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Coolermaster Inferno Laser Gaming Mouse 12 Button 4000DPI Black USB2.0 Ultrapolling

Coolermaster Inferno Laser Gaming Mouse 12 Button 4000DPI Black USB2.0 Ultrapolling (COOLERMASTER: SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP)
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Coolermaster Inferno Laser Gaming Mouse 12 Button 4000DPI Black USB2.0 Ultrapolling
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.27/10
With 22 User Reviews

Review Date: 01/28/14
Cons: None.

Pros: 12 buttons, good for gaming, good grip, has lights on it, Mouse pointer sensitivity can be changed easily.Lasts long.
I have had the Inferno CM Storm,(this mouse) for over 2 years now. I've had no problems with it.I have even spilled a little bit of water on it, still works great. I like the way you can change the mouse sensitivity on the mouse itself without having to go to the settings and do it there.
Joshua W@NCIX

Review Date: 12/11/13
Cons: -Software isn't the greatest-After a little over a year of use you can see where the color is starting to run off of the mouse in spots-Some buttons aren't in the best of places (however, all are at least reachable).

Pros: -Great solid mouse.-A lot of buttons-All buttons have multiple functions using the "Storm Tactics" button
This is easily one of the best mice I have ever used. It has some great features and a lot of buttons to program macros to. The software does take some getting used to, but once you know how to work it there shouldn't be too much trouble. The mouse is extremely customizable with 4 profiles (though, one of them cannot be changed). While some buttons can be a bit difficult to reach when you are in a fast paced situation, they are all reachable, you just might have to train your hand to get a few of them. With the exception of the "Storm Tactics" button, all buttons can be changed to have whatever function you desire. Overall, this is just a great mouse! I highly recommend it.

Review Date: 10/01/13
Cons: Too tallBad shape on right side that makes ring finger uncomfortableUgly in front, but you are not looking at it.Wire placed too low causes rubbing.

Pros: Lots of buttonsMultiple profileProfile on the switchOn board memory saves your settingCoated wireAdvanced setting for serious gamers.Pretty on the back sideMulti-color LEDStrong softwareSuper high dpiExtremely cheap on sale
A powerful mouse with strong features, suitable for all gaming needs, especially RTS. You see me being picky on this mouse, but I am just taking minor problems out of an overall great mouse. I will focus on con, since you should already knew about its powerful pro by a glance. What is listed on Cons will be skipped. Maybe it is just me, but my ring finger is slightly longer than index finger, that causes problems due to its shape. The mouse is a bit too tall, hurts waist joint over time. The rear glossy LED look is nice, but that glossy surface produces sweat. The software is very powerful and professional. The advanced sensitivity settings are great for competitive players. One thing I dislike is the Macro button. It cannot be programmed as other keys. When I play FPS, I would enjoy an extra button fast than think about macro. The "-5" on dpi switch dissappears as my index finger is covering it. The mouse could be longer instead of taller to be more comfortable, but it is just for people with bigger hands. After all the inperfections, none of them covers the fact that I got it for 25 dollar. What can I say?

Review Date: 01/04/13
Cons: - 'CMSTORM' letters fade- Could have more LED colours- When you launch the software to configure the mouse, it significantly slows down the mouse movement speed

Pros: - Fast/responsive/accurate- Large scroll wheel- Great button sizes/placement- Lots of buttons- Multiplier button is fantastic. Great for MMO players.
Multiplier key and the rest of the programmable buttons make it great for the price. It is neither too big or too small and is very comfortable. Great hybrid for FPS and MMO games.

Review Date: 09/14/12
Cons: no left hand version.

Pros: Comfortable, easy to set up, easy to use.
Works great for gaming, I love the ability to customize each button and to have multiple profiles. The DPI selector is very handy as well. Its a great mouse over all.

Review Date: 01/11/12
Cons: The button under the sensitivity changer is really weak on mine and if i push it to much it will kinda get stuck inside

Pros: I dont have enough macros to use all the buttonsNice design and fits my hand perfectlyThe front part of the mouse has this mesh like thing that makes circles with the light that comes out which looks cool.
Overall i really like this mouse i use the two corner buttons ontop as rapid-fire keys for left and right mouse clicks.

