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MINI-BOX M350 Universal MINI-ITX Computer Case Black 1X2.5INT Works with Pico PSU - Black

MINI-BOX M350 Universal MINI-ITX Computer Case Black 1X2.5INT Works with Pico PSU - Black (Mini-Box: M350)
VPN: M350
Vendor: Mini-Box
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MINI-BOX M350 Universal MINI-ITX Computer Case Black 1X2.5INT Works with Pico PSU - Black
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.18/10
With 22 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/27/14
Cons: none

Pros: small size.
set up with a gigabyte ga-c1037un and Kingston ssd. no complains.everything fit as it should. had the motherboard and ssd sitting in a mid size case and when finial parts for the power supply came in, just transferred both parts over.all wires from the front panel reached the proper locations.fired it up and ran like a charm. only my 2nd complete buildinstalling it in the motorhome for summer holidays.
steven s wilson@NCIX

Review Date: 12/28/13
Cons: Very little airflow so stick with low power processors.

Pros: Tiny, wall mountable
Purchased this hoping to put an A8-6500 APU build into it for a very small light gaming HTPC. Unfortunately the case couldn't provide enough airflow to allow the APU to run under full load.Ended up putting a low power embedded Celeron motherboard into it and everything seems to be working well.I'm happy with the build quality of it (looks a lot better in person than it does in the images) and as so long as you keep the package to a low wattage solution it's a great little piece of kit.

Review Date: 11/18/13
Cons: Front cover is a bit fragile when unclipping

Pros: Small and compactA lot of vents for airflow
I used this case to build an HTPC with a MSI E350IA-E45 Mini ITX AMD Fusion E-350 motherboard. It was a bit hard to work with at the beginning because of small space.

Review Date: 08/01/12
Cons: Would have been nice for an accessible front usb, the 2 they have are covered by the faceplate

Pros: Solid as a tankVery good size with hidden usb slots in the front
Would still recommend, though remember you need a pico psu!

Review Date: 07/23/12
Cons: Small

Pros: Small, good airflow
How can small be a pro and a con, well its small so it fits anywhere, for its size it has great airflow.No space for any expension slots, limited on which CPU fan you can use.Paired with an SSD this machine rocks!

Review Date: 06/21/12
Cons: Internal USB cable, Incompatibility with Intel HSF

Pros: Very small case, versa mountable
Great little case, have it mounted on the back of my monitor and its like its not even there. My complaints are not different than most: The USB cable is too short. Just got a new one off an old case and it works great. The ssd didnt fit with my intel Heatsink and Fan. No serious modding though (not that redrilling holes is anywhere close to serious modding guys...). Just take the drive mount and screw it into the case. Put some double sided tape and stick your drive to the mount. done, and no "modding". But overall a good case, you cant beat the size.

Review Date: 02/08/12
Cons: heatsink heght is really limited

Pros: Great case for a car pc, doesn't look like it but there is a lot of room to work.
bought this for a car pc to replace the case that i was using before. great case to work in, holds 2 2.5 hardrives which is a plus, using an ssd and a mechanical drive for it.

Review Date: 09/08/11
Cons: -power button cables too short-NEED TO CLIP FAN TO FIT WITH HARD DRIVE FOR MINI ITX WITH PCI!!

Pros: size and mounting options are great
VERY IMPORTANT. If you have a mini-ITX board with a PCI expansion slot,you can't fit in a HDD without some serious modding.If you're cool with that its a great case.

Review Date: 09/05/11
Cons: Does not fit MOST Intel stock CPU cooler in practiceInternal USB cable too shortCould allow more optional case fanOnly one mounting plate included

