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PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910W Silver 80+ ATX 12V 2.2 EPS12V 24PIN Active PFC Power Supply

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910W Silver 80+ ATX 12V 2.2 EPS12V 24PIN Active PFC Power Supply (PC Power & Cooling: PPCS910)
Vendor: PC Power & Cooling
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PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910W Silver 80+ ATX 12V 2.2 EPS12V 24PIN Active PFC Power Supply
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.33/10

Review Date: 09/13/13
1. In spite of tiny exhaust fan there is extremely small noise.2. Doesn't more than exaggerate wattage output.3. Higher good quality construction None The very best brand of energy supplies, bar none. Certain there are other folks that operate great, but it's awesome just how cool Computer Energy & Cooling PSUs run.

Review Date: 09/02/13
This is an excellent energy provide. It runs very quiet, and has lots of cables, and they came wrapped! I place this in my Core i7 method with 12 Gb RAM and two XFX Geforce 275 GTXs. Almost everything runs incredibly well, no difficulty as a result far. None

Review Date: 08/30/13
Does its job without having whining - period! heh...a single a lot more floppy energy connector would have been nice. 1 went to my old X-Fi Platinum front panel, and it would have been good to have an additional for my media card reader / floppy drive..oh yeah... I've utilized Computer Energy & Cooling for over a decade now, and I actually only trust them with my gear. From Netware 3.x server builds of yesteryear to my new house Pc. Positive its probably overkill for now, but I couldn't resist. I also bought the 750w for my son's develop a couple of months back, and again..does its job. My new setup:CoolerMaster HAF 922 caseComputer Energy & Cooling 910w SilencerMSI-770-C45 w/ Phenom II x4 955 BEZalman CNPS9900LED cpu cooler4 x 2GB OCZ DDR3 1600 (OCZ3P16004GK)EVGA GTX 275 鿀-P3-1170-ARƜ x 1TB Seagate 7200.12 RAID X-Fi Platinum PCIRosewill RCR-FD400 Media Reader w/ FLOPPY :)Rosewill RC-502 3 port Firewire PCI LG DVD Burner (GH22LS50)Vista Ultimate 64bit

Review Date: 08/11/13
Nice psu, pcp & cooling rules, does as advertised running my i7 920 setup with two 295`s 7 higher cfm fan`s two hdd 1 dvd player, and the i7 is overclocked, as well as my cards and memory, and I do not hear it under load from exactly where I sit which is around five feet away, and as far as I can inform the heat is within specs, which is sent outside the case, incredibly nice. PCP & COOLING all the way. None I wil not acquire any other psu, I do have the pcp & cooling silencer 610 watt and the 750 watt now the 910 watt and they all perform excellent with no troubles at all, get a single you could like it.

Review Date: 08/03/13
Bought a Pc 850 Power five+ years ago. Just luv it. The fan started making a bit of noise the other day - referred to as them and in 15 min. I have a new fan on the way. No inquiries asked about warrinty bla bla . I suggest you acquire the models that don't appear like OCZ knock offs. The old types I would bet are nevertheless created in the USA (no best fans) - proof just a guess LOL You get what you spend for. Have dogged mine by means of ## heavy water coolling to Phase Change. CF / SLI - 5 years - I have had a half dozen other types chunked in the can. Will be ordering this one particular and will update if the true Pc Cooling has changed. In to micro these days hehe.

Review Date: 07/30/13
Worked perfectly on 1st boot. Regardless of appearing to be merely a really minor revision of SeaSonic's own M12D, PCP&C delivers a fantastic PSU. She's a whiner! I don't know what component(s) are actually causing it, but it has a definite, audible whine. Thankfully, the rest of my Pc is loud enough to drown it out, but potential clients need to be conscious of this. I, nonetheless, don't know if it's a thing that diminishes with time, or if it is anything the magnitude of which varies from unit to unit.

