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RAZER Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

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RAZER Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat
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RAZER Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat RAZER Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat $49.99 CAD Shop Now
Razer Vespula RZ02-00320100-R3U1 Dual Side Gaming Mouse Pad Speed Control Razer Vespula RZ02-00320100-R3U1 Dual Side Gaming Mouse Pad Speed Control $51.55 CAD Shop Now
 Razer Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat Speed and Control Razer Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat Speed and Control $51.99 CAD Shop Now
Razer Usa Rz02-00320100-r3u1 Razer Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat Razer Usa Rz02-00320100-r3u1 Razer Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat $63.41 CAD Shop Now
NEW Razer Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat  Speed and Control FREE SHIPPING NEW Razer Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat Speed and Control FREE SHIPPING $64.20 CAD Shop Now
Razer RZ02-00320100-R3U1 Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat Razer RZ02-00320100-R3U1 Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat $64.99 CAD Shop Now
Razer Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad w/ Wrist Rest (RZ02-00320100-R3U1) Razer Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad w/ Wrist Rest (RZ02-00320100-R3U1) $64.99 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

RAZER Vespula Dual Sided Gaming Mouse Mat
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.59/10

Review Date: 12/27/14
Cons: -Pricey

Pros: -Love how you can choose the side-Cushion is actually extremely comfortable
Great mousepad, try to pick it up on sale if possible. If not I still think its worth the money!
Ace Mcool@NCIX

Review Date: 08/27/14
Cons: expensive (in my opinion by about $5.00 to $10.00)Buy when on sale or price match it

Pros: good surfaces (both sides) due to smart application of a "holder" which keeps the pad in place and also provides a "wrist rest" to try to diminish "carpal tunnel" type of strain.Good adhesion by rubber hold/wrist rest to your desktop surface(s)
Both sides of this mat have a decent surface for mouse action, one side is SPEED surface, other is CONTROL surfacenice that the surfaces are reversible without having to relocate the mouse pad. (The glide surface flips over and is placed back into the guide with wrist rest."The soft gel-filled wrist rest protects your wrist from injury and fatigue, allowing you to enjoy longer gaming sessions like never before. " I find this to be true, but it might not be your cup of tea so to speak, but like anything new, it may just need you to get use to it, as is minor overall.Definitely worth throwing into the "Cart" when buying a mouse or complete build. Return of investment > cost

Review Date: 05/28/14
Cons: Surface can be scratched easily

Pros: Great designWrist rest is just perfect and can be removed if not needed
This is a great mouse pad.Wrist rest is a wee bit hard but I like it the way it is (and it can be removed if you dont like it)Mouse surface is wide enough to move freely.Would recomend this product.
arthur b@NCIX

Review Date: 09/20/13
Cons: quickly fails. no value

Pros: good for a month
Brought a razer vespula mouse matt for 30 within a few weeks it had lost the logo on the wrist rest, the speed side got badly scratched (by a new razer mouse) and then the other matt side the control side started to go bubbly! I did not realise it only had a 6 month warranty and razer refused to help as I waited to long to contact them due to being so busy. I won't be buying razer again and I would recommend that nobody buys this they expect you to buy two a year at a cost of 60!

