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COOLER MASTER HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1 Black Computer Case

COOLER MASTER HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1 Black Computer Case (COOLERMASTER: RC-912-KKN1)
VPN: RC-912-KKN1
Price: $64.99 - $64.99 CAD from 1 stores
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COOLER MASTER HAF series RC-912-KKN1 Black Computer Case
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Product Reviews

COOLER MASTER HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1 Black Computer Case
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.23/10

Review Date: 04/13/15
Cons: - None

Pros: - Affordable price- Solid build quality- Great fan layout- Plenty of air flow- Easy to clean fan screens- Lots of room to work in- Bottom mounted PSU(my first case with this)- Great cable management- Removable HDD rack- Tool free HDD
I really like working with this case. There were no issues finding the room to fit everything I bought.Some would like to have the front USB 3.0 and I'll admit that would be a great addition, but for me the USB 2.0 is just fine, as the only thing I plug in there is an Xbox 360 controller.The look of this case is very utilitarian but it has more than some of the more expensive cases on the market. The build quality is very solid and the price can't be beat.

Review Date: 12/26/14
Cons: No USB 3, I hope that they do a revision of this Case as it is the best bang for the buck case on the market in my opinion.

Pros: Cheap, Decent Build Quality, Has quite a lot of room.
I enjoyed building in this case, it has a lot of the features that a higher priced case would have, with decent amount of space for cable management and longer video cards. I recommend this case for almost all of my tight budget builds as I believe this case has a ton of features for the price, generally around $50. I would love to see this case get a new revision where they make minor changes like adding on board USB 3, etc.

Review Date: 12/23/14
Cons: None

Pros: Great low priceSimple to buildLots of room and options to the case
I just can not complain about this case. It may not be flashy, but I like the placement of everything inside. I like that I was able to remove some of the drive bays and relocate the 2.5 inch drive bay there. That gave ample room for the cables and everything came together nicely.

Review Date: 10/04/14
Cons: Wish it had 2 more USB ports in the front (very minor)

Pros: Lots of room to work inReally enjoy the high airflowLots of places to put fansLove having power supply on the bottom (was my first case with that)
Overall this case was a great buy. I don't have anything bad to say about it at all. It's a great price, it has lots of room, air flow etc. as I've mentioned above. I probably won't buy another case unless of course something breaks on this one (as in I break it) or I choose to go full out with a massive case. It has lots of hard drive slots so that's a non issue as well.

Review Date: 07/07/14
Cons: None I can tell

Pros: Built tough, side loading hard drives, clips instead of screws for HDs, hole for power supply, lots of potential fan mounting for high airflow
Owned one for 4 years now, bought a second one recently. Love the design and all the features it has. Didn't realize how useful the side loading + clip-on for the hard drives were until I built an htpc without one. Lots of room for a tall heatsink and long video card, and filters on the front and power supply so your system doesn't get clogged (obviously you need to clean them periodically). I have no idea about USB 3 on the front panel but I don't ever use it doesn't matter to me.

Review Date: 04/28/14
Cons: comes with 1 front 120mm fan 1 back 120mm fan both non lit or have no speed controlrather heavy for its small size especially when your parts are in there with those it gets up to about 36-46 ibs

Pros: fairly good at coolingi personally like the industrial rugged look (its not for everyone)looks and feels rather durable i didnt have any issues with accidently bending or cracking the case while installing partshas quite a few clips for hdds etc
good case overall i enjoy it was a pleasure to work with dont let the price point fool you to much cause if you want your case to look really sharp your also going to go fan shopping what i personally did was move the 120mm to the side panel bought 2 120mm cooler master led light fans to put at front and a 200mm cooler master red led fan to put at the top so that was around a extra $40 bucks including taxes so overall solid case but if you really want it to be its best you need to invest a few more dollars in it

Review Date: 04/08/14
Cons: Not a fan of the styling

Pros: Low PriceSpaciousWell laid out and easy to work inQuietExcellent Air Flow
This is not the end all and be all case, but it is a very good all around case and amazing for the price. I originally bought one when building a system for my son primarily because it was on sale and included a decent set of fans already. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it's also well laid out, easy to work in, and the stock fans are both MUCH quieter than I was expecting and quite effective.I've built 2 more systems since and chosen the HAF 912 for both of them as well. I'm not wild about the aesthetic of the case but functionally I have zero complaints and even at normal pricing you will be hard pressed to find something better value wise.If I could give half stars I would, this is not a 5 star case, but given the price point I think it's a solid 4.5!

