-- I'm actually not looking forward to cleaning this thing.-- A small on the pricey side.-- Not the prettiest point. I'd say the cons are worth a half an egg deduction, but seeing how numerous of these items are 1-time hassles, I'll go ahead and round up to five.

Review Date: 05/26/13
Allot of interchangable flexibily as for a case as for you're require , Looks nice plenty air ventilation even with stock fans , sufficient room for nice major video cards Stock Side panel with x2 stock blue fans With speed controle swiches , **No Mountable places for swiches on the case / panel **Not so significantly a con but frontal intake fans speed controle is glued in as a result not easly changed for another fan - speed swich , Not a fan of Air mounts = flimsy imo Massive coolers + side stock panel fans = space difficulties , (cooler master V8) + top rated mounted Psu = stock side fans on whole panel unmountableMuch better Cable management Side Vs Rear Mobo = zero fan room for side panel , Very good general Case sweet look and allot of customizable things it works and looks nice , could use few cm taller to allow Space for the Prime mounted fans on leading of enormous Cpu cooler Bottom Psu Mounted configuration ,

Review Date: 05/06/13
This case is outstanding!The fan speed control tends to make quiet air flow a reality.Iv ben building computers for ten years and this is by far the very best case ever utilised.Not produced for looks just to function flawless. I cant find any issue I dont really like about this case. Lots of instances I have installed for consumers only look excellent.I feel functionality should all methods come prior to looks.

Review Date: 04/05/13
This factor is Great. Best deal Ive gotten yet.By far the coolest case Ive ever personal. The modular design and style tends to make for a fantastic custom create. Nicely constructed. Shipped great. Every factor operates, all the components incorporated. Very advise this case. Personally I dont have any that would remove an egg. I knew what I was acquiring and what I would be customizing.. I see that some had been a little disappointed in cable management and how many vents it has in particular leaving the mobo exposed. Too minor to eliminate an egg in my opinion. Certain the latches are plastic but appear well created and haven't noticed any problems. As far as lop sided HDD, Ive ran HDD upside down, sideways, you name it and under no circumstances had any issues. I know its a non no to do this but i cant see any issues with the floating brackets to complain. I knew when acquiring this I would be adding my own custom items to personalize it the way I want. 1 suggestion to any individual that desires to retain some of the vents from becoming exposed is the black foam air conditioner filters. really economical and effortless to function with hence maintaining the exact same cool look without having complete exposure. In particular the mobo. Im not a fan of having it exposed so this foam will suffice. Apart from there are many things 1 can use to cover the mesh plates you dont want exposed.All around a excellent purchase. Would do it all more than again.

Review Date: 03/17/13
Special design, generally all mesh, far more configurable than most cases, 'floating really hard drives' are fun, incorporates five fans with standard Ɠ speed) controllers, blue LEDs make neat patterns on my wall by way of the mesh, sturdy but light, USB three.-capable port on front (via patch cable to motherboard connector in back), runs cooler than my (more high priced) Cosmos 1000 case, has mini-'toolbox' screw'd on decrease front of case for holding screws and what ever There genuinely aren't any cons, but some things to preserve in thoughts..The default setup on all the fans is to suck air into the case, so if you want the best CPU cooling you'll want to orient your CPU heatsink fan to similarly suck into the case, unlike most circumstances.The best of the case has decently huge unmeshed holes, so if it's regularly raining metal fragments where you live.. this may well be a poor decision. When I saw this case I had to buy it. It's essentially the opposite of my heavy, opaque Cosmos 1000 case. No other case appears very like the Lanboy Air. It's basically totally open to the outside and so it cools well. It has effortlessly accessible space to multitudinous difficult drives and/or five 1ǚ" whatevers, and similarly either side of the motherboard is effortless to access by opening the back side(s) of the case.The 'hard drive on cords' concept is exclusive - modern day difficult drives don't care if they're tilted, they're just as rapidly and reputable as in a 'flat' orientation - which I guess would imply perpendicular or parallel to the ground (it's totally arbitrary anyway)..? Floating challenging drives are good.You can easily eliminate the front and sides of the case to perform on whatever. You can move the PSU to the leading or the bottom. Your hard drives hover in midair. Air whisks through the enclosure as if it were a barely metallic cloud. You stare at the boxy mesh and float away to a magic land..

