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POWEREX MH-C90000470GS Batteries & Charger Kit

POWEREX MH-C90000470GS Batteries & Charger Kit (Maha Energy Corp.: MH-C90000470GS)
VPN: MH-C90000470GS
Vendor: Maha Energy Corp.
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POWEREX MH-C90000470GS Batteries & Charger Kit
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.01/10

Review Date: 09/16/13
Easy to use, lots of possibilities, charge lasts for ever. none so far. Not confident if it is the maha batteries or charger or the combo of both, but the AA's I purchased with this charger are lasting forever in my Wii controllers and digital camera.

Review Date: 08/29/13
You seriously need to do a lot of research on NiMH battery care & charging prior to purchasing this unit in order to completely use it.> Four independent charging channels = no need to have to charge in pairs.> Displays Correct battery capacity at finish of charge for battery matching, which assists to maximize battery usage.Very good instructions> comes with four 2700mAh AA batteries - highest capacity presently available for NiMH batteries.> Break-in cycle: 1 of the very best features of this unit - I see lots of complaints about this taking a Lengthy time... Read UP on NiMH Rechargeables & you'll learn why it's required for this to take two-three days. Positive you can rush it, but carrying out so will lower your batteries capacity & life span. Refresh & Analyze & Cycle modes are a godsend that can revive old batteries giving them new life if accomplished suitable. Only dilemma I located is that ALL Four 2700mAh AA's that came with the charger, charged below the rated minimum of 2500mAh following break-in, ranging from 2432 to 2489, actually a minor thing given that all 4 also rated at 1.45V rather of the rated 1.2V... YMMV This is the Rolls Royce of AA/AAA Battery Chargers. And it does so a lot additional than just charging. Nonetheless, you really must do some investigation on NiMH batteries before purchasing this charger. It's very helpful to know how things like the charging rate, cycling, & break-in have an effect on the batteries over each quick term & long term usage. Rapid charging is good in that you have your batteries prepared in a short period of time, but it comes at the cost of capacity & longevity, when a slow charge will take a long time, but will maximize battery capacity & life time. Saw a comment about the unknown usefullness of the discharge cycle... if you are storing batteries for a extended period of time (more than three months for most NiMH's, a lot more than 12 months for "slow drain" NiMH's), it's finest to discharge them prior to storage. If you don't, it can reduce the all round capacity & life span of the batteries, as they gradually loose charge over time.

Review Date: 08/13/13
- Large, vibrant show shows detailed info about current state of charge/discharge course of action.- Battery slots are effectively-spaced, permitting better cooling while charging- Every battery is independently charged/discharged. Adding and removing batteries wil not disrupt the procedure for other individuals in progress.- Comes with 4 PowerEx batteries, minimum 2500 mAh capacity. - Big, bright display can be a big, annoying vibrant night light (unless you like night lights, in which case, another pro!)- Quick manual, more background facts on NiMH charging technologies and details on charging mechanism would have been welcome.- Break-in choice is extremely slow - roughly 40 hours long. Not necessarily superior than cycling charge/discharge x3, and takes a lot longer.- Individual programming is expected for every battery - no choice to system as soon as for all 4 batteries like with some competing chargers. This charger gives all the tools neede for restoring and preserving optimum charge capacity for your AA and AAA NiMH batteries. Need to certainly study the quick manual to ensure a clear understanding of how every alternative functions. You can potentially harm reduced-capacity batteries with extremely high charging values. Reading up on the fundamentals of how NiMH charging performs will enable you to use this outstanding charger to complete possible.Some old batteries that have been in storage for a extended time can be refused by the charger due to high impedance measurement. This charger is conservative in its appraisal; such batteries are handled by similarly priced competing chargers in stride by forcing a low level charge. Nonetheless, such borderline batteries are apt to have high self-discharge that may well influence their usefulness, so I'm not counting this as a strict con.

