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Samsung S24D390HL 23.6in Widescreen PLS LED Monitor 1920x1080 FHD 5ms 1000:1 HDMI VGA

Samsung S24D390HL 23.6in Widescreen PLS LED Monitor 1920x1080 FHD 5ms 1000:1 HDMI VGA (Samsung: LS24D390HL/ZC)
SamsungVPN: LS24D390HL/ZC
Vendor: Samsung
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Samsung S24D390HL 23.6in Widescreen PLS LED Monitor 1920x1080 FHD 5ms 1000:1 HDMI VGA
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.69/10

Review Date: 04/10/15
Cons: No height adjustment

Pros: CheapBeautiful
hi,Pretty good monitor for the money. For it for 140 $ when it was on sale. Very good deal. color is amazing and the contrast is very good. I like it in general . Almost a must buy. S oyeah. Pretty good monitor over all, Very recommanded.
Hiu Tung_L@NCIX

Review Date: 03/30/15
Cons: - Fixed angle and height

Pros: - No dead pixels- Bright color- Game mode
I bought it when it's on sale for $109 and it's great bang for the buck. 23.6" 1080p with an HDMI port. What to complain?

Review Date: 01/17/15
Cons: Bleeding edges on top cornersNo DVI

Pros: Was only 119 $No dead pixelSurprisingly good quality for the price
The backlight bleeding problem is annoying, but not enough to spend 30 $ to send it back to Ncix. Overall, a good monitor and on par with many 150-250 $ 1080p monitor.

Review Date: 01/13/15
Cons: Wobbly if touched, Glossy

Pros: Gaming Mode, Quality, Durability
I really enjoy this monitor so far, came with no dead pixels, and overall is a great monitor. 5 stars is NO exaggeration. Most people are saying the Gaming Mode is garbage but I strongly disagree, I think it adds life to the picture and further increases the look, switching back to normal mode seems dull and boring now. Its a tad bit wobbly but not an issue at all, because its sturdy and built very well and usually only wobbles when you touch it. I normally would prefer matte finish but it's still really nice. Purchased on sale for $129, but have seen it for $119 at its lowest price, which is great because its normally around $200. Thanks SAMSUNG and NCIX :)

Review Date: 01/09/15
Cons: Lack of display connection options (VGA & HDMI), so you're only real option is getting using HDMIGlossy plastic isn't fingerprint proof, and the stand is actually rather large

Pros: PLS (colour reproduction, viewing angles)Thin bezelDecent response timeCheap
Mine did come with a dead pixel. I've tried various flashing methods, but none have worked so far

Review Date: 12/28/14
Cons: Slight backlight bleed on edges - seen on black imageryIn sleep mode - blue led power light blinks (minor annoyance)No DVI input

Pros: Price($120), Colour Reproduction, Clarity, No Dead Pixels
I paid $120 when it was on sale and don't have any regrets. Great screen for the price. The only issue I have with it is some backlight bleed near the top right edge, which is only visible when the screen is displaying black in that region. It might not be apparent on other units, but was definitely visible on mine.

Review Date: 12/18/14
Cons: no height adjustment (works for me though)Shipping - get insurance, Purolator punctured my box and smashed the screen.

Pros: Great price -$130Looks goodno dead pixels
Upgrading from a 4x3 19" monitor, picture looks great.I use this on a second machine, not gaming. Works great for my use for the price.Shipping - get insurance, Purolator punctured my box on the underside and smashed the screen.

Review Date: 12/14/14
Cons: -No height adjustments-Touch button takes sometime to get use to-Surface tends to attract dust

Pros: -Good quality-Good color-Good for everyday use
I was getting this monitor as my extension for my laptop, so it was definitely great to not have to stare at the tiny screen (14") anymore. Good for everyday use, the color is vivid. Enough settings to make it a pleasure to use. It was not used for intense gaming, so can't comment on that. Video watching and daily web browsing is great. Looks good on the desk too.

Review Date: 12/04/14
Cons: - Limited mounting options

Pros: - PLS panel- Small bezel
As the first PLS panel I've owned, I definitely notice the difference in viewing angles when comparing to my second non-PLS panel monitor side-by-side. At 1920x1080 resolution, everything looks quite beautiful and text is very easy to read.On a sale, I would recommend this monitor to people, but even at a sale price I would be open to exploring alternatives before purchasing.
Anh Nghiem Quan_V@NCIX

Review Date: 12/01/14
Cons: Height is not adjustable (luckily my chair is)Buttons are kinda hard to see in low light (or maybe I just have bad eyes)Limited to 1 per customer during sale (not really a cons though)

Pros: Best bang for the buck (I got this one for $129.99)Anti-glare (my room's only lamp opposites the screen)Set-up is quick and painless (got the screen up and running in less than 5 min)VGA connector is included (HDMI cable would be appreciated but this one is good enough for me)No dead pixel so far
This is a huge step up from my old I-INC 19" 1400x900.If you are looking for a 24" full HD screen with anti-glare coating and reasonable response time then happen to see this one's price drop  below $140, just buy it immediately.

Review Date: 11/25/14
Cons: base wobbles at bit touch it

Pros: Great resolutiongood sizegreat deal for only $130
Overall, great monitor for only $130. Definitely one of the better deals.The stand is a little wobbly when you touch it. It makes you feel a little unease. But if you don't touch, nothing to fear.Kind of regret not getting two

Review Date: 11/12/14
Cons: - no VESA mount- not height adjustable- no swivel- large base

Pros: - good colours- good viewing angles
This is a good panel that should be sufficient for most users. The downside to this monitor is that the stand is not particularly stable despite have a very large footprint, as well as the lack of features such as USB ports or an adjustable stand.

