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RAZER Kabuto Mobile Gaming Mouse Mat

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Razer RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Kabuto Mobile Mouse Mat Razer RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Kabuto Mobile Mouse Mat $30.21 CAD Shop Now
Razer  Kabuto Mobile Mouse Pad  - RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Razer Kabuto Mobile Mouse Pad - RZ02-00340100-R3M1 $35.29 CAD Shop Now
Razer Kabuto RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Gaming Mouse Pad Slim Mat 11.0" x 7.7" Non-skid Razer Kabuto RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Gaming Mouse Pad Slim Mat 11.0" x 7.7" Non-skid $46.70 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

RAZER Kabuto Mobile Gaming Mouse Mat
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.87/10

Review Date: 07/13/13
It's a mouse pad, does what it's suppose to do. The size is a little smaller but I play with higher mouse sensitivity so it's not genuinely a con for me. It makes a single of my mice go on the fritz but none of my other ones. Got the mouse pad since I've been playing on my desk so I figured why not. The texture sort of adds a resistance to mouse movement so if you're searching for a mousepad to move your mouse more rapidly don't get this 1 but I personally like this issue.

Review Date: 06/07/13
Works Effectively. Cleans and protects and keeps a great grip for gaming none

Review Date: 04/19/13
Smooth surface, nice light weight for mobile use. Stays nevertheless (excellent grip)and remains flat. Attracts bits of dust and factors like that.

Review Date: 04/04/13
Looks cool, slides my Razer mouse along nicely and permits for correct mouse movement. Price tag maybe. I use this for my desktop simply because it's black and matches my rig. Work excellent for laptops and desktops.

Review Date: 03/26/13
Excellent movement with my deathadderdoesnt slide aboutsize is perfect for mequite thinhas a nice look with the name and razer logooverall a splendid mousepad ship time, but was expected, which is why i didnt dock eggs.has already picked up some dust and lint, but thats the outcome of not dusting, not its fault. if you need to have a tiny, sleek, on the go mousepad, this is definately for you.

Review Date: 01/01/13
None that would ever offset a chemical burn. Soon after washing this mousepad with plain water, it gave me 2nd degree chemical burns on my palm. If some thing spills on this pad, don't wash it, throw it away.I washed it with just plain water, and two days later I had burns on the parts of my palm that touch the mousepad though gaming. So I decided to wash it with numerous various detergents to see if I could get rid of what ever chemical was causing the dilemma, to no avail.I'm never going to purchase another Razer item.

Review Date: 12/11/12
Looks Cool,Feels Good,Razer,Improves the Overall performance Of the DeathAdder 3500dpi,Laptop Protector Just Black but not actually a con ITS RAZER!!!

Review Date: 11/29/12
Cons: a bit small to my liking

Pros: Soft, silky, comfy for the wrist
This is a good soft mat, not that big, but it does the job!

Review Date: 11/12/12
Cons: None

Pros: Very softMouse moves well
I replace my old hard-surface mouse pad with this one and I couldn't be happier. My wrist doesn't get sore anymore and the black matte colour blends right in with my desk.

Review Date: 11/07/12
cleans screens functions properly everywere simple to store none none

Review Date: 11/02/12
Light, sticks to the surface, and mice glide smooth across it, even for gaming. Rubber smell will probably go away in a day or two. Excellent for laptops simply because it also doubles as a screen protector you can tuck away when you close the lid. It appears silly to spend for a mouse mat these days, but when you're mobile it makes some sense...specifically when you run across a glass tabletop and your optical mouse freaks out.

Review Date: 09/25/12
Thin.Black.No ugly graphics. Frayed edges that leaves little pieces of thread behind, proper out of the box, and doesn't cease soon after a week.Already receiving put on on the surface of the pad from my wrist, never had any mousepad ever do that before. If you like paying ฟ-ฤ for a thing that's going to wear out in a month or two, buy this.

Review Date: 09/09/12
Smooth, thin, and effortless to play with. It has very good grip on just about any surface. The durablility of this factor is horrible. I've had it for almost a year, and its beginning to show some serious wear and tear on it. I would not advocate this mat for its price.

Review Date: 08/14/12
It doesnt move and has a nice smooth surface for a mouse to glide more than wihtout to a lot friction. Not really large (but not genuinely a con mainly because its supposed to be transportable)My laptop's screen is to large :( to use it as a screen cover.

Review Date: 03/18/12
Incredibly smooth mousepad that I use for Call of Duty: Contemporary Warfare 2, Team Fortress two, Mass Impact and other games. Also, incredibly simple appear with actually subtle branding that doesn't get in the way. No put on following over 100 hours of gameplay. None- smooth as a child's bum. I have a cat and her fur sticks to it like glue- absolutely nothing a lint roller can't resolve. :)

Review Date: 03/16/12
Slick, seamless gliding on the best surface. Bottom surface doesn't shift around unless you are performing some significant mouse thrashing. Fits as a screen protector in my Alienware M11x. None. Does what it is supposed to. Looks good whilst carrying out so.

