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KOSS PORTA-PRO 3.5mm Connector Supra-aural Stereophone

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Product Reviews

KOSS PORTA-PRO 3.5mm Connector Supra-aural Stereophone
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.33/10
DJ Neckspasm@NCIX

Review Date: 05/20/11
Cons: comfort

Pros: sound quality, price
Sound great, very comparable to the px100 but cost half as much. The little metal hooks that stick off so you fold it into a ball sometimes touch the tops of my ears which will eventually cause discomfort after an hour or so. Still highly recommend.

Review Date: 05/04/11
Cons: style, hair-pinching design

Pros: sound quality, style, warranty, price
Truly nice listening, easy on the ears... not flat response, there's some bass boost, but they're very clear and can be cranked or listened to quietly.They'll fit better after you've had some time to fool around with them. The sliding headband design is great for compact carrying, but can pinch.You'll either feel stylish or goofy wearing these, they kind of stand out.A great price, excellent headphones. I wound up giving these to my daughter for ipod listening so she'd be walking around with open ear headphones instead of more risky ear buds, but I regret it, and will probably buy another pair.

Review Date: 04/21/11
Cons: You either love the color scheme or hate.Well actually I'm more indifferent to it so .... I do wish that the blue part was White though :P

Pros: Awsome build quality! Amazing Sound quality!Super DurableReally PortableO and did I mention the Lifetime warranty :D
Best sub $100 open headphones in existence! For the budget audiophile out there look no further than these bad boys. They dishout good solid base for hiphop/rap, pick up all the delicate notes of piano and classical music and still pound out rock to its fullest. I had a pair of these over 8 years ago and couldn't believe that they were still the exact same design and specs as before! They sound just as good and built just as sturdy. My old pair actually broke due to me 'erm ....havn' a drunk night and smashing them .... x the time I didn't realize they had a lifetime warranty and well I doubt it covers such obvious physical abuse.I have monster turbines (earbuds) which are also realllly good, and find that these porta-pros sound just as good if not better, but i like earbuds for discreetness.

Review Date: 04/13/11
Cons: cotton pads easy attracts dust.

Pros: Folding feature. Style. Sound
Great pair of portable headphones for a decent price. Very stylish and compact.

Review Date: 03/31/11
Cons: - Build quality (it's actually good but I wish it was better)- Chord splits to each side- Adjustment band isn't very easy

Pros: - Great sound- Great value- Solid bass- Retro style
This pair of headphones is a classic! It's over 25 years old and it's still selling! Great sound for it's price and NCIX always seems to have this one sale so even greater value.Sound is really solid, better than some Bose headphones above the $100 price range. The retro look didn't hook me but I grew to love them.

Review Date: 03/12/11
Cons: Hair might get caught

Pros: Good sound and high portability
The sound produced by these headphones are incredibly good when compared with other headphones at this price range. These headphones can also fold up really tightly, so if you are looking for something light and portable, these headphones are it.

Review Date: 03/05/11
Cons: Leak Sound (Open Design)

Pros: Sound Amazing, Comfortable, Cheap (compared to similar sounding headphones)
These are a fantastic set of headphones. First I'll say they come with a 1/4 inch adapter and leather bag to put them inThey sound really good, much more warm than similar priced closed-back headphones. They are super comfortable, but I have yanked out a couple hairs in my 3 days of using them. I do wonder about the durability of them, but we shall see down the line. They fold up to a small size that is almost quite scary, one can't really tell from the pictures the scale of it. Lastly, I might even prefer these to my old sennheiser PX-100s, although I wish the Koss PortaPros also came with a hard case.

Review Date: 03/04/11
Cons: None really(open back so sound leaks a little)

Pros: InexpensiveGreat soundLeatherette case
You really can't go wrong with these, especially at sale price (got mine for 40$). They sound great, look good and are really portable. Highly recommended.

Review Date: 02/24/11
Cons: funny looking and they leak sound (everyone around you knows how great your taste music is)

Pros: nothing better for the money; sounds fantastic
you can't do better for the money. great portability and when folded up are quite durable.

Review Date: 02/18/11
Cons: Latch from being folded up tends to become unhooked.

