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Cooler Master Decastator MS1K Moush and MB24 Keyboard Gaming Combo

Cooler Master Decastator MS1K Moush and MB24 Keyboard Gaming Combo (COOLERMASTER: SGB-3010-KKMF1-US)
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Cooler Master Decastator MS1K Moush and MB24 Keyboard Gaming Combo
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.12/10
With 16 User Reviews

Review Date: 01/15/15
Cons: none

Pros: pricelarge mouse buttons
works well as a basic keyboard and mouse, the ergonomics are average but for the price it's decent.

Review Date: 11/03/14
Cons: Mouse not ergonomicMalfunction after few months

Pros: Cool looking, glow at nightPlug and playCheaper than others
Got this 2013 Christmas, was working well. After few months, keyboard can't take successive commands (bad for gaming) and mouse started left clicking for no reason.Then I get a new set through RMA, but it doesn't last long. After 6 months of use, the mouse start to have the same issue (right clicking when I'm actually left clicking).If you have more money, I recommend getting better key mouse combo

Review Date: 10/16/14
Cons: when i first turned on the back light for the keyboard it kind of flicked and turned off, i turned it back on and it was fine

Pros: back light very awesome lookingkeys feel greatplug and playlooks insane!
would buy again, very good product, cheap price.

Review Date: 10/10/14
Cons: Mouse Broke after 3 months use.

Pros: Price, Keyboard
Bought this combo on Jul 07, 2014, and the mouse left click broke (mid game of course) on Oct 10, 2014. I did like the feel of the mouse despite feeling a little bulky and hard to maneuver precisely when i first used it. I did get use to its feel and had started to really enjoy using it when all the sudden the mouse would not work. I did take good care of it and had not done anything that may have led to a defect. For $40 it really isn't bad vale for money. The keyboard is still working just fine (for now) but I am looking for a new mouse now and do not think I would go with CM again.

Review Date: 10/09/14
Cons: None

Pros: Price, Quality, Everything
For the price (especially with PM or on sale) this is an awesome deal. The keyboard is quite decent, full sized with 'normal' keys that are backlit. The mouse is somewhat similar to the Logitech G9x (narrow grip). Great deal.

Review Date: 10/08/14
Cons: keyboard is a bit deeper than I am used to, otherwise amazing response

Pros: Easy to use in the dark, comfortable mouse, solid keyboard, general design is aesthetically pleasing
Bought this on sale for $30, since I was looking for a new keyboard; my old keyboard was terrible/stock and started to do unusual things. Never regretted this purchase, seeing as it was only $30 for a keyboard and mouse. After seeing the mouse, and breaking it in for the next week, I regretted my previous purchase of a $50 gaming mouse, as this one was clearly better, and a heck of a lot more comfortable.The mouse is light, and I take that to be a good thing. Although made of plastic, it doesn't feel particularly fragile, and I would have bought this combo for easily twice the price

Review Date: 08/22/14
Cons: Mouse's dpi selection button is placed stupidly.

Pros: $29.99 for a back lit keyboard and a mouse? Can't really go wrong.
Keyboard:Has a sturdy well built feel. Keys are very loud however.The lighting is bright but not obnoxious even when the room lights are off.Cord on the keyboard is long so you won't need to worry about it reaching your computer even if it is fairly far from your keyboard.Mouse:Nice design and feels solid.Very nice design.Scroll wheel is good as are the two extra buttons on the left side.The only major problem is the placement of the DPI selection button. It is right below the scroll wheel and I am constantly hitting it by accident. This might not happen as much once I get more use to this mouse, but for now is annoying.Over all:A very good combo especially for the price. Would buy again even if it wasn't on sale.

Review Date: 08/18/14
Cons: Could use a few more hotkeys.

Pros: Great Price,decent quality,cool look,beautiful back lit keys, very responsive.
Wow what a great keyboard & mouse combo. For the price you will not go wrong here. The combo just works great no lag,great responsiveness. Quality is decent as well for the price. Not as solid or dense as more expensive keyboards and mice but that is expected. If your on a budget and want a decent combo you can't go wrong here. I did a unboxing and review here in the link below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6_pJJ0wHDc&list=UU_xM_gUkIidgdmsSTskJSKQ

Review Date: 07/06/14
Cons: Hard to see unless backlight is on

Pros: Cheap, Looks good, Mechanical
I would recommend this for the price it is.

Review Date: 03/12/14
Cons: If the backlight is off, you dont see the keys.

Pros: Really cool.Very good mouse.Price.
It's a very cool to use it in the dack. The blue backlight is cool and good for the eyes. For the price, it's a realy good combo. The only cons is when the backlight is off, you dont see the keys.

Review Date: 01/21/14
Cons: none

Pros: Good mouse and keyboard
I have played with mechanical keyboards and high end gaming mice, and honestly these work just as well. The mouse has a button that allows you to speed it up moreso, and the keyboard works fine.

Review Date: 12/23/13
Cons: Lights turn off every shutdown, combo scroll lock button.

Pros: Nice big back-lit keys, smooth typing. Mouse isn't bad either.
Funny enough I bought this combo for my parents new PC. The back-lighting is nice and the letters are nice and large (easy to read). My parents PC is in their living room and can be a bit dark, this makes it easy to type. They don't use the mouse, as they have a nice more basic Logitech laser they are more comfortable with. But the mouse is nice, just too many buttons for them.