Review Date: 02/03/14
Cons: no GPU bracket

Pros: beautiful with LED fans and cheap! also great for a rig
Everything you need except a GPU bracket, other than that no complaints, it houses a ASUS direct CU II GTX 770 with room to spare for good airflow. has good cable organization route even without a modular PSU.

Review Date: 02/02/14
Cons: None.

Pros: Well Built case, good size, amazing value
Got this case for an upgrade for the kids. Bought the HAF 922, and thought it would be good as well. Considering the cost, I was pleasantly surprised. What a great value.

Review Date: 09/08/13
Cons: no usb 3 on front panel but who cares for the price

Pros: Price, good looking,removable drive cage for long video cards, 2 fans, both are quiet, able to put rad or 2 120mmfans or 200mm fan on top, extra card slot in back. Lots of room in back for hiding cables. Removable ssd tray near power supply.
Have purchased many cases over the years and this is on of the best for a budget build. Very easy to install parts, especially with the removable drive cage. Lots of room for fans and great airflow. You can't go wrong with this one.

Review Date: 09/07/13
This point is Large! I purchased it to replace my old desktop personal computer and to start building my personal, and in comparison to my old case...this point could actually match the old case completely inside of it. That shows how huge this truly is taking into consideration they are each mid-towers. This case feels truly strong, and it's just really quite to look at even with out obtaining all of the components inside of it but. I was expecting the front mesh to feel actually brittle and plastic-y, but it didn't. It feels as solid as the rest of the case. Yet another nice factor is that it came with a ton of added screws and stand-offs, which immediately came in handy when I went to place in my power provide. Totally nothing at all that I can tell so far is wrong with this case. It's the best I've ever had, in particular for the quality you get regardless of the low value! If you would rather commit additional of your funds on the elements inside than on useless, flashy LED lights that would typically come with the 赨 situations, I totally advocate this case. It's amazing looking, massive and spacious, solid in its style and building, and it does the job of defending your internal components.

Review Date: 09/02/13
Its a modest HAF case what else to say, Cable management (check) , great airflow (check) strong construction (check) Want it was the 912 Advance with the painted interior. UPS sucks when they leave your equipment on the porch at five in the afternoon.

Review Date: 09/02/13
Incredibly Nice case, Im not employing all of it even though (microATX mobo) and I strategy to get a complete size mobo quickly. I allready had 2 fans from my prior case (antec vsk-2000) an this is quite quiet exept for my difficult drive. None for ์.Could include things like although:Painted interiorUSB three.Far more Tooless 5.25" bays Doesnt make you money

Review Date: 08/21/13
Wonderful searching exterior. Tends to make a definite statement to those who see it that your machine indicates buisiness. A lot of area for high end elements. Supports the longest graphics card with HD cage removal. Awesome in each and every way. For 60.00 any individual with troubles with this case must be insane. Ok I wish it was painted black inside!!! I have 6 x 120mm Coolermaster fans installed. two front, two best, 1 side & 1 rear. Q9550 @ 3.2ghz with a Coolermaster TX3 with 2x 92mm Push-Pull fans . 8 gig OCZ DDR2 Ram @ 905mhz. EVGA GTX 275 Gpu. four x Seagate 1TB HD and anything runs very cool.

Review Date: 08/18/13
1-Plenty of fan alternatives2-Fan filtersthree-Cable management is excellentfour-The value, seriously the best low cost case I've ever boughtfive-side expansion slot and removable hdd cage with selections 1-Only came with two 120mm fans, I need to obtain 2 200mm fans eventually2-The fan filters are just metal meshthree-USB headers will trigger BSOD if you dare insert improperly or even look at it strangelyfour-You have to remove both side panels to take away the front panel, and there is a noticeable crack involving it and the side panels exactly where you can see the gray interior. It's even worse if you're operating leds/ccfl.5-Left side panel needs a "fan filter" too Be careful with the front panel USB ports! I've currently BSOD 4 times working with them, requiring me to shutdown and energy cycle to get my other USB devices to function properly. It almost seems I have to use both hands to plug in a flash drive just as well insure it isn't going in crooked...

