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KWORLD PlusTV PCTOTV Converter SA235

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Kworld KW-SA235 Hz PlusTV PC to TV Converter w/Adjustable Disp,Screen Pos (new) Kworld KW-SA235 Hz PlusTV PC to TV Converter w/Adjustable Disp,Screen Pos (new) $45.84 CAD Shop Now
NEW KWorld PlusTV PC to TV Converter KW-SA235 View PC/Laptop Contents on TV NEW KWorld PlusTV PC to TV Converter KW-SA235 View PC/Laptop Contents on TV $65.49 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

KWORLD PlusTV PCTOTV Converter SA235
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.9/10
With 12 User Reviews

Review Date: 04/03/10
All I got was a rolling picture. It was like I was back in the 60s and adjusting the rabbit ears. Plus I had to pay to send ir back. BS.

Review Date: 03/08/10
Does what it says. Image quality is OK on an old TV set.

Review Date: 08/28/09
Value 5\5. Why: I feel this product has high value because for only $50 this is not a bad video product. Great for older CRT TVs that only have s-video and not VGA. Features 4\5 Why: This can connect to many types of TV inputs, such as VGA, S-Video, and Composite, however I felt they should have also added an HDMI for newer TVS, if they had, I would have rated this 5 stars. Quality 3\5 Why: The only reason I rated this low is because it runs very hot and it feels like it's made of cheap plastic. Performance 5\5 Why: I think this does it's job very well. Delivers very clean images. The only thing I have found so far is that if you run at a large resolution (like 1280x1024) text cannot be read very clear. Just lower res. to 640x480 or maybe 800x600 and text should be fine.

Review Date: 06/26/09
Functionality delivers quite good. Simple, easy to use and great for adding the TV on my laptop. I thought the video was going to be transfered by USB but it is not...The unit is powered by USB and you have to use the monitor output on the computer. Still, very cool and works fine. Quality of image is not crazy but good enough. I was able to read webpages from the TV when I upped the text size a bit.. All in all, very satisfied and now a friend wants me to get him one as he saw mine working..
Kevin Dine

Review Date: 06/16/09
Unfortunately, the product was defective on arrival(heavy flicker). However, the replacement worked better than I imagined! So in the end I highly recommend this device to re-new your old CRT. I use this converter for an old Sony Trinitron at the chalet to watch movies & TV shows from my netbook (EEE 1000 HPC) & old sound system (1984 Technics). Works like a dream. No more VHS and DVDs for me! The major point here is this retailer's approach and handling of returned merchandise was flawless! Kudos to you! You were my first online purchase back in '99 and certainly won't be the last. Cheers.

Review Date: 06/11/09
I bought the PC to TV converter to attach my media computer to the television. I had originally opted for a video card with s-video, but the PSU for my mini-itx motherboard couldn't support it. Until such time as I can afford to upgrade, this little device works quite well. The documentation is sparse, but easy to figure out. One annoyance: I'll adjust the horizontal and vertical size of the picture to fit the screen, but the device won't remember these settings across reboots. Not usually a problem, though, as my computer is almost always on. Works fine with linux.

Review Date: 07/31/08
I bought the converter after I read the reviews. I totally agree those positive comments--great product! Only a minor issue that there is no label for input or output. But it's documented.

Review Date: 04/21/08
I bought this product because of the reviews and recommendation from Tiger staff, but it was a big disappointment for me. I bought this to watch internet movies on my big screen, and it was horrible, even with the highest resolution. I returned it the same day to exchange for a graphic card with an S video out. I definitely would not recommend this for a little older big screen TV's.

Review Date: 02/26/08
A great Sales Tool, instead of making proposals on small NB screen, put it on the bigger screens whenever available.!!

Review Date: 02/22/08
This is the second PCTOTV I bought from KWorld. The first one is the rectangle white device. That one worked quite well until I broke it a week ago when I dropped it into the water. Anyway, since this is my second PCTOTV, I really have nothing to add other than, really easy to use, and it is a must-have (I travel around the country giving presentation and sales talk all the time)

Review Date: 02/14/08
Traveling from one place to another as a sales without proper tools is a pain. Anyway, bought this from Tiger a few weeks back, it's easy to use and very portable. I might recommend this to my co-workers! V-Vv

Review Date: 02/13/08
First of all, this nice little gadget is cheap and worth every dime. As a sales, it's easier to carry this around since not all my clients own projectors, it works well with all types of TV ^^ Happy purchase for moi~
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Product Features

Kworld PlusTV Pc To TV Converter
PCtoTV was created to help users with high quality demand to transfer the on-screen display from your laptop or PDA to TV. This small compact box provides the full function though it's only empowered by the USB adapter. Supporting Y.Cb.Cr. adaptor and multi-national signal format, PCtoTV was created to help users with high quality demand to transfer the on-screen display from your laptop or PDA to TV. is the ultimate presentation must-have!


  • Resolution (Vertical frequency (Hz):
    • PC Compatible VGA mode
      • 640 X 480 - 60,70,72, 75,85,100,120
      • 800 X 600 - 56,60,70 ,72,75,85,100
      • 1024 X768 - 60,70,72, 75
    • Apple Mac
      • 640 X 480 - 60,66,72, 75,85,100,120
      • 800 X 600 - 56,60,72, 75,85,100
      • 1024 X768 - 60,70, 75
    • Apple iMac, iMac DV
      • 640 X 480 - 117
      • 800 X 600 - 95


  • Easy Plug and Play
    PCTOTV saves you the hassle of carrying around a power adapter.With the USB 2.0 interface, simply plug and start your amazing presentation!
  • Transfers High Quality Dual Display and Power Presentation
    PCTOTV efficiently transfer the on-screen display from your notebook or PDA to the TV screen.Delivering your power presentation with 1024 x 768 high-resolution dual display!
  • Supports Multi-Function Output
    PCTOTV not only supports AV/S and RGB (PAL only) outputs, you may also connect it to projectors and other visual display units.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Apple MAC, and IBM PC or Notebook Compatible (MAC VGA connector is not include in this package.)
  • Supports NTSC or PAL Video Standard
  • Provides Composite Video, and S-Video Output

What's Included

  • KWorld PCTOTV
  • Users Manual
  • USB Power Cable
  • Video Cable
  • S-Video Cable

Product Specifications

TypePC to TV
TV StandardsNo
FM TunerNo
Remote ControlNo
InterfaceUSB 2.0
FeaturesThe ideal teaching and meeting display equipment on the projector screen The perfect device for playing your favorite video files on your home TV Support NTSC & PAL Multi-TV System No software needed, but connect the PC with TV directly Highest resolution is 1024 x 768 @ 75Hz Adjustable display: screen position, brightness, contrast, definition and tone AV and S-Video signal input and output simultaneously No extra power adapter necessary: empowered by USB 2.0 Interface Support the power saving mode of DPMS that is compatible with display card
SpecificationsResolution: 640 X 480 / 800 X 600 / 1024 X768
System Requirements
OthersApple MAC, and IBM PC or Notebook Compatible (MAC VGA connector is not include in this package.) Supports NTSC or PAL Video Standard TV or VCR Provides Composite Video, and S-Video Output
Package ContentsSA235USB Power Cable Video Cable S-Video Cable
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts1 year limited
Labor1 year limited
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