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Thermaltake BlacX Duet Black Dual Hard Drives Docking Station

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AC Adapter for Thermaltake N0028USU BlacX ST0014U-R ST0014U ST0019U Charger PSU AC Adapter for Thermaltake N0028USU BlacX ST0014U-R ST0014U ST0019U Charger PSU $13.75 CAD Shop Now
AC Adapter for Thermaltake N0028USU BlacX ST0014U-R ST0014U ST0019U Charger PSU AC Adapter for Thermaltake N0028USU BlacX ST0014U-R ST0014U ST0019U Charger PSU $15.80 CAD Shop Now
AC DC Adapter For SECURIFI DSC-6PFA-05 FUS 050100 Switching Power Supply Charger AC DC Adapter For SECURIFI DSC-6PFA-05 FUS 050100 Switching Power Supply Charger $15.85 CAD Shop Now
Ablegrid AC Adapter For Thermaltake N0028USU BlacX ST0014U-R ST0014U ST0019U PSU Ablegrid AC Adapter For Thermaltake N0028USU BlacX ST0014U-R ST0014U ST0019U PSU $17.17 CAD Shop Now
PwrON AC Adapter For Thermaltake N0028USU BlacX ST0014U-R ST0014U ST0019U Power PwrON AC Adapter For Thermaltake N0028USU BlacX ST0014U-R ST0014U ST0019U Power $19.63 CAD Shop Now
THERMALTAKE ST0014U-D BlacX Duet Docking USB3.0 THERMALTAKE ST0014U-D BlacX Duet Docking USB3.0 $67.69 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake ST0014U-D BlacX Duet 2.5"/3.5" SATA USB3.0 Docking Station Thermaltake ST0014U-D BlacX Duet 2.5"/3.5" SATA USB3.0 Docking Station $68.08 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake ST0014U-D BlacX Duet HDD Docking Station Thermaltake ST0014U-D BlacX Duet HDD Docking Station $70.05 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake BlacX Duet Drive Dock External Thermaltake BlacX Duet Drive Dock External $74.99 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake BlacX Duet Drive Dock External (st0014u-d) (st0014ud) Thermaltake BlacX Duet Drive Dock External (st0014u-d) (st0014ud) $77.32 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake ST0014U BLACX eSATA&USB-SATA Dual HDD Docking Station Thermaltake ST0014U BLACX eSATA&USB-SATA Dual HDD Docking Station $79.31 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake BlacX 3.25" HDD USB 2.0 Black External Duel Bay Docking Station Thermaltake BlacX 3.25" HDD USB 2.0 Black External Duel Bay Docking Station $83.22 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake ST0014U BlacX Duet eSATA USB 2.0 Drive Docking Station External Thermaltake ST0014U BlacX Duet eSATA USB 2.0 Drive Docking Station External $84.61 CAD Shop Now
Hard Drive External Enclosure Docking Station 2.5/3.5in. SATA I/II/III USB 3.0 Hard Drive External Enclosure Docking Station 2.5/3.5in. SATA I/II/III USB 3.0 $85.90 CAD Shop Now
New Thermaltake ST0014U-D BlacX Duet Docking USB3.0 New Thermaltake ST0014U-D BlacX Duet Docking USB3.0 $86.92 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake ST0014U-D BlacX Duet Drive Dock External - USB 3.0 Thermaltake ST0014U-D BlacX Duet Drive Dock External - USB 3.0 $89.22 CAD Shop Now
BlacX Duet Docking USB3.0 BlacX Duet Docking USB3.0 $116.21 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Thermaltake BlacX Duet Black Dual Hard Drives Docking Station
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.85/10

Review Date: 04/15/15
Cons: -Flap on one of the slots broke after a few uses

Pros: -Two Drive Slots-eSATA-Supports 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drives-Easy ejection button
This hard drive dock works very well. Perfect for when you have extra drives laying around and want more storage, or for doing data recovery from broken machines. The flap on one of my slots broke after only 2-3 uses but that does not affect operation.

Review Date: 02/06/14
Cons: price?

Pros: Conveniencesturdy build
This is a very convenient adapter for accessing drives without opening your pc case. I use it for as a cheap backup solution. Instead of buying enclosed hard drive, I just buy slightly cheaper internal ones and use them as backup drives.

Review Date: 09/17/13
eSata is just as rapid external as internal so if I make a decision to duel boot OS's, with the low-cost value of internal HDD that now can be employed as external, the unit pays for itself. I also really like the capability to clone drives as effectively. I keep 2 cloned drives of my key Windows 7 machine in case something happens. One on site in a fire proof and robbery deterrent style, the other off website in a Safety deposit box. Some may well think overkill, but with the sort of function I do, to drop something would be death to my modest organization and my primary job.Cloning disks for constructing machines is a lot less difficult and the ability to swap drives out based on what media I want streamed across my network at the enormous pro's Only 1 con I can consider of and it truly isn't a deal breaker for this model of the double unit, but the double unit doesn't yet have USB 3./Sata three. assistance unlike 1 of their single units has. For the price, you can get expandable external storage with out having to be concerned about all the cables and cases that the accurate external drives have. I have two external drives that now plug into this box due to the fact their low-cost USB 2. to Sata electronics failed. I just use the eSata connection on the unit and locate that the eSata 2 connection is quickly sufficient for now. With how low cost these are, I may possibly upgrade to the new requirements due to the fact my motherboard has native help for Sata three. and SuperSpeed USB Ɠ.)

