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RAZER Lachesis 5600 Black Wired Laser Mouse

RAZER Lachesis 5600 Black Wired Laser Mouse (Razer: RZ01-00170500-R3U1)
VPN: RZ01-00170500-R3U1
Vendor: Razer
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RAZER Lachesis 5600 Black Wired Laser Mouse
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.74/10

Review Date: 09/05/13
High build quality Most uncomfortable mouse I have ever employed. It made my carpal tunnel issues return in only a couple of hours. I haven't had troubles for years.

Review Date: 07/31/13
Superb mouse. Fast, precise, adjustable DPI setting.Extremely comfy and sleek.Adjustable colors make the mouse appear wonderful. It catches fingerprints very effortlessly.No weight cartridge as properly. This mouse is a lot lighter than my old Logitech G5. A lot quicker, even though. The pros significantly outweigh the cons in my opinion. Purchase this mouse, you won't be disappointed.

Review Date: 06/20/13
This mouse is wonderful I'm sure for gaming, but its also truly fantastic for UI programming. I function with a number of application that demand a lot of mouse control for very exact UI style. Its nice to have a mouse that is really sensitive down to the pixel level when drawing a UI element. ş When switching between profiles in Win 7 the mouse becomes unresponsive. If you by no means do this, obviously this doesn't apply to you. I figured out a function around, but try that with a non-techie wife and just see how far you get.Š The mouse doesn't integrate with the Win 7 handle panel. If, for instance, you'd like to expose the magnification functionality with a button, very good luck with that. I have a vision impaired family members member so this tends to make this mouse instantly useless. I can nonetheless use it for my laptop, but my laptop is just also slow for some of the points I do, so I'll have to endure with a M$ mouse for the desktop in the meantime. If you are a gamer, and you are the only 1 using your pc, and you don't truly want to customize this mouse overmuch its entirely great. Otherwise, you're going to run into annoying reality in a harsh way a thing fierce.

Review Date: 04/04/13
The mouse itself feels good, and the buttons all operate effectively and really feel appropriate. The wheel moves effectively and I only have difficulty finding to the farthest side button on my pinky finger side.The lighting feature is fairly cool - you can set a diverse color for the logo and scroll wheel, and have different colors for distinct profiles (although profiles take so extended to switch, I in all probability won't use them very substantially). The software program is a lot worse than Logitech SetPoint for any common use. It supports a number of profiles for diverse programs, but freezes the mouse for two-3 seconds each time - so don't plan on working with two profiles back-and-forth really usually. Running one profile for a game and one for Firefox is not feasible with out a lot of annoyance.Fundamental functions you would expect to be in a position to assign to buttons are just not there. There are no choices to choose volume or media controls. The mouse wheel up/down functions can't be assigned to most of the readily available commands anyway, only to DPI settings or macros, not to specific keys, clicks, or and so on. Something beyond a single key sequence has to be done as a macro - which suggests adding timing. For instance - you can assign Control to a button on the mouse, but if you want Shift and Handle at the exact same time, you have to make a macro that holds them both down for a certain amount of time, not for how long you're holding the button. It's a pity the computer software is so limiting - the mouse itself seems like a good piece of hardware to use. On the other hand, I can't make it to 90% of the issues I want it to do, or factors my final Logitech mouse could do.

Review Date: 03/17/13
This mouse is incredibly agile and light. Most persons may well say that when a mouse is light you have much less handle but I strongly disagree. I have enjoyed four.5 k/d ratios with this mouse, compared to two.5 k/d ratio with my old logitech. I wish the Razer logo would stop flashing and remain strong.

Review Date: 01/19/13
smooth handling, fits my hand effectively, and I can use it for either hand. 5600dpi, hokie smokes, this thing was buzzing all more than my screen, had to slow it down. I feel I have gotten what I paid for, I like the reality that they need you to download drivers from their website rather than send you an outdated driver disk. not a con, but it comes set up bass-ackwards from common mouse controls. So you will have to reconfigure it, but hey....that is half the entertaining looks fantastic with my Saitek red keyboard and my CoolerMaster HAF 932-also red. My color theme is comprehensive now Muhehehe

Review Date: 01/01/13
Cons: should come up with a pro-kit or w/e they call it like back in the diamond back days.

