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MSI GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) N460GTX Hawk Video Card

MSI GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) N460GTX Hawk Video Card (MSI/MicroStar: N460GTX HAWK)
Vendor: MSI/MicroStar
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MSI GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) N460GTX Hawk Video Card
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.89/10

Review Date: 09/17/13
1. Haven't noticed temps above 40 C beneath heavy load.2. Runs almost everything so far at highest settings (including l4d2, tf2, Titan Quest, Bloodline Champions, and defense grid). Properly, every thing at highest except for AA. Can crank AA up to 4x or much more, although.3. I under no circumstances get frame prices much less than 60 fps at 1600x900 resolution.4. MSI Afterburner effortlessly overclocked the card to: 850 MHz Core 1700 MHz Shader 1900 MHz Memory on stock voltage!So, save your money if you're considering about acquiring a Talon Attack. five. Drivers make certain this card doesn't work tougher than it needs to. None so far. The card deserves 5 stars. It is fantastic.The only thing limiting this card on my rig is the processor. If I were to OC the processor, I could get considerably greater frame rates, but I'm happy with a minimum of 60 fps in each and every game I play.Be certain to not limit this point with your processor. It's a Very good card with lots of power and space for OC. It doesn't work tough at all with the couple of games I have played on it, so I am searching forward to future games :).Main elements of my rig:Phenom II x4 965 BEG.Skill 4 GB DDR3 RAMASUS M4A89TD PRO moboMSI Hawk GTX 460

Review Date: 09/16/13
Has been trucking by means of most I have thrown at it. This card in SLI would really rip. Adore MSI. None, I dont notice fan noise, temps are fantastic, and efficiency has been great. After a long break from gaming I purchased this as a replacement for a 7 year old msi 7900gt which is nonetheless functioning. Good quality goods

Review Date: 09/08/13
*using in sli - even although the cards are incredibly close with each other they in no way go over 70c even whilst playing graphic intense games for hours (and they in no way skip a beat together)*stock cooler is very good^*comes with programs... i'm only using msi afterburner but i like it (had to at some point just dl from their site but it's totally free there... but it lets me monitor temps from my system tool bar which is truly handy)*nice overclock*works with my 650 watts sli setup (almost every thing bought from newegg of course)*came with cost-free cable adapters which is a Large plus *can't actually feel of any... idk what to plug these v-verify points into... searched on the web and supposedly they aren't "vital", but are good if you strategy on OC'ing additional

Review Date: 09/08/13
If you use the user defined fan profile, its almost silent at idle.Quick adequate for modern games, but you really should truly see Tom's Hardware for definitive functionality details. Although playing games, the fans can get a little loud. Nevertheless, this is the case with most modern day video cards which basically make a lot of heat and have cheapo heatsinks.

Review Date: 09/05/13
Overclocks nicely with my Corsair 850HX.runs the Crysis two Demo at max without having difficulty.Incredibly Quiet.Steady OC'd with --Voltage--Core Voltage ჴmVMemory Voltage ცmVAux Voltage რmV--Clock speeds--Core- 925MHzShader- 1850MHzMemory- 2033Mhz No mounting screwsDidn't contain a screwdriver like the MSI 9600GT did.nvlddmkm error still persists following clean set up of OS. 2hrs 60°C Crysis two Demo max settings 1920x1080 -GoodAppears like MSI upgraded their packaging due to the fact the 9600GTWould have liked the little extras like tools or stickers.It did include things like the adapters even though so no worries there.

Review Date: 09/02/13
The card is by far the finest GTX 460 on the market place. The card performs particularly properly for the price. The card performs well in most games maxed (ofc there are the challenging games like Crysis, Metro 2033, etcetera.) These games average about 30 fps which is entirely playable. The card runs very cool even when overclocked to 900 mhz (slight over volt ofc.). And the last good Pro is that it overclocks particularly well. Properly worth the worth. I strongly suggest for an individual seeking for a fantastic worth card. I cant uncover any problems except possibly the fact that it pours warm (not hot) air into the case. This means you require adequate cooling, but it will not impact any temps. General excellent card. I am arranging on SLI'ing quickly. Will write a second evaluation to express the increase.