Review Date: 08/21/13
The Razer Vespula is a fairly very good decision for a mouse pad. It provides pretty excellent tracking for what ever gaming mouse you're working with. It has two sides like most other higher finish Razer mouse pads. Speed and Manage. The Speed Side is practically perfect given that it is not totally smooth. Assume more like a combination involving the two. The Manage side is rugged as ever and additional suited to older mices. The size of it is tiny. Tiny enough to match in most tight keyboard trays. And obviously it comes with the wrist rest also. It is also smaller sized than your Extrac-mat wrist rest. Appears to be produced of the exact same top quality material although. Lastly, it has the fancy Razer styles on it to let everybody know you're a Razer Fanatic. The Make Top quality screams Cheapness, actually. It is made of really thin plastic, related to the Piggyly-wiggly table mats. A single drop at a lan party or accidently operating more than this factor with you chair could easily snap it. It is actually that thin and bendable (wouldn't suggest it). Even the Razer Destructor, which was a foam mouse pad, wasn't this thin. It scratches effortlessly too. Employing it with my Razer Lachesis and already there's white marks on the pad that can not be removed. Hope the tracking holds up. Due to the fact the mouse pad is clearly smaller, that means significantly less space. Issue in the size and feet makes it just about barely adequate area for larger mouses. You're Virtually forced to use Higher dPI settings to accomodate for it. The color scheme is fairly hideious too. Green and gray. Would prefer all gray as an alternative of that Left-More than Fridge Science Experiments green. If you can get it on sale, much less than 25 bucks, go for it. It is worth it to a particular degree, but not at complete cost. The only other purpose to propose this mouse pad is if you're tight on desk space. There are far superior ones than this at full price tag.

Review Date: 08/07/13
Truly extraordinary mouse pad. none!

Review Date: 07/11/13
Cons: - Not finding a significant difference between the "control" side vs. the "speed" side

Pros: - Surface reads well with multiple different mice- Backing is stiff enough to overcome uneven surfaces- Gel wrist pad is nice
Also, just as a warning, this thing does consume a fair bit of desk space, and it doesn't work well if you try to place your KB on top of part of it.

Review Date: 07/05/13
- Option to cloth pads- Wrist rest- Effortless to clean- Terrific to use with a Logitech G9x - None - Wish the wrist rest was connected and not separate, but not a big deal.

Review Date: 05/18/13
Greatest surface for Razer Mamba. Each sides function flawlessly. Appears to be superb quality and appears great also. It's the great size and wrist pad is extremely comfy. Razer customer assistance is the very best too. Purchase it. You can't lose. None. NewEgg didn't have this listed just before, so I had to get elsewhere. I would have bought from NE.

Review Date: 05/01/13
Cons: Might get scratch easily

Pros: Big enough , Comfy , 2 Sides
Not much to say about it, Great mouse pad, 2 sidesEnough roon to move mouse freely

Review Date: 04/25/13
This mousepad is of the highest excellent obtainable and it comes at a quite fair cost. It performs very properly for all of my gaming needs and more. I constantly use the control side for precision controlling in all of my games and I just flip it more than to the speed side to prevent needless wear on the pad and my mouse and as an added plus to it all the speed side makes browsing between two monitors as smooth as any individual could ever want. For the price tag I would have liked the rubber bottom/wrist rest to be substantially nicer but they are however not quite very good and the wrist cushion aggravated my wrist as opposed to any other cushion has accomplished prior to. I just lay the pad itself on my old and worn belkin mousepad with a good massive fat soft wrist rest and I adore this mousepad. I just would have liked to be in a position to comfortably sport the razer logo on the wristpad but oh well.

Review Date: 04/21/13
Speed sideHandle sideRubber lines on 4 cornersWrist Pad (gives additional grip on bottom so mouse pad wont move)Fantastic Size (a tiny smaller than the a single i initially had) price

Review Date: 04/15/13
Really correct and precise. This issue, WOW!! There is no comparison amongst the really feel and response of the mouse when utilizing this compared to a normal mouse pad. The surface feels nice, functions good and looks fabulous!! None!! Zero, Zip, Nadda!! Its extremely nice. Ok, 1. It expense me income. It wasnt absolutely free, but it was money nicely spent. In particular with the wrist assistance pad! It is good at generating lengthy gaming sessions significantly a lot more comfy and producing your gaming a lot a lot more precise!! I love this factor.Thermaltake Element GMSI 890FXA-GD70AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor OC'd 3.6 (soon to be 1090T)Corsair H-50 Liquid coolerSaphire Radeon HD 5770's (Juniper XT) x2 CrossfireCorsair Dominator 8GB DDR3 With coolerSamsung Black SH-B083L Blu-ray Combo DriveCorsair 1000watt HX series PSUSeagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB Media DriveWestern Digital 120GB Black drives x2 (RAID0) OS.

