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Rosewill RX850-S-B 850W "Compatible with Core i7, i5" Power Supply

Rosewill RX850-S-B 850W "Compatible with Core i7, i5" Power Supply (Rosewill: RX850-S-B)
VPN: RX850-S-B
Vendor: Rosewill
Price: $109.99 - $109.99 CAD from 1 stores
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Rosewill RX850-S-B Continuous 850W@40 C Power Supply
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Product Reviews

Rosewill RX850-S-B 850W "Compatible with Core i7, i5" Power Supply
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.06/10

Review Date: 09/15/13
850 Watts of dependable energy. Low sound emission from fan. Sorry to anyone that received a(n) DOA energy supply. Mine arrived and I popped it in, it performs beautifully. None XFX HD-489A-ZDDC Radeon HD 4890 XXX Edition 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2. x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card.

Review Date: 09/15/13
Really quiet! Tons of connectors. Extended cords. Extended cords and tons of connectors at times get in the way if you don't have a excellent place to stuff the extras.

Review Date: 09/01/13
Really quiet, exceptional match and finish, steady power, lots of connectors, looks good in the case. Dead right after four months. My Computer rebooted all of a sudden with a loud pop and a sizzling noise, accompanied by a powerful smell of burning electronics. I pulled the power and opened the case to verify the several elements, to come across that the smell was coming from the energy supply. I foolishly turned the Computer back on with the same PSU to see if it would boot, and it did. The personal computer ran stable with no additional incident for a even though, until boom, it shut down again, with no noise this time, but with a smell just like gunpowder. This time it would not boot. I can see globs of one thing on a variety of components inside the unit.I can, sadly, not advocate the Rosewill PSU after this. The program ran connected to a specialist-grade battery backup with surge protection. It really should have been a secure atmosphere for any power supply. It powered an AMD Phenom II 720 BE and two ATi Radeon 4870s all overclocked for four months. My computer system is now running happily with my old PSU, minus 1 of the Radeons.

Review Date: 08/31/13
The energy out put for the 1.3v, 12v and vcore voltage is all fine but I have been haveing challenges with the five volt system it is going between four.71 and low with the technique beneath a loud and 4.92 at idle, and the fan light is going vibrant and dim with the voltage dilemma. when you get it make confident you verify the voltage when you place it up to the technique.

Review Date: 08/27/13
I opened it up installed it and had it operating with a new evga 285 superoverclocked ran fine for less than an hour, looked excellent high quality had it running for less than 1 hr and my laptop shut off and would not turn back on. the mb light would remain on but when i hit the power button it would try and turn on then nothing. i put my old PS and 260 gtx back and it runs like a champ i would not reconmend obtaining this a single commit ๥ a lot more dollars and get the pc power and cooling 910w power provide (赙 shipped) thats what i did it should be here in a couple of days Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Client,We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have brought on you. We attempt to offer the most reputable solutions to our buyers. The challenge you are having might have been caused by a power surge. We would be much more than content to replace this unit for you. Please e-mail us at rma@rosewill.com for your replacement. We appear forward to hear from you soon.Thanks,Rosewill Customer Care

Review Date: 08/24/13
This PSU was packaged in a nice black "Xtreme" box, had a carrying handle on best. Solid padding inside protects the PSU quite well, and the PSU itself has a mirror finish, incredibly shiny. All the cables are neatly wrapped in black mesh. Even though this PSU only has six pin PCI Express connectors, it comes with 2 converter cables that does 6 pin to 8 pin conversion. The PSU is very straightforward to install, and the wrapped cables really enable with keeping the wiring clean. The PSU has delivered incredibly steady energy to my twin OC'd 5850's, it runs quite quietly, and the blue LED is a good touch if you have a clear panel case. General, this PSU is at a really excellent price tag for 850 watts, and it's got high quality to back it up. I am very impressed with it and I am satisfied one hundred%, couldn't possibly ask for a lot more. The PSU is unnecessarily shiny, making it difficult for me to retain finger prints off of it. This PSU came with 4 black bolts that can be hand twisted, they are quite helpful for securing the case panel, screw-driver free. The PSU also came with some black zip tights, permitting you to do some clean wiring on top rated of the already wrapped cables. The six pin to 8 pin PCI Express connectors had been a good bonus, they'll come in handy for the newer nVidia GTX cards and some of the 5 and six series of ATI.

Review Date: 07/24/13
Shiny gloss paint, excellent led's, very quiet and nearly every cable connector you could ever want in life! None. Worked flawlessly for a small over a year now. Good solution but preserve in mind this is not created for modders/OC'ers if you are OC'ing just keep in mind you a personally altering stock voltages that its not meant to manage and could blow it becoming only at only 850w. (This PS got a lot of negative critique about blowing up or failing all with each other but mainly from OC'ers)

Review Date: 07/21/13
Excellent Buy None

Review Date: 07/18/13
Seriously, this issue rocks. A lot of cords, I know I have a boat-load of left-overs but that's fine because they have a mesh covering to separate the cords. Also came with a velcro band -- I was capable to stow all of the extras in an empty 3.5" drive bay. Blue LED's are cool n.n.The fan performs lots properly.It hasn't broken? What a lot more can you truly want from a PSU -- have sufficient cords, supply the proper quantity of energy, don't break. None How persons say Rosewill is a shoddy firm I'll never know.

