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Scythe YASYA SCYS-1000 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler

Scythe YASYA SCYS-1000 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler (Scythe: SCYS-1000)
VPN: SCYS-1000
Vendor: Scythe
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Scythe YASYA SCYS-1000 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.16/10
With 19 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/01/13
-The Scythe VTMS mount system with the push pin mounting clips function on ALL Intel CPUs since P4... the testimonials below are inaccurate in that regard and I have personally tested it. The clips operate with 1155, 1156, 1366, and 775... when applied Correctly, they are extremely secure, stable, and reliable - you will get a high performance answer going with ANY Scythe cooler and if you stick with VTMS / push pin coolers, they will be a ton simpler to set up and not demand MB removal- you can substantially boost the cooling capability of this or the other 120mm fan coolers by acquiring an extra or replacement Scythe fan... the best of which is probably the 110 CFM Newegg: N82E16835185060-I believe the push pins on Scythe coolers are of a larger top quality than the standard Intel ones... they appear to engage much more reliably, reinstall in the holes without having deformation, and have a more very easily heard positive engagement click when they lock I've never ever had a problem with a Scythe solution... great performance, fair value, great installation -take damaging comments on these merchandise with a grain of salt... cause I've never ever observed those problems-when installing the push pinsɅ- rotate all four pins clockwise till they quittwo- gently spot the cooler and make sure both halves of all 4 pins are resting inside the entrance to the holes three-simultaneously press two opposite pins down challenging till you hear audible positive lock clicks from Each... if you don't hear the clicks from both.. get rid of and start out over4-press down the other two pins and hear Each clicksfive- you will in no way have a issue

Review Date: 06/08/13
Does its job properly. Pain to install, actually large and kept falling off, really large pain every single time I want to get rid of/add one thing to the personal computer. Didn't end up using it - discovered the a single that came with the processor worked nicely enough though will hold it incase I ever require to overclock and so forth.

Review Date: 03/28/13
Just put, this fan is the most attractive HSF I have ever laid my eyes on. The fin style is one thing that should be seen in particular person. Right after you get more than gawking at the sheer beauty, you discover oneself looking at temps that are unheard of. I am operating a Phenom 1090t @ 4ghz and idling at 97F with Prime95 touching 120. These temps are not as great as other commenters with this HSF; nevertheless, they completely blow away all of my other custom HSFs and my initial expectations. Installation for fan making use of clips was a little maddening; on the other hand, the time spent was significantly less than three minutes troubleshooting. Great obtain, gorgeous item, outrageous outcomes. Acquire this Immediately!

Review Date: 02/04/13
-Keeps the CPU cool. Idles at 34C, and nonetheless maintains CPU at 52C max even throughout Prime95 (at stock settings) -Dear lord this is tremendous. I knew it was big adequate to block 2 of my RAM slots, when getting, and it certainly did. What it didn't prepare me for is the sheer height. A couple of centimeters much more, and my case would be unable to close.-The incorporated fan isn't fairly really good. It only runs at 1250 RPM. Fan controller is nice, but get a different fan if you can. But even at such low CFM and RPM, it's cooling properly.-The fan mounting brackets are really hard to figure out, and install properly. Even with my know-how, it took me 1ǘ hour, and a pair of pliers, to figure out how to mount the fan.Still providing 4 stars considering that it works and cools nicely. My build:Foxconn A9DA-S motherboardOCZ Reaper HPC 2 x four GB 1333 MHzAMD Phenom X4 965 BEScythe YASYA cpu fanRosewill Destroyer caseMushkin Enhanced Callisto Deluxe 60 GB MLC SSDSapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 5770Asus VW224 monitorGigabyte GM-M6800 MouseMicrosoft Digital Media Keyboard

Review Date: 01/08/13
Includes surplus mounting hardware.Was straightforward adequate to install. Superb airflow and cooling Will consume your flesh Installed this product for a client. The install was straightforward, but this thing is absolutely massive. I'm shocked the complete heatsink didn't just tear itself out of the board and walk away. Roughly the size of a fat baby, this heatsink has significant cooling prospective and a maximized surface region. The client has informed me his i7 runs at a balmy 34c idle, and 48c load using Everest and Speedfan to measure (along with burn-ins with Prime95). I'm impressed at this air-cooling to preserve such a low temperature. Then once more--I rerouted all of the consumers power cables to maximize airflow through the case too, so all that cold air being sucked in the front isn't stopped by 12 pounds of Molex.Also, I cut my hand on the fins whilst installing this monstrosity. Be warned, for once it has the taste for blood, it will develop the taste for yet another.