Review Date: 02/24/13
this issue looks amazing when maintaining everything inside cool. the stock fans are aren't loud and operate nicely. I'm usually tinkering with my comp adding new cards/fans or removing stuff and this case tends to make that easy. both side panels remove in under a min along with the wing panels. virtually every single aspect of it is customizable for your elements or your liking. carrying handles for transportation and a modest tool box on board will come in handy. suspended challenging drive mounts are genius, I will have a really hard time going back to really hard mount drives. cost is a small steep. but you get what you spend for! RigAntec Lanboy air Yellow caseASUS Rampage III Formulai7-950 bloomfieldKingston HyperX T1 Series 6GBGigabyte GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi)Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GBRosewill BRONZE Series 1000W

Review Date: 01/25/13
I just really like this case, I went from a Complete Tower case to this case "mid tower" and I just love it.Pros:-Looks fantastic imo-Good airflow, I know according to Antec I'm supposed to have all fans be intake but I produced the fronts intake, the back, side and best all exhaust and I had my rig operating for over 24hrs, 8 of these hours at the end were straight Negative Corporation 2 on full settings and it still pumped out absolutely nothing but cold air.-Capability to customize the case and move points around to how i saw fit.-I like the air mounted hardrive technique. Cons:-Not very content I didn't get any hardware to mount fans to the best of the case, had to run out to Ace Hardware. Yes, I did know about the tool kit complete of hardware at the bottom of the case.-Cable management is a nightmare in this case but with some operate and some UV reactive zip ties your in company.-If you do mount fans on the top of the case like I did, the fan closest to the back of the case hinders the use of the manage. Couldn't of gotten a better case to house my new Rig.Antec Lanboy AirAsus Evo moboAMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition.Cooler Master V8 Heatsink8GB G-Ability DDR3 1600AMD Sapphire 6970 2GB1-150GB WD Raptor, OS only.1-1TB WD HDD

Review Date: 01/16/13
I like the way the case looks. It has great air flow. I have no issues with heat. There is so much air coming from this case I get chilled. The case is sturdy. It allows for some redesign. It enables PSU to be mounted best or bottom with slight adjustments. The front panel can be assembled to your liking. Liquid cooling ready. The incredibly bottom of the front is a tray holding the hardware. This case is not as modular as one is led to believe from both the description as nicely as the assembly directions. I was led to believe I would get a box of pieces, comprehensive assembly expected. The major case is riveted together. If it utilized screws as an alternative of rivets this case would be totally modular. This case is tiny for an ASUS Rampage iii Extreme with a CoolerMaster V10. Also the motherboard tray is not designed to work with this cooler setup without modifying. You either have to install the cooler on the motherboard and then on the tray or get rid of a portion of the tray to in order to access the cooler mounts. This mixture also overhangs the front portion of the case requiring you to not use the leading spaces for optical drives.

Review Date: 01/16/13
This can is incredibly versatile and you can a ton of stuff with this case. They ought to of created the black plastic parts on the side and front Metal the plastic is type of affordable so if you knock it around a bit it could break. I really don't know how to mount 2x 120 mm fans at the major? It's entirely diverse then the side and front mounts exactly where you can just screw them in. I have read the directions and it doesn't give me any information on the two top fans just says it can match 2 fans at the major but I've place them up there and there is absolutely nothing to truly screw the screws into unless I am missing some thing? If anyone can help me out shoot me an e-mail at Jondoz45@gmail.com Manufacturer Response:Thanks for leaving your e mail address. We'll be contacting you shortly!

