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ASUS PL-X32M Homeplug AV Powerline Single Adapter

ASUS PL-X32M Homeplug AV Powerline Single Adapter (ASUS: PL-X31M)
Vendor: ASUS
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Product Reviews

ASUS PL-X32M Homeplug AV Powerline Single Adapter
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9/10
With 8 User Reviews

Review Date: 09/10/12
Cons: Could have issue with other brand powerline adapters or Win7 to WinXP connection.

Pros: Easy setup, pretty fast and reliable.
Got it with good price on e-bay outlet. Used for more than 1 month and internet connection is pretty. Connecting to different machine (a Win XP hooked to Belkin adpater) is not working most of the time. The Asus is hooked to a Win 7 machine but I still expected they can see each other.

Review Date: 05/15/12
Cons: Poor manual

Pros: Works stable. Excellent when it is on sale.
It is an excellent device. One of them I have installed at main floor, another one in basement and speed rate is 175 Mbps . Very poor a manual, I dont understand how it is safe I can set just network name but nothing about crypto keys or something like that.

Review Date: 05/04/12
Cons: Instructions are not very easy-to-follow if you choose to customize your network.

Pros: Works great. Was 100% compatiable with my Trendnet TPL-303E Homeplug AV adapters. Setup was identical.
I have 2 Trendnet TPL-303E Homeplug AV adapters, and was looking to add one more 'wired' connection to free up wireless bandwidth. The ASUS PL-X31M is slightly smaller than the Trendnet TPL-303E adapter, but has the exact some functionality. Even the setup software looks almost identical.

Review Date: 03/08/12
Cons: None so far

Pros: Easy setup, Inexpensive, Faster than I thought
I have only had 2 of these for about 3 weeks, but they have worked without problem for that entire time. I can now stream HD to my BD player that I couldn't wirelessly. Usually get 95 to 105Mbps through powerbar, never seen it dip below 80Mbps. I'm sure this really depends on your home electrical. I bought for $20 each and would definitely recommend to anyone with wireless issues, that can't (or doesn't want to) run network cable.

Review Date: 02/17/12
Cons: No pass through electrical connection

Pros: Cheap, Easy Install, Shuts down when not in use, Doesn't get burning hot like last version.
I have been using a pair of these (same model number but older design) for about 3 years now and they ran hot to the touch 24/7.This newer version runs just a bit warm to the touch and shut down when computer goes to standby. Plugged them in and they worked...no fuss. Connected old model into Blu Ray player through power bar and it connected effortlessly as well.

Review Date: 02/15/12
Cons: none so far

Pros: better than Belkin
I've been using Belkin for a few months, mainly for internet use, not used for hd streaming. Wanted to buy a few more for other computers and media player, found this one on sale, bought 2.Just received it, hoped it works well with my existing Belkin pair, not disappointed, after plugging in, it connected to Belkin right away, Belkin is on the end connected to router.The surprise is, I used Belkin pair, I got around 13.5M speed. Then switched to Asus on only one side in my room, wow...I got almost 20M. Haven't tried Asus to Asus yet, but sure a lot higher.Conclusion.....Belkin is good only if you never tried others!

Review Date: 02/14/12
Cons: - Very little documentation - Speed could be faster

Pros: - Easy Installation- Easy to debug problems- Surprisingly Fast- Even works through a power bar
Plug into the power sockets, connect the ethernet cables and away you go. I tried it through a power bar initially and managed to get 15Mbps which was surprising, I didn't think it would work. Next I tried it with no power bar and directly into the wall socket, managed to get 64Mbps - great for streaming HD video. Could be faster (but that also depends on the configuration of your wiring in your house) but would definitely get some more.
[BF2] hillybilly@NCIX

Review Date: 02/06/12
Cons: none so far

Pros: price, "homeplug"
Well, I picked up a belkin gigabit homeplug pair and figured I'd pickup another poweline adapter after the positive experience with the belkin. was unsure if the different brands and rated speeds would work together and they did. faster than using wireless... there was a noticeable improvement in the connection so I bought another for another pc... works as advertised. My only gripe is I picked up the two I bought for $30 each and now they are on for $20... shoulda waited I guess, but I am satisfied with the performance.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Encryption128-bit AES Encryption
PortsEthernet port
LEDsPower, Ethernet Link, Data
Powerline SpeedsUp to 200Mbps
Connection TypeRJ45
Connection Speeds10/100M
Kit TypeSingle
Power SupplyAC 100~200V/50~60Hz
System RequirementWindows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7
Temperature0C ~ 40C
Humidity10% ~ 85% Non-condensing
FeaturesApprox 300M (Varies depending on the electrical environment)

Coverage: Up to 5000 square foot home

1-Step Setup (No PC Required)

Built-in Quality of Service (QoS)

EuP (Energy Using Product) Ready
Package ContentsPL-X31M HomePlug AV Powerline Adapter
LAN Cable
Quick Start Guide
Support CD
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