Review Date: 07/04/13
I have been using this energy supply on my key gaming rig for over a year now, and it has had no issues. I just purchased yet another after the PS went out in my other computer given that this functions so nicely. The cables are not detachable. It comes with a lot of power cables, for both SATA and IDE drives, all the various power cables for other drives, and of course the mobo, pci cards, and every little thing else, but you can't get rid of extras. Make particular that you have plenty of case space if you expect that you will not will need every connection. It has a colored light inside, so that is cool if you are into that sort of issue.

Review Date: 06/26/13
This issue is Amazing for the cost! I was quite iffy at purchasing a Rosewill PSU but I'm glad I did. This has powered two GTX 260s 24ǝ for a year and a month now. I couldn't complain about anything. A lot of connections and so on. None at all. It is not a modular PSU so I'm not going to complain about it not being modular. Rosewill tends to make a decent product for the price, this is the second PSU I've had from the and each have worked fantastic no difficulties what so ever.

Review Date: 06/15/13
ran fantastic for 9 months core i7 oc'd gtx 260 three sata devices went to tuern it on this morning and a capacitor exploded, large noise, lots of smoke, now i cant use my comp not positive if i would by this brand again i hear corsair is greater

Review Date: 06/01/13
Would have some if this point hadn't just potentially ruined my complete machine! Very same challenge shared by numerous other reviewers: device surged and fried right after a year. The power supply just fried out of the blue. Was operating fine then, out of nowhere --and with no sign of electrical instability anyplace-- it sparked and fried as I tried to turn on my machine. It just occurred yesterday, so I haven't even had time to assess any damages to the other components connected to the provide ...now I've got to get a different power provide to see if something else was damaged when this 1 fried! The computer in question is not put to heavy use at all, so I wouldn't even count a year's worth of time before this factor died (and quite possibly took other pricey components with it)! ...Steer clear!

Review Date: 05/23/13
Performs effectively and has lots of energy. Lots of connectors and cool blue LED fan. Stiff wires clutter up a lot of my case. -1 Egg for that. I at present use a 9600GT and want to get the Fermi GTX380 when it is released, I hope this can run a single. Guess I'll have to look into it.

Review Date: 05/13/13
Pretty lights. It worked for three days.I comprehend that factors do brake, but when a brand new item dies right after 3 days I have no faith in that item to buy an additional a single.I bought a corsair p.s. so far so great. Purchase something else.New egg was great on shipping and help as usual. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Buyer,We are sorry for the inconvenience this may well have caused you. We attempt to present the most trustworthy merchandise to our consumers. The problem you are possessing could have been caused by a energy surge. We would be a lot more than pleased to replace this unit for you. Please e-mail us at rma@rosewill.com for your replacement. We look forward to hear from you quickly.Thanks,Rosewill Consumer Care

Review Date: 04/28/13
None since I can't even use it. arrived DOA Right after reading so numerous critiques about the failures of this PSU I'm not positive I want to spend for the shipping to replace this piece of garbage with yet another PSU Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Customer,We are sorry for the inconvenience this may possibly have triggered you. We try to offer the most reliable solutions to our clients. The problem you are possessing may well be brought on by a defective unit. We would be additional than delighted to replace this unit for you. Please e mail us at rma@rosewill.com for your replacement. We appear forward to hear from you soon.Thanks,Rosewill Consumer Care

Review Date: 04/09/13
Does specifically what a PSU is supposed to do...power the personal computer with out failing.Blue LED and mirror finish are extremely nice and match with any color or theme case.A lot of cords (see cons)Came in a fairly, qualified box The cords are not detachable...a thing I know quite a few PSU's CAN do. Blue LED can be a small dim...The picture on Newegg doesn't actually do this device justice (good or bad). It doesn't show it having a mirror black finish, and the LED is significantly brighter then it really is. I wonder if I even got the right solution =-/.

Review Date: 04/04/13
I've been utilizing this energy supply for numerous months and it's definitely got every thing from my strong GTX 260 video/physics card and strong sound technique effectively energized. I haven't had any issues with it but. If you want power appear no additional!

Review Date: 03/23/13
Fan is quiet and moves plenty of air for cooling. Has no dilemma powering my method. eight pin supplemental energy cable for the motherboard coul have been longer. I have an Antec 900 so the PSU is mounted in the bottom and I have to plug in the eight pin 12V at the top rated of the motherboard. It was a bit of a stretch. Asrock X58 Extreme - Intel Core i7 920 - TWO Saphire Radeon 5770's - Four Seagate 7200.12 500 Gb HDD's in RAID - DVD burner - 12 Gb DDR3 1600Mhz - four 120mm Fans - 1 200mm Fan - two 92mm fans. All runs smoothe as silk.