Review Date: 11/09/14
Cons: Stand is shaky but only if you touch it, otherwise it's fine

Pros: Good colourIPS PanelBought this for 129.99
Excellent monitor with great colour.

Review Date: 10/22/14
Cons: The stand is unstable!!!Not VESA compatibleNo DVI connection, only HDMI and VGA input

Pros: PLS panel, excellent color displayGood viewing anglesLooks great
I have got it for 2 months, and it is outstanding monitor, PLS panel is awesome. Game mode is impressive, it is good for gaming it lets the whole screen very sharp and bright, but remember turn it off when general use.The stand is unstable if you move it!!!

Review Date: 10/06/14
Cons: - No tilt/swivel or height adjustment- Base still wobbles slightly after being screwed tight- Touch buttons need to be pressed a few times sometimes

Pros: - Bright, clear and vivid colours when gaming or general use- Great viewing angles that don't distort or lose colours- Long cables- Monitor doesn't gather dust that easily- Came packaged well- Energy Star certified
It's a good monitor for the price (got it on sale for $120). I needed a larger screen for gaming and general multitasking that had a larger screen and good colours so this fit what I needed. My room is also rather dusty but this monitor doesn't attract dust that easily.While the option to adjust the height and tilt would be nice, if you have a good level desk it should be fine. You may need a book or two if you're tall and your desk is short. The screw design on the base is terrible. Luckily, it's not a constant wobble and unless touched it will stay sturdy. If it does wobble after being touched, for example, it recovers very quickly.Other than the occasional wobble and no adjustment, it's a nice monitor to get when it's on sale. I would buy another one if I wanted to use dual monitors.

Review Date: 09/08/14
Cons: stand has no movement, feels unstable. touch screen controls suck

Pros: great for price, has pls
Definitley would buy again

Review Date: 09/06/14
Cons: calibration doesn't work that well. Needs a custom button.

Pros: monitor is big. Great color. got it on sell for 129.99
For $100 off its worth it. I dont think Id spend the money on this if it was for 229. Just the mount is so cheap
Pwnage Mario@NCIX

Review Date: 08/31/14
Cons: Mount wobbles slightly, not a big issue though

Pros: Great Value for the price, overall build quality is good
Great monitor for a great price

Review Date: 08/27/14
Cons: The stand is unstable and too largeNo DVI connectionTouch buttonsNot highNo height adjustment

Pros: PLS panelWide viewing anglesBeautiful picture and colorsAnti-reflective matte screenLow priceLooks niceNo ghosting in gamesNo dead pixels
This is a great monitor. I bought it at a price cheaper than many TN monitors of the same size. I'm glad it didn't have any dead pixel. The image is crisp and the colors are beautiful and vivid. The wide viewing angles are a nice change from a TN panel. I haven't yet noticed any ghosting when playing games. I haven't tried a fast-paced FPS on it though, only RPG games.A big con is the stand. Whoever designed it should be fired. It's large and wobbly, go figure. A rectangle shape stand takes more desk space than a rounded one. The touch buttons aren't always responsive. And I wish the monitor was an inch higher.The pros far outweigh the cons and I love this monitor.****1/2

Review Date: 08/20/14
Cons: no

Pros: very well~
worth to have

Review Date: 08/17/14
Cons: flickers on vga

Pros: good display
Not sure why it flickers on vga. No problem with HDMI though. Overall I am satisfied.

Review Date: 08/16/14
Cons: Cannot lift. Not very stable.

Pros: Color is perfect. The price is $129 before tax
I like this monitor because of the low price and the perfect color.

Review Date: 08/13/14
Cons: None so far

Pros: Everything looks good! No dead pixels
Picture quality looks much better then my cheap TN panel display that this replaced!

Review Date: 08/13/14
Cons: -Lack of input connections; only has hdmi and vga.-game mode is useless; it distorts the image by overdoing the sharpness level-slight wobble from a weak stand-No standard mount-resistive touch buttons

Pros: Overall good design, glossy finish with matte screen. Colors pop out. 1080p
I bought this for $130. For that price I can't complain about anything. Picture quality is superb (just don't bother with game mode imo). This will wobble if you touch it slightly but if left untouched it should be steady. The buttons take time to get used to. Awesome monitor for the price!

Review Date: 05/23/14
Cons: None so far.

Pros: Decent default colors, good viewing angle.
Better than last gen low end samsung PLS screen and low end ips screens.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Cabinet ColorBlack High Glossy ToC
Screen Size23.6"
Recommended Resolution1920 x 1080
Display Colors16.7 Million
Brightness250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1,000:1
Response Time5ms
Power Supply100 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionPower Consumption:

21 W (Typ) (Energy Star current test condition)

Power Consumption (Stand-by):

0.3 W (Typ)
Built-in SpeakersNo
FeaturesEmbedded Function:

Game mode, Magic Upscale, Eco Saving, Samsung MagicAngle, Off Timer, Image Size

OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Windows Certification: Windows 8.1
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsSet Dimension with Stand:
21.56" x 16.11" x 8.25"

Set Dimension without Stand:
21.56" x 13.09" x 3.15"
WeightSet Weight with Stand: 8.15 lbs.

Set Weight without Stand: 7.27 lbs.

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