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Vendor: ASUSTeK Computer
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Rating: 8/10

Review Date: 05/07/11
Cons: won't last more than an hour before it stops working

Pros: good reception, always gives me max signal strength
I guess you get what you paid for. I personally think I am a guy with a lot of patience, but when I keep having to re-download the same thing off the internet repeatedly because my adapter continuously stop working, I start to get annoyed. I'm already looking for a new adapter cuz this one ain't working for me... it did give me a good signal when it worked however. WHEN IT WORKED.P.S. I believe people were saying not to download the useless utility disk? I however found I couldn't use it with out the disk. It could just be me, try it with out if you gonna buy it, then if it doesn't work don't be afraid to download the utility...my advice: save your money, unless your downloading things under 2GB and can DL at least 1mb/s. This isn't worth the head ache. (the thing even decided to stop working while I was writing this review, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES) internet troubleshooter or a computer restart usually fixes the adapter.also this was meant to be a 2 star review...

Review Date: 03/08/11
Cons: None at the moment

Pros: - Strong, consistent speeds- Low price
Bought 2 of these for my computers, and I have to say, they haven't let me down. They're great for regular downloading, and the price when price matched is fairly low. Transferring files through a network is slow however, but this adapter wasn't made for that anyways.

Review Date: 12/28/10
Cons: -seems pretty slow but i guess wireless is slow anyway

Pros: -good price for $21, was the cheapest wireless card at the time-adjustable antennas which help a tiny bit sometimes
I never tried wireless on my computer before so I didn't really know what to expect. A little dissapointed in the slow speeds and occasional D/Cs but I guess you get what you pay for.

Review Date: 10/27/10
Cons: Driver Problems

Pros: Fast, stable, good price
I never dropped once using this card. I only dropped when my router blew out. Amazing speed, I am using it right now. Only problem is the driver, I never updated but been using link in the forum for 1 year now, no problems or conflicts. This review was modfied by poster @ 10-27-10 02:25 PM

Review Date: 10/04/10
Cons: Terrible drivers provided by asus. Single antenna

Pros: Works Well with ralink drivers, cheap, reasonable signal strengh
Needed a cheap wireless card and this fit the bill. Get the Ralink drivers before even bothering with the asus supplied ones if you are intending to use this under xp.

Review Date: 09/18/10
Cons: None

Pros: Asus quality Decent receptionPrice
Works fine, installation/drivers went smooth. No problems, good affordable card. The signal strength is excellent and I get reasonable transfer speeds. Recommended.
Marios C@NCIX

Review Date: 07/31/10
Cons: Haven't found any until now.

Pros: Decent signal, good quality, nice price!
I installed the board on my system, I installed the drivers and let Windows (Windows 7) do the rest. It recognized my Wi-fi access point and connected smoothly. Works just like it should. I refrained installing the utility which came with the board because everyone kept saying how terrible it is and how it can screw up your network settings. Windows 7 handles everything that this useless app does so why bother using it?
Steve A@NCIX

Review Date: 07/02/10
Cons: Here is the part I'm upset about. This comes with stupid utility; don't use it! Oh my god, when you run this program, it automatically connects to a router called "linksys" on channel 6, even though you already have a wireless network connection. I became very confused because I tried to go to to do something on my own Linksys, and, unbeknownst to me, I was actually talking to someone else's unsecured linksys which the ASUS program found through its default settings and behavior!!! I was not able to log in to this of course, and so I thought it was my own router that had been hijacked. Moreover, my net connection stopped working (since the ASUS utility messed up my default route through my router). I panicked and powered off my router, then reset and reconfigured the thing from scratch. Only some time later did I discover what had really been going on, when I reproduced the scenario by running that program. I wasted a good two hours on this, all together.