Pros: Fits large heads (but also small heads). Simple, small, folds up. Good sound quality. Looks cool (I like it's simple look).
Most importantly, it fits my fairly large head very comfortably, and I'm amazed to notice that it could fit someone who's head is larger than mine. It fits on top of a took for when I go jogging in cold weather.I am very happy with this purchase. The sound quality is good for me. The cord isn't too thick, and is just the right length (And I am a very tall person who likes to take my mp3 player jogging, so this is important).

Review Date: 02/12/11
Cons: 4ft cord

Pros: Amazing clarity
Everything I've heard about these headphones is true. They're really unbelievably good for the price.

Review Date: 02/05/11
Cons: No frills headphone

Pros: For half price. Good bass, clear sound
On sale - this a great value for the clarity I got listening on my PC, ipod and other equipment. If you wear glasses, comfort is a bit tight on my ears. Simple classic design - works great

Review Date: 11/04/10
Cons: Retro 80's looks and occasional short hair pinches

Pros: Great Bass, excellent surround and very clear highs(based on your MP3 players settings)- Originally designed for CD walkmen players they sound just as good AND LOUD on digital media today- very light and comfortable to wear - even keeps your ears warm in winter as you rockout
I stumbled across these 25 years ago while testing out several more expensive brands and couldn't believe how great the sound was - I was floored to find them still on sale untouched design-wise 25 years later and still at the top of CNETs editors headphone picks with the likes of BOSE, Sennheiser and Shure which are 3x the price - still a steal of a deal so I picked up another pair on saleNOTE these are open air headphones so they may disturb your neighbors on the bus etc but oh, that sound!

Review Date: 10/23/10
Cons: No noise of sound isolation

Pros: Unbelievable clarity of soundBest headphones under $100
These are the best under $100 headphones I have ever owned. Sure theres no noise or sound isolation, but the sound these things put out is amazing. Sometimes I'll use other headphones for awhile and come back to use these, and EACH time I'm shocked at how amazing these are. Highly Recommend these if you do not care about noise or sound isolation!

Review Date: 09/16/10
Cons: see full review

Pros: see full review
Got these when they went on sale because I've been curious about all the hype. It is certainly well earned. The clarity of sound is just amazing for the size. Comparing with my Sennheiser 595 is an interesting experiment. The senn's win out but its a close thing - you have to switch a few times and really pay attention to notice the difference.In the end I'm not sure what I'll be using these for. They don't block outside noises very well - I have some JVC marsmellows for that. Nothing beats the Senns for HT / Gaming comfort. I guess I'll have to start running again...Well worth the price.

Review Date: 09/08/10
Cons: Hair pulling headband!

Pros: Small and compactSounds good overall
Overall these are a nice pair of headphones. Sound better then my Ipod ear buds. You have the adjust the headband BEFORE you put it on your head, else it'll rip out a few hairs! Ouch.

Review Date: 09/02/10
Cons: - Flimsy -- feel like they won't abide much rough use- Cord length is silly- You will lose hair thanks to the metal band

Pros: + Sound quality is phenomenal + Can be plenty comfortable if adjusted properly+ Powered through a PC and most portable players, they are plenty loud
I'll give credit and say that the majority of reviews on this site give these phones a fair shake: incredible sound with minor flaws that hamper the experience.I'm no audiophile, but these phones reproduce sound well without being too punchy, but have plenty of kick in the lower register to give the right kind of warm, crunchy fun. I prefer these to a pricey set of in-ear shures, as well as pretty much any other 'open' phones that I've ever used. It's hard for me to say enough about how solid they sound.With daily pc use, the cord length will frustrate you, and the headband will give take a few hairs out of your head if you remove them without care. Both, however, are small trade offs for what you are getting.I'm choked that I missed the most recent $29.99 sale and these things disappear quickly for good reason. I'll be buying a backup pair as soon as the price drops again.

Review Date: 08/07/10
Cons: - sound leaks a bit

Pros: - excellent sound quality- price- cool design
1 of the best headphones I've had. The sound quality of these headphones is better than more expensive ones. These headphones do leak a bit of sound thought. I highly recommend this product.

