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OCZ RALLY2 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

OCZ RALLY2 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (OCZ Technology: OCZUSBR2DC-8GB)
Vendor: OCZ Technology
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OCZ RALLY2 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.9/10

Review Date: 10/11/10
Cons: This series of flash drives seems to die more often.

Pros: Fast drive. Love the finish on it.
I've read about Rallys dying and needing RMA, and it actually happened to me (my 4GB Rally 2 died)! RMA process was painless and did not negatively affect my experience with OCZ products. Stuff happens, and I decided the speed and larger capacity was worth it.

Review Date: 10/10/10
Cons: Not as fast as it claims.Annoying LEDPricier than most USBs

Pros: FastLightThinNice looking metal casingActually got the $5 rebate!!!
I purchased this USB drive to get a little bit faster document transfers and it does that just fine. It isn't the fastest thing on earth but I easily save a few minutes every time I use it. The rebate will come as well, surprisingly.

Review Date: 06/03/10
Cons: Flashing orange light is a little annoying.

Pros: Fast, fast, fast!
Very pleased with this purchase as I have been with previously purhcased OCZ thumb drives. Much faster read and write times than the 4GB Patriot stick. I would highly recommend this product. Nice and slim form factor.

Review Date: 01/14/10
Flash drive fell apart after a dozen times of removing from port. No origonal package equals no return.

Review Date: 01/10/10
Cons: LED light can hurt your eyes if the USB port is right under the monitorNot shock resistantCap looks like it's going to fall off

Pros: Fast Read and WriteNice LED lightNice simply, slim design Doesn't block other USB ports like some bulkier USB flash drives such as the Patriot XPorter.
I mainly use my USB flash drives for school and I have had no problems with this drive. It's fast compared to my other USB flash drives and one of the favorites amongst my classmates.However the USB port are my school is inches under the monitor and the LED light can get annoying. The only drawbacks in this drive is that the cap looks like it's going to fall off and the flash drive isn't very shock resistant.

Review Date: 01/05/10
I have several USB flash drives, but this is the fastest I have found. I like the way the whole end of the drive lights up when in use. All the others use one led on the top or bottom and if your port is situated so you can't see the light, you can't tell when the drive is still in use. Love it!!!

Review Date: 12/15/09
After having bad experience with Kingston Now I am very very happy with OZC I bought one here. Best price in town
Ultimate Guy™@NCIX

Review Date: 12/04/09
Cons: Plastic end comes off extremely easily

Pros: Very fast transfer speeds, fairly durable casing
Good USB stick, extremely fast transfer speeds for a flash drive. Takes about 45 seconds for a 716MB file. Unfortunately the plastic part at the end opposite the connector comes off easily (the part that covers the LED light). This is the part that the included lanyard attaches too and it is therefore not very useful. The plastic end comes off just from taking it out of my pocket with the lanyard. I'm going to try to use some plastic cement glue to keep it on... Performance wise this product is great, construction wise it is disappointing.

Review Date: 12/01/09
Cons: Not as fast as I thought it would be.My plain 4 GB one from another brand is similar in speed.

Pros: 8 GBGood price?Maybe slightly faster?Lanyard includedSleek looking
Not as fast as I thought it would be.My plain 4 GB one from another brand is similar in speed.Sleek looking and lanyard included.I will update  the score once I have tested it enough.

Review Date: 12/01/09
Cons: None so far

Pros: Good looking
Nice keep it on my keychain at all times and no problems with it still working after 2 months of use so must do what it is supposed to do.

Review Date: 11/22/09
Mine will get a little warm when plugged into my computer for a long time, but not hot. Blazing read and write speeds. For now, these are the only drives I'm going to invest in. just hope I don't get one people seem to be having problems with.

Review Date: 11/12/09
Cons: cap can be easily lost

Pros: size, speed, warranty
I already had the 4GB and the 16GB versions and, for the price at the time, I thought that getting an 8GB version would be good as well. Main reason why I went with the Rally2 was because of the brand and good past experience with other OCZ products, although I DID have to RMA a couple of sets of their RAM before, but that was a relatively painless process.

Review Date: 09/22/09
I now have several of these to use for transfering data and ready boost on all my PCs.. I have given a few to my family as gifts. I have several other brands of flash drives which I will use sometimes but none of them compares with the speed of the Rally2!

Review Date: 07/28/09
the headline says it all...

Review Date: 07/20/09
Cons: cap could get lost

Pros: Stylishincredibly fastnice lightlanyard is very handy
Bought this when it was on sale, have yet to use any other. I absolutley love this one. Its much faster than any other one I have, and the aluminum case is just awesome. I recommend this to anyone.