Review Date: 07/26/13
This is the finest and most fail-protected charger I have ever bought. It does a wonderful job of totally charging your batteries with out the be concerned of overcharging and damaging batteries. The MH-C9000 senses the charge state of the battery(s) and auto adjusts the charge voltage/current so it will not overheat or blow up your batteries. This unit has 4 independent slots that are individually programmable enabling you to mix battery forms and ratings. A tiny bit on the huge side so you might not be capable to stuff it into your compact accessory bag. The LED display is incredibly vibrant and has no back light adjust feature. It is bright adequate to use as a night light so you in all probability don't want to use it in your bedroom if you are sensitive to light. This point is not seriously a 'con' but the charger is totally programmable for each battery and there is no "auto-charge" preset feature and demands you to program each slot. This suggests you have to study the user manual and study how this unit functions. Took me about 10 minutes to read by means of the information. This charger also has a restore function that brought back "dead" batteries that I believed the battery-brand charger killed following only four or five charge cycles. I use AA rechargeable batteries largely for my digital cameras which go by means of sets-of-4 relatively rapidly. The MH-C9000 has currently paid for itself by bringing back into service batteries I was ready to throw away and replace!

Review Date: 06/23/13
This unit has theoretical benefits such as obtainable mah battery capacity determined from discharge cycles. In practice the Powerex did not perform for me and in addition necessary an extended understanding curve and good patience, as reconditioning cycles take the Powerex up to 48 hours to total.Although the charge capacity the Powerex provides for each and every battery (after its discharge cycle) sounds useful, to make use of it by matching up related capacities in your batteries demands a relatively time consuming record keeping system and battery identification. You can't just place a label on each battery and mark the accessible mah, as numerous applications have close physical tolerances that won't accept the further thickness a label adds to a battery. Recording battery capacity and matching pairs required just as well substantially work for me. I had none of the difficulties of noise and bright operating lights that bothered other customers, but following reconditioning numerous older but nevertheless functional AAs and AAAs found that the deep cycling and trickle charge algorithms of the Powerex seemed to minimize the remaining life these older batteries.

Review Date: 06/22/13
You start off functioning with the Powerex for a whilst and the initial question is why don't more chargers have half the functionality of this recharger. It IS the gold standard of battery chargers. None. On Newegg there could be some confusion. the POWEREX MH-C90000470GS is various from the other Newegg listing for POWEREX MH-C9000 Charger only in that this a single involves four AA batteries.

Review Date: 06/20/13
- battery slots are spaced away from every other, allowing heat to dissipate- large, bright (very) show- lots of facts about battery charge/discharge status- variable rate charge and discharge prices (allowing you to optimize charge price to .1C)- displays the basic wellness status of aged batteries- makes it possible for you to cycle charge/discharge batteries to assist recondition cells - when a battery cannot be charged "high" is displayed (indicating high impedance - terrible battery); rather in specific modes, the charger resets the slot as if you just inserted the battery- would appreciate if the backlight would turn itself off immediately after 5 minutes or so The list of pros of this charger can go on and on. Check out the other critiques - this charger truly does execute. The truth that you get much more facts than a uncomplicated charge light lets you fully grasp the situation of your cells.

Review Date: 06/06/13
1) a lot of functionstwo) excellent is quite great. 1) just too major for travel. This is my 5th charger. So far this one particular is the most expensive and very best.

Review Date: 06/01/13
This device can properly charge, break-in and recondition your AAA and AA batteries. The charging alternatives are laid out in other reviews so I won't go into as well considerably detail on that. I'll emphasize that the four charging channels are independent - good. You can set the mAh independently for battery manufacturer spec (printed on batteries). four AA's are included. Larger than the brain dead chargers (a free of charge carrying case was integrated). Most likely won't port around nevertheless so not considerably of a con. You will see battery life degradation with the inexpensive chargers. Over time, I suspect (have not proven) this will add to a battery's life expectancy and spend for itself. Reviewers complain about charging instances, but you can quick charge if in a pinch if necessary. The manual offers helpful recommendations - read before working with to know the distinction involving options. After understood, it's not challenging to setup via the 4 button interface.

