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Nixeus Vue 27IN S-IPS Ultra High Resolution LED Backlit Monitor 2560X1440 HAS DVI HDMI DisplayPort

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Product Reviews

Nixeus Vue 27IN S-IPS Ultra High Resolution LED Backlit Monitor 2560X1440 HAS DVI HDMI DisplayPort
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.22/10
With 9 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/22/14
Cons: - Quality of monitor is lacking (including OSD)

Pros: - Big monitor and high resolution for over $200 less than other screens.- Games like Skyrim look amazing.
For $449, it is definitely worth the bigger screen and higher resolution (up from 24" Samsung at 1920x1080) I was amazed at how bright the screen was and I still have to squint if there is a white screen. I had no issues hooking up the monitor and it worked right out of the box. The bezel around the screen is separating at the bottom of the panel, but is hardly noticeable. I also have one dead pixel on the screen, but I don't notice it and I did not think it was worth sending back to have replaced (even though I paid the $22 for the zero dead pixel policy...without it you would need 8 to replace) Overall, the price is right for the size and resolution of screen, hence the 4 stars, but I would rate lower for quality and would not recommend Nixeus based on it.
Kotaro Kun@NCIX

Review Date: 01/08/14
Cons: -6ms? I notice a bit of ghosting-Power supply failing (rather common problem for this monitor if you search around)-Normal DVI cable doesn't work for this monitor. Have to use dual-link DVI cable.-Heavy (not a serious problem for me, just cumbersome to set it up)

Pros: -Really bright-IPS-Height Adjustable Stand-1440p-Colour accuracy is good-Multiple input types.
Used this monitor for gaming and noticed some slight ghosting. Perfect for drawing, watching movies and other general functions. Compared to 22" y 1680x1050 and 24" y 1920x1080, the text are rather small on this monitor y 1440p so it'll need sometime to get used to. Power supply failed a week in. Will have to go in for exchange. If not for the failed power supply I would rate this product higher. Overall I am saticified with this purchase. Did some research and this is probably the best bang for the buck monitor for its class.

Review Date: 10/16/13
Cons: 1. Lack of packaging material leaves the majority of the monitor exposed against the one side of the cardboard. After medium damage with the box I thought they had hit the screen. Turned out to just be a smudge. but the screen is essentially against the side of the box leaving in vulnerable to puncture damage.2. Gloss on monitor is a tad bit overdone. It functions as a mirror when nothing is on screen.3. Monitor simply doesn't work.

Pros: I'm not happy with anything to do with this monitor
I'll start off with the packaging. My box was heavily damaged and tampered with (Marker written all over it) on pickup from Canada post. Not all Ncix's fault I'm sure but still a con when buying something this expensive and the fact the box has been written on multiple times really pisses me off.The packaging inside the box is bare minimum. I thought They had damaged my screen due to the damage on the box and that mite actually be the case as the monitor displays absolutely nothing at all. The packaging also left the monitor display side about an inch from the cardboard with very little in between other then a small foam sheet that covers only some of the monitor not all of it. No tape on the seals and top when I received it, it looked like I was opening a used monitor box. Let me stress how used this box looks. By no means does it look like I received a new product not even close.Now to the monitor itself. The green light to indicate it's on works but the screen itself displays nothing. I don't know if this is a thing common with these monitors as another reviewer had the same issue. But it's disheartening knowing this cost me a good amount of money and it doesn't work. Either way it's a dud or it got busted in shipping the later of which could have been avoided with more packaging inside the box and around the screen. Or It's simply a used monitor shipped back to them and resold to me as that's exactly how it looks to me.I will be returning this for a refund I'm extremely disappointed with the product I've received and regret not just ponying up a little more cash for something a whole lot better like A dell or Samsung. I've learned my lesson on cheeping out and buying the budget monitor I recommend others look elsewhere.Edit: I'm editing this to say I'm out 65 dollars because ncix is unwilling to cover the original cost of shipping it to my house or even the cost to ship it back to them for a refund, even whith buying the 7 dollars insurance for it. I've also put this review as a 3 star because I doubt my 1 star review would make it up on this site.The service I've received, as well as the product, and the loss of my money will keep me from ordering from this site again I recommend others stay away and stick to sites with a better customer care service and one that refunds you fully and pays the shipping because NCIx will refuse and you'll be stuck paying for their mistakes and broken products. And at the 500 dollar price range it's just unacceptableThis review was modfied by poster n 10-17-13 01:29 PM This review was modfied by poster i 10-17-13 02:01 PM This review was modfied by poster @ 11-06-13 04:43 PM

Review Date: 10/08/13
Cons: its not workingthe box doesnt have a seal, nothing is sealed. so no way of know if its new or used.