Pros: Hardware and driver are working fine on my Vista system (32 bit).By the way, I installed the driver off the CD which came with the card, and when I look at it through the Windows Device Manager, the Driver Provider is "ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC." but when you click the button to view Driver Details, the Provider is cited as "Ralink Technology, Corp". The File Version: is, which basically matches the Driver Version other commenters have said things to the effect, "ignore the useless ASUS drivers and get Ralink". Hope this adds more confusion! :)
Fine product; just do not run, or even think about installing the idiotic, dangerous Windows utility it comes with.Just install the driver, and operate the card through normal Windows networking. This review was modfied by poster j 07-02-10 10:30 PM This review was modfied by poster @ 07-02-10 10:42 PM

Review Date: 05/21/10
Cons: Causes blue-screen of death occasionally

Pros: Works.Drivers found via Windows update  in Windows 7 x64.
I bought one of these for my low profile HTPC.As mentioned, the drivers from the included disk do not work, but after plugging in an Ethernet cable into the machine, it found drivers almost immediately.Sometimes, this card causes Windows to have a blue screen of death. I wasn't aware that this problem still existed... A reboot should solve the problem. The blue screen of death only occurs when there is a lot of downloading/uploading activity (excessive torrenting), or your computer wakes from sleep and tries to re-establish a connection via the card.Other than that nuisance, I haven't noticed a problem with this card.

Review Date: 04/21/10
Cons: none so far

Pros: x64 driversgood receptioncheap
Does what it needs to do, no problem so far, receive signal in WPA2 encryption, has drivers for x64 drivers, and is pretty cheap what else would you want

Review Date: 04/17/10
Cons: none yet

Pros: price and range are good
got this on sale for 14$ and have to say it is well worth it the range is very very good and the transfer rate is alright if your just looking for something for surfing the web this will do the trick

Review Date: 03/23/10
Cons: None

Pros: Inexpensive, easy to install, great speeds
Not sure why so many people don't seem to like this card. I downloaded the drivers from the Asus website and put it on a flash drive so it would be easy to transfer to the new PC that uses. Drivers installed without a hitch, get great signal strength and speed. Not much more a person could ask for at this price. Perfect card with a new Windows 7 box. Just make sure you have the drivers handy from Asus if you don't have another PC to grab the file from when you install it.

Review Date: 03/18/10
Cons: None

Pros: Good price point and solid connection
Good card on sale. window 7 pro found it right away and connected instantly with wpa 2. I have used a few of these and never had a problem.

Review Date: 03/12/10
Cons: You have to open the computer box and install the thing. Probably not as long a life cycle as a USB adapter

Pros: Low cost, speedy enough, doesn't dissapear like the USB adapters can do, brand name.
we Buy some every time we see them on sale.Insane to cable our computer labs. Everything is going wireless here!! This review was modfied by poster @ 03-12-10 02:42 PM

Review Date: 01/28/10
Cons: Signal strength isn't great. I have of these and both with varying performances.

Pros: Cheap. Easy to setup. Used the CD that came with the product on my Win 7 x86 Ultimate.
Cheap. Easy to setup. Used the CD that came with the product on my Win 7 x86 Ultimate. Good enough for my needs.

Review Date: 01/04/10
Cons: The default utility is poorThe default driver does not work on windows 7

Pros: Works just fine after driver installation
Works just fine once you get the driver installed; the driver on the CD does not work on windows 7. Had to get my 50' wire out...

Review Date: 12/21/09
Cons: Signal strength is not displaying properly on my Win 7.

Pros: It works fine with the CD it came with. Comes with 2 mounts for low profile and regular.
Installation was simple as I used drivers off of the CD it came with. I didn't want to spend more time on it for upgrading drivers, so I've kept it this way. It has not given me any issues as of yet.

Review Date: 12/11/09
Cons: It does what it say, so no weakness I guess. Although getting it to work is a pain in the ass, really.

Pros: Works (finally)Sginals ok, not too weak, not too strong either
I first installed the latest driver from Asus for this thing, it seemed to work. Well I just didn't know, since Asus's software was so hard to work with and I'm a noob in computer so I just couldn't know if it was working, certainly no for me though. Then I let Vista install driver for this, (was a Ralink) and I updated to the last driver, it could connect to an unprotected network but couldn't connect to my own network. Anyway, I just gave up and was ready to return and get something else, but now, the next morning, it just decided to work, and work perfectly. It is now connected to my network magically, I didn't do anything except a shutdown so well, I don't no. Guess I should include magic as one of its strengths.