Review Date: 07/09/09
I have been using this for over a year now and not one thing has gone wrong. For those of you that are experiencing overheating, I'm sorry, but you must have gotten a faulty drive, or it's your computer. Mine never even gets warm. I've been transferring pretty much everything possible with an 8GB allowance, and the speeds are great. After a year of use, this flash drive hasn't slowed, broken, or even started to overheat. Perfect.

Review Date: 05/08/09
Cons: - cap easy to lose

Pros: - Solid construction- Quick read and transfer- slim. The drive will not interfere with devices in nearby USB ports- lanyard could be useful
All I needed was a simple enough USB drive with no software/protection to use with my Pioneer head unit in my car.The only problems I see now with this drive is the cap that is easy to lose (like most USB drives), and the write speed doesn't look faster than its competitors in some cases but I did not benchmark this to list it as a weakness.

Review Date: 04/10/09
Cons: Not retractable - easy to lose cap

Pros: BigCheapFast!Strong
Great thumb drive. Was tired of making room on my 2GB sticks so I got one of these. It stays on my keychain and is still alive and well after a couple months. Works like a charm.

Review Date: 04/10/09
Durable, looks good, and its fast. I've been using this drive since last year and I've been very satisfied with it. It reads and writes faster than my other drives and seems to be vigilant about maintaining data integrity. A great product overall. As always, shipping was quick from Tiger!

Review Date: 03/25/09
Bought 2 of these. Speed is same or little faster than the Sandisk Cruzer. The physical make up/ size / and shape are great. For those of you with a heat problem, check your computer! I copied 4.5gb out to mine in about 12 minutes and it was as cool as when I plugged it in! No HEAT problem here. Machine recognition on XP is quick and ready to go in matter of seconds. It seems some people want these flash drives to perform like a 7200rpm SATA. Get real. Maybe when the industries comes out with USB4 you'll be happy.

Review Date: 03/12/09
Don't beleive the hype. This product is sub-par when it performs. Its cheap but its best feature is its lifetime warranty. I had the drive for 3 months and with minimal use it stopped working. Looking through forums and even on OCZ's own forums, they are riddled with posts about these faulty drives breaking and RMA's being given to those that do break. Upon my acquiring a new one via an RMA and complete loss of data on the flashdrive. I used it for 1 week and it again stopped working. This time burning my fingers upon pulling it out of the USB port. The problem is the hardware they provide yet they questions about the PC's you put it into such as the motherboard etc. This company is known for its memory performance. It fails miserably in the Portable Storage department in my book.

Review Date: 02/20/09
Cons: cap can be easily lost, not as fast as smaller vesions

Pros: fast, small, ocz's amazing warrenty
got one of these in my glove box holding all my music. great speed means i can quickly and easily load up new songs/albums and i'm back on the road. love ocz rally series and their amazing warrenty.

Review Date: 02/12/09
Fantastic drive. Bought it about 8 months ago, ran fantastically fast compared to my older flash drives. Today I pulled it out of my computer and it was searing hot! Turns out it short circuited. Apparently from overheating. Anyways, I popped open the little guy, figured what the hell, and none of the components touch the aluminum frame! how scary that this high performance drive has such a bad heat management system! If you buy this drive, make absolutely sure that you put a conductive pad or something on the chips so that they don't overheat after lots of use like mine did. Very disappointing, but I've learned.

Review Date: 02/06/09
great product, use it for my songs in the car, fast spped read or write, great construction absolutely love it.
D squared@NCIX

Review Date: 01/15/09
Cons: None that I've found so far

Pros: Very fastCompactVery durable metal casing
This is one of the better flash drives I've owned. Its small enough that it doesn't interfere with USB ports right next door and the aluminium case is very durable.
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Product Features


OCZ Rally2 USB Flash Drive
OCZ Rally2 USB Flash Drive allows you to carry your files in a simple pen drive. It offers both convenience and flexibility. It has an 8GB memory size that allows you to store, transfer and carry vital documents, presentations, images, music and more in an ultra-sleek pocket-size drive. It has a write speed of 8MB/sec - 15MB/sec that allows you to transfer your music, pictures, videos, and data to your laptop or desktop in record time. Simply plug -and -play them from the convenience of any USB port. Order the OCZ Rally2 USB Flash Drive right away.

A Closer Look


  • High Speed USB 2.0 Certified
  • Up to 32-35MB/s (read), 8-15MB/s (write)
  • True Plug and Play (Compatible with MAC OS X)
  • Dual Channel Technology
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Orange LED Status Light

Product Specifications

Tech Spec
Ready BoostYes
FeaturesDual Channel TechnologyAluminum Chassis Orange LED Status Light

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