Review Date: 03/18/10
Cons: not good for transportation

Pros: blackmetal gripworking
it is fully functional, howver the quality of the music cant be the best headphones brand. i recommand it to everyone especially for those who dont like their actual headphones

Review Date: 03/11/10
Cons: - short cable- might pull out hair

Pros: + excellent, clear sound+ cool, geeky design+ comfortable, well adjustable
I'll start with the negatives. The cable is too short to use with anything else than a portable player. If you have other plans, get an extension. Depending on you hair and how careless you are, you might get some stuck in the headphone's folding mechanism.If this sounds like nitpicking, well, it's because everything else about those headphones is simply excellent.
-=G F Y S=-@NCIX

Review Date: 02/23/10
Cons: -had to fumble a bit putting this on my head.I'm a little worried how long the plastic parts especially the square plastic on the metal bands will hold, but Koss apparently has a great warranty so...

Pros: Excellent sound.Over 25 years tried and true. I understand why now.Price (especially on sale)Light and compact.
WOW, I am a believer. I hardly write reviews out of laziness but I just had voice my thoughts on these headphones. I've read so many reviews on the PortaPros and there was nothing but good things to say about them so I took a chance and tried them out. I haven't even burned these headphones in and I am blown away by it's sound. I took it out of it's package and listened to numerous FLAC files and audiophile reference albums and WOW is all I have to say. I'm totally floored. That is all.

Review Date: 02/15/10
Cons: Sliding metal head band can catch frizzy hair.Not a sound isolating design.

Pros: Excellent low end reproduction and stereo imaging. Sturdy plastic/metal construction.Price point.Funky/retro look.
The fact that Koss has manufactured this model for at least a decade if not more is testament to it's quality. This is the second set I have purchased and I have tried many other headphones in between, including much more expensive ones. As long as you don't require strong sound isolation, these headphones are simply amazing for their price. Koss offers a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty on these headphones, so if anything should happen, including damaged wires/plugs, for the cost of shipping koss will replace them.While not listed on the package or the website, the package includes a 3.5mm to 1/4" plug adapter and a high quality leather-like carrying pouch.

Review Date: 02/13/10
Cons: None so far.

Pros: Price, Bought on sale.Style, light weight, Durable.Better than expected sound quality.Carry case .Life time warranty!!! Really?Fit nice, Just snug enough to stay put.I can still hear someone with them on. (design quality I was looking for)Exceeded all my expectations.
BUYING A GOOD SET OF HEADPHONES WAS KIND OF AN AFTER-THOUGHT, I'd bin so pre-occupied with building my new computer. I stumbled onto these While looking through the weekly sales. I have to admit , I just bought them on impulse , cause I thought It would be nice to have a new set to use on my computer and the price was right.I'm not in the habit of useing headphones but after getting these I think that might change. I've only ever used the cheap ear buds and usualy loose interest in them . Wow!!!I've had these about a week and found them to be amazing.They have great sound way better than I expected, they stay nice on my head, I've had them in use for up to 5 hours while I'm working on my comp and I kinda forget their there. They very light came with anice case sound great and they even have life time warranty. Whats not to like?I might have to buy a second pair for the road so I can leave these at home as my wife found them and wants to use them.
Dr. Static@NCIX

Review Date: 02/08/10
Cons: - Headband grabs hair- No noise isolation whatsoever, impractical to take on bus

Pros: - Awesome sound quality for price- Lightweight- Portable (duh)- Awesome retro look- Price
While I can see why the PortaPro headphones have been around so long, based on their sound quality, they just weren't for me. On the bus, I could hear everything around me, and people would complain about hearing my music. Also, the hair-pulling headband is a huge negative.

Review Date: 02/04/10
Cons: hair might get stuck if you pull them off too quickly

Pros: Sound qualityPersonalityPortableProfessional
These are by far the coolest looking headphones available. Every time I wear them outside my home people give me complements on them. And not only that, they sound great. I find myself using my PortaPros more than my Sennheiser HD555s. A $40 set of headphones rivaling a $100 set.They truly are Portable, as well as Professional
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