Review Date: 08/18/13
I've been constructing computers for 20 years and this is the best "lower priced" case I have ever owned! Excellent quality metal, fantastic good quality components! Fantastic top quality fans! Very good cable management! Solid case, packaged effectively! Cooler Master rocks with this case! Much more fans would be nice, but given that I'm wise adequate to study the description I can't knock any eggs for it ;) Fantastic bang for the buck! Really nice! I was seriously impressed with this case, didn't expect this excellent!

Review Date: 08/02/13
Plenty of space for what you want and of course the price tag. Obtaining at the front screens can be a discomfort and the inside could have been painted for those of us who mod their circumstances. If you are in the marketplace for a low cost, but very great case, look no additional then this a single

Review Date: 07/27/13
The case is basic 2 Points and 1 is genuinely nothing. But the large point is consumer help from Cooler Master SUCKS!!! 1st off there is no number on there web page, rather you do a reside chat and Marvin...sorry brotha you are worse than a bag of bricks for Christmas. Everytime I asked him a question about something that confused me, I located the answer just before he even replied.The 2nd point is I kinda wish the LED on this case wasn't red. This is my 2nd create and my initial 1, the case I got had the clear side and the light up fans and and so forth. I grew up and actually this case is great. It is a grown man case.

Review Date: 07/08/13
I scoured newegg and a couple of other locations for the greatest spending budget mid-tower case and IMHO I believe I found it. I got it for 59.99 and mailed in my ten$ rebate nowadays. The two installed coolermaster fans are really quiet and cooled down my cpu three degrees at idle and my gpu 7 degrees. I got a silenx 120mm red led for the front and my coolermaster 200mm for the top rated must be right here tommorow. Following adding both it should be even a lot more. The filter screens is just a second layer of the mesh grill on the cover and will perform, if only a tiny, to help preserve dust out. I thought possibly they have been a lot more like fiberous filters but, not sufficient to deduct an egg. I'm searching into getting the screens, i think by scythe, for my 120s n front and side. If you are prepared to spend just 25 a lot more dollars you can come across instances with a lot more stuff but, you get what you pay for and I'm quite content what i got but, am already wanting to upgrade but, it's not just the case, I'm looking into upgrading my whole method and if I do I will possibly maintain this computer fairly a lot the way it is. Which is aight.

Review Date: 06/21/13
This will be my 1st case. I have spent the past two weeks looking for the great case. I required : bottom psu, front I/O (not prime), space for 300mm+ graphics card, side fan, and not too tall ླ-20" max) i ended up with these selections:CM haf 912CM haf 922 (big, not placing considerably into it 2od,1hdd)CM Elite 371 (top fans too close to mb, will need slim fans)Zalman Z9plus (no substantial fans, challenging to filter)Raidmax Helios (looks excellent, no top rated fan above ram)Enermax Luxuray (cool vegas fan, no prime fan above ram)I picked the haf 912 because it met all of my desires. This case is the roomiest smaller case on the industry nowadays. It will fit anything that a new builder would want to put into it, to consist of ANY SIZED graphics card.The whole point of this evaluation is this: If you are hunting for the ideal smaller mid tower with the greatest air flow then look no further. This is it. Most of these had been fixed in the sophisticated model* interior not painted* no huge fans incorporated* no bottom fan mount* plastic feet insted of rubber I truly just ordered the Advanced model of this case (can't get it right here).I can't inform you exactly where to get it, mainly because of the rules, but it is a COOLER MASTER solution. And it's a restricted item not distributed to retail Stores. * 2 x 200mm mega flo fans installed* 1 x 120mm fan installed* side window w/mount for 120려mm fan* black painted interior* esata on front I/O port* usb 3. bracket for 3.five" bay ƒ usb 3. ports)This is a wonderful deal. You would pay a lot more just getting a normal 912 and 2 mega flo fans.I was preparing on receiving the regular 912 w/ 2 x 200, 1x140 all red led till newegg ran out of the 200mm,and I was forced to appear at other selections. This when I am glad that Newegg can't look to hold their inventory stocked.I give the CM Haf 912 4 eggs,but the CM Haf 912 Advanced gets all 5.Wonderful job Cooler Master.

Review Date: 06/10/13
Incredibly clean Tower not more than done like other folks. Very good layout extremely easy to hide cables. Will be making use of this case for A number of Laptop builds. I like the simple styling. Want it would come with a 240mm fan on to but for ๋ bucks I cant complain.

