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Samsung U28D590D 28in 4K Widescreen LED Monitor 3840X2160 UHD 1ms 1000:1 2x HDMI DisplayPort

Samsung U28D590D 28in 4K Widescreen LED Monitor 3840X2160 UHD 1ms 1000:1 2x HDMI DisplayPort (Samsung: LU28D590DS/ZC)
SamsungVPN: LU28D590DS/ZC
Vendor: Samsung
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Samsung U28D590D 28in 4K Widescreen LED Monitor 3840X2160 UHD 1ms 1000:1 2x HDMI DisplayPort
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.21/10
With 19 User Reviews

Review Date: 04/05/15
Cons: quality, lots of bleed through, doesn't look as good as my no-name (nixeus)27" monitor next to it.

Pros: Huge resolution
Right away from the first time I powered it on I was kind of disappointed. I had huge bleed through on top and left side and a different kind of bleed through across the the whole left side that I could press on the monitor and change it's shape. I find the shiny non display part of the surface reflects the monitor across the top. so all my maximized tabs have a reflection across the top. I played with the colours a lot and just could not find anything that made things look very good, I had to change my chrome theme to be able to read the tab names as my regular grey theme just didn't have the distinction needed to see it clearly. I love the resolution, but you had better have a way to get pretty close to your screen to fully use it. Pretty disappointing I must say, wished I either got a cheaper lower resolution or a more expensive better quality one.

Review Date: 02/02/15
Cons: -TN film colour shifting-4k makes text and icons super small, luckily have windows 8.1 and scaling works well.-no TN panel compares image quality wise to an IPS, image quality is passable but not impressive.-Stand only has limited tilt, makes the colour shift of a TN panel more of an issue

Pros: -4k-fairly good colors, with 10bit color which is impressively good; more colors than normal monitors.-over clocks-2560x1440 res looks like a good balance and scales well at 1080P as well-Good for gaming at 1080P and likely 2560x1440 with a fast enough video card with this panel overclocked to 80Hz.-colours are fairly accurate out of box, running standard mode.-very bright, turn brightness down from default.-no dead pixels, fairly accurate image quality out of the box.
Overall this is a nice screen, certainly not perfect. No TN panel is perfect but as far as TN panels go it is a good value 4K with good images scaling to 1440P and to 1080P with rather good image quality when setup. This screen is over clock-able I got to 80Hz, which speeds up pixel response which improves gaming (but can also produce image tearing).Weaknesses are color shifting when not viewing straight on but not a big issue when viewing movies at a distance. 4K res makes everything look too small especially text, that is the fault with the screen size, not this screen itself; screen is too small for 4K without using windows 8.1 scaling settings in control panel.After having used IPS panels, TN panels just aren't as nice due to viewing angles. My next panel will be a 120hz IPS (for pixel response speed, image quality and great gaming experience) waiting till end of March to get a good brand name panel or an AVA panel (for it's contrast: deep blacks and bright whites but usually not as good for gaming).For gaming this is certainly a good with some slight ghosting but not a deal breaker. I recommend using display port connection. I have not gamed in 4K, and no real gamer would because video cards at this time are simply too slow... and the high res "Might" slow this panels response. I'd recommend to stick with 1080P or 1440P if you have a fast enough system.In the monitor itself go to menu > Samsung magic angle to group view, contrast to 75 and brightness to 35, the image boldness and quality are impressive at this setting... for brighter darks use Samsung's magic bright > standard but you lose the Bold popping colors. Gamma1 I find looks best; keep sharpness at max. This review was modfied by poster @ 02-02-15 11:23 PM

Review Date: 01/20/15
Cons: Color slightly off and need calibration but decent enough

Pros: High Resolution60HZ (using displayport)CheapGood Quality
This far exceed my expectation.I have multiple monitors setup 1 24" HD monitor, + 1 27" 2k Monitor plus this Samsung 4k Monitor. It surprise me it works kind of OK under windows 8.1 without much hassle. With the Windows 8.1 scaling, text is not too small, it adjust the size of the app when I drag across each monitor... It's not perfectly smooth but quite usable.The color is not as great as my 2k Dell IPS monitor (which was more expensive than this 4k monitor) but much better than my cheap Benq monitor.

Review Date: 12/26/14
Cons: While it is a high quality TN panel... it's still TN.Underwhelming stand that has no adjustments that does little to stabilize the display.

Pros: UHD 4k resolutionIncredible value
The UHD resolution displays incredible detail, it has respectable brightness and contrast for the TN panel, and includes an on-screen display that is both easy to use and efficient when it comes to making display/mode adjustments. It is defiantly not the perfect panel for everyone, though for 4k gaming this represents an incredible value.... highly recommended.

Review Date: 12/26/14
Cons: Stand not adjustable

Pros: Best UHD e amazing price
Always wanted to push my top of the line MBP to its limits, so got this 4K monitor figure that I spend a lot more time in front of my laptop than TV. Great resolution and colour. Can't tell any colour degradation compared to my 4 other 24" IPS Dell monitors. Got it for $500 with taxes during Black Friday and slept in on boxing day The only downside is having to raise the monitor higher to my eye level. Other than that, you can't go wrong with getting this monitor and be a bit future-ready.

