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Mogo Mouse X54 Wireless Mouse And Media Remote

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Brand Bew Sealed MoGo Media Mouse X54 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Media Remote Brand Bew Sealed MoGo Media Mouse X54 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Media Remote $24.97 CAD Shop Now
MoGo Media Mouse X54 for ExpressCard/54 Laptops (MG-304-01-0002-01) MoGo Media Mouse X54 for ExpressCard/54 Laptops (MG-304-01-0002-01) $61.21 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Mogo Mouse X54 Wireless Mouse And Media Remote
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.26/10
With 13 User Reviews

Review Date: 04/26/10
The mouse has proven to be a GREAT mouse. It is SO easy to take with you; no more mouse jutting out of your bag in a front pocket just waiting to be broken. Only problem I have had with the mouse is getting it to charge in the x54 slot. I have to push it in so it clicks, then wiggle it out a bit until the charge light kicks on. Might be just a defective mouse. Either way, I recommend the product!

Review Date: 11/22/09
I found the cost of this accessory a little more than I expected. After receiving the MOGO mouse and using it I soon came to the conclusion that this item far exceeded my expectations. It is simple to install and and a pleasure to use. The convenience of always having the mouse with your laptop and charged is a real big bonus. I would recommend this product as a very good buy. They shipped the item when then said and it was delivered when they said it would be.

Review Date: 11/10/09
its flimsy and way to flat? hard to grip without getting finger cramps! if you must fill your express card slot? i recommend the very nice Avermedia tv card!! now thats nice---

Review Date: 11/06/09
compact,Very light,set up instructions are simple, bluetooth enabled with built in support on my hp 2140 running UBUNTU Linux 9.10. compusa service and pricing is great! slides into card slot for charging and storage. some problems with scrolling great substitute when out and about Overall good product

Review Date: 10/26/09
This thing is too flimsy to work. It never accurately provided a stable mouse pointer. It died. DON'T BUY

Review Date: 10/03/09
I was excited to find a bluetooth mouse that actually fit into my laptop, which would make it unnecessary to pack another wired mouse or mouse and USB transmitter. I found the same issues as the other reviewers. The connection seems a bit jumpy, making the cursor miss the mark sometimes. Can't tell if this is a tracking or bluetooth issue. Also, the scroll touchpad does not work well at all. It overshoots or even goes the wrong way, even when I concentrate on what I am doing. It doesn't react like the time-honored mouse where you just move and click and things work as they should. Lastly is more a question than a review. I cannot get the mouse to automatically connect to the bluetooth when I turn it on. I always have to go into config and rediscover it. MOGO is already a device there, but why can't the mouse just connect as soon as I turn it on? My laptop bluetooth is alway on. I have gone back to using my touchpad or wired mouse and rarely use the MOGO now.

Review Date: 09/21/09
The mouse was easy to install and was nice in size very easy to travel with. The only thing i had issues with was that it would frequently stop responding and sometimes would not work until i reset it. Other then that it s ok.

Review Date: 04/07/09
This mouse is built on a great idea but just doesn't pull it off well. I used this for about 6 months and now I'm back to my mini-wired mouse. My biggest complaint about this mouse is the cursor movement. It is not very smooth and can be jumpy, especially when you're trying to zero in on a small spot. Also, the scroll button in the middle is terrible. Maybe if these two items worked atleast as well as any normal mouse I could overlook the uncomfortable feel of holding the mouse, but not so. For the money you should expect better performance. Bottom line: great idea, but they couldn't pull it off.

Review Date: 09/25/08
I had my eye on this device for a long time. I hate being without a mouse, but I also hate carrying one with me. This seemed like the perfect solution for a mouse that was portable, wireless, mousewheel, and could be very easily charged via my laptop. I am impressed by its features, but unimpressed by the performance. I think it is too light and the plastic too flexible. When using it with the kickout stand the mouse has a tendency to flex when you push the buttons. The flexion causes you to miss your click location. When used flat the mouse tends to jump around a bit and I really have to concentrate on making good clicks. The mousewheel is a pain and essentially useless to me. I always seem to be scrolling too far or the wrong direction. I think this product could really be improved upon by using a sturdy and lightweight material like aluminum instead of plastic and having a mousewheel for your thumb instead of the touch sensitive one.

Review Date: 07/22/08
I have had it for seven months and it works as advertised. It does everything I need it to do. My only issue is that I am somewhat of a clutz and it does not take a beating well. Because it does not fit flush in the slot I've managed to chip some of the plastic off the front near the lazer pointer but it still works. Maybe the next model will address this. Otherwise it is an amazing piece of technology.

Review Date: 02/17/08
Wonderful tool for us ''Roarriers''. The only problem is we don't all, in fact most of us don't own laptops with the express card slot. I only have one and It doesn't go on the road! The adaptor is available, but, no one stocks it! And, you can't buy it from Newton. Hey Carl, WAKE UP!!!!!

Review Date: 01/11/08
This is the best gaget for your laptop. You no longer have to drag along a travel mouse. The extra benefit of a remote control for media apps is just frosting on the cake. Dazzle you friends with this, they'll all want one. It makes a great gift too.

Review Date: 01/04/08
This is a very impressive mouse considering its size. All the features worked great and the cursor response was extremely quick and accurate. I have only used the mouse for a couple of days but look forward to more extensive use on the road.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Wireless TypeBluetooth Wireless
DistanceUp to 30 feet
Maximum dpi800 dpi
OS / System Requirement
System RequirementExpressCard/54 slot, USB Bluetooth adapter or embedded Bluetooth.
FeaturesMouse ModeThere has never been a mouse quite like MoGo Mouse X54 Sleek and comfortable, it allows the same functionality as conventional laser wireless mice -- scroll, right click, left click -- but without the cumbersome design that makes other mice difficult to take on the road. MoGo Mouse X54 is built with an easy on/off switch and a handy kickstand that lets users choose from two different wrist positions.Media Remote ModeMoGo Mouse X54 easily converts into a remote control that lets users wirelessly play, pause, previous track, next track and adjust volume on a variety of media devices. And since MoGo Mouse X54 stores and automatically charges in your laptop, it\'s the perfect tool when you want to take your media on the go. How Do I Switch Between Mouse and Multimedia Modes?Like everything else about MoGo Mouse X54, changing the functionality from one mode to the other is a breeze. A small switch on the bottom of the unit is all you need. Simply push the button to switch to the mode you want -- MoGo Mouse X54 does the rest. It automatically remaps buttons so you can concentrate on the job at hand. Sophisticated dual lasers afford remarkable accuracy.The MoGo Mouse X54 leverages dual-laser performance to deliver reliable tracking on any surface. High DPI resolution gives you the accuracy you need when space is at a premium, but precision can\'t be.Media Players CompatibilityThe remote is compatible with the following Media Players: - iTunes V. - Musicmatch V.10 - Windows Media Player V.10 - Real Player V.10.5 - WinDVD Player V.7.0

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