Review Date: 08/30/13
Quiet operating, effective, tends to make pretty eyecandy. I bought my initial Hawk locally in December to do a rebuild of my Pc. It replaced 2, NVidia GTX 7950 cards. One particular Hawk was doing about 3X the function of the old pair. Just added my second card from New Egg. Now I can max out every single game I have. WOW runs on ULTRA settings and 60 fps which seems to be as high as WOW goes on frame rates provided my cable connection.I got my 1st cards rebate yesterday, I put in for it the initially week in January so about two months and I have my MSI ฤ buck rebate verify. Will need to sign up for my new cards rebate now. Just Bring about 2 and Maffia two cirtificate came with this final purchase. Down loaded them from Steam. Enjoyable, even though not my preferred form of game. The Hawks make they look really fantastic with remarkable levels of detail down to the pores on the skin of the toons in Mafia II. Big, but what do you anticipate for a potent card! They do fit in my Apevia mid tower so seriously not that poor. They do place out a lot of heat, but once once more, that's to be expected in a superior graphics card.I hold missing the genuinely good deals on these cards! Nuts! Make sure you have a incredibly very good Power Provide as these cards will suck a lot of energy at graphically intensive moments. I tossed a grenade in Mafia II and it shut down the Computer. Had to reboot it. I suspect it drew so significantly energy the PS tripped a breaker to prevent harm to it. I'm utilizing a 4 year old Thermaltake 600 watt supply. Almost certainly want 650+ with a Bronze rating or better, this one particular is not rated as such being that old.

Review Date: 08/15/13
I currently wrote a reveiw for this card back whe i initially got it. The card is nevertheless blowing me away! Just wanted to give my feedback on it's overclocking abilities. You almost certainly know this thing overclocks like a beast but here's what ive got so far.With stock voltages and f an speed.Core: 870 MhzShader: 1740Memory: 2000This is in MSI afterburner and card is perfectly stable. No cons, i can possibly go a lot greater if i increase the voltages but i have no need to correct now. Get this cord and dont bother with larger clocked models if u can since afterburner makes OC so uncomplicated. i7-950 @ three.5 Ghz6Gb OCZ Platinum at 1866 7-eight-7-242x Seagate Barracuda 1Tb 7200.12ASUS Rampage III FormulaLian-Li Pc-B10 caseCorsair HX-850w PSU

Review Date: 08/07/13
Great functionality, low heat, low energy(Coming from 8800GT SLi). Not a quiet as I had expected, but barely audible more than the rest of my system. Runs any games I have maxed out with no challenges. Not a one. I adore this card!

Review Date: 08/06/13
Really good card. the twin fans support keep it running good and cool. All my games are operating at max settings with no challenge at all. My mobo is set for SLI and i could get an additional of these to take benefit of it but suitable now one particular is all i need to have. none this was my 1st Fermi card and i did not realize how major they are. i had no problem receiving it into my case but if the case had been significantly smaller sized i'm not certain if it would have match.

Review Date: 07/28/13
Excellent card simply overclocked. Runs anything i put at it at above 50+fps almost everything higher max aa on 1600x900.metro 2033 max d11 every thing on get typical 40fps dips to about 28 nonetheless playable. crysis samething. Most gtx460 oc failures come from mosfets getting also hot. Msi doesnt have mosfet heatsinks. Gigabyte does. <-- read on the internet. Wonderful item great.Easily OC to 875񳑖 no voltage change doesnt go above 60.i7 950asus p6x58d-e6gb ddr3 1600mhz six-8-6-24 CR12tb hddlg oddgtx 460 @ 875񳑖 stock voltage

Review Date: 07/18/13
Card looks wonderful, has voltage adjustments for memory and core, six pin adapters at end and not on leading producing routing of power cables less complicated for me, refined Fermi architecture, mature Nvidia drivers, unbelievable tessellation, quiet, not so power hungry, Physx, Cuda... 贿 right after rebate... Vantage score of 39,600 at 880 x 2000... Can't feel of any actually... I wanted to replace two x GTX 470's in SLI that were water cooled as it was difficult rig and a discomfort to perform on even although it was quiet and hit 40,700 in Vantage. I regarded as the HD 6850 in CF, but when Newegg dropped the price tag of these beauties to 贿 I bought 2 to run in SLI. First of all the are quiet at idle, so a lot so that I am unable to hear them over my cpu fans ྼdb) at full load they do spin up and can be heard so they are louder than my Scythe Gentle Typhoons 1850 rpm fans, however they are not that loud or offensive to listen to. These card idle at around 36C exactly where as my GTX 470's would idle at 39C beneath water and at complete load the Hawk's run at 58C complete load (Furmark) about the exact same as the 470's. The Hawks are not the overclockers that I had hoped after reading the reviews on the web, but I may just be unlucky. The max I can overclock with voltage adjustments is 820x1900 and with 100mv improve on the core and memory I can run at 880x2000.....