Review Date: 06/09/13
Stylish looks, Built Good quality, Spacious (Tons of airflow), Removable bay for longer video cards, Cable Management slots, Offered accessories, Cost (best case you will uncover for the price tag imo) Only one particular locking mechanism (Not worth docking an egg simply because I only had 1 additional drive to mount.) Excellent vs Price is exceptional with this case. Quite a few have complained about flimsy metal sides, even so they appear sturdy and well created.

Review Date: 04/30/13
outstanding for the value big and spacious. stock fans don't cool hdd effectively so i got 2 ŭ red led fans and keeps them around 40's include things like more fans then all excellent and thumb screws for the other pannel.

Review Date: 04/15/13
Nice seeking case. Very good airflow. Good quality for the price. Side door rattles a bit. It's a good hunting case with a lot of potential. Newegg shipping is fantastic as constantly.

Review Date: 04/11/13
Cons: - only came with one tool-less bracket for the 5" bays- one side panel had two thumbscrews, but the other had generic screws- only came with two 120mm fans, neither of which are very good- paint job is definitely on the cheap side

Pros: - decent room behind the mobo tray for cable management- works well enough for the price (paid $53 for it)- build a PC using this case for my brother and he's happy with this case (he chose it) so I can't complain about that- comes with a good amount of cable ties.- tool-less solution for the HDD bays work well
Overall, you get what you pay for. This isn't the best case (I have a 650D and I love it), but it does the job well enough with a bit of a rugged, LAN party look. Put some LED fans in there and you've got a not-bad looking case.See above for pros and cons (in my opinion)
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Product Features

ATX Mid-Tower Desktop
11 Bays USB 2.0

Cooler Master HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1 Mid-Tower Computer Case
This Cooler Master case offers spacious compartments, necessary for your high-end PC hardware. This amazing computer case is perfect for your ATX or Micro ATX motherboards and is built with robust plastic and steel material. It guarantees amazing cooling capability by supporting two 120mm for external radiator along with six 120mm fans. Installing the latest graphic cards is also done without worries because of its very large interior. Equipped with one external 3.5", four external 5.25", and six internal 3.5" Drive Bays, this cases can support different storage or optical drives without hassles. And with its two front USB and two audio ports, you can conveniently connect speaker systems or USB devices. Purchase this Mid-Tower Computer Case from Cooler Master and have the standout chassis design of your dreams.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • ATX or Micro ATX motherboard support; lets you easily install motherboards in different form factors
  • Two 120mm for external radiator along with six 120mm fans; keeps the case?s interior cool
  • One external 3.5", four external 5.25", and six internal 3.5" Drive Bays; helps you install storage or optical drives
  • Two front USB and two audio ports; guarantees hassle-free connection of USB or audio devices 

A Closer Look


  • HAF 912 is built in aggressive design.
  • The compact interior able to accommodates 12 devices.
  • Supports long graphics cards including Radeon HD 5970 and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 480.
  • Superior cooling performance support up to six 120 mm fans.
  • Removable 3.5"HDD cage provides enthusiasts more convenient installation.
  • Customized neat cable management.

Product Specifications

Series HAF 912
Model RC-912-KKN1
Type ATX Mid Tower
Color Black
Case Material SECC/ ABS Plastic
With Power Supply No
Power Supply Mounted Bottom
Motherboard Compatibility Micro ATX / ATX
With Side Panel Window No
External 5.25" Drive Bays 4
External 3.5" Drive Bays 1 (converted from 5.25" bay)
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 6
Internal 2.5" Drive Bays 2 + 2 (converted from 5.25" bay)
Expansion Slots 8 (7+1)
Front Ports
Front Ports 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Audio, 1 x Speakers
Cooling System
120mm Fans 1 x 120 mm front fans, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
Physical Spec
Dimensions(L x W x H) 19.50" x 9.10" x 18.90"
Weight 17.80 lbs.
Features Supports two 120mm radiator fans

Supports 200mm Megaflowfans for increased airflow

Front I/O for easy access

Top platform for personal belongings

CPU Retaining hole

Water Cooling outlets

Backup screw holder

7+1 slots for increased expandability

Two 3.5" or 2.5" / 1.8" HDD/SSDs

Supports high-end graphics cards like ATI HD 5970 and nVidia GeForce GTX

Removable dust filters on the bottom and front cover
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 2 years limited
Labor 2 years limited

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