Review Date: 12/22/12
Very good airflow and cooling No bracket mounting choice for 1366 socket I had issue with this cooler from the start out, it is not a poor cooler im assuming if your buying it for an AMD chip, as the mounting seems superior....So if you are shopping for for an Intel Chip DO NOT, the intel style push pin clips are a joke and will not hold this cooler on for extended, My cooler came loose several occasions from these clips...Switched to a Zalman CNPS10X and utilised a Scythe S type fan and couldnt be happier with the bracket mounting and strong hold

Review Date: 10/26/12
I purchased and installed two of these on my Classified SR-two program. They preserve each of the E5530's OC'd to three.9ghz about 72-75c below total load. 40c idle. The fans are not loud when they are turned down a bit. Scythe is a quite fitting name. They are so harmful they ought to call for a permit to use. I received various excellent nicks when attempting to install. ( Putting in 2 in cramped quarters didn't support matters) I don't know what the other reviewers are considering, the 2000rpm slipstreams are really loud at complete RPM The cables that come with the fan controllers are also brief. I'm not able to get the controller on the far CPU mounted. The mounting process is quite effortless to use. It's also really uncomplicated to accidentally pop off.

Review Date: 10/02/12
Looks great, Big, Cools pretty good, Have no problem clearing low profile memory (A.K.A typical memory heat spreaders and not useless ram heatsinks as tall as the Empire State Building) NO second set of fan clips?? Push pins mounts are iffy For a tiny bit a lot more you can get a Cooler Master V6 GT and get better outcomes. Nonetheless a fantastic cooler. I'll preserve it

Review Date: 09/04/12
This is a excellent mid to high grade CPU Cooler! There are 6 copper tubes operating vertically by means of artfully developed aluminum fins. The fins are engineered for much more airflow, but appear cool as well. The Scythe slipstream fan is barely audible at max RPM. Scythe is properly known for high quality quiet fans and bearings. A knob controller is attached to the fan, which is s c r e w e d into a single of the expansion bays on the back of your computer. This makes it possible for you to have a PWM fan that is controlled by your motherboard, AND manage the average speed manually as effectively!It is a beast weighing in at just underneath two lbs! This is good if you want high good quality components, undesirable if you strategy to lug the case around to a LAN party.I added this over a Pentium D dual core, (a bit of overkill) and according to Everest and Speedfan my CPU has dropped from roughly 82C to 55C throughout intense gameplay! Compared to my old stock, which was not poor at all. The CPU cooler will operate with any modern CPU. This comes with speedy connect push in connectors to be installed on your motherboard. Some people may possibly enjoy this, but most will not. If you currently have an existing 775 bracket installed on the motherboard, for instance, the connectors will be too massive to squeeze in there. Also I have read the cooling is worse with the not as tight fitting speedy connectors.Answer: Complete instructions can be discovered by goog ling "yasya screw set up"Yet another incredibly minor con is that the cooler is clearly set up to add an additional fan to the other side of the aluminum fins, but only 1 bracket is offered. The brackets are super affordable and it would be great to have a 2nd one particular need to I need to add the 2nd fan in the future. Make confident you can fit this cooler, it is 16cm or 6.three inches tall! When you add it to your motherboard it could stand 7.three-8 inches off your situation. I had no issue although installing it in a fairly regular HP Pavillion mid tower.