Review Date: 06/27/13
Fans are wonderful, size is good for a mid tower. Afterburner software program is uncomplicated to use. Afterburner ui isn't the very best. There are pop ups everywhere when you're trying to study information and some selections are in submenus, some trays would be good.

Review Date: 06/26/13
Newegg shipping is good, recieved a day early,and was packed nicely. The card is quite nice searching and well constructed on the other hand really large. I have 1 PCIE slot in my Gateway and had difficulty obtaining the front aspect of the beast in the slot fully, caps. was in the way,am also glad I have only 1 cd rom on the PS, Ihad 1- six pin but had to use the adapters they incorporate.Incredibly good such as extras. WOW looks and plays nicely even on ultra setting so does my other games and films. I would refer this card to anyone. Just make certain you have space and can figure out the directions on installing the card, could of been better directions. Superior directions would be nice for newbies. I will rate more later.

Review Date: 06/09/13
As with most gtx 460 it is Great. I have this SLI with another brand 1gb card and they operate with each other nicely.OCd to 830񳉬񳍜 with no voltage change and no temp raise. Could go higher but this is wonderful for everyday stability.Stays under 60C load as the top card in a properly ventilated case. Idles at 30C. Tiny bit larger than generic gtx460. I could not match the other one particular right subsequent to it, and had to move it to the third PCIe slot. No matter, they get much more air this way. But beware it is a tiny thicker than a reference card. Superb cooling, overclockability, and bang for buck under 2 bills.

Review Date: 06/05/13
MSI / Nvidia = fantastic card, support, and drivers. The HAWK series is the series to get. The card is rock solid, and the heat sink is wonderful. This card has performed beyond what I was expecting, and blows any ATI solution out of the water when it comes to good quality. The ATI 5850 may possibly get greater FPS, but this card is a lot a lot more stable and offers significantly smoother frames. Following trying the ATI 5770, there is no comparison. This card is worth the income! Nvidia!!! This card did not come with many extras compared to MSI's ATI 5770. Extras do not matter, but an SLI cable would of been good to have. If Newegg trys to give you "free" games as an incentive to obtain this card, take that at your own danger. If you accept them and permit them to be shipped with the solution (if you do not eliminate them from the purchasing cart), just make note that you CAN NOT return them. If you want to RMA the solution (I had to do this with my ATI 5770), you have to eat the cost of the game. So if you do not want the game seriously, don\'t forget to eliminate it from the purchasing cart... If you know your maintaining the card, let it ride. I just RMA'd a MSI ATI 5770 to get this card. This card is worth every single penny compared to the 5770. I upgraded from an N9600GT and it is remarkable. Nvidia generally presents better drivers than ATI/AMD. In my opinion, the frame rate is also smoother (different than larger). When this card could be roughly 20 USD over priced, you can not go wrong buying it. It gets the job carried out with Nvidia backing it up. MSI is the card to acquire for the GTX460!As constantly, Newegg supplying great items at wonderful rates! Client service is fantastic, shipping is excellent .. why would everyone shop anyplace else?

Review Date: 06/02/13
Purchased two of these cards the week before christmas. They are by far the very best cost to efficiency cards I could uncover for a motherboard w/o crossfire. 3d mark and furmark scores are roughly 250% far better than my single GTX 260 SSC which was beginning to age. They also run cooler (at default OC so far) than any other graphics cards I've owned, maxing out around 68 degrees for me. The elaborate heatsinks (which appear to do a fantastic job) are a bit wobbly. I also favor the energy connections to be on the side of the board rather of the back, while these are brief adequate that it isn't a main issue for my case. If you have an SLI only motherboard, a pair will get you almost unbeatable overall performance.

Review Date: 06/02/13
none junk tech help sucks Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued MSI Consumer,We would like to apologize for the situation you have experienced with this distinct VGA. Please e-mail me straight by way of usersupport2@msicomputer.com your VGA's serial quantity and your full get in touch with info, topic heading "EAHN460GTX". I would like to enable you get this resolved.Ideal Regards,User HelpMSI Item Assistance

Review Date: 05/21/13
Rapidly, super cool ࿎C OC'ed and stressed [{what my old one particular idled at}], fantastic MSI Afterburner utility (which you can use with other brands), appears solid and effortless to clean. I can't hear my computer any longer -_- (see other) I'm still not use to the reality that I CAN'T HEAR MY Computer system when I turn it on! At initial I thought it wasn't turning from the hardware adjust, but then I just realized that this GPU is so freakn' quiet compared to my 9800GTX+ that I don't hear the boot!