Review Date: 01/01/12
Cons: -There should be a rapid fire button that can tweak it ingame

Pros: -Rapid fire button is useful-Breathing lights look cool-Love the braided cable feels so smooth
I would recommend to pickup this mouse when its on a discount/

Review Date: 12/27/11
Cons: none so far

Pros: Comfortable nice Design
I bought this for my son and its his first gaming mouse and he really likes it.

Review Date: 12/22/11
Cons: -the software can be confusing

Pros: -Comfortable-lots of programmable buttons-cool led`s-feels durable-braided cable
This is a comfortable and precise mouse. the scroll wheel was a bit harder to push than my previous mouse but it has gotten easier after a while. this is my first gaming mouse and for the price it rocks!

Review Date: 10/13/11
Cons: Heat after Long Time UsageMacro Failure after Hard PressRight-handed Design

Pros: Comfortable GrabDurable DesignMacro Function
I got this mouse at a pretty good sales price. The mouse is well-built and comfortable to rest my hand on it, depending on the size of your hands. It is a very good gaming mouse in terms of quality.The only problem that I have so far is the macro function of the mouse. It helps to have so many macro keys on the mouse sometimes. However, the software to program the mouse seems to be a bit buggy: first, it won't save the basic setting like sensitivity, so your mouse will become slow every time you get in the program; second, you need to change the connection rate to make the flashing process work. The macro keys may failed if you press them too hard, eg. the mouse won't releases that macro action every time you click the mouse.Therefore, I have use the basic buttons on the mouse now. The macro program and functions still need improvement to undertake the heavy gaming duty.

Review Date: 09/21/11
Cons: for the price, they could include extra plastic the mouse slides on for replacement

Pros: Nice gripSoftware included with the mouse is nice and easy to usegold plated usb connector
This mouse is not wireless, the pictures can be very confusing.This mouse is made for smaller hands

Review Date: 08/04/11
Cons: -Need to be from NASA in-order to understand the daft, messy, but powerful, Storm software. (Absolutely nothing in the way of tutorials or active community forums from Cooler Master, only a vague manual. In time you will get accustomed to it obviously) -The main side button can only be used as a function key to be used in conjunction with other buttons, you're not able to map it by its self.-I find the right side macro key, beside right click, is tricky to hit in the heat of battle.-Middle click is stiff and hard to click. -Initially it wasn't 100% comfortable (maybe like 85% :p), but my hand did adjust after use. (I have deep palms so my hand had to get used to being flattened out more)

Pros: +Immediately improved my gaming performance. (Most kills and highest score I've ever achieved in Bad Company 2 in 1st round after setting up the Inferno, was shocked)+Became comfortable after a full day of use. (I tend to use "Claw" style for gaming)+Tonnes of possible configurations thanks to the function key and 4 profiles.+4000DPI is more then enough.+Wide scroll wheel is silent with satisfying feel. (Middle click's too stiff)+Amazing value
I find the Inferno to be amazing value for the money, they could easily charge 20 dollars more and it would still be competitive in the gaming mouse market.

Review Date: 06/14/11
Cons: there is none

Pros: Freakin awsome!
i was reading the reviews and noticed people saying the mouse is too big, the scroll is hard to click. NO those statements are very untrue! this mouse is the perfect size, the scroller button is actually more than perfect. Only trouble i have is mapping the buttons... thats just cuz im anti-software for hardware so i kinda just dont want to use it... but in two words i represent this mouse as : FREAKIN SWEET.

Review Date: 02/24/11
Cons: all the mouse is kick ass the software for it is a bit much way too technical for a mouse.