Review Date: 07/22/13
Strong single rail. Yet another fine Computer Energy & Cooling item and worthy of the Silencer brand. Louder than a Silencer 750 Quad. Obtaining applied the Computer Energy & Cooling Turbo Cool 1200, I can say the 910 is their greatest PSU on the industry for operating a Core i7 machine with two GTX 295's in Quad SLI. If you like to keep your Computer displayed on your desk, you'll in no way give a moment's believed that it's operating difficult because it's that quiet while nonetheless powering a monster rig. Why would you want a loud PSU that negates the benefits of quiet fans or water cooling? For it's energy and low decibel level, I say this a single is the ideal bargain you can uncover.

Review Date: 07/15/13
Seemingly limitless single rail, very tightly regulated power delivery. Bulletproof quality. Quiet when not pushed. Really properly priced for this caliber of provide. Not modular (but a mountain of cables to juggle). Small classic fan design can get noisy below heavier loads. As well big for some instances. Cable routing this supply is like wrestling an octopus. Far more molex caps, please. We've been utilizing PCP&C for more than 15 years now. We've in no way had one fail. We've had numerous go over ten yrs 24ǝ before retiring them. They stay the gold standard for us for any vital app.

Review Date: 06/29/13
Utilized these5 unique times for many builds 龒w+). Greatest PSU's I have ever employed. Out of five PSU's from them I have used in builds, I have only had 1 fry, and that was right after a year, end even then, it was still under warranty.

Review Date: 06/21/13
Lots of energy and connections. A lot more than adequate to connect all my components. Cables are also quite lengthy, no difficulties getting to stretch across and make a mess inside the case. Quite quiet for a 910W, quieter than my case fans. Too a lot of connections. Tends to make it a bit much more of a chore to cable manage, but at least if I will need to add more elements, I'll have all the connections I need.

Review Date: 06/21/13
. . Earlier assessment suggested these Energy Supplies are not American Created but I believe they are. Copied from the companies home web page:"We generate the world's premier high-performance laptop power supplies, all expertly engineered in San Diego, California."Then once more probably I missed the notice that San Diego have been returned to the Republic of Mexico!

Review Date: 06/09/13
Ample power. Lots of connectors. Appears attractive in my case! Perhaps too several connectors??? :) Challenging to hide them all in my Coolermaster HAF 932. It's powering my Gigabyte EP45-DS3R with Q9550@ three.6Ghz. eight gigs of Mushkin 1066. Two ATI 4850X2's in quad crossfire. 5 really hard drives. 1 dvd burner and many USB devices. Never ever when flinched.

Review Date: 06/04/13
Quiet, I can't even hear the fan run. I got this when it was on sale final month and basically couldn't pass it up. Excellent power supply that I know I won't have to replace for a extended long time. Ample amount of energy connectors. None This PSU is generally a modest box of awesomesauce. Not much else I can say about it

Review Date: 05/07/13
A lot of energy and connections need to suffice for most high functionality systems and gaming rigs. I really like the available power coupled with the quietness devoid of compromising the internal design. I also like the truth that the sleeved wires exit the psu on the far side which puts them appropriate close to the cable management opening of my HAF 932. This makes for an extremely clean intallation, even allowing a nice open spot for the bottom case fan to be installed if I ever wanted to place 1 there. No doubt Pc P&C engineers are working on a way to make a 1200+ watt psu in the Silencer series. When that day comes I will be initial in line to choose a single up. Till then this psu which suffice very nicely certainly. None however. With their reputation and dedication to uncompromising style I hope this firm will press on and continue to build the finest psu's on the market and not let the bottom line get in the way....

Review Date: 04/27/13
Strong and powerful. Quite quiet. Cables are sleeved! I swore I study a assessment saying they weren't. None so far.

