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COOLER MASTER Silent Pro RS850-AMBAJ3-US 850W Power Supply

COOLER MASTER Silent Pro RS850-AMBAJ3-US 850W Power Supply (Cooler Master: RS850-AMBAJ3-US)
Cooler-MasterVPN: RS850-AMBAJ3-US
Vendor: Cooler Master
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Product Reviews

COOLER MASTER Silent Pro RS850-AMBAJ3-US 850W Power Supply
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.67/10

Review Date: 09/03/13
It has excellent components, all the energy you require, and is modular. Nearly absolutely silent operation also - substantially quieter than any other fan in your program. I can't hear it at all. It comes with two rubber frames to keep the PSU from vibrating through larger fan speeds. I'd undoubtedly buy this again if I necessary this significantly power for one more construct. Any PSU in the Silent Pro line will most likely be just as excellent... I very suggest this if you're searching for a top quality PSU with good cable mgmt properties. The rubber frame piece is a small tricky to get on at 1st, but once it's on, it stays place. It's not 100% modular - the 20Ʋ and the two 4Ʋ energy connectors are permanently attached (everything else is modular even so). Like I stated above, I'd advise this and purchase it once again in a second.

Review Date: 09/01/13
- the modular style is incredibly nice, and it is really simple to operate with - I haven't develop a program in ten years, and this produced it straightforward and clean. - it is silent even when not employed the rubber casing (see under) - the rubber casing tends to make it a tiny larger than expected I guess, I got it in a Thermaltake Element V case, and the rubber bearings could not fit.

Review Date: 08/31/13
Love the modular design and style.No fan noise. Zero! None Performs wonderful so far.Bought it as a combo with Cooler Master HAF-932 case.

Review Date: 08/13/13
It's nonetheless Affordable. And it worked! It didn't work the very first time. So i bought a different psu and now I have two. Had to knock of a star for having to RMA the initially one particular. But the new one particular is alive and kicking. So if you bypass the acquiring a dead a single. I assume that you'll be incredibly delighted with this psu. I know that I now am.

Review Date: 08/13/13
Lots of connections Ordered one particular, it arrived doa and killed my motherboard so i had to rma each. I received the second energy provide and motherboard and the power supply was doa once more. This killed the motherboard a second time. Now i have switched to a Kingwin 1000watt psu and it functions excellent. I feel cooler master is a fantastic organization. Their buyer assistance is excellent, but their good quality handle on their energy supplies seems to be quite lacking. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Buyer,We apologize for the inconvenience. The item in query comes with 5 years of warranty in case something like this occurs. Need to you call for help please speak to us via Live Chat, ought to you need to file an RMA with us you can do by way of the RMA link beneath.Respectfully,CMUSA Client Support.External Link(s): Reside Chat| RMA|

Review Date: 07/21/13
The modular cabling is usually a good feature and the cables that come with it have a lot of length to attain the necessary hardware.I replaced an old 350W power supply with this one (upgrading Graphics) and I under no circumstances realized how loud my old psu was. "Silent Pro" doesn't even commence to describe it. it outputs every bit of energy i could ever want. I have a extremely small case. It is still ATX, but most likely the smallest out there. since of this, I had to do a bit of "case modding" (pliers are superb.) other than that, I'm really content. was skeptical to get this seeing as there had been a few DOA testimonials, but I'm glad i worked up the courage to do it.

Review Date: 07/02/13
It didn't fry my mobo. DOA not significantly more than that. Usually I wouldn't price a thing 1 star simply because it was DOA but it seems that this is a problem that a lot of people are possessing. I only got this since it was in a bundle but immediately after getting my refund, I'm going with a Corsair. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Consumer,We apologize for any inconvenience. The power supply comes with a five year warranty in case anything like this happens. The power provide in question can be replaced through the eRMA link beneath. If you have any questions, you can reach us by means of the Live Chat link below.Respectfully,CMUSA Customer Support.External Hyperlink(s): eRMA| Reside Chat|

Review Date: 04/17/13
quite excellent power supply, it comes with 5 year warranty, modular, little, and oh yea silentits operating completely and comes with 6, yes six 6ư pci-e wires, which implies you can connect 3 highend video cards in sli for cfand it will have adequate juice to power those suckaz up.forgot to mention, two yes 2 fourƲ pin wires for these energy hungry mobos like msi big bang and gigabyte ud9plenty enough energy to run sli, cf, the 5 year warranty is kind of dumb, you have to register with in 30 days you make your order, you have to take a image of your item , convert it to jpg , submit it to cooler masterwhat a waste of time, it gets hot effortlessly, my x58 make was idle for a couple of hours and the fan gets warm to the touch even with the psu fan as bottom intake, how to apply for the warranty sucks, i dont have a camera how the hell am i suppose to take a jpg file, let alone a scanner to scan the invoice, cooler master tends to make it sooooo Really hard JUST TO GET 5 YEAR WARRANTY

Review Date: 04/10/13
I commonly would not assessment a PSU, but this one deserves a greater rating primarily based on my expertise so I am producing an exception. I have been using this PSU for three months with no troubles. I am at present operating an i7 920 on an Asus P6X58D mobo with an ATI Radeon 5870 graphics card. It runs whisper quiet and has been fully steady for me. The modular cables are a small stiff which tends to make them a little challenging to run by way of tight spaces, but it just requires a small extra patience. If you are seeking for a strong modular PSU with no breaking the bank, this is a great choice, in particular when it is on sale. There is a five year warranty if you are concerned about reliability.