Pros: one of the best mouse i used
this mouse could be the swan song for razer since the diamond back. however it is not design to take any weight inside the mouse like diamond back. but all around, best mouse i've used

Review Date: 12/05/12
- Nine programmable buttons-16 Million color alternatives for the scroll wheel and logo lighting- 5600 dpi & 1 ms response time- Only to realize software- Fits my hand perfectly I don't feel this is a con but the buttons on the right side of the mouse take a even though to get use to. Using your thumb to press the left side buttons feels organic but I have to change my grip on the mouse to press the ideal side buttons with my index finger. Its not a big deal unless you are in quick paced action in a FPS. I have them programmed for a variety of factors but nevertheless locate it easier to use the keyboard. I wasn't going to do a review but following reading all the bad evaluations, I assume my very good experiences with this mouse needed to be posted. I have not had a single lock up given that putting in this mouse. I mainly play FPS exactly where a lock up for a split second is straightforward to notice. To any individual taking into consideration this mouse I just say do some research. Today even low-cost PCs are complex. There are usually many factors a product does not perform for one particular individual and works perfectly for another.

Review Date: 12/04/12
exact same cost as the lachesis v1 thats only 4000dpi that only has 30kb of memory and has older troubled laser,i know i had two of the v1.razer sent me an additional a single identical complications. totally none ! the finest mouse for the money out right now !been utilizing this now for about 6 weeks on win7x64 and its a factor of beauty !! the only cause i purchased an additional one is even though v1 of this mouse had alot of troubles,like tracking,wont track,booting,blue screens,skipping,the list goes on,WHEN it DID Operate i loved it ! thats why i bought this one particular v2 the v1 had alot of difficulty with windows 7,this one dont ! just purchase this v2 you wont be sorry !trust me i know !

Review Date: 09/19/12
This is a really great update to the Lachesis. I lately purchased the v1 at a nearby store, but promptly returned it get this one for the exact same value. the updated: braided cable, boost in dpi, color transform selections are great.f I have owned Logitech 510s, 518s, the Razer DeathAdder, and now this. I run this at 5600 dpi in 1st person shooters, on a gaming matte. It's precise & smooth as butter. For correct-handed players, that want some thing more comfy, I nevertheless believe the DeathAdder and Mamba have the best ergo really feel and comfort. I noticed I'm working with far more of a claw style grip with this Lachesis, but not a dilemma for me. None* Because this is an ambidextrous mouse, can't complain about the lack of ergonomics. I've observed that some individuals complain about the LED lights on Razer mice. As well me that's just silly, when you can just turn them off in settings.

Review Date: 07/25/12
Cons: I had issues with rapid polling rate (1000hz)

Pros: Great build, Very responsive, Customizable LED colour, Ambidextrous
I went for this wired mouse from a wireless microsoft mouse after building a new rig. I initially had feared my cat would bite the wire as he did for various other PC components before but so far, I have not seen any signs of this. The wire is meshed and seems rather solid.I've had issues while gaming at 1000hz polling. The mouse simply stops responding. I'm unsure if this has been observed by other people or just me but I do not have the same issue with the 500hz polling (which is default).I usually roll at around 1800dpi also as I find that anything above 2000dpi is too fast for me.I love this mouse and would recommend it to any gamer not looking to have a mouse with a bunch of buttons. This one keeps things simple with back and forward on each side.

Review Date: 06/20/12
With out a doubt the best mouse I have ever applied. Wired (and no, the wireless version is heavier and built a bit unique, so it doesnt compare) I sold my preceding lachesis version that wasnt 5600dpi just to get this version. And you can adjust the colors

Review Date: 06/20/12
Excellent design, very good color scheme, related to my old Diamondback Plasma shape/feel, high DPI. OK, let me preface this with: I owned and LOVED the Diamondback plasma LE for 5+ years prior to a dying right button forced me to "upgrade." This mouse is such an extraordinary letdown, selecting it up and setting it back down (which I do continually when gaming) will move the pointer continuously down and right, which is very annoying in particular in FPS games. It will randomly quit moving the pointer altogether, forcing me to unplug it or hit the profile button on the bottom 6 times to cycle back to my profile, also a Huge annoyance mid-game, and the laser housing is as well big, as in it projects down from the bottom of the mouse farther than the teflon pads, and has scratched the hell out of my Vespula mat. As I've said in other critiques and here, I have been a huge fan of Razer for years, and this is just not up to par with what I have come to anticipate from them.

