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Pivos Xios DS Ultra Slim Media Player Android 2.3 1080p WiFi LAN HDMI MicroSD 3XUSB UPnP Google Apps

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Product Reviews

Pivos Xios DS Ultra Slim Media Player Android 2.3 1080p WiFi LAN HDMI MicroSD 3XUSB UPnP Google Apps
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 6.94/10

Review Date: 03/05/15
Cons: sucks out of the box and poor remote

Pros: Works great when reflashed with linux KODI
this box was a pioneer, the first to get XBMC working on Android. The official linux XBMC port was better, but just found a KODI 14 port that works GREAT...no stuttering. Also put a better 16GB micro SD card in the slot. That may have made a difference. Go to PIVOS FORUMS and search for kodi 14. Not as fast as a dual core box, but does the jobrecently upgraded to Minix NOE Z64 Windows box...for better compatibility ...ie XBMC and popcorntime

Review Date: 04/08/14
Cons: May require some time and reading to learn how to switch to XBMC.

Pros: You can install XBMC, most powerful media center software with unlimited possibilities.
At first time it isn't easy to begin with. Basically the provided Android software is there but not really the video player.You need to install XBMC set it up and then everithing is ok.Recommend to insert  a fast micro sd card otherwise it will be slow.

Review Date: 01/08/14
Cons: -Android leaves much to be desired (exact issue on every android tv box)-requires a flash to XBMC and a few mods to optimize it.-library scans are quite slow (but can run in the background)

Pros: -Small size/ power footprint-Linux XBMC development support-flash-able and root-enabled-1080p decoding
I love it!I bought this during the boxing week sale.Excellent little device. It took me a few hours to set up the linux image of XBMC which was provided by the Pivos team on their website. I can't recommend using the android OS and that this system should be loaded with the latest XBMC linux firmware from pivos.Having experience running XBMC on an X86 based HTPC I have a pretty good benchmark of comparison with this little guy.After a little bit of modding to get my media metadata to cache onto my microSD, I found that everything ran smoother than when I had my VERY large library filling up the 1gb of storage reserved for xbmc).I found this device to work well with my HD video watching needs. It's currently set up to stream from my home server via Ethernet.

Review Date: 09/25/13
Cons: Both type of Remote Control not working very goodNot enougth CPU power to watch 1080p

Pros: Small, Low Power, Low Prices for a XBMC device
The device is not able to Play smooth a 1080p some will play smooth some will not.So it a good device for 720p

Review Date: 06/27/13
Cons: Crappy, lots of things to do right off the box. Very slow and crappy control.

Pros: Professionally advertised
I got this because it got XBMC supported but turns out, the thing was not reliable. Failed on me where it would freeze than slow bufferings. Very unreliable that I had to give up and return it back to store.

Review Date: 06/20/13
Cons: flashing a new firmware may be scary for some users.

Pros: Quiet, XBMC support!, low power, small form factor, Shipped super fast!
The Pivos Xios is the only product that I found that does exactly what I wanted with the small form factor and Low power consumption that I was looking for!

Review Date: 05/08/13
Cons: Not for the complete technical Luddite, but simple for anyone willing to take a quick look at a forum for help

Pros: Great media box, easily customizable, lots of support and help, easy set up
The XIOS is a great media box, and the support for the unit is excellent. I am using the latest Android build (May 7), and it was so easy to flash the update  it was almost comical - and this from someone who is definitely NOT a techie.The XIOS is the ONLY media box on the market to be officially supported by XBMC.org, and uses hardware acceleration for XBMC - no one else can claim that, not even a jailbroken fruit-like box.

Review Date: 04/26/13
Cons: HEAToften ignores the remote controlrandom rebootsdoesn't shut down properly

Pros: Very easy to hook upTinyreads USB storage devices reliablyno issue with missing codecs
This little device is cute. It plays videos, and plugins allow it to play internet radio - sometimes. More often than not, I have to reboot it 2-3 times before it will play a video without choppiness or loud zapping noises in the audio. The Android upgrade had it work great for almost 3 hours, then it got too choppy to watch. Nothing worked at restoring it until I totally wiped the device and started over. Then it worked fine again... for another 2-3 hours. This time, even wiping it didn't improve the performance. Switched to the Linux XBMC version and now it only gets choppy when it is downloading an update  for one of the plugins or the dog sneezes or there is a dirty dish in the sink. It still generally ignores any button presses on the remote control and to even turn it on, I usually have to unplug it and plug it back in. Using any skin other than the horrible ugly default makes it reboot often but randomly. The remote app that's available for android phones works great but won't turn it on.This is a fantastic TOY for somebody who enjoys being frustrated. If you're looking for a reliable media player, get something else.

Review Date: 04/09/13
Cons: -You need forum support to get this working properly-Remote is garbage

Pros: - Extremely Cheap- Runs XBMC- Great forum support
THis is a great product and a good value product IF you are prepared to put some work in. The forums are great for helping fix issues and for getting XBMC going. Out of the box this product is bested by several other players but flashing it to XBMC makes it great. You will need a 3rd party remote and a SD card so consider that before you purchase but still at this price a great media player.