Review Date: 04/05/13
good power provide, have it powering a evga X58 mobo , 2 GTX470's, 3 tough drives, a DVD drive and 8 case fans none

Review Date: 03/24/13
Appreciate the modular alternative, is extremely quiet. Very good good quality construct. the sata energy connectors are on upside down on the cable. I had to twist the cable in order to make the connection to my HDD and DVD drive. Simply because of this, I had to use two cables exactly where one would have worked if the sata connections have been on appropriately. Far more cables created a bit much more cluter in my case, some thing I was attempting to keep away from, which is why I purchased a Modular style in the initially location. Also I would like to have a modular Molex or SATA cable with only one connection on it, not four. getting all the more connections creates a cluttered appear. If cable clutter is not seriously an problem, this PSU is a fantastic get. I would have offered it 5 eggs if the above cable troubles was not an challenge for me.

Review Date: 03/17/13
Modular Power cuts out at randomPoor good quality for their PSUs, anticipate it to die on you shortly if it isn't DOA Cooler Master has THE WORST buyer service. I've dealt with dozens of organizations in the past and I have by no means observed a company so extremely incompetent in this department. Your PSU WILL have problems before the Warranty runs out and then you'll have to deal with their poor excuse for consumer service. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Customer,We apologize for any inconvenience. If the power provide is faulty it can be replace through the ERMA link under. If you call for troubleshooting, you can contact us through Live Chat under.Respectfully,CMUSA - Buyer HelpExternal Hyperlink(s): ERMA| Live Chat|

Review Date: 02/21/13
Quiet,lots of energy cables Purchased this in a DIY pre-Build and the thing was dead within a week.I've generally believed very of CM but was seriously let down that this PSU died in one week. I have all my operate files on my laptop and now need to have to go by means of the problems of getting this replaced ASAP. I hope I can get my PSU replaced speedily and simply Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Consumer - I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Please make contact with us through the Reside Chat option so we can troubleshoot the trouble you are getting. If will need be, we have attached the eRMA link below. Respectfully - CMUSA Customer Help.External Link(s): Live Chat| eRMA|

Review Date: 01/30/13
PSU began initially try. Powered all of my devices with out any troubleshooting! It is relatively rather as effectively. I can't hear it more than my Watercooling! None. This is a fabulous PSU for the dollars. It powers almost everything in my Computer and there is area for even far more devices which includes a further video card!

Review Date: 01/28/13
The modular design is excellent for creating the interior of your case appear clean and for maintaining these pesky cables and wires away from your fans for maximum cooling efficiency. Super quiet operation and it handles two Sapphire Vapor-X 5870s in crossfire along with other elements no dilemma.All the cables were the ideal length and it comes with a good bag to shop the additional cables you don't use. None. I purchased two of these as part of a Cooler Master Storm Sniper combo deal when I was constructing my two new PCs and it saved me a good chunk of change. Think me, I necessary the savings since I was constructing two AMD 1090Ts with crossfire 5870s in each machines. One particular of the few undesirable factors about obtaining a wife that is also into gaming is that you constantly end up purchasing two of almost everything. Anyway, regardless of the DOA evaluations discovered here I had definitely zero difficulties with each units I ordered and am particularly satisfied. If you are seeking for a good, quiet, dependable, highly effective, yet inexpensive PSU this is the one particular to get.

Review Date: 01/26/13
Silent- no kidding i cant even hear it.ModularGood seekingFlat cables-very good and undesirableStays cool Flat cables-very good and bad 1st a single I got had a high pitched whine noise, so i sent it back and got a new 1 that shipped swiftly. This new 1 operates excellent. The cables can wrap about tight corners, but in some areas i would of rather had mesh about them

Review Date: 12/29/12
Every little thing as advertised plus more. Comes with a bag to keep spare modular cables and rubber finish pieces for noise reduction. I have it in a Cool Master HAF 932 Expensive but which modular isn't? Fantastic match for my Pc. If you have the $ to spare, get it.

