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OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W ATX 20/24PIN SLI Ready Modular Cables 120MM Fan Active PFC Power Supply

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Firepower ModXStream 600-Watt Pro Power Supply
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OCZ OCZ600MXSP ModXStream Pro 600 Watt Power Supply
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(Out of Date Item) OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W ATX 20/24PIN SLI Ready Modular Cables 135mm Fan Active PFC Power Supply
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(Out of Date Item) OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W ATX 20/24PIN SLI Ready Modular Cables 135mm Fan Active PFC Power Supply (OCZ600MXSP)   $65.85 CAD Buy Now
(Out of Date Item) OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W ATX 20/24PIN SLI Ready Modular Cables 135mm Fan Active PFC Power Supply   $68.60 CAD Buy Now
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(Out of Date Item) OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W ATX 20/24PIN SLI Ready Modular Cables 135mm Fan Active PFC Power Supply (OCZ600MXSP)   $69.23 CAD Buy Now

(Out of Date Item) OCZ Technology ModXStream Pro 600W ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply - ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply (OCZ600MXSP)
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(Out of Date Item) OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply compatible with Intel Sandybridge Core i3 i5 i7 and AMD Phenom
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(Out of Date Item) OCZ Technology ModXStream Pro 600W ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply - ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply   $86.52 CAD Buy Now
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(Out of Date Item) OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W ATX 12V Ver 2.2 & EPS12V Power Supply (Retail Box)
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(Out of Date Item) FirePower ModXStream Pro 600W 80Plus Semi Modular High Performance ATX PC Power Supply 600MXSP Formerly PC Power Amp Cooling H3C0CSK3J-1008
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OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply OCZ600MXSP tested OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply OCZ600MXSP tested $41.00 USD Shop Now
OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply OCZ600MXSP-B OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply OCZ600MXSP-B $49.99 USD Shop Now

Product Reviews

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W ATX 20/24PIN SLI Ready Modular Cables 120MM Fan Active PFC Power Supply
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.63/10

Review Date: 09/07/13
It's quieter than my other PSU. I like the modular cable style. Also the labeling on the cables is nice, VGA rail connectors are red, and drive rails are black. I wish that the CPU energy cable was a tiny bit longer, I have to run it beneath my video card. Also the 4-pin energy rail doesn't directly connect to the rest of the 20-pin block (unlike just about every other PSU I have owned). Because this cable is also a bit tight, I'm afraid of the 4-pin getting pulled out.Hasn't happened yet, so I'm only taking one particular egg off for the length problem. I'm operating this in an Antec 300 case, and it's powering 3HDD, a GTS450, 4 120mm fans and an i7. My I'm making use of an ATX mobo with the PSU on the bottom. I would imagine that the cables would be additional than adequate with an mATX board and a top rated-mounted configuration.

Review Date: 09/06/13
Modular! First modular PS I've owned and I love the flexibility. Also, all the wires out from the energy supply are wrapped in that flexible sheath preventing all the individual wires from snagging on something, and maintaining things incredibly neat. Also, the black on the energy provide itself is truly cool. None

Review Date: 09/06/13
-Quite quiet-Quite effortlessly organizable cables-Sheathed cables tends to make for wonderful airflow and a slick look if you have a mesh case.-Modular style enables you to only hook up what you need, and eliminate any excess or unused connections.-Supports SLI just fine - No hiccups or power issues so far.-Extremely effortless to install.-Consumes over 40% less electricity than my former 450-watt PSU per month. -I wish the ATX 24pin cable was longer. It currently has to drape over my GFX card to make the attain from the bottom-mounted PSU slot. I use a couple watt-meters throughout my property to measure usage from a distinct area or outlet. Like i pointed out just before, this PSU has regularly stomped the charts by more than 40% decreased power usage compared to a two year old 450-watt dell OEM PSU.