Review Date: 05/25/13
Person slot charging and analysing, solid device, doesn't get hot, quiet.Ran a refresh/analyse on some enloope's and revived them back from hardly working to 771mAh.몸. does a excellent job at figuring out if you need to retain or toss those old NiMH's you've had kicking around in transportable phones and such.When it was on sale with totally free ship... fantastic price tag/value since it comes with a set of 4 AA's. not really a con but requires a lengthy time to run a break in cycle.. but if you want if this does what is says it does and folks agree taking 39hrs to break in a set of 4 AA's is worth it if they run longer.see other thoughts. The 2700 mAh batteries that came with this only broke in at 2550 mAh vs 2700.. in fairness the label says "minimum 2500 mAh" so its not lying just not 2700 as rated.

Review Date: 05/25/13
It will be the final charger you will buy. It has several customizable attributes, that you will not get with any other type charger. You can set 19 unique currents, ten different discharge currents, break in new batteries You can only do 4 at a time, but I can work around that. It also has refresh and analyze mode to bring batteries back to full capacity. You can set it up for a number of charge cycles, and know exactly what your battery holds. Bottom line is your batteries final, and no surprises even though in use.

Review Date: 05/23/13
Several choices and modes of operation, big bright LCD, AA or AAA batteries can be charged Size - this point is large Ɣ.five" x 6.five" x 1.5") There is a high pitched hiss when charging - to be expected but annoying - value is a bit high when you can get virtually the identical results from a ฮ charger - no on/off switch? Thanks for the fantastic service NEW EGG - you are the best location to shop.

Review Date: 05/13/13
I have used it in different combinations and modes and cannot consider why they make dumb chargers. None. They can add some flexible adapters to charge outside that shell for other sizes and so on.

Review Date: 04/19/13
This overall is the best charger for NiMH AA and AAA which I have discovered. * charges cells individually* determines actual usable capacity of cells* can break-in and re-type utilized cells Wish there was a six- or eight- cell version. Maha does have 8-cell chargers but not with the determination and display of actual cell capacity. We have found working with this charger, and a computerized tester, that several of the AA batteries sold (we have tested several brands) do not deliver their stated capacity. If you are employing cells in essential applications (camera flash as a pro photographer, industrial battery-operated devices such as handheld instruments and controllers) this charger will let you confirm the actual efficiency of cells, weed out weak or DOA cells, and group cells of equivalent performance for the best use in a pack. We have two of these and are ordering two additional. BTW: my current favourite cell is the Sanyo Eneloop low self-discharge HR-3UTGA which are >򕘼 maH NiMH.

Review Date: 04/09/13
This is the finest charger/analyzer for AA and AAA nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries that I've ever owned. At final, a charger that seriously aids you analyze and improve battery functionality. The 5 modes of operation are all that you will need to sustain your NiMH batteries. Inside every single mode, there are alternatives you may opt for.The digital show is good for displaying charge/discharge price, instances, and amount of charge in milliamp-hours (mAH). It cycles by means of all batteries, indicating the status of each. When a battery is accomplished, it says Carried out. When inserting a battery, there is a 10-second time period to choose a charge price other than the default of 1000 mA if you want to choose one more rate - a bit quick for some individuals. If you miss it, just eliminate and reinsert the battery.A smaller amount of know-how about battery charging is needed, but the directions are superb for explaining ideas such as charge price and battery capacity. I purchased this charger since I realized that inexpensive "quick chargers" generally sold did not adequately situation nor charge NiMH batteries according to their use and age. I became frustrated that AA batteries in my digital camera have been generally also promptly discharged. Using the Refresh/Analyze mode, I was in a position to decide which battteries were no longer very good and was in a position to rejuvenate some older batteries. The Break-in mode is excellent to situation new batteries for maximum use.As usual, NEW EGG offered outstanding service... the greatest location to shop... period.