Review Date: 05/22/12
I really like this mouse, quite straightforward to use but still has the macro functions. 5600dpi is a bit excessive but still good to have. Braided cord is really nice and feels durable. The colors on it are endless. Little huge compared to the diamondback I had to replace my diamondback and believed i could under no circumstances get anything but a Razer so i got this.

Review Date: 05/12/12
1. has excellent texture feeling, virtually anti sweat griptwo. mouse height is low, great for quickly aimingthree. 4 buttons total on each and every side of the mouse. 4. possibly nice sleek style. AT LEAST, it looks great.. 1. grip is seriously poortwo. way too slipperythree. button positions are in your way of your grip. you WILL accidentally click the extra buttons4. the buttons in your way make the grip feel Badfive. Truly Negative mouse cutomization UI. Really tends to make the Logitech setpoint UI appear great.. 6. the style just RUINED the whole grip... it's seriously poor... the grip feeling is really poor... :( u will know when u try to play game with it.. 7. Moreover, the grip design just ruined the entire button positions, which you won't be able to hold the mouse tight... you gotta just like.. put your hand on... eight. and so forth. in other thoughts I play SC2, CS, AVA and other typical makes use of. 1st, when I play SC2, the mouse somehow just fly off the screen occasionally. Really annoying. Secondly, I did not assign the added buttons any commands, BUT when I accidentally press them they just like fly off the screen during the game... Third, wow... the grip is genuinely poor... The it LOOKS sleek, but no.. the grip design is Bad...

Review Date: 03/16/12
- hassle-free buttons for switching dpi- decent software for customizing buttons- up to 4000 dpi (if you'll ever need to have that)- looks excellent - will randomly lock up and only be able to move left and right, not up and down (this is specially annoying when gaming). takes place pretty much every single day- drivers gave my comp the blue screen of death i rly only purchased this mouse since i saw it on sale for half value and the specs seemed great for the price tag. the reliability problems with it make me regret not just choosing up a Logitech MX 518 for the same cost even though. hopefully a driver will come out (that doesnt give me the bsod) that will resolve the up-down lock up

Review Date: 03/13/12
Cons: The button placements could be better

Pros: Great for Claw GripNice amount of programmable buttonsBraided cord
Great mouse. I had a problem in the beginning with it where It would disconnect. This was fixed by rolling back the drivers. I am very impressed with the quality of the mouse. I will probably buy another when this one dies.

Review Date: 03/09/12
Cons: 2 buttons useless to me as they are too hard to click with pinky finger, wired, price (unless you got it on sale elsewhere like I did this is pretty pricey for a mouse especially if you really don't need the extra buttons lol)