Review Date: 03/15/13
Glows prettily. Just about every wire you will ever need. Nicely wrapped wires. Decent cost for wattage. Great if you demand a lot of power. Big, challenging to spot inside personal computer, make sure you have room. Bigger computers only. Exceptional buy, new egg generally ships promptly. They give fantastic prices for excellent merchandise and usually give you an great return policy.

Review Date: 03/08/13
so many plugs and runs cool none this is my third one particular and i am sold performs and this undesirable boy is in a complete atx case and had lots of room with all the wire

Review Date: 03/02/13
quite good searching and quiet ran wonderful with my gtx 260 then i got a radeon 4890 and it dies??i planed to run crossfire thinking about my mobo doesnt help sli do not acquire this devote 40$more and obtain the corsiar psu mutch superior high quality and i know my fredn has the corsair psu in his comp Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Client,Thank you incredibly significantly for buy the RX850-S-B. The dilemma might be triggered by a energy surge. Please kindly make contact with Rosewill help group either by way of telephone at 800-575-9885 or through e mail at rma@rosewill.com so we could assist you with a replacement. We are eager to assist you in any feasible way. We look forward to hearing from you quickly.Thanks,Rosewill Customer Care

Review Date: 03/01/13
The massive fan tends to make extremely little noise. It's solidly constructed and has sharp appearance. Additional than sufficient energy connectors. Clearly marked connectors that is. Cabling is stiff as I've seen others review. Use stout straps on extra connectors when dressing up your case! At initially I didn't think I'd like the blue led, now it's a reassurance that the PSU is operating... Cool.

Review Date: 02/25/13
Excellent so far. For the price range minded over clockers and gamers this psu can't be beat. Operating it with AMD 720BE OC to 3.6ghz, 3870 x 3 Oc'd to 810, 8gigs ram, two 320gig HDs Raided, two DVD/CD Burners, Killer Nic Card, and audigy audio card. Doesn't miss a beat!SilentTwo year warranty none so far.

Review Date: 02/12/13
A lot of kick in this baby. Glossy black matte finish is quite sexy, makes me genuinely appreciate my transparent case. Blue glow is beautiful. Worked right out of the box. Manual was a bit poorly written, but as extended as you know what a 4-pin molex is it shouldn't be a issue. My case is so complete of blue LEDs that when I turn my computer system on at evening it lights up the complete space nicely sufficient to read in. This issue added to the ambience and I appreciate it. :)
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Product Features

Product Specifications

TypeATX12V v2.2 & EPS12V v2.91
Maximum Power850W
Fans1 x Silent 135mm Ball-bearing Blue LED Fan
Main Connector20+4Pin
+12V RailsFour +12V Rails
PCI-E Connectors4 x 6Pin
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold-up Time> 16ms
Efficiency> 80%, Up to 85%
Energy-Efficient80 PLUS Certified
Over Voltage Protection+3.3V, +5V, +12V1, +12V2, +12V3, +12V4
Input Voltage100 - 240 V
Input Frequency Range47 - 63 Hz
Input Current15A/ 7.5A
Output+3.3V@24A,+5V@30A,+12V1@20A,+12V2@20A,+12V3@20A, +12V4@20A,-12V@0.5A,+5VSB@3A
MTBF100k hours at 25°C, max. load, nominal input
ApprovalsTUV, FCC, UL, CE, ROHS
DimensionsW x H x L 150 x 86 x 158 mm 5.90" x 3.39" x 6.22" inch
Connectors1 x 20+4Pin Main Connector 1 x 4Pin ATX12V Connector 1 x 8Pin EPS12V Connector 4 x 6Pin PCI-Express Connector6 x 4Pin Peripheral Connector6 x 5Pin SATA Connector2 x 4Pin Floppy Connector1 x PCI-E 6pin to 8pin Adapter
FeaturesSupports ATX12V v2.2 & EPS12V v2.91 standards Supports both Intel and AMD Systems Four 12V rails provide independent reliable power Active power Factor Correction(PFC) with PF value=0.99 provides clean and reliable power to your systemSLI Ready - Support up to Dual GeForce 8800GTX12V Combined Output 768W (64A)3.3V, 5V Combined Output 170W3.3V, 5V, 12V Combined Output 829W1 x Silent 135mm 2 Ball-bearing Blue LED Fan with Auto Fan Speed ControlBlack Chrome Mirror Finish Mesh sleeving on all cables for easier cable routing and better ventilation Built-in inrush current, over temperature/current/voltage protection circuitsSafety & EMI Approval: UL, TUV, CE, FCC, ROHS
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