Review Date: 04/05/13
Modest foot print, bright backlit screen, usefull charging modes, condensed directions, fantastic value seperate transformer/powersupply(might be observed as a plus for some) guidelines may have to be read more than as soon as, but, if you take the time to comprehend the different modes available this will be an exceptional item for you I have worked with numerous kinds of rechargeable batteries and their respective chargers more than the years.So far, this charger seems to do what it has been created to do and it does it incredibly well. Study and comply with the instructions and you will be satisfied

Review Date: 03/05/13
Excellent Charger, treats four cells independently, have rejuvenated some of my older rechargeable cells and now they are operating fine. Have to actually push it, but perhaps its size, it is not portable, but in the initially place it is not meant to be Wonderful deal and quick shipping, keep it up new egg

Review Date: 03/03/13
Restore dead batteriesLot of sophisticated capabilitiesPays by itself Some functions requires some lengthy time to do ࿈ hours +)A small high priced (but worth every single penny) Awesome charger. Had a lot and my SLR camera (Pentax K110D) was by no means satisfied with my batteries. Following a few photographs 鲤~) the low battery indicator was already on. I bought great batteries but nevertheless had the same dilemma right after handful of weeks. With this charger my batteries (even the older) I'm capable to do a lot much more pictures 齠+). High-priced charger but worth each penny ! You won't be disappointed.

Review Date: 02/21/13
numerous modes to charge battery. Adjustable charging current. Major and vibrant LCD screen. Independent charging modes for every single battery. A lot more pricey than most other chargers, but this is an exceptional charger. Some charging modes can take a long time: break-in mode can take virtually two days! Really will need to read the manual to fully grasp the unique charging modes.

Review Date: 02/01/13
This factor is fantastic. Period. If there's a superior AA and AAA charger available, I don't know about it. I charge my AA's at about 600 mA. They remain good and cool, and they're going to final forever. This will pay for itself in batteries that I don't fry.AAA's typically have about 800 mAh capacity, so I charge them at 200 mA. Nice and cool.Person charging is an absolute will need to, and this charger does it. The ability to situation new batteries and re-condition old ones is beneficial. Noisy - it makes a high-pitched, pulsing noise when it's charging. If you have sensitive ears, this could be annoying.Vibrant - the show will light up a small room. I'm not kidding. It's bright. Not good for bedrooms, unless you place a few 3x5 index cards over the display. It will shine by way of 1, so you will need a handful of.Button Pushes - If you want to do a thing other than the default 1000 mA charge price, you have to do a few button presses for every single battery. I want they would let you transform the default charge price. To have this sort of versatility is worth the annoyance, although. I'm a photographer, and if my batteries are dead, my flashes are dead, and that's a large trouble. I applied a Powerex MH-C204W for a although, which charges the batteries in pairs. Significant error. A handful of of my Energizer NiMH's died on me, but the C204 didn't tell me, since the terrible cells had been charging with beneficial ones. The C204 hasn't gotten any use because. Energizers stink, too.If you want excellent batteries, go for Powerex/Maha or Sanyo. You get what you spend for. Duracell pre-charged rechargeables with the white ring around the + terminal button are rumored to come off the same line as Sanyo Eneloops, and I've had fantastic luck with these, too. The whole point of rechargeables is to have them last a whereas, so resist the temptation to low cost out.

