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Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Mechanical USB2.0 Gaming Keyboard

Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Mechanical USB2.0 Gaming Keyboard (Thermaltake: MEG005US)
ThermaltakeVPN: MEG005US
Vendor: Thermaltake
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Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Mechanical USB2.0 Gaming Keyboard
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 10/10
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Review Date: 04/24/12
Cons: -Cable is very thick and short, but since this is connected to a USB extension cable, this is negligible in my case, but could be a problem-"Key" lock indicator LEDs are too bright and red for my liking. Would prefer much smaller green or blue LEDs.-List price, but hey, you are getting much better quality than an el-cheapo dome switch keyboard-Palm rest is fairly cheap looking compared to the keyboard itself-This keyboard does not have a sound card onboard and has separate microphone and headphone jacks to be connected to the PC. Problem is, again, the cables are short, requiring the use of an extension cable.-No macros/shortcuts keys. I kind of missed them, as they are a staple of Logitech. However, this is a side effect of not needing special drivers for plug and play.-The USB port hub function should have been merged with the keyboard USB/PS2 connection. Having two USB connections for a keyboard seems awkward.-No backlight for the keys, but I can live with that.-Have not got used to it, which is normal for using a new keyboard.

Pros: -All keys are mechanical Cherry MX Black, which is very nice, unlike Corsair's offerings with mixed dome and mechanical switches.-Other than the big red Tt (Thermaltake) logo, looks very classy, it looks like an ideal office keyboard.-Comes with a USB hub for two USB ports, microphone/headphone jacks. I especially like this feature.-Left "Windows" key is replaced by Fn, a smart idea by Thermaltake to prevent gamers from accidentally exiting out of a game.-Keys are fairly silent when pressed half way-Seems to be very durable, it exudes of quality throughout. There are even videos of it being run over by a car without getting damaged. Impressive.-Keyboard is quite compact-Plug and play, no need to download bloatware drivers-Has multimedia controls, not bad for a mechanical keyboard.-Matte finish, very nice on Thermaltake's part.
I got this keyboard as an exchange for a defective Logitech G110 at a competitor. I'm glad that I made the "investment" for a mechanical keyboard, it feels very different and much more durable than a dome switch keyboard. If you are like me and hate the click sound of the Cherry Blues and Browns, the Blacks of this keyboard is perfect. Highly recommended as a first mechanical keyboard. This review was modfied by poster @ 04-24-12 12:47 AM

Review Date: 09/21/11
Cons: - Cord is thick and short as other have stated.

Pros: - Build quality is outstanding.- Mechanical switches (Cherry MX Black).- Standard layout.
For the price, this keyboard is a great buy. The build quality is outstanding, and the keys are great. It's a no frills mechanical keyboard, and if you want to try Cherry MX Black keys, it's a better purchase than the Steelseries.

Review Date: 05/25/11
Cons: no backlighting

Pros: built in quality, responsitivity
best keyboard ive ever had. very responsive and the wrist rest makes it very comfortable. It looks great. Worth the money!!

Review Date: 05/11/11
Cons: - Cord is too thick and short. They went a bit too far with the braiding.- Stabilizers for bigger keys not that great so some keys like Spacebar and backspace will squeak- Wrist rest is pretty flimsy

Pros: - Build quality is top notch.- USB 2.0 Hub and Headphone/Mic jacks located at the top of keyboard- Media keys- ANSI layout (compared to Steelseries 7G and 6GV2)
I compare this mainly with the Steelseries 6GV2/7G because they share the common Cherry MX Black Switches. I feel it's superior to the 6GV2/7G because of the ANSI layout. Build quality is excellent, it's one crazy heavy keyboard. If a nuclear apocalypse happened tomorrow I'm sure that cockroaches and the Mekas would be the only things remaining.I prefer Cherry MX Brown switches over MX Blacks, but this is still way better than a regular membrane. The blacks are great for gaming, but not so much the typing.

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