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ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S 4 x 2.5" HDD in 1 x 5.25" bay SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cage

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ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S Full Metal 4 x 2.5" Hard Drive in 1 x 5.25" bay SAS / SATA 6Gb Hot Swap Backplane Cage
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Icy Dock MB994SP-4S Drive Bay Adapter Internal - Matte Black - 4 x Total Bay - 4 x 2.5" Bay - Cooling Fan
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ICX Global MB994SP-4S   $131.34 CAD Buy Now

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Icy Dock MB994SP-4S Drive Bay Adapter Internal Matt Black 4 x Total Bay 2.5" Bay Icy Dock MB994SP-4S Drive Bay Adapter Internal Matt Black 4 x Total Bay 2.5" Bay $101.52 CAD Shop Now
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4X2.5 HDD Sas/sata Cage 4X2.5 HDD Sas/sata Cage $125.41 CAD Shop Now
ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB994SP-4S 4 x 2.5 Inch SATA 6Gbps/SAS HDD/SSD Mobile Rack / ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB994SP-4S 4 x 2.5 Inch SATA 6Gbps/SAS HDD/SSD Mobile Rack / $131.16 CAD Shop Now
ICY Dock MB994SP-4S Tray ICY Dock MB994SP-4S Tray $215.10 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S 4 x 2.5" HDD in 1 x 5.25" bay SAS / SATA Hot Swap Backplane RAID cage
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Rating: 9.07/10
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Review Date: 06/08/13
Full metal without restricting cooling. Mesh tray fronts with lots of opportunity for cooling. Makes use of unused two molex connectors for power, saving sata power connectors for other devices. Does not have an effect on speed. Frees up some space in my 3.five" drive stack for larger drives. It was a little 'touchy' seating the drive tray, no massive deal, but I did have to attempt a couple of instances. I'm employing this with two SSD's in RAID1. My intent is to add two more SSD's, and this well made and quaility produced drive tray will make it simple.

Review Date: 03/30/13
Currently did a review. Appear to the appropriate of the screen, I am quoted. Had to write this to highlight that my critique was not visible except in the quote. I like this product. Makes me want to get two additional drives so that it is completely populated. Ha ha.

Review Date: 02/24/13
* Reasonably priced* Does what it says* All metal cage & drive sleds* Fans are quiet but move a lot of air * LEDs are little & dim, seriously extremely small and really dim.* Drive cages a tiny flimsy & annoying to function with.* Have to use both molex plugs, which tends to make cabling tougher since they are so close together.* Develop quality a little iffy I bought 4 of these for a little server make. My only comparison is the XClio SS014, which I had hoped to use but newegg was out of stock for a month or so. The xclio is a greater top quality unit - the case and drives sleds are additional solid and basic create good quality is a lot higher. It also price ฮ additional, so that is to be anticipated. The fans are quiet but move a lot of air, as they are about twice as thick as standard 40mm fans. That's a plus for maintaining the drives cool.On one unit I had to remove the backplane and reattach it to get 1 of the sleds to totally lock with a drive in it, that leads me to believe make good quality is not quite as precise as it need to be. Soon after that swift fix, it appears ok now.When using four drives, you have to use each molex connectors, I like the xclio superior, which has two molex, but you only want to wire one of them if you want. I'd rather have my complete array drop than half of it if I lost a rail on the power provide.

Review Date: 02/08/13
Excellent top quality, wiring schematic label on the drive for future reference, caddies function devoid of physical conflict with interior bay even when the device is recessed into the case. none

Review Date: 01/05/13
Simple to UsePhenomenal create good quality (seriously - German tanks are Envious!)Actual SAS support.Fans are fairly quiet. Mounting Screws for 5.25 bay are a tiny brief for some circumstances (no biggie)Not the finest for cable management (would be greater to have all the SATA ports grouped closer together) A lot of makers LIE about SAS support. Icy Dock is NOT 1 of them. Device will match SAS Savvio tenቫk drives like butter. And they remain cool - not an simple jobFans are fairly quiet for my thought of "quiet"

Review Date: 12/16/12
Utilizing it with four x OCZ Vertex two 60GB ssds in a raid --ATTO bench says I am acquiring 700 reads with 600 writesIntel RST 9.6 driver The fans are just a bit to loud, but work with decent air flow

Review Date: 11/15/12
Extremely easy to install and use. Drives showed up right away. Wonderful space saving device. None greatest way to fit four tough drives in 1 five.25" bay.

Review Date: 07/28/12
Genuinely solid construction, you don't see stuff created like that usually these days. Easy installation. Holds drives in spot nicely. Looks good, although the internal bare metal shows by way of the front grilles. If I decide to hold it I could paint those black or... red ;) *Major situation*: The fans are also loud, way also loud. This cage itself is louder than 3 of my PCs combined. It could be essentially a deal killer for me. That one egg less for that: lack of fan speed control*Minor situation*: The LEDs are as well dim. The LEDs are really placed in the back and kind of shine by way of the cages resulting in weird background illumination and weak front lights. *Trivial problems*: You can't use angled SATA connectors. Molex energy connectors: I'd favor SATA power connectors considering that I don't use any Molex in this particular Computer. Internal bare metal parts show by the front grilles. The noise of the fans is negative. This is standard for most 25mm fans, unfortunately. I wish there was a knob to adjust their speed. I don't need to have that a lot airflow with SSDs anyway and I bet cutting the fans by 30% will make a large distinction in noise. This cage is the only issue I can hear with three PCs operating. I'm nonetheless debating regardless of whether to send it back or void the warranty and hack the fans. I truly like this cage otherwise. I have a couple of potentiometers laying around. But I guess all cages with 25mm fans will be loud.

