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Roccat ROC-11-501-AS Kone Max Customization 3200DPI USB Pro Aim Laser Sensor Gaming Mouse

Roccat ROC-11-501-AS Kone Max Customization 3200DPI USB Pro Aim Laser Sensor Gaming Mouse (Roccat: ROC-11-501-AS)
VPN: ROC-11-501-AS
Vendor: Roccat
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Roccat ROC-11-501-AS Kone Max Customization 3200DPI USB Pro Aim Laser Sensor Gaming Mouse
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.33/10
With 3 User Reviews

Review Date: 01/26/12
Cons: Sensor (see summary)

Pros: SensorDriver UICustomizable weightOn-board memoryGreat quality buttonsSolid built quality
Overall a great gaming mouse that feels wonderful. It has a solid build and the buttons don't feel cheap, namely the side ones. I got this mouse to replace my dead diamondback and it certainly has much better build quality over the diamondback.The weights are great for getting the perfect mouse weight and comes with a 5g, 10g, 15g, and 20g weight.The UI for the driver is fantastic and has no issues. The driver itself is also not required to use the mouse and is only required to initially setup profiles if you so choose. The on-board memory stores everything and you can switch between profiles without the driver as long as the switching is set to one of the mouse buttons.My only issue is that sometimes a hair will block the sensor of the mouse and cause it to freak out. It's fixed easily by just blowing over the sensor but can be annoying sometimes. Taking off the serial number sticker helped get rid of this issue though as it hasn't happened since.

Review Date: 10/22/11
Cons: Drivers, Died after 44 days

Pros: Great Grip, Light functions, Tilt Wheel
There is a known hardware issue with the Kone V2, so don't bother as the laser will die on you. I would recommend for NCIX to return their entire batch and consumers looking to buy A ROCCAT product to look at their other mice.Unfortunately NCIX will not replace it after 30 days, so I'm going to the manufacturer. This mouse is not worth the price paid. I would not go with this particular manufacturer again, rather stick to manufacturers that work like Razer and Logitech.

Review Date: 08/11/11
Cons: WHY THEY TOOK SO LONG TO GET HERE.Not a left handed mouse

Pros: - Perfect shape for right handed gamers - Very accurate - Can be adjusted to the surface it's on though software that controls TCU - Awesome design - Profile button changes lights to what ever colour you want of any colour of the rainbow. It allows you to change the colour on five of its points to any colour. Awesome for modders if you are trying to get that certain look. - Custom key bindings WORK! Yes even in games like Halflife 2 - Rubberized finish on the whole mouse. Stealth black - Customizable weight - The best looking and most funcional software I have ever seen in any mouse (Ya thats you Logitech & Razor), or any other Gaming device (And I have tested and owned ALLOT of them) - Awesome packaging too (lame I know but worth mentioning)
Ok guys & galls. I have had this mouse since it was made. I really cant remember when but its been years. Give you my background. I work for a computer retailer in the Lower mainland area, and no not NCIX. I also have been playing games ever since they had Pong. One day I got fed up of Logitech's software not listening to me on my G5 mouse, and also hated the fact that it only had 1 side thumb button that worked intermittently in games due to the software not handshaking with games. I wrote Logitech a nice letter and told them to bring back the two side buttons and fix their software. I also explained what I do for a living and how much of their stuff I sell. (BTW Logitech listened on the Button recommendation, software not so much). Then went on a hunt for a mouse. I found ROCCAT and emailed them to ask when and if they will bring it in. They said no plans any time soon. Got it through EBay, and have been thrillingly happy (if there is suck a word). About less then a month ago I spoke to a Nice fellow at the Richmond NCIX about ROCCAT. He said he never heard of them and noted it down and would look into it. Well it's been 3 weeks and WAMM! NCIX carries them. Isn't that Awesome! Not sure if it was me or not. But NCIX if you kiddies don't know are suppliers too and have buying power Anyway if you game or want a reliable mouse that isn't Logitech. That is also better then them then RUN don't walk and get a ROCCAT Kone (this mouse) or Kone+.

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