Review Date: 04/07/13
It actually is quiet. I have corsair 640 sitting near this PS, and guess which one particular I can hear and which one I can't. The single rail is rather noticeable when you are dangling ten fans and drives off of one power cable(I have a handful of fans). This is all the happiness with none of the drawbacks. No cons. All cream. So you can get an idea of what this factor can do, I document my hardware and you determine of it suits your demands or not:Case (Thermaltake ATCS 840)Mother Board ( EVGA X58 Classified E-760) Bios ( E760S610 ) CPU ( i7 920 [D0 stepping] @ four. Ghz) CPU Cooler (Noctua SE1366) FANS 6X (Noctua 120mm + in case 4X cooler master 120mm)Memory ( Mushkin Redline1600 6-7-six-18 1TΔX2GB] ) Drives ƒ X 120GB OCZ Vertex SSD - RAID ) Storage Drives ƒ X 2TB Seagate)Raid Card Ɠware 9650SE-4LML PCI-e)PSU (PC Power and Cooling Silencer 910watt) GPU ( EVGA GTX295 Co-op F T W PCI-e) Video Drivers 鳾.25)Sound (Asus Xonar D2X PCI-e)Operating Program ( Linux x86_64)

Review Date: 03/25/13
+ Quite quiet+ Uses an 80mm fan, so there is far more room for heat sinks inside.+ Single rail, so you don't have to figure out which devices to put on which rails. ALL cables have full energy.+ Pc Power & Cooling is the "Lian Li" of energy supplies.+ Really nicely packaged. The box us large and delivers a lot of padding. May even survive shipment by UPS. - Incredibly heavy. all those heat sinks add up. This is the sacrifice you make for a higher-quality, higher-output energy provide.- Incredibly long power provide. The unit itself is 7 1Ǟ" lengthy, and if you have a case which has to press the cables against a flat surface, you require an extra two" at least. Will not fit, for example, in a Lian Li Pc-V1000 -- you require the extended Pc-V1200 version. For shock-sensitive components like power supplies and challenging drives, pay the extra few bucks and get it shipped by way of Fed Ex.

Review Date: 02/19/13
Performs, not too noisy, lotsa plugs, especially 8 socketones for a Rampage Motherboard. Last of the ones created by the old firm. The 960 bears good research as pcpower& cooling has jumped the shark. My 910 is expected to run for years as have my 860's and 750's, 510's, in the original installs.. The new builders were chosen for a purpose I'm not interested in. Final Buffalo. pcpower&C will have to rebuild my trust. My service claims will fall on deaf ears and as the critiques show, the name is not to be trusted till they re-earn it again. I loved pcpower&C. given that my initially 510 six years ago I'v e under no circumstances had a problem. Hav ing a Power Provide that performs and has a 7 year warranty! Single Rail! AllI've purchased are nonetheless running. Study the critiques and make Your choice. I don't want to use builder names as the New a single could make a fantastic 1 however and have a legion of fans. Bottom line:pcpower&c are working with a new maker for some if not all af their Power supplies. It's not Seasonic which made my 910. Sad given that the Power Supply is the heart of a computer system.

Review Date: 02/17/13
Can't hear it over the cpu fan a lot much less the gpu fan. Not a modular PSU. Efficient power conversion. Steady energy conversion, I haven't seen voltages dip yet. None for me. Some people certainly want modular, but I've tried that and didn't like it. This replaced an 800W psu that I had been working with. The 800W psu when first switched on would draw a surge by means of my APC SUA1500 causing it to temporarily go to battery power. This 1 does not draw a surge even though it undoubtedly is capable of giving more energy. It's also not wasteful, I'm still waiting for my new components and running a low power short-term technique (E6600 w/ 9800GT) the psu is only drawing about 200W thru the APC unit.For everyone complaining about lack of modular cables, they are not that fantastic. My 1 time with modular cables ended up getting worse for cable management than this psu was. Rather of having the cables come out in one good 1 inch cluster, I had cables coming out across the back of the entire psu. Making use of a couple of zip ties with this psu is actually far far better for cable management in my opinion.