Pros: nonedont know.
well finally got it yesterday and today i set it up. was so excited then i turn it on nothing happens. The green light is on, which im guessing it means it IS turned on. But a black screen. Tried different ports with the connectors i have nothing worked. Couldn't access the OSD either so im guessing i got a dud. what a let down. will be returning the product.I have bought many monitors before and this is the first time that has happened to me.i would give a one start but it goes in to review and does not get posted. I would not recommend this product to anyone This review was modfied by poster @ 10-11-13 03:15 PM

Review Date: 08/20/13
Cons: Menu un peu difficile à comprendre

Pros: Couleurs, résolutions, nombre de ports
Je suis très satisfait de cet écran. Je l'ai acheté en "boîte ouverte". Le contenu de la boîte était très pêle-mêle mais tout y était. Après un petit nettoyage cet écran avait l'allure d'un neuf. Je le recommanderais à quiconque!

Review Date: 08/09/13
Cons: none

Pros: best monitor I owned, better than my 24" iMac.
I do a lot of photography work and wanted something better than my current dell u2412m. I wanted something that would match the quality of my iMac screen.The big resolution is a plus, the colors are great.. one of the best deal around. I would definitely buy more of these when possible!
Randall H@NCIX

Review Date: 06/27/13
Cons: I cannot or have not found any as yet

Pros: Adjustment is easy and very flexible, bright and does the Mac really really well at 2540, Not too heavy,
When opening a package and expecting certain things from a new monitor you expect to be dissappointed in at least one area. I have used this monitor and unpacking, assembling, adjusting, setting up NO PROBLEMS AT ALL !!!! The best monitor I have ever purchased out of the box. Bully for Nixeus for doing a great design and producing a nice product.

Review Date: 06/01/13
Cons: Glossy (not my preference)Clumsy built-in menu systemPointless peakers

Pros: ColourResponse TimeVERY robust standCost
So I was debating between buying a shimian/catleap display off of eBay or picking up this one. I was concerned about having a problem panel shipped to me and not having any real recourse, so I opted for this one. After about 2 minutes with a screw driver I had the stand attached and set up with my monitor. The stand is solid, heavy and has many adjusting options.My likes: After setting up and configuring the monitor with my PC I was very impressed with the over-all brightness and colour, it is gorgeous at full resolution and a MASSIVE improvement over my older TN panel. I jumped into counterstrike:GO and did my best to make the monitor blur but I couldn't notice anything to take me out of the game. Very pleased.My gripes: The glossy screen and bezel really aren't my preference since they leave reflections in the display. I imagine I will be buying an anti-glare film in the future to help manage this. Another issue is the monitor settings menu, it is really weird and un-intuitive and just plain clumsy. It should also be noted that there are speakers included with the monitor, they are not very good and should not have been included.Conclusion: I'm pleased with my purchase, I feel I have gotten a quality product that suits my gaming and daily needs. If you are trying to decide between the eBay panels and this one, I believe the peace of mind that comes with an A selection panel is worth the price difference alone. If you factor in the lovely stand and additional display options the nixeus is a pretty clear winner in my books. For the money I spent, about $500 CAD, I would call this a a very good buy.NOTE: You need to use DUAL LINK DVI or DISPLAY PORT if you want to run this monitor at 2560*1440. A dual link DVI cable is included.

Review Date: 05/09/13
Cons: DVI Dual Link cable could be a couple of inches longer. Placement of ports a little tight behind the stand bracket for DVI

Pros: Adjustable height, swivel stand that is vary stable. Exceptional colour right out of the box. Easy to set up. Good tactile easy access buttons on the bottom
This is hands down the best monitor purchase I have ever made. Well worth the $500.00. I had been debating weither to go 3D or this monitor. After seeing it in action I believe I made the right choice.
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