Pros: Compact sizeGood ventilationFrontal hidden compartment
This little mini-ITX box has pros and cons in equal measure.First, its small size and good ventilation, through its perforated case, are impressive. Its frontal hidden compartment, with two USB ports inside, is good for hiding things like receivers. Excellent stuffs.Then come some poor designs, at least for Zotac's H67-ITX motherboard. First, it won't fit almost all Intel stock CPU coolers, maybe except that of I3-2100T, in contrast to its advertisement unless you don't install any internal hard drive.Second, its internal USB cable is too short for connecting USB ports in the frontal hidden compartment to the motherboard's USB header, rendering the aforesaid pro useless. You could buy an internal USB extension cable for around $10, but then have to deal with one more cable in such compact space.Third, it only allows one case fan to be installed. There's room for at least a couple more.Fourth, it only includes one mounting plate (for second hard drive or 2 * 40mm fans). You could order one from their own website for less than $2, but be prepared to pay at least 10 times as much for shipping + tax + custom clearance fee. A poor decision for omitting it in the package.In balance, it's worth 2-3 stars IMHO. I'll give it a 3 for generosity. But for my original plan of a I3-2100 build, it's indeed closer to a 2. I'm forced by its poor design to switch to I3-2100T.

Review Date: 08/01/11
Cons: -only comes with 1 hdd/fan bracket-doesn't come with VESA mounting hardware-USB cables not long enough for certain ITX boards

Pros: -metal case (except front grill)-compact-front hidden usb ports
Very nice mITX case. Got it on sale for $35. Using it with a Supermicro X7SPA-HF-D525 Intel Atom D525 as a pfSense router. The case is all metal (exept the front panel). There are 2 usb ports in the front which are hidden, nice for wireless dongles or wifi adaptors.Only comes with 1 fan/hdd bracket which is no big deal to me personally as it's not required for it's purpose.

Review Date: 07/26/11
Cons: none

Pros: Small sizeSmall and no sound Powersupply (not include)
Perfect for a small HTPC. Nice design and super small size. The best I never used. I currently ordered 5 cases like this one.

Review Date: 07/19/11
Cons: does not fit every itx board, very tight space

Pros: good airflow, attractive look
The smallest case I ever work with. Unfortunately, this case does not work with every itx board specially the newer ones including the 1155/1156 boards, the stock heatsink/fan will inteference with the hard-disk, so either you need to saw off some fan guard or find other ways to cool your cpu. Other cons including tight space, connector cable too short and no instruction manual.

Review Date: 04/27/11
Cons: Small space makes it difficult for some components to fit

Pros: Tiny form factor. Barely larger than ITX board size.
This tiny case is perfect for tiny ITX based motherboards. It has a hole on the back perfect for use with the picoPSU.

Review Date: 09/09/10
Cons: Does not include VESA screws...not NCIX's fault

Pros: VESA mountable ITX case...extremely small footprint
I purchased this a couple months ago and have yet to use this for a build. The only problem I am finding is that I cannot find a pico psu strong enough for a itx i3 build. NCIX offers the 160watt pico psu but no power brick. I can probably find a brick online but its just the hassle of having shipped from the states. Overall the build quality is perfect. Might end up using this in a Carputer.

Review Date: 07/07/10
Cons: Not much. not very strong build.

Pros: Tiny, well designed
Great size, fits mini ITX perfectly. Only grip is the metal is a little thin and bends easily. If you are a careful person this won't be a problem. Otherwise no other cases can match how well it suits it's purpose. Perks? VESA mountable :).
diabolic c@NCIX

Review Date: 06/12/10
Cons: does not fit my GA-H55N-USB3too tiny

Pros: good airflowgot me excited
i bought this case while it was out of stock and it took me two months to get it. when i finally got the case i bought a gigabyte lga1156 mobo GA-H55N-USB3.minibox must be a broke company because the box my case came in was plain white like a box of dog food from costco or something. there is no documentaion either.when i was installing the ssd hard drive i noticed there was a space conflict with the fan gaurd on my stock heatsink of my i3 cpu. to put it bluntly the it wont fit. the install didnt work. the space conflict is about 1mm, its so close its annoying.i hacked off the fan gaurd of the heatsink and the ssd bairly fit in place.. oh good time to boot it.. wrong, the case swpwr, led headers are way to short and wont connect. there about 4 inches long boo!i ended up buying two minibox cases and i will be returning one tmr. theyre not that great.i rate this three stars my lowest rating for a case ever.oh and one more thing.. read the ad's title carefully, it says "works with" not "comes with" pic psu.. heads up

Review Date: 03/30/10
Cons: None yet...

Pros: Size, cooling.
I use these for digital signage to house a min-itx board. I love it!! Small, cool and easy to work with. Very flexiblke mounting options and the price is right.