Review Date: 04/04/13
Cons: cheap (piece of garbage)

Pros: cheap (inexpensive)
Both the device and associated remote control(s) are made of extremely lightweight flimsy plastic. Navigating the Android UI took a combination of the included remote and the horribly frustrating gesture-driven Sense wireless remote that I purchased with it. Make no mistake: this runs Android, not Google TV. Android is a joy to use on a touchscreen, but using a remote control? Definitely not. Remote support in the native apps is lacklustre, and predictably nonexistent in apps purchased from the Play Store.Eventually, I just became so frustrated by fighting with something that I bought to simplify my life that I actually returned an item I'd purchased online for the first time in my life.You would think by the number of times I've left variations on the same review that I would've learned by now, but: you get what you pay for.

Review Date: 03/29/13
Cons: Useless remote and overall terrible deviceeverything else

Pros: I am not using it anymore
Do not buy this device. The WD Live is a much better device. All I have done is fight with this media streamer since I bought it. It is now in the garbage. The apps that you download are not made for the device so they rarely work. The netflix app was also useless on this device.

Review Date: 02/21/13
Cons: Sleeps instead of power down. Saves time I'm sure, but would be nice to be able to shutdown/reboot.

Pros: Plays 1080pStutter freeXBMC UI feels smooth on default Android, on Linux even betterComes with IR remote
This device works great. It has played everything I've thrown at it. People complaining must not understand or aren't willing to update  firmware or something. Sure, this thing isn't for the completely non-techie, but most of us should be able to manage just fine.

Review Date: 02/14/13
Cons: Works horrible with the Android platform.

Pros: Works great with the Linux XBMC build.
I only bought this to use XBMC. Linux works fine with a wired connection. So far I have been able to watch movies from my DNS-325 NAS Upnp.Loaded up the addons for XBMC and all is well.

Review Date: 01/27/13
Cons: Does NOT work as advertised. Even after updrading to ICS 2013-01-08

Pros: Cheap, tiny, works well as linux-xbmc box
I have been trying to get this thing to work for 6 days now. I am quite used to setting up such gadgets, currently our familly setup consist of a media server (Tried everything, picked plex in the end), 2 android phones, a windows 8 tablet, a workhorse Win7 PC and a Win7 laptop. All working together happily.Out of the box, default apps would stop responding every few minutes. Upgraded the image to ICS 2013-01-08. It got a little better but:-NONE of the Android apps to get TV content worked. (CBC, City TV, etc) They all work fine on both our Android ICS phones.-Chrome doesn't work (the forums suggested reverting to a 6 month old beta version) -The instructions state that upgrading flash will render flash non-functionnal. -Got the plex client up and running. Very Sluggish. (Work great on my phone)-Got Firefox to run. Very Sluggish.-Got XBMC to run. Very choppy.I thought the reviews were exagerated, with people having unrealistic expectations of playing ridiculously high bitrate content but the box really DOES NOT work well for basic operations.I was ready to return it but tried the Linux XBMC image. That works well so I am going to keep it.All I can say is read the other reviews, they are very spot-on. Then decide if you can work with it.My opinion is that this is a Linux-xbmc box, nothing more.

Review Date: 01/14/13
Cons: need mouse for some apps, their motion remote is on back order now. Boot time is a little long.

Pros: VERY small thin client, Netflix, Amazon App, Hulu, Google Play
super slim about my palm size, came in a really nice looking packaging and didn't felt like buying something cheap. Shipped with Android 2.3 and upgraded to ICS 4.0 is available now. Netflix, hulu, google play all works is a huge plus. Factory default had a lot of essential apps needed like file managers, upnp players, app brain and etc.waiting for their sense remote and see how that works for it.

Review Date: 01/09/13
Cons: Took forever to update  firmware (more of a user issue as I'm not really technical.Launcher stops working from time to time1Channel isn't supported yet for XBMC (will be eventually)

Pros: Love Android and being able to install apps.XBMC is awesome!SmallPowerfulPrice was right (Bought in BC for $104 all in)Love the sense remote
I think me and the Pivos Xios are going to be spending a lot of time together.. I owned a ATV2 (jailbroken) but wasn't using it so gave it away. I was hoping that a jailbreak for the ATV3 would be announced however it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon. I learned of this product from Red Flag Deals and after many You Tube videos, reviews, etc... decided to pick it up.I haven't noticed the heating issues that others have reported.I would recommend this product to a family member of friend.. Once I get used to it and I know it will work, I'm going to retire my Mythbuntu machine.

Review Date: 01/04/13
Cons: - Useless wifi adapter. I had to setup a wireless bridge instead.- As shipped, its pretty much junk unless you plan to install the linux/xbmc software update.- It gets quite hot (but no reboots or anything)- Even in the official linux xbmc builds you get an occasional reboot (but stable for the most part).

Pros: - Plays most formats at 1080p without issue using the XBMC linux firmware. - Great support for XBMC in the Pivos forums. - Nightly builds are now available.
A great XBMC device and a worthy upgrade from an ATV2 device. I would not recommend it to anyone that isn't willing to upgrade it to the Linux-XBMC builds though.

