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SILVERSTONE Silver LC18-S ATX Media Center / HTPC Case

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SILVERSTONE Silver LC18-S ATX Media Center / HTPC Case
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Danny P@NCIX

Review Date: 09/12/06
Cons: ExpensiveDrive cage screws difficult to reach

Pros: Extremely LightWell designed
I built a ultimate home theatre PC around this case. The case is a bit smaller than others, but looks great. I can't believe how light it is before any components are put in, yet it is very strong. The drive cage has tiny little screws that are at the bottom of the case, so you need to use a screwdriver that has a long neck on it. Even then, the screws are hard to get in. Other than that, everything else is as it should be inside. Cooling is decent with lots of cooling slots on the side and back of the case. The optical drive doors have a nice soft closing mechanism that looks cool when closing.Since the case is made of thin walled aluminum, I found it to be somewhat noisy. The two included case fans are okay, but there are quieter ones out there. I had to change the stock CPU fan to a Thermaltake Blue Orb II fan and that made a big difference. The fan on the ATI 1800XTX is a very loud when the graphics are cranked up though. The touchscreen is a very nice feature to have especially when you are having difficulties setting up the TV monitor. It can be turned off by using on of the front buttons on the case. I had difficulties with the initial video driver they give you on CD, but after finding a newer version on the internet, all was good. The screen uses an internal USB header connection on the motherboard and the video output uses a passthrough cable that connects to the VGA port on a video card. I had to use a VGA-DVI adapter that came with the ATI card as it has dual head DVI ports. All in all, it is a very impressive case that can't be beat for quality.

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