Review Date: 03/16/10
Cons: Small (I know this is what I wanted)

Pros: SmallLots of Ventilation Hidden front USBSleekGreat Price when PM’d (think factory pricing)SteelPlastic fron bezel feel strong
This case is great when you want a low profile case, lots of ventilation, fits the mini-ITX boards perfectly, well just fits them hence the smallest case claims. I have a ZOtac Ion-ITX A board installed in this box along with zalman fanmate 2 starpped in the frnt inside of the case, works great for the bedroom HTPC, small unobtrusive and if my tv wasnt wall mounted i could mount the box to the tv and make it disapear. i wish i had about 12mm more height so i could put a larger quieter fan on the heatsink. Its great if small and sexy is your goal.

Review Date: 03/07/10
Cons: weak front panel connectors.

Pros: small, good ventilation.
Wanted to create  a small WebServer. This fit the bill perfectly. Paired with an Asus MiniITX mobo (PN #41853). Very small footprint, runs cool with lots of air slots. The only weakness is the removal of the front panel. The tabs are thin and weak and I managed to break one off, so the front no longer stays snapped in on one side. No big deal for me as this sits on a shelf hidden away in my basement. A piece of tape would fix it. I would have rated it with 4 stars if the front panel were made better.

Review Date: 02/17/10
Cons: None at all.

Pros: Smallest mini-ITX computer case I could find.Original, efficient design; airflow.
The M350 is the smallest mini-ITX computer case I could find.Coupled with a passive D510MO and an SSD drive, it makes the perfect 100% silent PC/NAS/small home server.It's design is highly ingenious by allowing a lot of content in such a tiny space while still keeping a very decent airflow.
Dead Things@NCIX

Review Date: 11/03/09
Cons: Poor execution on the simple things

Pros: Tiny footprintUnique design characteristics
This case is so unique and one-of-a-kind that it and it alone provides the perfect enclosure for many HTPC builders. It is a tiny box that has room enough for an ITX mobo and a HDD - that's it. Really the perfect companion to the Zotac IONITX-A mobo that I put in mine, owing not just to the form factor, but also to the fact that the IONITX-A comes with its own 90w picoPSU. Yup, there is no room for an ATX or even a SFF PSU. It's a great way to build your own higher-powered and scalable version of the Acer Revo.Size-wise, the case in all of its glory is about the size of a large textbook. Assembly is relatively easy, albeit not straightforward due to the lack of instructions or any documentation at all for the matter. Indeed, when you open the package, you get the case and the case alone. If you need extra screws - you better have them yourself. If you want to use some of the optional features of the case (as I did) you will have to buy those separately.And here's the most significant downfall of the case - the optional features, such as the second HDD mount or (in my case) the VESA mounting screws to attach the case to the back of your LCD TV can only be bought from Mini-Box themselves in the US. So expect to pay what seems like an unholy amount for four measely screws and to wait a long time for them to finally show up. I also needed to buy a Premier Mounts VESA adapter plate because my LCD only had 200x200 mounts and the Mini-Box M350 only has 100x100 mounts (adapter plate available at NCIX, just do a search for 80018J). But even after paying more than twice as much for the plate, the screws, the taxes and the shipping as I paid for the case itself - it was all worth it in the end, because I now have a very functional HTPC that is completely tucked away out of sight behind my TV.The one other thing that bugs me about this case is that when it's on - the ATX LED turns off. This is good, because you don't want a blue LED distracting you while watching a movie. But when you turn the machine off, that ATX LED not only comes on, but it BLINKS! Why, Lord, why would Mini-Box somehow think it would be a good idea to have a blinking LED whenever the unit is powered down?Anyway - good case, unique concept as there are no other competitive options that can do what this case does. Which, as it turns out, is a shame - because this case is poorly executed in my opinion:- no installation instructions or other documentation included- no optional hardware included, and the cost/time associated with acquiring the optional hardware is almost prohibitive- blinking LED is plain ridiculousStill, since it's basically the only option you have to mount a DIY ITX HTPC on the back of your TV, I have to recommend it.

Review Date: 10/20/09
Cons: None

Pros: Small and portable
This case is small enough to fit in your back pack. I bought it to fit a IONITX-A motherboard. With it I built a media center PC that I could take with me to a friends house or when I go on vacation.
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