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ATEN PN9108U Power Over the Net

ATEN PN9108U Power Over the Net (ATEN: PN9108U)
VPN: PN9108U
Vendor: ATEN
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Product Specifications

SpecificationsCPU Connectors
Flash ROM Upgrade: VIA RJ45
Peripherals: 1 x DB-9 male
Power Switch: 1 x Rocker
Scan Interval: User Specified: 1 - 255 secs.
CPU or KVM Connection: Local or Remote
Port Selection: 8 x Push Button/User Interface
Computer Interface: Local or Remote Interface
Daisy Chain: In 1 x DB-9(F), Out 1 x DB-9 (M)
Security: 128-bit SSL Encryption & 2-Level Password Security
Encryption: 128-Bit SSL
LAN Connection: 1 x RJ45
Power Consumption: 120V/60HZ/16W or 230V/50HZ/16W
Humidity: 0 - 80% RH
Reset Switch: 1 x Semi-Recessed push button
Interface: Local/Remote & Manual/User Interface
Power Connections: 3 Prong NEMA 15AMP

Computer Connections
Direct: 8
Daisy Chain or Cascading: 128

Station ID: 2 x 4 Segments (Yellow)
Link: 1 (Green)
10/100 Mbps: 1 (Orange/Green)
On Line: 8 (Orange)
Power On: 1 (Blue)
Remote: 8 (Green)

Console Connectors
Remote Console: 1 x RJ45 (CAT5e)

Voltage: 110 - 220 Auto Sensing

Case: Metal
FeaturesRemovable front panel for ease of access and cable mangement.
Daisy Chaining option to support up to 128 attached computers.
Network remote power on/off/reboot control via TCP/IP 10/100 Ethernet port.
Local power on/off control via PN9108U's RS-232 port to local device. Manual switching between the local control and remote control via front panel interface.
Easy setup and operation through 3 interfaces -Browser, Telnet, or Console Terminal.
Safe Shutdown and Rebooting for application management and limiting downtime.
Sequenced and Delayed power settings for port prioritazation and circuit overload prevention.
Cumulative Load Measurement -allows remote/local users to measure and manage power diagnostics.
Over Current Protection- To prevent damaging input voltages from reaching attached sensitive equipment.
On/Off Scheduling Function -Allows administrators the ability to create general or specific shutdown/restart schedules to faciliate system management.
Port Grouping Function -Allows administrators the ability to group ports and expedite operations.
LEDs provide status monitoring
2-level security -ADM and includes Automatic Timeout feature. Resettable Configurations.
Firmware upgradeable over internet via the RJ-45 Lan Port or remote IP connection.
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