Review Date: 12/03/09
Cons: none so far

Pros: Wifi for desktop PC
Ok I read a lot review here at NCIX and I can say that this thing works flawlessly the only problem as everyone mentioned is the driver BUT DO NOT INSTALL Windows update  driver instead go to ASUS webpage and download fresh drivers from there. Here is the link, hope this helpshttp://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=i7CffhTc7IDHv5rA&templete=2

Review Date: 12/02/09
Cons: bad driver

Pros: workscheap
so far it is doing its job, stable connection, no sudden disconnection. only problem is the driver is absolutely useless. if you are using windows 7, connect with ethernet first to get windows to find the working driver for you.

Review Date: 11/25/09
Cons: None if used with Ralink driver.

Pros: Low price. Works really well with Ralink driver.
I read that the Asus provided driver is junk. I went straight to the Ralink driver as memtioned in the forums. The Ralink driver works with Windows 7 and XP 32 bits OSes. Data transfer from Windows update  was over 1000 KB per second for more than 600 MB. This was used on the same floor going through two walls and about 8 meters from a Linksys WRT54G2 router.

Review Date: 11/20/09
Cons: Sometimes disconnects, but it's pretty much like all cards like this

Pros: Works fine under Vista and Win7
It's a nice card to have in case you want a wireless desktop. The price sure makes it a nice decision! I would buy this again if I needed it.

Review Date: 11/14/09
Cons: Will not work with Windows 7 out of the box drivers

Pros: Price. Easy set up
Works fine. For Windows 7 just install it on your M.B. and then do a Windows update- Windows will install a driver for it. I did not install the supplied driver.

Review Date: 11/10/09
Cons: Still wireless GSignal strength not great

Pros: Simple, cheap, effective
Running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with the Ralink drivers mentioned in a forum post. When my router was through 2 walls at ~50 feet, this thing was basically useless even though my laptop would get 3-4 bars. I moved the router into the next room, and its working great now, can download at 10+ MBPS.If you can have the router somewhat nearby, this is a steal, but if not, you'll probably want to go with wireless N.
Dead Things@NCIX

Review Date: 11/02/09
Cons: I hear it doesn't work in Win7Included ASUS drivers/utility are worse than useless

Pros: Works fine in XPGood range and reasonable transfer speeds
I have this installed in a Windows XP64 machine. At first, I tried installing the included on-disk drivers. But they stunk and forced me to use ASUS's ultra-crappy wireless management utility. Seriously, I can't remember a piece of software as poor as this particular utility. Do not install it under any circumstances.Instead, I now use the drivers provided by Windows Update, which also allow Windows to manage the wireless connections. Since switching to the Windows-supplied drivers, everything is totally hunky-dory. Range is very good for a G-class adapter. My N-class D-Link router is in the basement, and this machine is on the 2nd floor of my house. The signal strength is excellent and I get predictable and reasonable transfer speeds.I've bought a few more since, just to have on-hand in case the need arises.I hear those running Windows 7 have had difficulty finding drivers that work for this device, but I wouldn't know anything about that. This review was modfied by poster @ 11-02-09 01:30 PM
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Product Features

Product Specifications

General Information
Manufacturer:ASUS Computer International
Manufacturer Part Number:PCI-G31
Manufacturer Website Address:www.asus.com
Brand Name:ASUS
Product Model:PCI-G31
Product Name:PCI-G31 Wireless PCI Adapter
Product Type:Wi-Fi Adapter
Technical Information
Wi-Fi Standard:IEEE 802.11b/g
ISM Band:Yes
ISM Minimum Frequency:2.41 GHz
ISM Maximum Frequency:2.46 GHz
Number of Antennas:1
Antenna Connector:RP-SMA Connector
Indoor Antenna Range:100 m
Outdoor Antenna Range:300 m
Wireless Transmission Speed:54 Mbps
Wireless Security:
  • IEEE 802.1X
  • WEP 64/128-bit
  • WPA2-PSK
  • WPA
  • WPA2
  • Interfaces/Ports
    Host Interface:PCI
    Physical Characteristics
    Weight:54.40 g
    Additional Information:

    Detachable antenna


    Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP 32/64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista 32/64-bit
  • Linux
  • Mac 10.3/10.4/10.5
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