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Microsoft 700 V2 Wireless Optical Desktop Combo

Microsoft  700 V2 Wireless Optical Desktop Combo (Microsoft: M7A-00002)
MicrosoftVPN: M7A-00002
Vendor: Microsoft
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Microsoft 700 V2 Wireless Optical Desktop Combo
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 6.56/10

Review Date: 04/13/12
Cons: Basic model, no bells or whistles

Pros: Cheap, bought when it was $15. Performs as it should
What can you say about the low end of keyboard/mouse combination? It works fine and is great to have while you wait for a much better ergonomic system to go on sale. I'll keep it even after its replaced for a backup or to give to my kids.

Review Date: 03/23/12
Cons: none so far

Pros: nice combo works great
picked up on sale for 14.99 great deal im very happy

Review Date: 02/06/12
Cons: the shape of the mouse is not very ergonomic

Pros: good basic mouse / keyboard
had this mouse and keyboard for a little while now they work great and fro the money you cant beat it i dont know the max distance they work from but i am about 6 to 8 feet from the computer and they work great

Review Date: 01/24/12
Cons: short range with USB dongle, feel a bit cheap in hand

Pros: Low price for a wireless combo kit
Probably the best wireless kit you gonna have for the price but don't expect too much in therm of quality and functionnality. Played a couple BF3 game with it and had some "stuck" key issue when pressing multiple combination with W,A,S,D.

Review Date: 01/08/12
Cons: Poor range, misses keypresses frequently

Pros: Few to speak of
I don't know if I received a defective item or if this product is simply of terrible quality, but for perhaps every dozen characters typed, it misses 1-2 keypresses on average making it next to impossible to type anything. This occurs even when typing slowly with the keyboard directly next to the receiver, so it's not a range or accuracy issue.That said, the range on this keyboard and mouse are absolutely abysmal as well -- signal is lost at approximately 6-8 feet from the receiver.In brief, even at the $15 sale price, I would recommend avoiding this product as it's largely unusable. I'd return mine if it wasn't too late already.

Review Date: 01/05/12
Cons: NONE

Will suggest you to buy this combo as it is a good and in budget start towards a proper keyboard and mouse. People looking for cheap and good wireless combo should really consider this a great buy.

Review Date: 01/04/12
Cons: very simple, limited range

Pros: very cheap, works well
Seems to work fine on my desk, no issues with mouse lag so far. would be nice to see something other than AAA and AA batteries, but for 15$ its a good deal. Haven't had any issues with range either. apparently my review is too short so I'm adding these words to be able to submit it, which seems ridiculous considering it's now long enough but nothing new has been said.
Ace Mcool@NCIX

Review Date: 12/16/11
Cons: cheap construction, but you get what you pay forShort range (5 feet or so for me)

Pros: CheapNo Wires to get tangled
These are what I bought to go with the PIVOS AIOS boxes i bought for christmas for family members.They won't be used overly, (I think?), as they will be for searching YOU TUBE etc...Bought on Sale, less then $20.00 each, which is all I think they are worth.The reciever unit needs to be placed close to th4e mouse/keyboard ( say about 5 feet or ) or you might have problems with signal.It does what i need it for but if your buying this for a regular use computer buy something else, or you will regret it.

Review Date: 12/15/11
Cons: Poor range.

Pros: Cheap while on sale.
All I can say is that it works.The range is very limited so you need to keep the receiver close to the mouse and keyboard.I wouldn't suggest using this for a home theater pc.

Review Date: 12/14/11
Cons: none

Pros: Great bundle,works well
Bought this to replace an old Logitech bundle that broke down.Looks & feel great, nice solid quality, work even better.Bought this on sale. Five thumbs UP!!!

Review Date: 12/08/11
Cons: -The mouse is total garbage.

Pros: -Keyboard works fine-Its wireless-Price is cheap
-I bought this for my new computer. I plugged in the usb module and both units worked automatically. The keyboard performs like you'd expect. However the mouse is VERY slow. I couldn't use it without it lagging most of the time so i replaced it with my Microsoft wired mouse after 2 minutes of use and I won't be using it again. So i basically bought a wireless keyboard as the mouse is not even worth mentioning.

Review Date: 12/03/11
Cons: Mouse sleeps after every 2 minutes of inactivity and must be woken up by rolling the wheel.