Review Date: 12/08/13
Cons: -Keys have a *sproing* soind when typing-One pad on the bottom of the mouse was falling off when it arrived-Keys aren't visible when lighting is off, barely visible with lighting on-Scroll lock controls keyboard lighting-The media keys are even less bright than the standard keyboard keys, which are barely visible themselves-Cords aren't the longest that they could be

Pros: +Price+Good spring to keys+Mouse slides easily+Mouse has back/forward buttons+Mouse DPI controlled without needing software
I got this combo to use at work, because if I'm going to be on a computer 40 hours a week, then I might as well have a nice keyboard and mouse while I'm there. I'm very satisfied with what I got for the price, but if I could go back and do it all over again, I'd probably opt for a better pair.The keyboard has a good tactile feedback; the keys are springy. It can sit flat or stand up at a nice angle with two cheap flip legs that do their job. That said, the keyboard has annoying but not dealbreaking problems.With the lighting turned off, the clear letters are completely unreadable. With the lighting on, they are barely readable. The areas between the keys are actually much brighter than the keys themselves, which makes it even harder to see. I suspect it would be better if the lights were off, but I got this keyboard for work so I can't work in the dark. Also annoying is the fact that the keyboard makes a twang sound when it is tapped, and since typing is basically just tapping it again and again, it can get on one's nerves. I work with spreadsheets a lot at work, where having scroll lock off or on makes a difference with what the arrow keys do, and the scroll lock key controls the lighting. This won't be a very big deal for anyone gaming with it, but it is frustrating for me.Mouse is very nice and responsive. It's a lightweight mouse you can move with your fingertips, not a palm-moved mouse. DPI is more than enough for me with two 1080p screens and having to frequently switch windows or select  cells in a spreadsheet. I actually don't use the highest DPI; it's too sensitive for precise clicks. Only downside to the mouse was that when it arrived, one of the feet was half-off and had to be pushed back onto the mouse. hasn't given me any trouble since then, and doesn't look like it will fall off when I lift it up to check the bottom.The cords are ~5 ft, not the maximum USB length of 6ft, but not bad either. Nothing fancy with the cords, they do their job.Packing was very good both within the box, where both keyboard and mouse have a plastic bag over them, and the mouse is surrounded by Styrofoam, and outside the box where NCIX went all-out with the bags of air to protect it in transit.Despite my complaints above, I still prefer this set over my old company-supplied Logitech MK 120 mouse / keyboard. In fact, if I wasn't being pampered at home with a Logitech G105 keyboard and Razer Mamba mouse, I'd probably give this four stars.

Review Date: 12/05/13
Cons: No Software,but this is to be expected at this price point.

Pros: Great Gaming Bundle for the Price. I picked up onsale for $28.99No Drivers, or software needed. Solid construction.
I purchased this keyboard and mouse bundle for my Girlfriends Computer to help her when she is gaming in the dark. This keyboard is a solid unit, and so is the mouse. You would expect something of this high quality to be more in price. Try to pickup on sale, but even at the regular price of $39.99 its still a great bang for you buck. I highly recommend this for someone looking for a great gaming combo.

Review Date: 09/14/13
Cons: Backlighting could be brighter.

Pros: Media controls, backlighting and a nice tactile feel.
Nice mouse keyboard set for the price. Both the mouse and keyboard have a great feel and the blue lighting on both looks awesome as well as functional. Although not a high end combo, it's more than adequate for the entry level gamer.

Review Date: 09/14/13
Cons: No ability to customize

Pros: No Drivers neededReady Out of BoxLed's look goodGood value
Cheapest set for a good keyboard and mouse. You get what you pay for and it works just fine, Great keyboard and mouse
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Product Features

Mouse and  Keyboard Combo USB 2.0 Connection

Cooler Master Storm Devastator Gaming Bundle
The Cooler Master Storm Devastator Gaming Bundle is the perfect starting bundle for any gamer. Its blue-accented LED backlighting allows precision click and type in any room setting. Both the keyboard and mouse are supported by rubber pads and their surfaces are anti-slip to maximize stability in every game and a sure win every time. The keyboard and the mouse have an ergonomic design for more comfortable usage throughout your gamin hours. It also has an on/off key shortcut. The mouse comes with 800, 1600, and 2000 DPI modes. IT has a high-precision large mouse wheel for more precise scrolling. Both keyboard and mouse have a USB connection for faster transfer and more accurate results in your games. Start out a winner and get the Cooler Master Storm Devastator Gaming Bundle today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 2000 DPI; delivers excellent tracking ability
  • Ergonomic design; offers superb comfort while enjoying your favorite games
  • USB connection; ensures smooth and fast navigation control

Product Specifications

BrandCooler Master
NameCM Storm Devastator Gaming Bundle
Keyboard Connection Type
Keyboard InterfaceUSB
Keyboard SPEC
Design StyleErgonomic
Palm RestYes
Mechanical KeyboardNo
Keyboard ColorBlack
DimensionsKeyboard: Dimension: 449.7(L)x148.4(W)x35.6(H) mm; 17.7x 5.8x 1.4 inch
Mouse: Dimension: 119.1(L)x64.6(W)x36.7(H) mm; 4.7x 5.5x 1.4 inch
Mouse Included
Mouse IncludedYes
Mouse Connection Type
Mouse InterfaceUSB
Mouse SPEC
Tracking MethodOptical
Scrolling Capability1x Wheel
Mouse ColorBlack
FeaturesDevastator - Membrane Keyboard & Optical Mouse

Starter package for gamers

Anti-slip surfaces and grips

Custom membrane design - more durable and improved tactile feedback

Ergonomic ultra low profile design

Ultra durable Laser etched and grip coated keycaps

Dedicated Multi-media keys

Blue LED backlight with on/off key shortcut

Ergonomic ultra flat mouse body

800 - 1600 - 2000 DPI modes

Large high-precision mouse wheel

Solid rubber side pads for ultimate stability
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