Review Date: 12/10/14
Cons: Dead pixels, cheap stand

Pros: Beautiful screen, high resolution, good refresh rate
I ordered two of these monitors at the end of November 2014. I received both, set them up and to my dismay after a few days of using them they both have dead pixels. While being the least expensive 4K monitors around, they aren't cheap at $500 a unit. They are beautiful, the refresh rate is good. I can't be bothered with a set of screens that has an annoying set of dead pixels smack in the middle of the screen - on both units!If you get one in good condition, I would highly recommend it. However, in 15+ years of buying LCD screens I've never had a dead pixel until now. This series, I get two and both are defective. Good luck out there.

Review Date: 08/06/14
Cons: you need a relatively powerful graphics card to drive this thing at 4k

Pros: -great 4k monitorrelatively cheap
its 550 dollars plus tax for a 4k panel. its not IPS but 4k at this price is great

Review Date: 07/10/14
Cons: The huge con of this monitor is not the monitor itself but the darn DisplayPort cable that comes with it. Word of advice: throw the cable in the garbage and buy a Startech or whatever DisplayPort to Mini-DisplayPort cable. I got the Startech one for 14$ and it solved all my issues. With the cable in the box...if your lucky like me..I had several screen flickering and tearing happening every 2-3 minutes..it was really annoying. I was about to return this monitor when I tried the Startech cable I purchased after a few days of searching the net (I'm not the only one who has this issue). I must say it might be particular to my GPU: R9 295x2.

Pros: Great image ! The TN panel is very good and the image is crisp. You need to set the response to "Faster" and not "Fastest". Gaming in 4K is bliss (with a R9 295x2). I won't be able to game in any other resolution under 4k, it's just that good ! Most all reviews complain about the stand for this monitor. If your like me, I actually find it's one of the best: just plain simple, works, nice design, minimal. I don't ever ajust the height or tilt of my screen once set. It's set and forget for me.
Overall..I love this monitor..but I hate the cable that came with it :)

Review Date: 06/28/14
Cons: Need Sli or crossfire setup to really optimized the visual.

Pros: Very good monitor. I use the game mode option witch is perfect for gaming. Even old game like crysis play in 4k res.
In summary if you want a very good 4k monitor this is the one monitor that will give you very good visual at a very good price, a steal at this price.

Review Date: 06/07/14
Cons: This monitor has issues with waking up. Many people are having this problem. Luckily you won't let it sleep very often because it's so beautiful while it's awake. Any help with sleeping problem would be great.

Pros: Gaming at 4k is everything and more then I dreamed it would be. It's something you have to experience to understand.
Make sure you have a monster system with sli or crossfire. This baby needs two monster cards or your fps will be low

Review Date: 06/06/14
Cons: serious ghosting at max response rate, no vesa mounts, now tilt or height adjustments.

Pros: crisp, sharp, colours look amazing, great for gaming, clean look.
i do recommend this monitor to people who want to enjoy more screen real estate with the capability of gaming at 4k resolutions. the screen is basically 4 1080p screens compressed to 28". the colours on this monitor are actually quite accurate for a tn panel. i dont know what that other guy was talking about it being heavy on the blue side. i tried the settings he specified and that made whites look pink.there are 3 modes for screen response time (standard,faster,fastest) on standard you notice a lot of jittering or lag when moving a window around. at faster settings things are smooth and fine but at fastest thats where you get some SERIOUS ghosting issues. the bad thing though is the lack of content available in 4k. most games can scale up to that resolution but its like playing in 1080p just a little bit more crisp in image quality. not much. some games like portal 2 can not be played in 4k. if you try your screen will flicker black. a few games are like that. when that happens i scale it down by one and it usually works.as for screen space, it is nice to have more room to do things in that i normally would use 2 monitors for, but the problem with that is the extremely small texts so you have to scale it up in your display settings for windows to 150% but if you do that and play diablo 3 on any resolution the mouse wont move but the game isnt frozen. you have to scale it to 140% for things to work properly on diablo 3 in 4k. also id like to mention that when scaling that high games tend to mess up the text sizes on windows some times and requires you to log off and log back in (faster than restarting the computer)all in all, once everything is running properly the screen is amazing and i would highly recommend this screen if they dont mind not having any tilt or height adjusting functionality. which was my big thing. then just get it if your thinking about it.

Review Date: 05/30/14
Cons: Seems to have problem waking from sleep.

Pros: Great resolution and size for the price! Good colour once hardware calibrated.
This monitor really can't be beat for the price...one problem though: I have 2 GTX TItans. The Samsung is plugged into one Titan and I have 2 other 27" Apple Cinema Displays hooked into the other. The Samsung seems to have trouble waking up from display sleep. I'm not sure if it's a setting somewhere in the display that needs to be set...I'll keep researching.