Review Date: 12/20/12
Fantastic PSU. Quiet and modular, the cables appear great all black. Powering my i7 870, and GTX470 with four hard drives and 1 SSD with area for upgrades quickly. none

Review Date: 11/14/12
i was looking for a very silent psu and this is what i was hunting for, i can't hear it at all the only way i can hear it is to place my ear a couple of inch away from it. alots of energy and flat modularized cables. i like this psu. None at the moment my last psu was incredibly loud and lengthy did not like how extended it was and loud so i bought this psu. this energy supply is short and extremely quiet looks like it is quite effectively built. cooler master is a very excellent quality energy supply.psu looks extremely cool

Review Date: 11/09/12
This power provide has a good watt output and a great best amp draw. It is a incredibly great hunting psu and has a heft to it that makes it feel extremely solid. Also there are a lot of plugs and the modular develop makes for a clean case set up. Plus there are 2 rubber dampeners to enable handle vibration and noise My item arrived doa but i have gone via the rma method to replace it. From what i could inform from the fan on this unit is amazingly quiet. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Customer,We apologize for the inconvenience that you skilled. We would like to gather some information concerning your RMA procedure. We would appreciate if you could contact our support team with your RMA quantity so that we can locate your unit and have our engineers test it. Thank you for your time and understanding.Sincerely,CM Help Group888-624-5099

Review Date: 11/08/12
There is a lot of cables. Looks good. It is DOA. I tested it out, but it will not energy up, fan is not moving at all. Nothing at all is working. I will RMA this product and if I dont get DOA I will come back to assessment and give five eggs. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Buyer,We apologize for the inconvenience this has brought on you. We would like for you to make contact with us so that our assistance reps can difficulty shoot the PSU and support you RMA it to us without additional delay so that you can have your process up and running in no time. You can make contact with our support employees at ext. 602맳 the toll cost-free quantity is beneath.Sincerely,CM Assistance Team888-624-5099External Link(s): Leave Us Your FEEDBACK|

Review Date: 09/30/12
fantastic power provide and it is really silent for the duration of use, I can't hear it with out obtaining my ear proper subsequent to it. the flat modular cables are good for routing. none.

Review Date: 09/22/12
When they silent they imply silent. Would obtain again. none I have only owned it for about a 2 months so I can't really comment on its lifespan.

Review Date: 09/13/12
Really Good psu high priced but strong has no difficulty with my i7 950 and 480 gTX none so far

Review Date: 08/19/12
Long sleeved cables, two 8 pin connectors for these high energy demand newer motherboards, and has every thing else modular. Quite good power provide i would advocate to everyone. Wish it had a sticker..... Comes with a good bag for the further cables i guess?
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Product Features

80 Plus Bronze 800 Watts Plus
CUL Approved 135mm Fan
SLI Ready Active PFC

Cooler Master RS850-AMBAJ3-US Silent Pro M 850W Power Supply
The Cooler Master RS850-AMBAJ3-US Silent Pro M 850W Power Supply is a new member of the Cooler Master Silent Pro Series family. This series of single rail power supplies from Cooler Master is addressing a growing market demand for powerful single rail PSU. With up to 66 Amps in the +12V rail, the Cooler Master RS850-AMBAJ3-US Silent Pro M 850W Power Supply delivers where it counts and won't have any problems powering even with the most demanding SLI or CrossFire systems. The Silent Pro Series is also the first line of power supplies from Cooler Master to feature flat modular cables for improved airflow and cable management. It also comes with anti-vibration silicon pads to remove possible vibrations from the PSU to reverberate into the case.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Flat modularized cable; eliminates the clutter and improve airflow inside the chassis
  • 80 Plus compliant with over 85% efficiency; less power consumption means more energy saved
  • Compliance with the newest Intel standard ATX 12V V 2.3 and SSI standard EPS 12V V2.92; supports the Industry's requirements to ensure high-quality performance
  • Copper plus aluminum heatsink for efficient heat dissipation; provides cool operation even after long hours of usage
  • Ultra-silent operation with intelligent 135mm fan speed control; ensures silent operation so you can focus more on the task at hand
  • Unique silicon pad eliminate the vibration; handles shock and vibration effectively
  • Single +12V rail for up to 66A for high demanding SLI; supports high-performance setups
  • CUL Approval; this product is strictly tested, ensuring safety and high-quality standard for the consumers

Power Specifications

100-240Vac, 12~6A 50-60Hz


20+4 pin
peripheral power
4 pin FDD
CPU 4 pin
PCI-E 6+2 pin
PCI-E 6 pin
x 1
x 9
x 6
x 1
x 2
x 6

Product Specifications

Model RS850-AMBAJ3-US
Type ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V v2.92
Maximum Power 850W
Fans 135mm ultra silent fan
PFC Active
Main Connector 20+4Pin
+12V Rails Single
PCI-Express Connector 6 x 6+2-Pin
SATA Power Connector 9
SLI Ready
Modular Yes
Power Good Signal 100-500ms
Hold-up Time >17ms
Efficiency 85%
Energy-Efficient 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Input Voltage 90 - 264 V
Input Frequency Range 47 - 63 Hz
Input Current 12A @ 115V, 6A @ 230V
Output +3.3V@22A, +5V@22A, +12V@66A, -12V@0.3A, +5VSB@3.0A
MTBF >100,000 Hours
Approvals TUV / CE / GOST / C-tick / UL / FCC / CCC / BSMI
Dimensions 5.9" x 6.5" x 3.4"
Connectors 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
2 x 4+4-Pin CPU 12V
6 x Peripheral
9 x SATA
1 x Floppy
6 x PCI-E
Features Protection: OVP/ UVP/OCP/OPP/OTP /SCP
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 5 years limited
Labor 5 years limited
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