Review Date: 05/09/13
Exceptionally quiet fans, my computer is whisper quiet now. This card is significantly much more strong than my old HD2600. MIR tends to make for a great obtain. First card I got I had to RMA, the unit kept beeping when not below load, but when beneath full load there wasn't even a peep. New card is operating quiet and stable now.

Review Date: 05/07/13
Great card, with fantastic OC capacity. Afterburner is uncomplicated to use, automatically adjusts shader clock when core is adjusted. Tested my overclock at 860 on the Rift beta all settings at Max and it worked flawlessly. Looks fantastic, runs incredibly quietly and temps keep low. Also, who demands directions to install a gpu.... seriously? It doesn't do the dishes? None that I have encountered so far..to the whiner about rebate, it is a excellent item and deserves additional than 1 egg even tho you didn't get ur precious ฤ. Can't wait to get one more 1.HAF X with added 200 mm prime fan and 120 for gpu ductAsus P8P67 WS RevolutionCore I7 2600K sandy bridgeProlimatech Megahalem/ 2x120mm kaze jyuni in push pullMSI GTX460 Hawk8GB corsair dominator 1600 DDR2850watt Corsair Modular PSU

Review Date: 04/20/13
Realy like this card runs cool , and the stock heatsink is worth the extra cash . Comes factory overclocked so I dont need to have to mess with any computer software . runs older games extremely poorly and causes studdering . I have narrowed it down to the agressive power saving in the Cards bios with framerates dropping below acceptable prices . You can watch the speed of the card drop to as low as 50 Mhz . Thats crazy and no way to adjust it in the drivers . BTW I have tryed each driver readily available kinda sorry I upgraded sould have hung on to my msi 275GTX I emailed MSI and Nvidia help so I will see if I get a responce

Review Date: 04/18/13
really great card. runs anything i throw at it at max graphics with no issues. i was a tiny taken aback by the fact that it had two power plug ins for the card, but not a negative issue. make certain you have a energy supply that will run this bad boy. none its a big card, but i was expecting it to be. runs cool and quickly and appears really fantastic. was impressed.

Review Date: 04/10/13
Does what it says, and stays cool. Blocks second PCI Express slot on my Motherboard, stopping any SLI in the close to future. Length also interferes with the SATA connectors. Wonderful buy if your motherboard/case has the area for it.

Review Date: 04/05/13
-Finest functionality/cost ratio -runs cool-performs genuinely properly in SLI-fantastic scaling-overclocks seriously well -nothing Purchased this card from another retailer as they had superior pricing due to sale. Have an EVGA 460 with this Hawk in sli both OC'ed to 850, 1900, 2000 rock stable at stock voltage. previously had one card on my 700 watt psu and was drawing too substantially energy (i have a lot of fans, and tough drives) i have a secondary five.25 bay psu 鷐W) thats supplying ample juice to my cli config. max temp i hit under masx load is 65C which is awesome taking into consideration my area temp is about 26 atm. In quick, if you have a sli ready board and want a very good setup but won't break your bank, get two of these and they can evaluate to a 580!!go check anandtech for benchmark outcomes if you don't think me.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand MSI
Model N460GTX Hawk
Interface PCI Express 2.0 x16
Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
GPU GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi)
Core Clock 780MHz
Shader Clock 1560MHz
Stream Processors 336 Processor Cores
Effective Memory Clock 3600MHz
Memory Size 1GB
Memory Interface 256-bit
Memory Type GDDR5
DirectX DirectX 11
OpenGL OpenGL 4.0
HDMI 1 x mini HDMI
Max Resolution 2560 x 1600
SLI Support SLI Ready
Cooler With Fan
Dual-Link DVI Supported Yes
HDCP Ready Yes
Card Dimensions 9.37" x 4.37"
Features The world’s first graphics card supports voltage adjustment of GPU, Memory, and PLL.

First GTX 460 can reach to 1GHz under air cooling!

7+1 Phase PWM design provides extra 30A current output power to GPU for better overclocking power capability.

Dual PWM fans + 4 heat pipes

Nickel-plated copper Base for better heat dissipation.

18°C Cooler and 8.1 dB quieter!

SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) has higher current for better overclocking ability.

Hi-C CAP for GPU provides more precise voltage.

All Solid CAPs have longer lifespan.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 2 years limited

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