Review Date: 01/24/12
Cons: - It attract the dust easily- You need more force to move your mouse (compared of other mouse pad)

Pros: - Very smooth and confortable- Very thin- Wide enough for gaming/working- Good grip- Great quality- You can roll it without issue
This mouse pad is the best for laptop and desktop. Very comfortable for your mouse and your hand! You can roll it to move everywhere. I highly recommended it!

Review Date: 01/03/12
does the job moves a small

Review Date: 12/30/11
Cons: -maybe a little tough to glide on (based on my use)

Pros: -very thin-portable-flexible to your surface area-very soft
Overall great mouse for your laptop if you like to have a mouse pad on the go. I know I hate grinding up my mouse on random surfaces (especially when you have paid a good amount for a wireless mouse). I stated it may be a little tough to get used to if you use a Razer Goliath Speed edition mouse pad. i found that this has a little more grip in terms of the glide. Although its not going to kill you. Just found that it took slightly more effort to move the mouse. Although its nothing 5 minutes of play time will get you used to. Great product.

Review Date: 12/29/11
size, shape, material. Best mouse pad I've had hands down. Price got it on sale for ฟ with shipping and tax came out to just under ย

Review Date: 11/03/11
Very thin and light. Great seeking. Becomes fluffy immediately after a period of time The surface is not supposed to be fluffy, it's poor.

Review Date: 10/16/11
High control pad which is just what this control freak needs, great backing to eliminate slippage, name and design are low-important for a basic appealing appear, a little wider than average for additional mobility on my wide screen monitor. High excellent - I've applied this pad heavily for 3-four weeks and there is absolutely no sign of wear. I do miss the thickness of my old neoprene pad just a small. A bit far more pricey that the old neoprene style, but the feeling of added control is well worth the couple bucks. Besides, it will most likely final twice as lengthy.

Review Date: 09/19/11
1. Soft2. Smooththree. Thinfour. Flexible to the extreme (feels like a thick piece of clothƟ. Works perfectly with a Logitech G7006. No random ugly art, just a nice black fabric padő. No random ugly art, just a good black fabric padŒ. No random ugly art, just a nice black fabric padœ. No random ugly art, just a nice black fabric pad೮. No random ugly art, just a nice black fabric pad೯. No random ugly art, just a nice black fabric pad೰. No random ugly art, just a nice black fabric padೱ. No random ugly art, just a good black fabric pad! 1. Slightly frayed edges correct out of the boxtwo. Doesn't stick very properly3. Sheds fabric particles from the frayed edges I would've believed that for ฤ I would get a pad that didn't really feel like it would wear out in a month, but I forgot that I'm dealing with a Razer item here...This pad would barely be worth บ IMO. I got a far better one for free from a job fair 3 years ago... (it was also a really thin pad, but it took three years of daily heavy gaming to wear it out)The surface of this pad feels like it's dragging the mouse much more than any of the super el-cheapo fabric pads I have about the residence. Not to considerable, and a pro for me because I prefer precision, but if you're utilized to a hard mat, or do quick sweeping mouse movements, appear for a different pad.

Review Date: 09/10/11
Particularly effortless to travel with. You can put it on top of your laptop keyboard and close it, pretty much acts as a screen protector. I travel each week and adore the mobility as well as function with my razor mouse. attracts some dirt and dust, but quite little.

Review Date: 07/22/11
Nicely as advertised it is very slim. Fits in between the screen and keyboard if you like that. I am really disappointed in the durability of this pad. I have utilised it for a few months and there is already noticable wear on the pads surface. It skip at times with my Razer Deathadder and is fairly smaller. The grip on the bottom of the pad appears like at 1st it is decent, but i have to maintain adjusting it for the duration of gaming which is annoying. If your not going to acquire the Razer Orochi with this pad i would say come across another pad. I thought it would be a great fit with my laptop, but turns out i would rather have a solid mouse pad i had to carry around than this dinky pad i can stick in my laptop.
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Product Features

Razer RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Kabuto Gaming Mouse Mat
The Razer RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Kabuto Gaming Mouse Mat is an ultra-thin, soft gaming mouse mat designed for the gamers on the go who demand gaming grade precision and portability. Regardless of the its placement, the slim, high quality ultra-thin microfiber tracking surface of the Razer RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Kabuto Gaming Mouse Mat offers consistent glide while its high grip rubber base prevents the pad from sliding while in use. The Razer RZ02-00340100-R3M1 Kabuto Gaming Mouse Mat also doubles up as a laptop screen protector and can be stored inside your laptop for maximum functionality and portability no matter where you take it.

What It Is and Why You Need It:

  • High Quality Ultra-thin Microfiber Tracking Surface for Gaming Grade Precision
  • High-grip Natural Rubber Base for extra grip on any surface
  • Doubles up as a Laptop Screen Protector

A Closer Look

Product Specifications

Model Kabuto
Dimensions 280mm x 195mm x 1.2mm
Base High grip natural rubber base
Features High quality ultra-thin microfiber tracking surface for gaming grade precision

High-grip natural rubber base
Prevents the mat from sliding no matter what surface it is place on.

Doubles up as a laptop screen protector for ultimate usability and convenience.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 180 days limited
Labor 180 days limited

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