Review Date: 04/10/12
High high quality cage. It's rather heavy, and I'm confident it will last for awhile. I used it to let for effortless backups on my microATX case, which didn't have space for a lot more than one particular difficult drive. Does the job wonderfully. The included screws didn't fit the Western Digital Scorpio Black drive that I purchased. I believe that may well be Western Digital's fault although. My seagate drives fit just fine.

Review Date: 03/12/12
Solid develop and wonderful air flow. It appears to be quiet operating too, difficult to tell due to running in server, CPU fans are loud. LED lights on front are a single regardless of drive in bay or not. Not a big deal but would be good for it to be off if not in use. Overall, really pleased with enclosure. 100 times greater than other four-bay enclosure I bought on Egg which is no longer sold. Connected to HP p400 SAS RAID card with 3 64GB SSD Ɣth in mail).VMWare ESXi 4.1Supermicro X7DCA-L (N82E16813182158)two x L5420 Xeon36GB ECC DDRHP P400 512MB BBCWICY DOCK enclosure3 x SNV425-S2ኜGB (N82E16820139132) RAID5

Review Date: 01/01/12
I like the top quality really feel of this RAID cage and for your income I don't feel you'll locate one superior for a though The screw holes didn't line up seriously nicely with the 3 WD HDD's or the Mushkin SSD I had purchased to put in. So... -1 egg. I had to fundamentally force most of the screws to fit. The manual says to use only the screws that came with the cage otherwise danger damaging the drive. I was able to use the screws that came with the cage for all 3 HDD's but the SSD was a different thread sort and I had to use the screws that came with the Mushkin SSD rather of the ones that came with the RAID cage. I hope that doesn't cause a issue. I don't see how it could...

Review Date: 11/11/11
Very good quality supplies, solid construction. If you've ever use a 4x2.5" bay before, you've probably located them affordable and fragile. This factor is as solid as you'd expect from something with the Icy Dock name. The screws. The drive screws might be too lengthy for some drives, and the screws securing the bay in your chassis could be too short for a rackmount SECC chassis. Consider choosing up some OEM-grade M3x4 screws if you're planning on employing consumer-grade laptop drives in this factor. The drives will mount a bit a lot more securely to the drive cages.

Review Date: 08/02/11
Great solid design and sturdy material. Straightforward to use and not gaudy. I like the single bay size for 4 SSD. These fans are LOUD. I had to keep checking to see if a helicopter was landing in the yard. If you have a quiet pc like me, these will drive you crazy. I had to replace the fans (wasn't had).Molex? Come on guys, the SSDs are sata by default, why have the dock convert them back to molex? The fans inside had been 40x40x10, but employed a exclusive 2Ǚ pin connector.

Review Date: 07/27/11
Works great with 2.5" ssds (ocz vertex2 in my case.)Sleds are as solid as other 2.5" sledsDoesn't protrude forward so fits behind the door of my supermicro chasis Wish there was an alternative to control speed of the integrated fans Great value for the dollars, solidly built, looks good.

Review Date: 06/13/11
Solid, effortless to install and hook up. Keep the baggie of additional screws in an empty drivebay. Installed a Essential SATA3 SSD in one bay, and have an additional bay cabled up to plug in laptop drives for simple data recovery work. LED's will need to indicate empty drive bays.No lock, so curious fingers could disengage a drive at the wrong moment. Due to the fact my PC case had no dedicated SSD mount, I would have to buy a tray anyway, and preferably one with some active or passive cooling. This unit makes use of the ample number of 5.25" bays most PC cases have and leaves the drive bays cost-free for the three.5" units.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Model MB994SP-4S
Specifications Host Interface: 4 x 7 pin SATA

Drive Fit: 4 x 2.5" SAS or SATA I / II / III HDD / SSD

Device Bay: 1 x 5.25" Bay

Transfer Rate: Up to 600 MB/sec

Insert & Extract connection Via: 15 pin direct hard drive connection

Structure: SECC

Drive Cooling: 2 x 40mm rear cooling fan & Metal heat dispersion

LED Indication: Device Power & Drive Activity

LED Display Color: Green - Device Power ; Amber - Drive Activity

Dimension (L x W x H): 6.70" x 5.75" x 1.63"

Weight: 1.77 lbs.
Features Accommodates Drives with up to 15mm Height

Fits 4 Drives into a Single 5.25" Device Bay

Status LED on Front for Each Drive

Full Metal EZ Slide Mini Tray System with Full Cage Design

Small Form Factor Perfect for IPC, Servers, and Small Form Factor Cases

Front, Rear, Top, and Bottom Ventilation Slots

Heavy Duty Full Metal Construction

Support SATA 6Gbps

Top Cover for the Tray Adds Extra Drive Protection
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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