Review Date: 08/20/12
I picked up a single of these the other day in Japan, and I'm incredibly pleased with it. I was planning to go with a more established (read: older) Scythe unit, but decided to go with some thing newer. I'm glad I did.I was amazed at the distinction over the stock cooling on my Athlon 64 X2 5000+. With the Yasya (pronounced "ya-sha," not "yas-ya"), Everest reports peak temps 30°C lower than stock while running Prime95. 30°C! Yowza.Acoustics are impressive at effectively, even on my open-case system. The heatsink does such a excellent job that the fan can afford to shut off for short periods with CnQ/SmartFan, and is in common fairly tolerable, except when at or approaching peak (about 2050rpm on mine). The fins are incredibly sharp, so deal with the unit with care.The unit is rather big - examine dimensions just before you obtain.Only one particular pair of fan clips is integrated... one more pair would've been nice. Installation was basic, but those with very huge hands may call for further patience. Nonetheless, my installation didn't outcome in any cursing, blood, or broken hardware. I had no clearance problems on my MSI K9A2-CF motherboard, and the AMD clips look to be working fine.

Review Date: 06/03/12
It is reasonably effortless to install the cooler and appears to cool my CPU incredibly properly. Comes with a 120mm fan. The only factor that I alter about it is the fan positioning. The way it's supposed to be installed puts the fan right on top rated of the northbridge (AMD) and draws warm air from the video card. Blowing warm air into a already warm heat sink doesn't appear like it would do significantly. My idle temps are 29c and max load temps under no circumstances go above 39c.

Review Date: 03/04/12
-Excellent cooler -pretty much did not fit, it sits about .5 cm above my ram-only had mounting brackets for 1 fan-installation was tough

Review Date: 02/07/12
Brought the temps down from 60c-65c to 45c-50c and the fan is very even on full speed. For its size I was expecting a lot more over the stock heatsink and fan. It would be nice to have the alternative of unplugging the variable fan controller for those of us who don't use it. It is shiny, which is superior, result in the phrase "your dingo ate my baby" comes to thoughts when I look at this thing.

Review Date: 01/10/12
Does an wonderful job of cooling my new method. Looks quite cool, and will absolutely manage whatever I throw at it.Under 100% load, in a warm (mid 20's, Celsius) room, the processors get up to about 50C. At idle, they drop to about 32C. That's cooler that body temperature. That's fairly darn great in my book. None to speak of. See 'Other thoughts'. It's large. Genuinely major. You just won't think how vastly, hugely, thoughts-bogglingly massive it is. But it fit in my case, and it's performing its job Incredibly well indeed.

Review Date: 12/19/11
This factor keeps my CPU frosty. The fan it comes with as a built in PWM knob that goes on the back to control fan speed. Alright, to the numbers:Case: HAF-XTIM: Arctic Silver 5 (freshly applied)Fan Setting: Low as it will go (�RPM)CPU: AMD 1090T @ four.02GHz ʁ.4vCPU Idle: 29C-31CCPU Load Ƒhr): 53C-56CAs you can see, it keeps the CPU nice and cold. If my CPU was stock I'd anticipate the temps to be a couple degrees lower and my Arctic Silver 5 hasn't set however so it will only get lower. The cons beneath have nothing to do with the heat sink, I would definitely get this. I had two difficulties with the stock fan that I wish I would have identified. 1st, it has a PWM knob built in that uses a PCI slot on the back of your case. I would prefer to have my mobo manage this but it seems that the knob overrules the mobo. Second, the stock fan is loud. Even with it turned all the way down, it is the most audible noise coming from my Pc. With no it I would go from a slight hum to near silence.I bought a CoolerMaster silent fan expecting to use that rather of the stock fan but I can't. The fan clips to the heat sink using these metal rods so there has to be a gap in the fan where screw holes are, which the fan I purchased did not have so I'm stuck with the stock fan.I have an Asus Crosshair IV Formula and it clears my Ripjaws RAM by nanometers. Check your measurements. Overall, the excellent and cooling power of this heat sink is superb and I would very suggest it. Just use a different fan and make confident it works.

