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RAZER Armadillo² Mouse Cable Management System

RAZER Armadillo² Mouse Cable Management System (RAZER: RZ41-00140200-R3M1)
VPN: RZ41-00140200-R3M1
Vendor: RAZER
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Product Reviews

RAZER Armadillo² Mouse Cable Management System
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 10/10
With 3 User Reviews

Review Date: 01/23/13
Cons: not as hefty as I thought it would be

Pros: Holds mouse cordGood grip pad
Great for holding your mouse cord from getting tangled behind your desk.

Review Date: 07/20/12
Cons: nothing at all

Pros: smalleasy to use
This is a great thing. it is small and really easy to use. If u are tired of pulling your mouse wire, this is what you need

Review Date: 09/30/11
Cons: The armadillo is very simple designed, I don't have any problems with it.

Pros: Very nice looking. Simple design. Carries a nice weight to it.
This is great for keeping your wired mouse from hooking on to the ends of your table. Some people may consider going to a wireless mouse just for such reasons. But with this you won't need to go wireless if you love your mouse already. It holds your cord and according to how much slack you want for the mouse you can have the armadillo hold it and your mouse feel as if it were wireless. Some people think this is a waste of money. It really depends how you look at this product. you could tape your cord, put a rock on it, put a book or bottle on top of it. But any of those solutions will not look any better than this. Its only 20 bucks. If you dont like the price go look around for a pm. I purchased this else-where as ncix didn't carry any of its stock unfortunately. Great product in my opinion, Recommended.

Product Features

A simple solution to a problem that gamers often face, the Razer Armadillo Cable Management System is an efficient and simple cable management system that prevents unwanted mouse movements caused by long wires. With its heavy-duty construction, it effectively secures excess cable and increases stability and accuracy during fast-paced gaming.


   Product Type:  Mouse cable management system
   Width:  2.4 in
   Depth:  2.4 in
   Height:  2.1 in
   Weight:  4 oz

   Features:  Non-slip feet

Product Specifications

Model Armadillo
Specifications Compatible with any Razer mouse cord
114 grams
High-gloss finish
54 mm height
60 mm base diameter
Features Tangle-free wired play
Angled cord grip elevates the mouse wire off the desktop to prevent unexpected tangling in the heat of gameplay, thereby giving you more freedom on your wired mouse.

One-Click Mechanical Design
Intelligent design allows fast setup and removal of the mousecord with the mechanical one-click step system.

Non Slip Rubber Bottom
Textured natural rubber on the bottom surface ensures a secure grip on any desktop surface.

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