Review Date: 02/12/13
I've never had a difficulty with a Pc Power & Cooling power provide, & this a single was no exception! The sleeved cables definitely help when you're laying out the cables in the computer. It's pretty quiet for what it is, though I bet it could be even quieter if they use a bigger fan & set up it on the bottom of the PSU. (then once more I needed a PSU with the fan on the rear b/c that's the only way my pc case could keep the airflow going)

Review Date: 01/26/13
Nothing DOA Following my old power provide died, I bought this 1 from Newegg, which arrived right after 3 days of down time (expected). But, arrived DOA (unexpected). Could not be down any longer waiting for replacement, so I went to the local store and bought an identical unit and installed it and it performs fine. Now, I have to spend a restocking fee of virtually ฮ, plus shipping, just to give Newegg back a defective item. This will be my final transaction with Newegg unless I am refunded my full acquire price. Manufacturer Response:Hi, we are sorry for the challenge. Rough handling for the duration of shipping may be the cause to the DOA unit. We appreciate that you are sticking with Computer Power. We hope that you can iron issues out with Newegg.Thank you

Review Date: 01/25/13
Incredibly quiet for 910 watts of power. Single rail style. Plenty of plugs. A tight fit in most cases. Not American produced.

Review Date: 12/31/12
Steady, dependable energy from (in my opinion) one particular of the ideal PSU suppliers out there. This issue is just about entirely silent and delivers specifically what I expected from a Pc P&C PSU. I found I had an excess of additional cables I didn't use; for smaller sized instances this could be somewhat cumbersome. Awesome PSU - why bother going with something else?

Review Date: 12/30/12
I went through 3 energy supplies from other makers, all major of the line units, ahead of I bought the 910. The 910 was the ideal performer of the bunch. I am utilizing a Gigabyte x58 motherboard, 6GB of ram, dual 8800GT's, and an overclocked 920. I now have sufficient additional amps on the 12V rail to not have to be concerned about which graphics card I buy subsequent. The specs speak for themselves- 910 watts, 80+ silver, and it says its prepared for Nvidia 295's in SLI. It's major, somewhat quiet, completely no electrical buzzing or humming, and feels strong. It's known as the Silencer. Like a sliencer, it's quiet, but not completely silent when the method is idle. (When playing games, I would anticipate most greater end video cards to be louder than this energy supply. The 8800's drown it out.) A three pin connector for the fan, or a dial on the back to turn it down when idling would have helped cut down noise. (Or just a bigger, quieter fan.) The three other power supplies: 1 had a screeching fan, 1 wouldn't energy up the motherboard at all, and 1 had a buzzing like an electrical energy station. This energy supply has none of these troubles.

Review Date: 12/07/12
Fantastic energy provide. Running 2 8800 GTs in SLI, i7 920(stock speed) devoid of any hiccups. Stable Power. None. Haven't Pushed it to the limits but...
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand PC Power and Cooling
Model PPCS910
Series Silencer
Type ATX12V 2.2 / EPS12V 2.91
Maximum Power 910W
Fans 1 x 80mm thermally-controlled, rear-mounted, ultra-quiet ball bearing fan
PFC Active
Main Connector 24Pin
+12V Rails Single
PCI-Express Connector 4 PCI-E (2) 6pin + (2) x 6/8pin
SATA Power Connector 12
SLI Certified
CrossFire Ready
Modular No
Hold-up Time >24ms
Efficiency 88% typical
Energy-Efficient 80 PLUS SILVER Certified
Input Voltage 90 - 264 V
Input Frequency Range 47 - 63 Hz
Input Current 15A
Output +5V @ 30A, +12V @ 74A (82A Peak), -12V @ 0.8A, +3.3V @ 24A, +5VSB @ 3A
MTBF >100,000 Hours
Approvals FCC-B, CE, UL, cUL, CE, CB, TUV, RoHS
Dimensions 5.9"(W) x 3.4"(H) x 7.1"(L)
Connectors 1 x 20/24pin ATX,
EPS/ATX12V (1 x 8-pin, 1 x 4/8-pin),
12 x SATA,
7 x peripheral,
1 x Floppy,
4 x PCI-E
Features 910W Continuous @ 50C (1000W Peak)

Compatible with Core i5 & i7

NVIDIA SLI Certified (Up To 2 x GTX295)

80+ Silver Certified (88% Efficiency); .99 Active PFC

Up to 90% (10dB) Less Noise per Watt

+12VDC @ 74A (Powerful Single Rail)

Rock-Solid, Super-Clean DC Output

Quad PCI-E and complete array of connectors

Automatic Fan Speed Control Circuit
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 5 years limited
Labor 5 years limited

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