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ASUS SDRW-08D2S-U/BLK/G 8X Slim External DVD Writer Optical Drive Black USB2.0

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Asus SDRW-08D2S-U/BLK/G/AS USB 2.0 Black External Slim CD/DVD Writer Asus SDRW-08D2S-U/BLK/G/AS USB 2.0 Black External Slim CD/DVD Writer $14.99 CAD Shop Now
NEW Asus SDRW-08D2S-U USB2.0 External Slim CD-DVD Writer Burner Drive 8X - Black NEW Asus SDRW-08D2S-U USB2.0 External Slim CD-DVD Writer Burner Drive 8X - Black $48.79 CAD Shop Now
 ASUS External Slim 8X DVD-RW Stylish Cut Design Optical Drive ASUS External Slim 8X DVD-RW Stylish Cut Design Optical Drive $55.46 CAD Shop Now
Asus SDRW-08D2S-U 8X Slim External Writer(Black), Retail Asus SDRW-08D2S-U 8X Slim External Writer(Black), Retail $57.47 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

ASUS SDRW-08D2S-U/BLK/G 8X Slim External DVD Writer Optical Drive Black USB2.0
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.36/10
With 11 User Reviews

Review Date: 10/23/11
Cons: No Lightscribe...not a deal breaker

Pros: Price...portability
Purchased when ASUS offered a $10.00 Mail in Rebate. Received an American Express gift card and used it to purchase fuel. I prefer instant rebates but what are you gonna do...The drive itself does what it should do.I trust ASUS products and the build on this drive is good. Didn't think I would use it much but it has come in handy on several occasions. Bit slower for burning than an internal drive but so far I haven't had any coasters.

Review Date: 07/21/11
Cons: Not so slim as expected.

Pros: Good quality. Light.
ASUS equipment usually is a good quality product. This unit is doing exactly what it have to do - burning disks...

Review Date: 07/05/11
Cons: None that I'm aware of

Pros: Cheap, fast & reliable
This drive is so fast I doesn'T see a difference with the one I got in my desktop. With ASUS quality, I'm not afraid of the durability either. Recommended!

Review Date: 05/21/11
Cons: requires 2 USB ports to functiondoes drain the battery on a notebook, but thats to be expected and isn't anything major

Pros: Small and lightcool upright stand100% usb powered
Very nice little optical drive. It's perfect for a netbook, or even for people like myself who have filled up all their 5.25" drive bays with other things. I use it for both those needs.It does drain the battery a bit on my netbook, but I expected as much. it's not really noticeable if you only leave the thing connected when using it. It's hotswapable after all.Also looks pretty cool. Since I have it attached to my desktop most of the time it sits in it's upright stand. It's actually allowed me to hide my tower away completely under the desk, totally inaccessible to me, because I can hookup this optical drive on my desk far away from the computer itself.Would definitely buy again.

Review Date: 05/18/11
Cons: not very fast

Pros: Sleek look, slimWorks with one or both usb plugged inWorks with just about any media there is other than blue ray
perfect simple to use external dvd writer, especially for netbooks nowadays. If I could, I would want all laptops to not include internal dvd r/w's and just use externals, and I would probably get this one.

Review Date: 01/12/11
Cons: Loud.

Pros: Attractive. Slim.
I bought this to go with a new m11x alienware netbook. It seemed attractive in the pictures and the price was quite cheap. After using it for a few weeks now, I'd say its a good product. The modelling on the side is even neater in person, and speeds are reasonable. Only drawback is a very audible whir, but since I'm only using it to load games, it isn't a deal-breaker.

Review Date: 01/04/11
Cons: had a rebate on it, can't complain though, it was a good deal even if I don't get the rebate

Pros: works well for netbooks, this is actually a good solution to replace all the dvd drives for the computers in my house, no longer have to buy anymore dvd drives since I mostly just use them to install window and rarely use them afterward
overall a good buy, it worked like a laptop dvd drive

Review Date: 01/04/11
Cons: None

Pros: Excellent design
Great deal for about $20 AR! Using this with my Acer Revo HTPC. Looks very sleek and works well.

Review Date: 12/15/10
Cons: none

Pros: Comes with vertical stand
Similar to the Samsung and Aluratek Slim DVD writers, only exception is the ASUS includes a vertical stand free of charge. Good fit for a netbook.

Review Date: 12/12/10
Cons: Sloooooooooow burnerUseful varies depending on person

Pros: USB powered through 2 ports
Don't get what's so slim about this drive, pretty much all the external DVD writers seem to be about the same size... so that's kinda misleading.It's USB powered! so no power bricks and such, too bad the weakness is also due to the fact that it is USB powered that burning is really slow...To be realistic to you, although I had planned to use this product a lot, I just didn't find too much use for it. Although it's nice to have, but unless you got a netbook which needs to read off discs or a laptop with a broken drive, then you probably won't ever need to use this product as much as you'd expect.

Review Date: 10/19/10
Cons: Sale should of let me pick white :(

Pros: Light, Thin, Easy to Use, Affordable, and ASUS Branded
So far so good, I opened the package up and read the instructions manual seems like this DVD Writer is Easy to Use and Looks really sleek like the PS3 Fat with that shine to it. Seems like build quality rather good looking on the outside and this device is really portable and small.
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