Review Date: 01/31/13
Cons: none

Pros: good size, durable, double sided, removable wrist wrest, great price when on sale
Picked one up instore when it was on sale quite a while back. I actually got one with the transformers theme on both sides. (I'm not a big transformer fan but the $9.99 sale price was too good to pass). Besides, I have been looking for a good hard mousepad with a large tracking surface and this seemed to fit my needs. One side is smooth and the other side is textured but both offer excellent tracking and I have not experienced any mouse skips specially when I'm doing work (graphics). The pad is componsed of two parts, a rubberized bottom mat with the attached wristrest and the two sided hard mouse pad. The pad can be used without the rubberized bottom since each side of the pad also has a couple of rubber feet that elevates it away from the desk's surface and prevents it from sliding around as well.After a little bit more than a year, the pad itself has actually held up quite nicely. Neither side had visible signs of heavy scuffing. I originally could not justify paying $30 and up for a mousepad (which Iis why I picked one up only when it was on sale) but after using it for an extended period, I would not even hesitate to get another one for personal use even at retail price.

Review Date: 11/29/12
The "speed" side is really smooth but not SLICK smooth, the very best side on the mouse pad.wrist rest is very Extremely good, and is worth maintaining for when you get a new mouse pad. the "control" side is Undesirable, it slows your mouse speed down generating is precise by becoming as rough as a low grit sandpaper. RUINED my mouse feet.Razer logo on Wrist rest rubbed off in 1 day but left NO residue just leaving it blank, actually looks nicer without it. the is a above typical mouse pad, the speed side is fantastic and the wrist rest completes it, but the manage side is cyanide for your mouse.I wish there have been half egg ratings as this would be a three.5

Review Date: 11/25/12
2 gaming surfaces for percision or speedComes w/ a great wrist pad that operates Quite nicely to maintain the pad from sliding close to your desk. Mine had a bunch of bubbles in the surface when I got it, granted it may have been caused by heat from being outdoors for a though just before I found it at the back of my house... stupid fedex driver.. The bubbles push ideal out, got both sides smoothed out in about 20 mins. Not too bad thinking of how good of a mat this is. I'm blaming the heat for this a single rather than razer.

Review Date: 11/09/12
This is the first mouse pad I've identified that performs with out problem with my G9x... Each other 1 I've tried only brought on troubles pricey for a piece of plastic...

Review Date: 11/06/12
Razer merchandise have not let me down yet, and once once more a am incredibly satisfied with the item: Duel sided surface. Each work very effectively I favor the handle side.Anyway excellent product form Razer!!! NONE.

Review Date: 10/26/12
big tracking pad, reversible for handle or speed, good firm wrist pad, rubber base mat that keeps it from slipping around, aesthetically pleasing, None Razer tends to make stunningly eye-catching and overall performance driven goods and this a single is no distinct!

Review Date: 10/18/12
Cons: My only gripe is after about 20 hours of use (moderate gaming and productivity), the speed surface side is starting to scratch and show abrasion/wear spots. These don't seem to affect the performance in any way, but it's a shame after so short a period of time to show wear.

Pros: This is my first foray into the hard mouse pad arena. I have to say I'm extremely pleased with its performance so far! I thought such gaming surfaces were gimmicks until I saw how much of an improvement it made in my fps accuracy (coming from a tight cloth pad). I love the wrist support and it works great for long design hours.
All in all, I would recommend the pad to anyone looking for a high performance, comfortable mouse surface for either gaming/professional use.

Review Date: 10/04/12
Good mat and the wrist pad is super comfy. I wanted a huge mouse pad but I didn't plan out the size of this and my new g15 (not the old giant a single) with each other. Just doesn't want to be as big as it is, it's got this five"x5" square I fairly substantially under no circumstances leave. As well high priced but really nice. If you have the table space go for it, otherwise : ( there truly isn't anything too comparable.