Review Date: 09/05/13
has ran excellent for three months solid. looks fantastic. modular molex cables. quite quiet. runs cool. cost! unit was marked down from 贄 to ๖ and had a ฤ mail in rebate. it came in about 10 weeks. so i got a excellent 600W psu for ㅪ bucks! it doesn't make coffee.while genuinely a pro, the psu has energy protection tolerance built in and i need to have received some sort of spike even though i have a ups(cheap though) and the program went into some sort of sleep. i powered down with the kill switch and cut back on with no troubles. this occurred initial day inside the initial 30 minutes. possibly a capacitor required to burp or anything. the 20 dollar rebate visa card would not enable me to max it and pay the distinction on anything, so i had to purchase a thing as close to 20 dollars as achievable, this is OCZ though.wish i could have bought 5

Review Date: 09/04/13
Quiet, Modular, 80+ certified for only ์ when I got it! None none none none. Great value if you can get it on sale.

Review Date: 08/28/13
I got this for ุ. Was going to buy the 550w Fatal1ty, but this was cheaper. It's quiet, doesn't make heat (with my load at least). 600w. 82% effective. 25amps per 12 volt. 2 12 volt rails. idk, practically nothing yet :) I hope it lasts! Phenom II x4 ʃ.4ghzGigabyte 770t-UD3Antec 300HIS 5770 @ 960mhz core, 1300 memOCZ Modxstream 600wWindows 7 64bit

Review Date: 08/27/13
Powers a fundamental pc with ease. Modular cables are a good bonus at this cost point. Will power a future video card if needed. Pouch for the cables was a good touch. Would have loved to see 3 additional sata ports but you cant have it all. You can get this power provide in a number of energy levels. For the value, your not gonna get additional choices and warranty anyplace else.

Review Date: 08/15/13
I really like the modular style, Less cables indicates cooler operating Laptop. Appears like its built very good. Stable while it lasted. Lasted much less than a month. Undertaking without a computer system this long isn't exciting at all. Sent back to newegg on the 2nd, Its now the 6th and ups shipped it across the nation so they can look at it. Most likely going to take yet another week to even get a different 1 shipped. I must of bought a Antec, I guess some folks have to discover the hard way. Manufacturer Response:Hello, we are incredibly sorry for the challenge. Newegg will take great care of you, and will get a replacement unit out swiftly. Thank you

Review Date: 08/11/13
Quiet, running cool, long and sufficient cables to use. Price is correct after rebate (ื with FS). None - if I can get my rebate. I do not know what modular signifies of this power supply prior to I ordered. It could be a very good idea not hanging un-utilized cables inside the case, save some energy and more open space for air flow. Their consumer support is pretty great.

Review Date: 08/05/13
checked psu out of case first /noticed 11 blade fan was functioning could not here a sound super quiet . modular /got absolutely free sony dvd in combo deal. lengthy term reliability remains to be observed . none/ had to get in touch with about rebate not showing up/ sent it next day / did send me my rebate on my 500 watt modxstream psu last year no issue with that one .all rebates can be tricky i've had to contact 2-3 instances more than the years. you might have to fight for rebate but ocz makes a nice psu at a nice price more quiet than my corsair psu & my older antec's.

Review Date: 07/23/13
Google some reviews for this energy supply. Makes use of higher excellent internal elements, is close to a Bronze certification, and is provided a great price. Modular cables make routing I want the motherboard power cables have been about 3 inches longer. They barely match being routed underneath the board for fantastic airflow. runs quiet

Review Date: 07/20/13
Easy to install, no need to read the manual (it doesn't inform you anything you don't already know), very neat look inside the case. I by no means thought I'd want a window on my case, but now I wish I did! Superior airflow, with hardly any noise at all. Constructed in surge protection, 100K hours MBTF and 3 year warranty. It didn't set up itself. The OCZ has just about each and every connection you require in a mesh bag for storage, and you only connect these that meet your demands. The other people can keep in the bag for when you upgrade (another SLI card, for instance). This results in a incredibly neat look with tiny or no clutter at all.Several said that the cables had been not long adequate to reach some of their mainboard sockets, but this was not the case (pardon the pun) with my minitower. I had additional than enough to spare. The PCI-E cables had been labeled clearly, so you know which goes exactly where. In addition, the sockets on the supply itself are colour coded! The unit has a Massive fan 鳇 mm) which is whisper quiet. It is on the bottom of the provide so it can draw air from the rear fan directly into the interior of the supply. Quite good. I suppose you could flip the issue over and mod your case with a hole in the prime and draw air directly from the outside, but I am not brave adequate to attempt it.For half a century note, if that isn't enou

Review Date: 07/15/13
modular, cables are sleeved and its pretty quiet. Matches my case effectively. Smells like some thing is burning inside of it following five months. Worked fine till i upgraded the pc to i7 920 new board new ram. It smells gross and is coming from the psu this sucks cause i didn't want to get a new one for a while.