Pros: Keys are nice and springy, better quality than expected.
Great deal when on sale for $10 or $15. Quality is decent for the price paid. Sleepy mouse is annoying but saves batteries. Textured finish prevents fingerprints. Would buy again.

Review Date: 11/05/11
Cons: None so far

Pros: Great price on sale, didn't want lots of extra features, just a basic solid wireless keyboard and mouse
Bought the keyboard moose combo to complete a system I put together for my brother n law. Does everything as advertised.You will have to keep them near the desktop as range is limited,but it works great for it's intended use so for. I'm happy with quality and price was right, would buy again.

Review Date: 10/25/11
Cons: None

Pros: Price wireless light weightcomes with batteries
Have used a number of these products and haven't had any issues with this. Good connectivity and for $15 can't complain.

Review Date: 10/21/11
Cons: Transmitter/receiver is big. Limited range.

Pros: Works as advertised, comes with brand name batteries
Bought this on special for 15$ and even though I'm not impressed with the product it does work with limited range.

Review Date: 10/15/11
Cons: miss on/off switches,big transmitter module

Pros: Cheap, multimedia shortcuts
Just tested my keyboard and it works great up to 10 feets, I would have appreciated more multimedia keys like next and previous song. on/off switches would also be apreciated on both mouse and keyboard , That probably causes de batteries to run out too fast... well overall good product good range and functionality, got it for 15$ that's a great deal but for 40$ I would be reconsidering the purchase.

Review Date: 10/03/11
Cons: Mice is a little bit laggy.

Pros: Good receiving distance (­>3 meter), mice laser is very receptive(works on almost any type of surface) and keyboard have a nice feeling, plus some usefull windows key.
Very good deal, if you want a cheap and efficient wireless setup, go for it ! Mice is not very ergonomic but responsive. Keyboard is awesome.Reveicer may look big for some people, I don't since wireless range is good for 2.4GHz(over 3 meter), so you can hide it under your desk !

Review Date: 09/28/11
Cons: keys tend to glitch up

Pros: Very good price point
Good price , only problem encountered would be keyboard keys would have input lag

Review Date: 09/23/11
Cons: no cons with this product.

Pros: Price, wireless, light weight, works good
this is a good wireless keyboard and mouse combo, for the price it is best bang for your buck...I would definately recommend this product. It also does not feel cheap. like most generis other brands. another great deal from NCIX!!

Review Date: 09/21/11
Cons: None for the price.

Pros: Basic Wireless Keybored & Mouse, Works.
I bought this because it was on sale and it seems to work fine for my needs.
Meng Chun_T@NCIX

Review Date: 09/18/11
Cons: wireless range is shorter than expected

Pros: cheap and works
I bought this to pair it with an old build to be use as HTPC. but because of the wireless range no enough, I put it to use with something else... bit desappointing but, won't complaint too much cuz it's cheap...

Review Date: 09/15/11
Cons: -short range-pure black

Pros: -Wireless-on sell
- Wireless range is very very short.If i put to receiver on the ground, it will not reach my keyboard on the table.

Review Date: 09/09/11
Cons: not a very good wireless range

Pros: easy to setupworks great
works great, slim and sleek, tones of functions.like i said wireless range isn't to great but for me its not a problem with my setup.

Review Date: 09/08/11
Cons: 2 X 2500mAh AA rechargeable batteries last a couple of weeks in the mouse, very cheap plastic, no capslock/numlock indicator, huge transmitter/receiver unit

Pros: Comes with batteries
I bought it on sale not from NCIX therefore can't give it 1 star even though I believe it doesn't deserve even one. Quality is beyond poor. The mouse sucks batteries dry in two weeks of moderate usage although AAA batteries in the keyboard last a year. Wouldn't buy another one even for fifty cents.

Review Date: 08/12/11
Cons: -flimsy-the mouse uses AA batteries, but the keyboard uses stupid AAA batteries for some reason-changing the mouse batteries could be difficult for some users

Pros: -cheap-simple keyboard and mouse
This is a simple and cheap wireless mouse and keyboard combo for basic and occasional use only. Both units are flimsy, but representative of the price. I cannot understand why the mouse uses traditional AA batteries, but that the keyboard uses AAA batteries...I would have gone with the wired version had I known that ahead of time! Also, I cannot understand why they made changing the mouse batteries so difficult...you must push a tab forward on the underside of the mouse, and then pull the upper mouse casing off...a procedure which is not intuitive!
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