Pros: nice looking mouse with on and off flashing logo, fits nicely in my small hand, 7 very useable buttons, programmable buttons, nice packaging for the mouse, Razer included a free case sticker
9 + button mice still have a long way to go before they can be said to be made perfect and simple to use. Whether it be the Naga or this mouse or other mice made by other companies button placement could be better. Whether you are right or left handed with this mouse you end up with 2 hard to reach buttons. Why Razer could not have located more to the top of the mouse like the g300 is beyond me. In fact alot more mice makers should do that. It is a heck of alot easier to hit top buttons than poorly sized and placed side buttons especially when you are using your pinky to hit them. On the Lachesis the 2 right side buttons for me are useless because of the location and the thickness/shape of them. If they extended out more and were located higher they would be better. I also have to say that I would prefer that this mouse was wireless but for the most part with lots of devices wired is still the way to go. I will continue to use wired until wireless is on equal ground with wired .... which may be never. The good news about this mouse is all the buttons you have to use (despite 2 being hard to use). 7 of the buttons are definitely possible for gaming and you can program some of them too. In terms of size his mouse is definitely for people with small hands in terms of gripping it and holding it. As for packaging and extras I give Razer a 10/10 for that. A nice case sticker is included. In regards to how this mouse looks well it looks awesome. The flashing logo is a nice touch and the mouse has a sleek, snake like look to it. This mouse is also for lefties and righties so if you are in a household with lefties and righties and share mice this will definitely be a good purchase. If a person with small hands is looking for a 7 button mouse that looks nice I recommend this. If you are looking for a 9 button mouse or more look elsewhere and I believe that the G300 is the best mouse out there because of better overall button placement compared to other mice but hey it isn't perfect either but it is the best of the imperfect.In terms of my rating I said satisfactory because it is a mouse that is very useable but again not perfect. As for paying $80 for it well I don't know about that as I got this for under $40 at a big box store. In order for me to purchase it again it would have to be at a similar price. For all the mice manufacturers out there they need to stop making one good feature on a mouse and then take it away with a future model. I really feel more top buttons should be a feature of every mouse as it is more normal for people to tap down on a button than use a pinky to do anything .... especially reaching side buttons. Heck what is up with the Naga ? The last 3 buttons could have been removed and they could have placed 2 more on the top and one on the right side of the mouse. That makes way more sense. Heck just 2 more up top makes more sense. The quest for a perfect mouse still goes on ......

Review Date: 03/02/12
Storing profiles onboard in the mouse is good.The capability to turn on/off the LED's in the mouse is interesting. I encountered continual occurences of the mouse locking up and not moving for a second or two. Beneath regular use (browsing the internet, word processing, etc), this is nearly unnoticeable. But when gaming, it spells the distinction between winning and losing. Due to the fact this mouse is becoming sold as a gaming mouse, it utterly fails in this regard.Occassionally (once every couple of weeks), the mouse would just lock up and not recover at all. I woul dhave to reboot my pc to repair the dilemma. Finally, the mouse just died. I'm back to using a ŭ microsoft mouse and am not experiencing any of the cursor lock up difficulties. My subsequent gaming mouse, I will do much more study. My suggestions for the Lachesis....if you're doing any sort of gaming, avoid this mouse. Manufacturer Response:We are sorry you are having problems with the performance of your Razer Lachesis. May possibly I suggest you contact the Razer Assistance Team at www.razersupport.com/email and they will be pleased to help in finding your mouse operating the way it must be. No gaming mouse should be giving you any type of lock ups, especially the Razer Lachesis.

Review Date: 02/24/12
5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G laser sensorAdjustable Multi-Color LED (Up to 16 million colors)Variable correct dpi setting adjustments in increments of 125dpi60KB Razer Synapse onboard memoryNine independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response timeTracking up to 200 inches per secondSeven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cordApproximate size: 129mm (length) x 71mm (width) x 40mm (height)/ 128 gramsScroll wheel with 24 individual click positionsZero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feetGold-plated USB connectorOn-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustmentNo Drift Control None In my Pros column i just copied from the statistics of this mouse. I wanted to leave my true comment right here. Let me begin of by saying I have been in Info Technology for virtually 15 yrs. I been gaming practically that lengthy. Let me say this is 1 of if not the very best mouse i ever used. Not only mainly because of all the functions but the way it feels in my hand. My final mouse was a steelseries Xai which has the similar buttons practically so im use to the side buttons which is a single reason why i brought this mouse. The movement and reaction are superb and the computer software is seriously exceptional and easy to use. My only con is not with the mouse but the website. Assistance responded promptly not like ste****s whos tech support is practically non existant but when i initial got this i couldnt install it and i was really disappinted but with a tiny investigation i discovered updated drivers that arent on there web site "version 2." not 1.ten which is on ther website. That is my only gripe.