Review Date: 12/30/12
Cons: Many apps working on my phone (Android 2.3) crashes on this thing

Pros: Cute , and good to play games apps.
Very disappointed HD movies don't works (.mkv) 2 apps I wanted to use on my tv don't works ...I wanted to replace My WDTV media player to have some access to internet AND my movies but I will keep my WDTV , this thing play everything . I really hope future firmware updates will fix bugs .

Review Date: 11/24/12
Cons: -Lack of USB speaker support or 3.5mm audio port-Slow with android (gingerbread and ICS)-Gets really hot-cheap remote with poor reception (the included remote)-Terrible, Terrible wifi antenna placement (how to fix wifi guide: http://www.pivosforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=874

Pros: -Android market!-native android flash web browser!-3x USB ports-SDHC reader
I bought this on sale for $99, my first impression after using it was very disappointing, despite having read all the reviews and knowing about it's problems, I didn't expect it to be so laggy running android (relative to my HTC Desire). But after awhile it grew on me, be able to just plug it into a monitor or TV and watch movies/videos on the couch is great, and after fixing the wifi problem it's also great for just couch browsing.Overall not a bad product, just don't expect stellar performance from this thing like you would with high-end android phones/tablets.

Review Date: 11/15/12
Cons: - Using ICS/GB image makes the device slow as a media player/server. - Unit heats up easily due to low profile

Pros: Can install and run xbmc as stand alone device
Was almost disappointed with product. First one toasted my 32 micro SD card. 2nd unit can hardly play HD when running XBMC app when device is an android unit. Eventually tried to install the linux XBMC image, and so far have met my expectation on what I wanted to use the device for. Wohoo!Would not recommend if you are intending to use as an android device.
6 Woods@NCIX

Review Date: 10/18/12
Cons: Wifi not quite works. Very slow and has to be very close to router.

Pros: Small Size.
Nice little Android box. Plug in and wireless keyboard or mouse.All Android Apps and watch TV from other country. Stream video from network. (if you can get the Wifi to work!)Very Poor WIFI, very slow web surfing.

Review Date: 10/11/12
Cons: buggy but still its infancy

Pros: XBMC on LinuxICS AndroidMedia player
Got rid of Rogers so thought I would give this a try..XBMC on linux does the trick for my needs..didn't want to pay that much for ATV2..firmware just updated for XBMC on Oct. 9..plays everything I throw at it 720p and 1080p, have it hardwired so speed is not a problem..probably will get rid of my WDTV live as this replaces it nicelygot the sense remote in the bundle spec last week t $109..neat definatly easier then incl. remote for ICS

Review Date: 10/06/12
Cons: Wireless performance is quite lackingSet up can be very tediousAndroid performance could be better

Pros: CheapFlexibleGreat variety of operating systems (Android 2.3, 4.0, and Linux)
I bought this device because I wanted something like an Apple TV, but with more flexibility. While this device is really great, you have to really take into account the stuff you'll be using it with.I tried using Android ICS with it and the experience was horrible. - Navigating menus was choppy- Trying to keep NFS/SMB shares mounted persistently was very difficult to do. - Trying to type with the remote inside the Android GUI was a huge painPlayback (once you got to that point) was actually quite good. I did get fed up with Android though so I decided to install the standalone XBMC Linux version of it.The difference with Linux XBMC was night and day. Performance is much better, you can keep shares mounted persistently and playback performance was really great. It still has its share of bugs though. There's occasional random crashes and as of Oct. 6th, 2012, it only supports 720p and 1080p resolutions (which sucks because the TV I plan on using it on doesn't support progressive). The IR remote is also a bit finicky, and it doesn't always pick up the button presses you send.Overall, this device has potential, a lot of it at that. It's still way too early in development though, as the software it comes with (or that you can put in it) is in alpha/beta stage and not ready to be used for general consumption unless you're particularly tech savvy.

Review Date: 09/17/12
Cons: 512 ram would be better with 1 gig

Pros: Great product3 USB for storage or deviceUSB support almost every device that you want to plugsmall
I bought this media player because after 3 years my PBO went capoute and I wanted to have a device to be more flexible and also support XBMC. I didn't have any problems with the device with reading most of my Media on my NAS. Also it's easy to update  and I really like to fail safe button on the bottom of the device to upgrade the firmware.

Review Date: 08/24/12
Cons: Need to be setup manually. Similar to rooting android phones.

Pros: Official Pivos XBMC Linux port (Beta Release 090712)Phone remote via Wifi
After rooting to the Beta version, OMG! The best!This is my third media box. I have an Aois and a PBO. The thing I don't like about the Aois and PBO is the UI. With the Xois, I am kind of happy. Especially with the phone remote via IP Address. Plus there are people out there improving XBMC for Xois (Still buggy but getting there). This review was modfied by poster y 09-28-12 12:55 AMNew update!http://www.pivosforums.com/viewforum.php?f=11 This review was modfied by poster @ 12-22-12 02:00 PM
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