Review Date: 12/06/11
It brought my i5 750 down from 50C to 30C idle and 70C to 45C under load and overclocked. Its fairly quiet and was effortless to install. Its large. It blocks 2 of the RAM slots on my motherboard. Also it can be extremely sharp so be careful installing. I believe it is a fantastic value for the cost. Just remember to check the size if you use all 4 RAM slots or program to someday.

Review Date: 11/04/11
Owned this for just alittle 24 hours now.....Pushed AMD x6 1050t from 2.8ghz to three.5ghzRan prime for 17 hours-Max CPU temp 53c, Max Core temp 42c 񢁜rpm, medium)room temp was about 20c or 68f perhaps a small warmer. Going to try 4ghz soon. With install on AMD the heat sink covers the initial 2 ram slots and with ram with heat spreaders (like G skill Rip-jaw) I was forced to bend the bottom fins up so the heat sink didn't crush my ram. Case - Thermaltake Element GMotherboard - ASUS M4A87TD EVORam - Gskill Ripjaw two 2gig 1600 񡾵 with oc)

Review Date: 07/18/11
Sturdy createDropped full load temps (prime 95) by 13C. limited orientation options for AMD. You can only install this in a down -> up or up -> down configuration on AMD motherboards, and I'd have preferred an choice for front -> back or back -> front.

Review Date: 06/02/11
-The heat plate on the bottom is immaculate. Its fundamentally a mirror. The finish is perfect. Excellent contact with the processor.-The Fins are created to improve airflow. Not like I know if this is actually true, but with a Scythe Kaze 120mm Fan on both sides, this factor keeps my AMD Phenom II x6 1090T @ 4.01Ghz @ 1.4v, close to 18C Idle, and 38C Load. (Ambient room temp is ាF, and airflow is good in the HAF full tower case)-Installation of the heatsink itself was uncomplicated (see second point under cons) -I have Corsair XMS3 Memory, on an ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard, and as one more reviewer said...this heatsink clears the ram by literally nanometers...for all intents and purposes, it touches it. I cant imagine it'd fit if you have ram with a cooling solution of some sort, heat pipes etc.-Installation of the fan onto the heatsink was a discomfort. The clips are really tough to get into location and maintain them there even though you hold the fan up. In hindsight, should almost certainly put the fan on prior to you put the heatsink onto the processor. As with like all CPU heatsinks, seems like the AMD mounting brackets end up facing the fan leading to bottom, so its either straight down onto your video cards, or straight up. For airflow purposes i'd like to mount it facing front to back, but I guess they just make these points for intels, and the AMD bracket is just an afterthought. IDK /shrug
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Scythe
Model SCYS-1000
Type Fan & Heatsinks
Fan Size 120mm
Compatibility Inter: LGA 775 / 1156 / 1366
AMD: Socket 754 / 939 / 940 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3
Bearing Type Sleeve
RPM Max. Band 740 (25%) - 1,900rpm (10%)
Min. Band 470 (30%) - 1,340rpm (10%)
Air Flow Max. Band 37.15 - 110.31 CFM
Min. Band 23.0 - 76.53 CFM
Noise Level Max. Band 9.8 - 37.0 dBA
Min. Band 7.05 - 27.3 dBA
Color 2-Tone
Heatsink Material Nicel-Plated Copper
Physical Spec
Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Heatsink Dimensions 130 x 108.5 x 159 mm
Weight 848g
Features Trident Multi Layer Fin Structure
By placing the number of triangle shaped main & supplemental heatsink fins to maximize the air intake volume, heat absorb rate from the built-in heatpipes is ideal for extreme over-clocking purposes as well as to cool the high-end multicore CPU!

Unparallel Six Heatpipe Construction
Total six heatpipes placed in unparallel position,increase in heat transfer speed is accomplished!

Slip Stream 120 mm PWM Adjustable
Equipped with Scythe original Slip Stream PWM 120mm PWM Adjustable fan, it allows a user to choose the fully automatic PWM feature fan speed control or alternatively adjust the PWM band range to fulfill demands from silent to high performance users!
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 2 years limited
Labor 2 years limited
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