Review Date: 09/24/12
Excellent create excellent/tracking Wrist pad truly isn't that soft. Extra side is useless for my wants. I have wasted far as well a lot dollars on mousepads, let me inform you what I've learned. Even if you're a hardcore gamer you truly don't require to shell out more than 20$ for a pad. The complete novelty to this pad is the two-side deal, I ended up using only 1 side. Just discover out if your preference, smooth surface vs. rough, and obtain the pad. You're paying additional than you require to for an added side.

Review Date: 09/10/12
Wrist restDual-sided: speed and precisionSize Extremely occasionally catches/scratches when used with my R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse. Not positive if that's due to my mouse chassis or the Vespula. Aside from that, no cons that I can believe of. Bought this to replace an older gel-filled-wrist-rest mousepad I owned. The wrist rest is a lot smaller on the Vespula, which I prefer. All round a really nice product, and effectively worth it in my opinion if you're looking for comfort whilst gaming.

Review Date: 08/30/12
Lightweight and dual-sided. Incredibly poorly constructed, the feet on the pad its self dont stick at all so the pad slides around(if you select not to use the wrist rest mat). Received mine with air bubbles all more than both surfaces. Not the top quality i've come to anticipate from Razer over the years. And I have owned a lot of razer merchandise(currently employing Deathadder and Arctosa) Used my exactmat for four years with no troubles. This mousepad is much more or less just a piece of plastic with sides glued to it. Ended up purchasing the Steelseries SX and I couldnt be happier with it.

Review Date: 08/28/12
This thing is fantastic, functions with my Razer Mamba perfectly. Originally had a RocketFish pad that was nice with my old Logitech mx1000 but the Mamba Hated that issue.I definently really like the wrist pad/surface protector/keep it in one spot thingy. Excellent mouse pad for a excellent price! None really, it still sits in the exact same spot, has no wear however, and the wrist rest is nevertheless nice and poofy. It could have been a bit less costly but its nevertheless worth the expense.
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Product Features

Razer RZ02-00320100-R3U1 dual-sided Vespula Gaming Mouse Pad
The dual-sided Razer RZ02-00320100-R3U1 dual-sided Vespula Gaming Mouse Pad provides two distinct gaming-grade surfaces on an abrasion-resistant hard coat to suit your preferred level of gaming glide ? SPEED for smoother fast-paced action that maximizes freedom of movement; and CONTROL for ultra-precise movements and tactile feedback with its textured surface, allowing you to adjust your mousing surface to any specific gameplay-requirements with incredible ease.

Extended gaming sessions are now possible with the Razer RZ02-00320100-R3U1 dual-sided Vespula Gaming Mouse Pads memory conformance wrist rest that is designed to reduce fatigue for additional performance enhancing advantage over the competition. Take the fight to your enemies? doorsteps with the Razer RZ02-00320100-R3U1 dual-sided Vespula Gaming Mouse Pad .

What It Is And Why You Need It

  • Non-slip, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant hard coat
  • SPEED surface for faster mouse movements
  • CONTROL surface for precise mouse movements
  • Size: 11.2" L x 9.4" W x .15" H
  • Comes with a gel-filled wrist rest

Product Specifications

General Information
Manufacturer:Razer USA Ltd
Manufacturer Part Number:RZ02-00320100-R3U1
Manufacturer Website Address:www.razerzone.com
Brand Name:Razer
Product Line:Vespula
Product Model:RZ02-00320100-R3U1
Product Name:Vespula RZ02-00320100-R3U1 Gaming Mouse Pad
Product Type:Mouse Pad
Product Information
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions:4 mm Height x 240 mm Width x 300 mm Length
Additional Information:
  • Comes with a gel-filled wrist rest
  • Non-slip, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant hard coat
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