Review Date: 05/28/14
Cons: Small text p 4k. Need a powerful GPU to power it even in just basic windows

Pros: Amazing resolution, can run multiple inputs, games look amazing.
I was the lucky winner of this monitor during NCIX's 18th anniversary sweepstake, and I couldn't be happier with a free monitor haha.I was actually considering purchasing this monitor, so lucky me that I won it. When I was reading reviews online a lot of people had nothing to say but "bla bla bla, you can't game on this". Well they're wrong. Plain and simple, wrong. I am running Diablo 3, 4k, at 60fps and I've never seen something that looks so amazing (using a 280x). Dota 2, 100 fps, 4k, looks ridiculously amazing. Yes with my 280x I will get 300-400FPS on these games at 1080p, but guess what, I don't need 300 FPS to run a game, I need 60-100. And if I quadruple the resolution for that FPS cut, I think I'm OK with that.My only complaint is that under windows, the text is so tiny that it's unreadable. I tried the font size increase via control panel, but it really screws up a lot of programs that obviously never even considered that people would use this feature. So, I just turned down the resolution a bit and game at 4k.

Review Date: 04/26/14
Cons: Toggle button is not ideal.

Pros: Excellent colors in gaming mode. Generally good featureset.
Games has never looked so amazing. Running a 290x and performance in most games is good at mid 40 to 60 plus fps.

Review Date: 04/24/14
Cons: it is made by samsung so expect cheap quality yes the base its cheap and cheap and no vesa mount makes this a VERY BAD BUY

Pros: UHD w28inch for $600
First off i will state that gaming in 4k is amazing the detail is fantastic its even more additive its just damn beautiful. I know this is TN panel but i have never owned an ips monitor so i cant say how it will compare but i upgraded from a benQ RL2455hm which was 1ms and 60hz just as this so i can only say it great upgrade for me but no i would not recommend to anyone, buy at your own risk

Review Date: 04/08/14
Cons: TN panel, not spectacular colour, minimal features, no VESA mount.

Pros: UHD, thin and light, cheapest UHDs60hz capable display around.
This is excellent value, but you only get so much for your money.No VESA mount and minimal adjustability. However, it does at least have a setting that will adjust backlight levels if your screen doesn't align properly with your natural line of sight. The monitor does tilt back ~15 degrees so if it's too low at least you can account for that.The colour balance out of the box was way too cool for what I'm used to. I ended up adjusting the color settings from RGB(50,50,50) to RGB(70,25,5), which tells you how oversaturated the blues were. I also had to fiddle with brightness and contrast levels and the (cryptic) gamma settings to get things to look similar to my color-calibrated pro-level 30" IPS QHD (NEC 3090WQXi).Now that it's calibrated things look pretty okay (and that's coming from a colour-snob), but a little washed out in a few instances. For a TN panel it's solid. In terms of viewing angles: If you look at it from the extreme left, right, or top, there is no obvious deterioration, BUT if you look at it from more than ~30 degrees below center it gets bad very quick. But you shouldn't run into that anyway-- if they had to pick one direction to suck at, below is the one to pick.If I'm not right close up to it, the difference in quality with 4K videos on the QHD vs UHD screens is not super noticeable, but the difference in text size is verrrry noticeable. I will likely turn font size magnification up to 150% in Windows.

Review Date: 04/08/14
Cons: 28 inches is the limit where 4k makes sense, not for everyone

Pros: Very high quality scrren, superb colors and 4k resolution
I instantly was amazed when plugging it in, colors are very good, light is perfect, it makes my older monitors look like garbage..It does take a few hours to get use to the massive desktop size, and text by default is tiny, need to be adjusted, and web sites looks better and are more readable at 125% zoom. I would not recommend to someone with not perfect vision, as 28 inches is pushing it a bit for 4k, anything smaller would be unusable in my opinion.Once used to it and after a few adjustments, I love it.1080p movies look like they are DVD, not a bad thing :-) Hardware:Nvidia GTX 660 Ti 2 GBi5, 32 GB RAMWindows 7 Pro2 other 1080p monitors

Review Date: 04/07/14
Cons: 1 year warrantyfixed stand sucks but my desk allows for height adjustments so no big deal for me.

Pros: Excellent image No dead pixelsAwesome gaming screen no noticeable ghosting
Beautiful screen. Text is super tiny and somewhat annoying until you scale it up to 100 or 150% within Windows. I love the extra real estate. I spend a ton of time on spreadsheets and presentations. Having multiple windows open is a reality and super productive. Gaming is stunning although my machine chugs a bit. I currently have a single 7970, i7 860, 16 GB Ram. I scaled back graphics...just waiting for next Gen intel i7's to begin shippingI never buy products impulsively until I saw the specifications of this monitor along with the awesome price $599 cant be beat! I couldnt be happier with this monitor. Ive always spent good money on monitors as they are one of the most important interfaces to your computer and this one was absolutely money well spent.

Review Date: 04/07/14
Cons: JOG button is awful. You have to press it 3 times to shut off the monitor...and twice to turn it on. Base is flimsy.

Pros: Display is great. No issues with side view.
Overall, it is a good monitor. Price was fabulous. Make sure you have a DisplayPort available for the best resolution. 3560x2160 made the text too small to read, but 2560x1440 looks great.
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