Review Date: 01/05/12
Cons: when i first got the mouse for the first week i had to reconnect it about 3 times a day.. it would just stop working so i thought it was driver related..but after a while it just stopped doing that. Tho it does come back from time to time.. id say maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

Pros: custom colorsbuttons are easy to get to and clickvery sensitive.able to set a key macro
It is a awesome mouse and is very sensitive, i only keep it around 2000dpi setting and it works awesome. Only true downside tho is that bug that disconnects the mouse making you lose mouse function in the middle of a computer game and then having to scramble to the back of the comp to unplug/plug that cord back in.Other then that tho i would buy it again and recommend it

Review Date: 12/29/11
Cons: -Sensor doesn't track well when mouse is lifted off the surface-Forward/Back buttons a little too hard to press for my preference-DPI buttons a little hard to press in a heat of the moment situation-scroll button has no horizontal scroll-Is lighter than I am used to, a lightweight mouse in general and there is no way to adjust the weight.

Pros: -Great grip and feel for people with long hands or fingers-Customizable lighting, DPI, Polling, etc.-High quality DPI sensor-Braided cable, nice big gliding pads on bottom-Nice matte grippy finish on mouse
Overall this is winner because of the great ergonomics (imo) aswell as good tracking. Very nice looking as well.

Review Date: 11/13/11
9 Programmable buttons, very accurate laser, light weight, ambidextrous style, a number of profiles, solid design.I have had the original lachesis (the 4000dpi version) ever because it came out in 2007. It nonetheless runs perfectly. This version is a pretty basic upgrade from that mouse, with a better laser and whatnot.I have put this thing through the ringer; traveling, tossing it into backpacks, et cetera. No damage, nonetheless functions wonderfully. It is hard for me to use all nine of the buttons. There are the 3 standard buttons, two directly behind the wheel, and two on every single side in that thumb area. The two subsequent to my thumb are fine, but the ones close to my pinky I can\'t use accurately. Nevertheless, I don't have a need to have for them so it doesn't bother me.This mouse is more hard with smaller hands. Nevertheless, I have tiny hands and I adore it. Larger hands would make this far more comfortable. When you use a lachesis you need to comprehend that you cannot use it as you would an ordinary mouse. You do not choose up the mouse and drop it and other such points. You also do not rest your palm on the mouse. Rather, this is a mouse you use with your fingers. You rest your five fingers on it, gently holding it, and use your fingers to move the mouse. Not your wrist or arm. Ultimately this is a lot much more precise, and you will have a far superior gaming expertise. On the other hand, if you try to use your wrist and arm to move the mouse, you will have a poor encounter. If you are unwilling to make this transition (took me much less than a day), then I do not recommend obtaining this mouse.

Review Date: 10/25/11
Cons: The thing is cheap. Ive had a couple of them and the same issue evry time. The lazer just stops working. No registered movement on a pc or anything. Totally dead within a year.

Pros: -In my hoest opinion, the best looking mouse around-The shape being ergonomic makes it a perfect gaming device for those long grinds.
Dont buy. Get something else. Even though there's a MIR for however long, it would cost you more time and money than I would have payed for the device,

Review Date: 10/08/11
This mouse works wonderfully. It has a actually smooth really feel for my hand, and the buttons are all conveniently placed. The driver is simple enough to use, and altering colors is constantly fun. The first 1 that I got was defective and I had to RMA it. On the other hand the 1 I got as a replacement has been amazing. I would have given this mouse 5 stars had I not had to RMA the 1st 1.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Model Lachesis 5600
Type Wired
Interface USB
Hand Orientation Right Hand
Tracking Method Laser
Scrolling Capability 1 x Wheel
Color Black
Maximum dpi 5600 dpi
OS / System Requirement
Operating System Supported Windows 7 / 2000 / XP / X64 / MCE 2005 / Vista / Vista64
Features 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G laser sensor
Adjustable Multi-Color LED (Up to 16 million colors)
Variable true dpi setting adjustments in increments of 125dpi
60KB Razer Synapse onboard memory
Nine independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time
Tracking up to 200 inches per second
Seven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord
Approximate size: 129mm (length) x 71mm (width) x 40mm (height)/ 128 grams
Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions
Zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet
Gold-plated USB connector
On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment
No Drift Control
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 2 years limited
Labor 2 years limited
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