Review Date: 07/11/13
general excellent was great, voltage was really stable. only fluctuated +/- .01V under heavy load so far practically nothing

Review Date: 07/06/13
Came with cool bag that holds the added cables. you can plug in only what you need to get rid of further cable clutter none newegg by no means fails

Review Date: 06/30/13
This is my initially actual dealing with taking out and replacing a PSU. When I figured out that my SATA required to be powered (lol I know I suck), it was a breeze. No issued. Actually quiet. Not actually a Newegg point but the shipping took a small longer due to the new year weekend. This is the 1st step in my constructing of a new Computer. This PSU is sitting in my rig which will be replaced with the new one to test the PSU out. So far so very good. THumbs up OCZ BUT the rebate is annoying.

Review Date: 06/26/13
Modular and works as intended for a very good value... good worth if the men and women OCZ hired to do their rebates have been competent. Rebate denied mainly because proof of buy date was not integrated when it really was. ***Whoever scanned my documentation did not scan page 1 of 3, which incorporated the date of acquire and my account information.***Named customer assistance center at five pm EST on Wednesday and they say they are closed... when their operating hours are 9 am to six PM... 6 PM! Did we set our clocks ahead already or anything? Manufacturer Response:Hello, we are sorry for the troubles. We are situated on the west coast, so our staff performs till 3pm eastern. Please call our assistance manager at 鷘) 733-8400, ext 206, We will be delighted to straighten this out.Thank you

Review Date: 06/25/13
Modular cables Mine showed up defective, also not the ideal for legacy devices I nevertheless gave it three stars given that installing it was a breeze with the modular cables. I want to mention that it only has one cord with the old fashioned molex connectors, so if you have a bunch of legacy devices (or cathode lighting like I do), just be aware of it. But on mine, the cooling fan did not spin up, I contacted OCZ and they mentioned to RMA with Newegg. I purchased a Corsair rather given that I didn't want to wait 10 days round trip for a replacement.

Review Date: 06/20/13
Runs an i5-750 and 2 MSI cyclone GTX 460's in SLI with zero difficulties, even with voltage overclocks. Genuinely couldn't ask for more from this energy supply modular cables have been kinda awkward to get used to at very first, but aren't hard when you get it down

Review Date: 06/18/13
Enough power to run High Capacity Processors, System boards, Drives, and GPU's. Modular connectors let for organization of the Case interior removing unnecessary clutter. Quiet operation with solid build high quality. Failed immediately after moderate use for significantly less then 1ǘ the Warranty period. My PSU didn't fail entirely only on particular rails which produced attempting to figure out what was wrong an even bigger discomfort.I'm in the approach of receiving an RMA service but the Tech Department is a bit slow in their response time. Nonetheless acceptable but I had to contact and adhere to up when they did not meet their published response instances. Everyone gets busy I suppose. The value was right at the time old ฮ AR, but if rock stable and consistent reliability is your mark you could want to go elsewhere. Manufacturer Response:Hello, we are sorry for the dilemma. Our help staff will see that you are taken care of, and your replacement unit will serve you well in to the future. Thank you

Review Date: 06/07/13
This is a fantastic energy provide. No problems so far and it is fairly quiet. A lot of connections to meet my desires. If you are getting this OCZ product simply because of the rebate, don't waste your time & funds. This is the worse rebate service I have worked with to date. First of all they concern a credit card. I did get the ฤ credit card, but when I went to use it many weeks later, I found out there was only $.04 left on the account. Following calling the company and explaining the issue, they sent me one more card and stated they would send a form to fill out for fraudulent use of the original card. Properly the new card was nevertheless only worth $.04 and I under no circumstances received the papers to fill out. Now the rebate time has expired. They definitely have an internal challenge. Just be conscious of what you are going to have to deal with if you are looking for a rebate with this firm. Newegg rocks on their service. Manufacturer Response:Hello, we apologize for the issue. The concern was with the CC issuer, and it has been resolved. We will see that you are sent a new card of the correct worth. Please email rebates@ocztechnology.com and consist of your full name, address, product, and date and place of obtain. We will be pleased to speak to the rebate house, and will see that all valid claims are paid. Thank you