Pros: the Coolermaster Inferno what a cool mouse i have used it for 8hr's today on starcraft and cod have to say it's way better then razor addkiller mouse or the wow mouse fits nice on my hand very fast love the rapid fire key for the price can't go wrong :)good job Coolermaster
best for the price can't go wrong when your looking for a gaming mouse i have to say one of the best i have used

Review Date: 02/03/11
Cons: can't map third thumb buttonsoftware is somewhat non-intuitive

Pros: low priceno tracking issues
For the price this mouse is a great buy. It is very big in size, so if you use a claw grip, like me, it will take some getting used to. The software for programming profiles, macros, and scripts is very feature rich, but can be a bit difficult to figure out unless you dedicate a lot of time to learning it.I bought this thinking I could map the third thumb button, but later realized that you can't... its dedicated as a "shift" button which is kind of a bummer. Also, I can't seem to map the button to the left of the left mouse button... it seems to be dedicated as a "rapid fire" for the left mouse button, but does not work in many FPS games.I like the extra wide scroll wheel, but it can be hard to press. Maybe after more use it will give a little easier.I play mostly FPS games and this mouse works well, and is definitely worth the price paid. But maybe it would be better suited for MMO's where you could really utilize the software for programming a lot of macros and scripts.

Review Date: 01/31/11
Cons: When not using it on a soft mouse pad, it kind of elevates up in the front because I put a lot more pressure on the back end of the mouse. So the laser sensor moves off the table and every time I press the left/right button, the mouse's balance moves to the front, which cause the click to shift. Basic idea is that, use it on a soft surface, at least for me.

Pros: -Excellent software, although it is complicated and I haven't gotten through all the options.-so many buttons! and so many customizable options-it lights up (red only)-fits in my hand nicely-nicely braided cord
I first didn't believe the reviews saying the middle button is hard to press. Boy, was I ever wrong. It is definitely hard to press. I personally don't press it ever, not even in games, so I'm fine. But if you do use it. I would ask you to consider something else. The software it came with was confusing. I was on the verge of contact coolermaster but managed to figure out the problem myself. It will take some time getting use to. But when you do get it, it'll be a game changer (maybe not). One down-side of the software is that, you can only have 3 and a half profiles. The half profile is the predefined profile with only 3 keys available for customization. The other 3 profiles have full customization.Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who love a quality mouse at a reasonable price (I had a price match). But, if you use the middle button, don't buy it.

Review Date: 12/03/10
Cons: Scroll wheel is insanely hard to click

Pros: All the bells and whistles you would want in a gaming mouse for a great valueCan be used with a palm grip or fingertip
This mouse was a pleasure to use, I bought this because this was the only mouse that had an ambidextrous design mouse without side buttons getting in the way of how I hold my mouse. Tracks well and have no complaints about performanceUnfortunately, the scroll wheel needs improvement, I am not exaggerating when I say that you need to literally push hard to middle click. Once in a while, the scroll wheel would get stuck while scrolling for a a good second or so. Well I applaud Cooler Master for making a good attempt, the wheel is considered to be a deal breaker to me. If you don't use the middle click button, this may be the mouse for you. Back to the shop it goes.

Review Date: 11/29/10
Cons: -the black glossy area is starting to wear out from my hardcore gaming

Pros: -awesome red led. It "breaths" like it is living-very comfortable for big handed individuals-buttons are well defined and easy to access -comes with a good program for setting up profiles and preprogramming macros and buttons
It is an awesome mouse in every aspect but the only issue I have with it is that the gloss is starting to come off. Probably the way I game is way too harsh considering that every mouse I owned in the past had its gloss/paint come off too.

Review Date: 11/06/10
Cons: LED on the profile button and the scroll wheel are always on, although far from being a deal breaker

Pros: Rubberized sides allow for comfortable usageStorm Tactics button, essentially, give the mouse a second profile without actually switchingBeautiful LEDs
The mouse's scroll sheel is extra wide making scrolling a joy. Compared with Razer's mice however, the Inferno has some way to go. I've owned Death Adder and Imperator, both right handed mice. The Inferno certainly did a good job making this ambidextrous design work comfortably. The Macro and Script writing portion of the software is rather confusing. The packaging is nowhere near as 'fancy' as Razer's. You just get the mouse and a CD. During initial use, the mouse feet feel unsmooth when moving from side to side even on a gaming mouse pad. Though, the problem only persisted briefly. Overall, This mouse is on par with Razer's mice in terms of performance. Quality and the overall "experience" is still something CM can improve on in the future.

Review Date: 09/15/10
Cons: It is a bit large for the average hand. Women and small hands are not compatible. If you have big hands...you will LOVE this.