Review Date: 01/30/13
I'm not a battery geek but made this purchase to save dollars more than the long haul on alkalines and be environmentally friendly. This item delivers on all accounts. Regardless of what you may have read, it is trouble-free to use. There are default settings, so you have to have not be intimidated by the prospect of complex programming. On the other hand, if you want to exploit all the product's features, you want to study the instructions and push a few buttons. You can essentially set the cycle mode with charge and discharge prices for four cells in about 30 seconds total after you know the drill. I did a forming charge on the cells that came with the unit and they all met the listed mAh specs and ran my transportable boombox, rated for 24 hrs of battery use, for 35 hrs prior to I stopped counting. The AA cells are also working in C and D adapters to power flashlights and other bigger devices. In addition to Powerex, it's charging newly purchased cells from other makers, which includes low self discharge cells, devoid of difficulties. This isn't a con, just something to be conscious of. When I very first place in AAA cells, weird items happened like the unit would shut off or just not recognize the cell. It urns out that there is practically nothing incorrect with the unit you just have to be certain to properly insert the AAA cell. The slot is made for AA cells and the AAA cavity is recessed into the AA slot. For the unit to function properly you desire to insert the AAA initial with the damaging end positioned as far forward on the metal make contact with as attainable and then snap down the constructive terminal. Once the good terminal snaps down, push on it once again to make certain it is totally seated and flush with the floor of the slot. The reason I had my initial challenge with AAA cells was that I didn't push the cell in entirely so the unit either rejected the cell or ignored it. With AA cells, the unit operates flawlessly, and now that I know what to do with AAA cells, they are also charging completely properly. I cannot say sufficient optimistic things about the consumer service knowledge. As described above, I thought I had a poor unit considering that it was shutting down with AAA cells. Maha has a US primarily based buyer service rep (Eric) who is exceptionally patient and clearly interested in delivering prime notch assistance. Anytime you contact, it is the same individual who answers the telephone, you in no way have to wait, which in all probability indicates he doesn't get a great many calls, and the business will do whatever it takes to resolve your situation. Coupled with the 3 year warranty, you can certainly order this product knowing that there will be a person offered to enable you figure out out to use it and take care of you in the unlikely occasion that it malfunctions.

Review Date: 01/29/13
This has to be the most advanced household battery charger I have employed. It is interesting to pull out old batteries and see just how several amps they hold. I will constantly know I have a matched set of cells for my devices. Does not recall charge/discharge settings...I would just rather pick a static figure for these. When a battery is inserted the screen stays lit up, and it will light up the although room! As well vibrant! Over the years I have been by means of many distinct brands of NiMH batteries. Immediately after obtaining the Eneloop batteries I am completed wasting my time. No a lot more discharge from just sitting around. This charger has shown me that other batteries are just a waste of time and money.

Review Date: 01/19/13
Lot's of possibilities (Charge, Refresh, Break-In, Discharge) None, it's a battery charger with each option I can think of. You located time to read comments on a battery charger, so do yourself a favor and just acquire this one particular. It's the very best and any extra expense more than the other possibilities is nicely worth it.

Review Date: 01/15/13
I have a older unit from yet another organization which works well, but this one particular is considerably nicer. Batteries are seperated additional so you can get a cell out the middle slots if required. Has several levels of charge and discharge. Display lights when a cell is inserted. My other unit has display for every cell, can see all at when. This unit only show 1 at a time, but it is not truly a issue. The 2700mah batteries that came with it are terrible, they self discharge in about a week, even attempted operating thru several cycles. The charger is wonderful, but the batteries had been terrible, maybe I got a poor batch, but I won't be ordering any their batteries.

Review Date: 01/13/13
1. Reconditioning cycle extended the charge capacity of some batteries.two. Permits for uncomplicated identification of poor performing batties. 1. Slot one cease functioning soon after 1 week of use.two. Reconditioning cycle requires about 36 hours.3. No choice to DIM, turnoff LCD.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Model MH-C90000470GS
Specifications Charging Current: Programmable from 0.2A to 2.0A in increments of 0.1A
Topoff Charging Current: 100mA
Maintenance Charging Current: 10mA
Discharge Termination: Voltage 1.00V
Discharge Current: Programmable from 0.1A to 1.0A in increments of 0.1A
Capacity Storage Memory: 12 (Cycle mode only)
Supported Capacity: 100 to 20,000mAh.
Charger Input Power: 12V 2.0A
Adapter Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Type Rechargeable Batteries & Charger Kit
Battery Pack 4-pack
Battery Type AA Ni-MH
Battery Capacity 2700mAh
Battery Voltage 1.2V
Charging Seats 4 x AA / 4 x AAA
Feature Four independent slots
Large backlit LCD display
Endless programming possibilities - over 10,000 ways
New ways to take care of your batteries and maximize runtime
Delivers just the right charge
Super light travel worldwide power supply and 12V compatible
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited

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