Review Date: 05/11/13
It is modular which is good for cable management. Appears to energy eveything fine to this point. This thing is super loud. When I stroll into my home I can hear it operating from three rooms away. Perhaps it is just my individual unit, but without a benchmark I dont know. It seems like a fantastic solution, but it is truly not going to suit my purposes. Manufacturer Response:Hello, we are sorry for the noise problem. The fan controller is defective and permitting the fan to run at full speed. Please RMA with Newegg for a replacement unit. We are sorry for the inconvenience.Thank you

Review Date: 04/27/13
trustworthy brandmodular nope i would have gotten one particular with lights if i could have identified a single

Review Date: 04/25/13
Quiet fanHas the appropriate quantity of energy for my developExcellent price tag with the Mail in Rebate. :P None

Review Date: 04/17/13
Got this for a good price immediately after the rebate, and yes I did get my rebate card. Following reading so many negative evaluations about rebates in basic, I made positive I followed ALL the guidelines, and didn't have any issues. I also picked up some OCZ memory, and got the rebate back for that, as well. This power provide is truly substantially a lot more energy than I will need for my HTPC with onboard graphics, but I genuinely wanted a modular unit for better cable management in my smallish CoolerMaster 360 Elite case. This power provide was ideal. No additional cables messing up my modest case, is Incredibly quiet and stays quite cool. The greatest element is I just overlook it's even in there, undertaking it's job and not causing me any worries. Way additional power than I need to have? I know that's not a con, just funny that this was the least expensive modular by quite a bit when I purchased it. I really like obtaining the added power, provides me space to expand.I have completely ZERO complaints or cons. I wasn't positive about the OCZ brand, but both my energy provide and OCZ memory have exceeded my expectations. With a good sale cost and rebate, it's not just a excellent price for a modular, it's a very good cost for a power supply.
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Product Features

600W+ 140mm Fan
80 Plus Modular

OCZ ModXStream Pro Power Supply
Face heavy computing with a steady flow of unprecedented power using the OCZ ModXStream Pro Power Supply. This power supply unit delivers 600 Watts of pure power to ensure that your computer will run smoothly even through tough computing tasks. It is SATA and SLI ready to provide storage devices and other computer peripherals with enough power. And with a 140mm fan, you can be assured that this unit will run for long hours without overheating. Order the OCZ ModXStream Pro Power Supply today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Power supply unit; delivers 600 Watts of pure power to ensure that your computer will run smoothly and efficiently
  • SATA and SLI ready; provides storage devices and other computer peripherals with power
  • 140mm fan; circulates air to keep the unit cool


115V/230V - 60/50Hz


20+4 pin
x 1
x 1
x 1
x 6
x 4
x 2
x 2(1x 8-pin)

Product Specifications

Brand OCZ
Model OCZ600MXSP
Series ModXStream Pro
Type ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V
Maximum Power 600W
Fans 1 x 135mm Fan
PFC Active
Main Connector 20+4Pin
+12V Rails 2
PCI-Express Connector 1 x 6-Pin, 1 x 6+2-Pin
SATA Power Connector 6
SLI Certified
CrossFire Ready
Modular Yes
Efficiency Typical load 86% Efficiency
Energy-Efficient 80 PLUS Certified
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Input Voltage 100 - 240 V
Input Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
Output +3.3V@25A, +5V@25A, +12V1@25A, +12V2@25A, -12V@0.3A, +5VSB@2.5A
MTBF >100,000 Hours
Dimensions 5.9" x 3.4" x 6.5"
Connectors 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 12V(P4)
1 x 12V(8Pin)
4 x Peripheral
6 x SATA
2 x Floppy
2 x PCI-E
Features OCZ PowerWhisper Technology
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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