Pros: So many buttons and combination's to choose from.VERY GOOD QUALITY MANUFACTURING.Long nylon braided cord.
As stated, this is quite large. This is without a doubt the best quality mouse I have ever owned...or seen for that matter. CM has taken the gold home on this mouse. If only they had a version for small hands. My only gripe with the storm button is you cant just bind it as an independent button to the keyboard. You have to have one of the other assigned buttons + storm to = a keyboard command. I am sure they can change that in a firmware update...hint hint CM!

Review Date: 09/14/10
Cons: Too soon to list any.

Pros: Better suits my hand than old faithful (MX518).The cable comes sleeved which is an excellent touch for durability. I can customize it any way I like and Save up to 3 profiles for different games or applications.
So far another great Cooler Master Product to add to my collection (Storm Sniper BE, & HAF-X)I'm hoping this mouse will last as long as my MX518 did.For a wired mouse in this price bracket It is definitely worth considering, it may not suit everyone's hands but the macro buttons are a nice feature.

Review Date: 09/03/10
Cons: none

Pros: -Comfy, not too big-Great grip-Fast button-Solid wire-Awsome look-Up to 5 lvl of sensibility you can adjust with 2 buttons (with memory onboard)
This is the best mouse I ever had. It is good looking, comfy and not too big. There is up to 5 lvl of sensibility you can adjust with 2 buttons. This is a very great gaming mouse and it is so cheap compared on how it is worth ! I strongly recommend it.
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Product Features

Gaming Mouse Laser Sensor
USB Connection Programmable Buttons

Cooler SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP Master Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse
Play with your favorite games using the Cooler SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP Master Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse. This cordless gaming mouse is designed with a crucial MMO-quality in-game built that suitably fits to the needs of MMORPGers. The Cooler SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP Master Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse comes with 4000 DPI twin laser sensors that offer superior sensitivity to every game. This wonderful gaming mouse also has its 128kb of onboard Sentinel-X memory and the new Storm Tactics Multiplayer, which delivers outstanding performance in every game. Order the Cooler SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP Master Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse today.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 4000 DPI twin laser sensors; offers great sensitivity
  • MMO-quality in-game built; ideal for MMORPGers use
  • Cordless; offers clutter-free wiring solution

A Closer Look


Superior Gaming-grade Precision

The Inferno utilizes a superior laser engine to ensure extreme stability and a point tracking performance. Enhanced to increase your gaming needs, it provides lossless performance at optimized speed ranges boosted to endure all types of tactical movements for sheer accuracy.

Onboard Sentinel-X? 128KB

The Sentinel-X? microprocessor safeguards your mouse settings and stores up to 3 different game profiles. The stored profiles can retain macro, scripts, and other customizations, letting you plug and play and triumph on any PC system without the need of additional software.

Advanced Storm MacroPro? Key

The versatile MacroPro? Key allows easy access to actuate pre-programmed firmware commands, such as Macros, Scripts, Mouse motion, and actions. Automated repetitive actions can be easily implemented for complex MMO games and/or other Windows applications.

Rapid Fire Tactical? Key

A pure assault apparatus ? built to fire multiple rounds from a tactical mouse and or keyboard command. Conveniently placed next to the left mouse button, this tactical key is one click away from a load of sustaining fire, giving you the utmost edge to frag your opponents and stay alive in all combat situations.

Storm Tactics? Multiplier Key

Storm Tactics? Multiplier Key offers unique key combinations built to offer 32 extra button outputs for macros, scripts, rapidfire, and other unique commands. Easy to optimize for the most intensifying MMO sessions, Storm Tactics Multiplier? Key enhances character reactions with top-notch combo command.

Product Specifications

BrandCM Storm
Hand OrientationRight Hand
Tracking MethodLaser
Scrolling Capability1 x Wheel
Maximum dpi4000 dpi
FeaturesSuperior Gaming-grade Precision

Onboard Sentinel-X 128KB

Advanced Storm MacroPro Key

Rapid Fire Tactical Key

Storm Tactics Multiplier Key
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts1 year limited
Labor1 year limited

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