Review Date: 01/05/13
I don't personal this situation, but it looks good. Read my other thoughts to see why I've posted. I personally would be worried about air cooling with this situation. It appears intuitive that with all of the mesh the case can "breath" which would be very good, but fan cooling operates so nicely in computer systems because of the air pressure you produce in the enclosed space. You would also generally have some sort of airflow in a case, like fans at the front pulling and fans at the back pushing. The product video mentions that they have the fans all pointing in to create a positive air pressure, but in reality devoid of something to maintain that air in, it just dissipates through all of the holes not actually cooling something other than what is directly in front of it. I enjoy the modular idea of this situation and I like the way it looks, but unless you strategy on working with most just about every single fan spot or your going to watercool, I bet things will run hot, in particular if you overclock, which thinking of that this is far more of an enthusiast situation, is pretty probably.

Review Date: 12/17/12
-This case has Outstanding air flow with just the 5 stock fans, even much better when you add a few of your personal.-The lights are a nice cool blue, not to more than powering but light up the majority of the case.-The frame is incredibly sturdy and the carry handles are a good addition.-The overall appearance of the case is just gorgeous, effectively done Antec. -The plastic appears a bit "cheap". - For the hefty cost tag, I would have liked to see perhaps a few far more fans set up. -Shipping was a bit long ྮdays) and the box had a bit of harm but the situation was still intact. Cable management was quite simple and enjoyable. I actually like the general appearance and really feel of this case. This would be a fantastic addition to someone who likes to experiment with their develop whilst receiving great airflow and capabilities. With the 8 PCI slots accessible, a fantastic majority of motherboards will be supported. I would have liked to have observed a bit more space amongst the motherboard and back panel for thicker cables to match nicely, it felt like I had to force the back panel on. My practical experience with this situation and with Newegg have been wonderful, i very recommend this situation to lovers.

Review Date: 11/12/12
Very versatile (which is what I purchased it for)Easy to install/upgrade hardware with removeable (and moveable) mobo tray and PSU cageGood stock cooling, with plenty of space to growLooks quite brilliant in individual Other critiques mention issues about dust, although many fans will hopefully maintain the air moving through the case. (Will update right after longer use)Tons of functions = it's simple to miss factors - this may well be a case where you essentially want to read the manual (eg. took me a though to find the extra screws, BTW they're in the toolbox) Bought the case to transplant an additional technique into that I program upgrading soon. I had outgrown he generic case I was working with, and wanted a thing more versatile that could manage incremental upgrades. For a case that I purchased for function, I'm genuinely rather pleased with the "form" as well when you appear at the case up close.Let it be known that there are a TON of capabilities that even though I'm not sure if I'll use now (or ever), it's still good to have them to grow into or use with a future method. I'm hoping to use this case for at least a couple of builds.

Review Date: 11/07/12
Case is the very best I have ever worked with for access to all the elements. Getting in a position to disassemble the numerous sections to reach in from just about anywhere is superb.The top case handles are sturdy and solid. In less then a week I have lugged this thing about quite a bit, including up and down stairwells. None so far. i7 950 processor with stock cooler, ran the system with the side with two fans off (was testing) and the processor got very hot within about 10 minutes. Once the side door was back on, the method stayed cool.

Review Date: 09/21/12
Highly, highly modular. Almost almost everything on this situation comes off, and you can place the pieces virtually anyplace. Also, if you've got a solely fan-cooled technique like I at present do, the point's so total of holes (in a very good way!) that you barely have to worry about air flow. And if you're a liquid-cooled sort of individual, it looks like you'll have no difficulty at all integrating your technique. I'm maintaining my technique at some great temps, even below load and with the stock fans. Though the frame itself appears sturdy enough, everything else on it is sort of a weak-feeling plastic which can start out rattling on occasion even if you screw every little thing on tightly. Not seriously a issue as lengthy as you don't strategy on beating on the issue with a vengence, and don't thoughts the noise. Also, I thought it was a full tower when I purchased it (and honestly, my investigation afterwards nonetheless hasn't cleared that up...), but it appears a bit smaller than I had hoped. Of program, the great modularity doesn't make that too a lot of a issue. :) Just make confident you measure issues like your gfx card and mo-bo, and if you have a lot of HDDs or ODDs, think about exactly where you'll have to put them to keep away from conflicts. For example, owners of an ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme like myself should know that 1 of the Molex ports on the board faces straight down when installed, and attempting to plug in the connector though thinking about where the power provide sits (directly beneath) is tricky, even though not impossible. For a whilst, I had sworn off circumstances as they were just as well challenging to work with when you have to get into them frequently. Nonetheless, I've got a lot of nice parts this create about, as well as a leaking/collapsing ceiling and modest kids about, so I wasn't specifically comfortable with just leaving every thing out in the open. I'm undoubtedly glad I got this situation, as it's just so versatile that I can get every thing in and out swiftly, and have a bit of fun as nicely. Plus, appear at individuals colors! Hoping when I have a bit of additional money I can replace the blue LEDs in the stock fans with some yellow/amber ones, just so it can look twice as cool. :)

