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Razer Electra Essential Gaming & Music Headset 40MM Driver Flexible Headband Detachable Inline Mic

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Razer - RZ04-00700200-R3U1 - Electra Over Ear PC and Music Headset - Black Razer - RZ04-00700200-R3U1 - Electra Over Ear PC and Music Headset - Black $129.20 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Razer Electra Essential Gaming & Music Headset 40MM Driver Flexible Headband Detachable Inline Mic
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.25/10
With 8 User Reviews

Review Date: 04/01/14
Cons: -build quality could be a bit better here

Pros: -sound quality is ok
Razer did a relatively good job on these for around the 40 dollar range. i wouldnt expect a ton if i were you however

Review Date: 03/31/14
Cons: No button on in-line mic

Pros: Comfort, volume
I use this head set for both gaming and work. I bought this headset to replace the ones that came with my Plantronic Rig. I still use the rig part of the headset so I can make calls from my cellphone using the razer headset and to use the in-line mice with my PC for skype and gaming. I wear this headset anywhere from 6-10 hours a day and so far have no discomfort. The only two downsides are that if you were to use this head directly with a smartphone there is no button for answering calls, and if you want to use the in-line mic on PC you would need to by an adaptor (I use the rig part from my old headset). Overall I am very satisfied with the head and you can't beat the price

Review Date: 02/19/14
Cons: none if on sale

Pros: good basic headset
very good sound and build quality for the price

Review Date: 01/04/14
Cons: In-Line Microphone not compatible with PC unless you purchase a separate adapter.

Pros: CostColor (Solid Black)Comfort
This headset at first was rather uncomfortable, after a few months of usage it became incredibly more comfortable to the point where I was able to wear it for extended periods of time (4 - 8 hours) without any pain on my ears from it clamping down too hard.It sounds decent but I turned down the bass using an equalizer because it was drowning out a lot of the other sounds. Besides that the only issue I have is their marketing of "essential gaming" because it cannot effectively be used for PC Gaming which is what I believe it is marketed towards as well as mobile gaming (which it's better at) because the inline microphone cannot be used with a PC unless you purchase a separate adapter.I'm giving it 4 Stars which is listed as Very Good-Would Purchase Again and I can honestly say I wouldn't purchase these again but am not upset with my purchase and am satisfied with the price I paid for them.

Review Date: 07/03/13
Cons: Sound quality.

Pros: Detachable cord. Two cords provided: with and without inline mic.
Comfort is decent, but sweaty-ear-syndrome is alive and well here. The cords provided are only 5 ft long... not really a pro or con, since you can use your own if you want shorter/longer (although you may have to whittle the plastic down on the 3rd party headphone cable like I did to make it fit), but the ability to switch headphone cables is a BIG deal for me (getting cables caught was how I broke all my previous headphones). The only significant negative of note is the sound quality. The sound stage is "meh" (although Razor's "Stereo Enhancement" in their free surround software actually helped... unlike all other software solutions I've ever heard). Mid bass over-exerts itself and distorts (I had to drop  the 120Hz and 250Hz bars on my equalizer to get a result I could enjoy). The best description I could give of the sound is "stereotypical sealed over-the-ears headphones", ie, you will never mistake that you are wearing headphones (sound won't seem to come from way out in the distance, or from virtual speakers 10 ft away). I've worn similar sealed designs with a much better soundstage, so it's not an inherent problem. It does sound better than 90% of headphones in this price range... so all considered... 4 stars.

Review Date: 04/18/13
Cons: -Learning Curve

Pros: -Comfy-Sleek Looking-Durable-Folding Design
These headphones are just awesome, they stay comfortable for hours while working or gaming and the sound quality is on par with headphones on the upwards of 159 dollars.I haven't had any problem with them except that the cords take some getting used to, as there is a notch to keep the cord from coming out of the headphones while in use.

Review Date: 01/31/13
Cons: Short cable length

Pros: Awesome quality for the priceSturdy build and good sound quality
I'm using these for about 6-7 hours a day as my work headphones.THe sound is really good for music. I haven't use the microphone.The build is really good. I need to remove them when someone need to talk to me so they have been moved a lot and no problem so far.The only problem i got was the short cable length and my computer is not close to my desk. I used a typical cable extender with no sound quality loss.

Review Date: 11/20/12
Cons: The leather can warm you up if use for long time. The sound isolation wasn't as much as I thought.

Pros: Good build quality. Sounds great. Comfortable fit. Excellent addition with the inline mic.
I was looking for a set of headphones that I can use for casual gaming and listening to music. Came across the Electra that has the option for both and not requiring a USB. The build quality is excellent. Feels nice in the hands, and over your head. Excellent headphones for the price.
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Product Features

Over-Ear Gaming Headset
Noise Canceling Built-in Microphone

Razer Electra RZ04-00700200-R3U1 Gaming and Music Headset
Enjoy the absolute crisp audio clarity of the Razer Electra RZ04-00700200-R3U1 Gaming and Music Headset. While superior noise-cancelling technology filters out ambient noise, thick leatherette ear cushions conform to the shape of your ears. If you want to converse hands-free as you play video games or multitask other things, simply swap the audio cable for a microphone. Keep the rhythm going even when you're on the go. For optimal sound experience, choose the Razer Electra RZ04-00700200-R3U1 Gaming and Music Headset.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Over-ear design; offers a comfortable, private listening experience
  • 40mm neodymium magnets; reproduce high-quality audio from your music player, computer, or gaming console
  • Noise-cancelling technology; gets rid of background noise
  • Thick leatherette ear cushions; provides a comfortable molded fit to your ears
  • 3.5mm Gold-plated mini-jack; connects to your PC, laptop, music player, and other devices

Product Specifications

Driver Unit40 mm neodymium magnets with copper-clad aluminum voice coil
Headphone Frequency Response25Hz-16KHz
Headphone Input Impedance32 ohm
Headphone Sensitivity104 dB +/- 3 dB @1kHz
Ear CouplingCircumaural
Cord Length4.27 ft.
Weight0.63 lbs.
Microphone Frequency Response100Hz-10KHz
Microphone Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR)58dB
Microphone Sensitivity-44 dB +/-4 dB @1kHz
FeaturesInput Power: 50 mW

Inner Ear Cup Diameter: 55 mm / 2.16"

Pick Up pattern: Omni-Directional

Enhanced bass response

Superior sound isolation

Built for long-lasting comfort
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