Review Date: 09/11/12
-really versatile (which is what I purchased it for)-uncomplicated to install/upgrade hardware with removable (and moveable!) mobo tray/PSU cage-good stock cooling, with plenty of room to grow-looks pretty darn impressive in-individual -other reviews mention concerns about dust, which concerns me as properly, although fans in several positions seem to be great at keeping the air moving so far (will update immediately after installed for a though)-Tons of attributes = it’s uncomplicated to miss some – this might be a case where you actually want to read the manual (e.g. took me a bit to uncover the additional screws – BTW, they’re in the toolbox) I purchased this case to transplant a different program into that I strategy on upgrading soon(ish). Basically, I’d outgrown the generic case I was using, and wanted some thing much more versatile that could handle incremental upgrades (as my salary allows!) For a case that I bought for function, I’m really fairly satisfied with the “form” as effectively when you get the situation up-close and personal.Let it be recognized that there are a TON of attributes that whilst I’m not positive if I’ll use now (or ever), it’s nonetheless nice to have them to develop into or use with a future program. I’m hoping to use this case for at least a couple builds.

Review Date: 09/05/12
It looks good. It has handles to grab. It's modular. The PSU and mobo each slide in/out perfectly in their trays. It feels reasonably sturdy after loading it complete of gear(flexes just a tiny bit). Excellent feeling and sounding push buttons for PWR/RESET. None of the screws are captive! NONE! Something you unscrew can fall out and get lost! Side door hinges are weak tiny plastic pins(i.e. bump and break off). Black/trim edges are ALL plastic. Also, the back of the best surface is sort of a weak feeling honeycomb plastic mesh that probably doesn't even attempt to shield your internals from outdoors radio frequency interference. I was disappointed in the lack of thoughtful high quality particulars, specially when considering cost of components vs price tag paid. FYI: The USB three. port is just an extension cord you're instructed to run out the back of the case and plug into the mobo's exterior port.

Review Date: 08/26/12
WOW!!!! awesome situation,Every thing out there now a days is flimsy and cheap,Fantastic case lots of room gets lots of looks time went into building this situation and it shows great job antec glad to see your nonetheless in the game when it comes to good quality,You really should hold a class and tech these other firms how its accomplished! BRAVO! One bad i didnt like even though,not a large deal but the situation color is a lot to close to Dewalts energy tools color =( it deos look like a dewalt tool I would acquire it once again,Paint is low-cost hehe
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Antec
Model Lanboy air Yellow
Color Black / Yellow
With Power Supply No
Motherboard Compatibility Mini-ITX / microATX / Standard ATX
External 5.25" Drive Bays 3
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 6
Internal 2.5" Drive Bays 2 x internal bottom-mounted 2.5" SSD bay
Expansion Slots 8
Front Ports
Front Ports 1 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
Audio (AC'97 and HDA compatible) In and Out
Cooling System
120mm Fans 2 x front variable-speed 120 mm blue LED fans with stepless control knobs
1 x rear 120 mm TwoCool blue LED fan
2 x side 120 mm TwoCool blue LED fans for graphics cards cooling
Physical Spec
Dimensions(L x W x H) 19.30" x 8.70" x 20.40"
Weight 20.30 lbs.
Features AirMounts HDD suspension mount system for up to 6 HDDs
Maximum graphics card size: 16" / 406 mm
Water cooling support:
Top water cooling radiator fitting
Rear water cooling grommets
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited

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