Review Date: 09/15/13
Arrived in excellent shape. Guidelines easy to adhere to for set up. Well constructed. The Blacx Duet is a dual bay sata docking station. When utilizing USB2 as a link to the BlacX, the station recognizes two drives. When utilizing the esata connector, BlacX only recognizes one particular sata drive. The only way BlacX will recognize the second sata drive is the sata port demands to assistance "port multiplier". I did not see anyplace listed in the specification chart these limitations. Unless your MoBo suports sata port multiplier, there is no require to get a Duet unless you want to use USB2 as a link. It would be good if Thermaltake would contain this info about dual sata drives needing a sata port with "port multiplier" to take advantage of speed when utilizing 2 sata drives.

Review Date: 09/09/13
The capacity to copy drive to drive is very nice. Utilizing eSATA, it copies quite rapidly. Copying involving 2 WD 2TB 64meg cache Black drives is quite speedy. The drives get slightly warm to the touch even after copying among the dries for a excellent two hours straight. The only two cons I have (which seriously are far more desires than cons) are that I wish I had a way to maintain the dust out when I'm not actively employing each slots and I want the flashing blue lights accurately flashed in accordance with when information was truly flowing by means of versus just flashing at standard intervals when the drive is getting accesses. No biggie though was my SIIG eSATA express card (where the BlacX plugs in) has lights that flash according to actual information throughput. The eSATA card lights blue when information flows by means of, where the BlacX stay lit blue consistently then binks off and on at normal intervals even though the drive is accessed. The unit is very solid. It operates fantastic with a single or two drives. When utilizing drives with several partitions, each partition will show up as a diverse drive letter. This can get a tiny confusing. If you have 2 drives with several partitions (and all these drive letters) it can get quite confusing. I'm thrilled with this acquire and in fact personal many. I would buy them all over once more if I needed to.

Review Date: 09/08/13
Incredibly well built/sturdy. Operates fantastic in Win7, I have not tried it with XP/Linux. None hence far. A wonderful tool for imaging drives or copying the information off of old drives. Basically drop a drive in and click the energy button. It is significantly neater/easier than the USB to SATA cable system.

Review Date: 08/29/13
Ideal product, worked right out of the box! Operating Win 7 Ult. x64 bit and it took like ten sec for it to find the devices and to put the drivers in spot for the two drives I had attached. It didn't jump out of the box and hook itself up but that's to be expected Will undoubtedly be purchasing far more from newegg! Love the service.

Review Date: 08/19/13
good thought to put the drives in a plugin desktop unit. gets as well hot quite speedily, even with green drives. no fan. does NOT perform well will sata chipsets that can\'t have many drives on a single cable (port multiplier ability) I took a nice 80mm fan and reduce off the ends (these fans are almost all 12V), then I spliced the power brick's cable at close to the finish, connected the wires + and - properly, soldered the cables, taped them up with electrical tape and heat sealed them. I then opened the casing and drilled out smaller sufficient holes for the fan wedge like screws, put two holes parallel to the case and the fan, applied the screws, and voila.now it is as it ought to have been designed.

Review Date: 08/18/13
Functions excellent, truly good transfer prices. Recognized two tough drives with no any challenges with usb. Needs separate power switches for each HDD, so only four eggs. Some individuals talked about the concern of overheating since of lack of cooling fans. I have the antec mini skeleton and the fan puts out sufficient air flow that I place the HDD docking station next to it so they don't get hot. Even though obtaining some kind of plug on the dock for a fan would be great.

Review Date: 08/05/13
Was in a position to retrieve my data from a corrupted Raptor drive employing Data Recovery Wizard software program. So I was pleased even even though I bought it at Finest Buy for about ten bucks much more than Newegg. Didn't have to wait for shipping though... Instructions are just about worthless. The USB cable is WAY short, like half as long as standard USB cables. I believe for that kind of funds they shouldn't go inexpensive on the cable length. Knock a egg off for that. I failed to assign a drive letter to the Raptor when reformatting it soon after recovering data and the drive wouldn't show up anywhere other than the Device Manager. After I assigned a drive letter then it behaved just like any other USB challenging drive.I'm going to have to do some surfing and uncover out how to format big partitions in FAT32. I had to choose NTFS when formatting in Win XP.

Review Date: 08/03/13
Wonderful value, extremely sensible, speedy. It feels cheep. I would have liked it to have a a lot more robust really feel to it. I adore it. I do a lot of laptop repairs and this issue makes back ups a breeze.

Review Date: 08/03/13
Study all drive perfectly. Hotswap for all interface eSata only operate with 1 disk. It's not listed in the product detail on newegg, but there's a tiny note pamphlet in the package, that state if you use eSata and want to see both HD (Well duh), you require to be connect to an eSata port duplicator...otherwise, only a single HD will be recognized.

Review Date: 07/30/13
Operates specifically how it's supposed to, great appearance and feel. None. You see so numerous sloppy drive enclosures/caddy's. The hardware is generally fail-prone and doesn't always choose-up drives. It's good to have a single that is "pro" good quality. This is a sharp tool.

Review Date: 07/23/13
Works fine and if you study the manual you would know how to turn it off and on as nicely as come across out that some motherboards do not have a SATA hub function on their external SATA port so that you can access two drive at the time with SATA access. Access to each drive is usually readily available when employing USB. Non Was capable to format and swap files from 1 1TB HDD to a 2TB with no issues.

Review Date: 07/21/13
Both USB and e-Sata connections accessible. Energy button on the front is a plus and each drive has a blue activity light. Older single dock models have energy button on the back which is challenging at occasions. Requiring multi-port in order for your laptop to recognize two tough drives (when connected via e-Sata) is the only 'con' for me. Nevertheless, each drives are recognized when utilizing the USB connection. I have two notebooks and a desktop and none of them have multi-porting accessible !all in all, I seriously like the DUET model ! For now, I can reside with 1 HDD on e-Sata.E-Sata speed is about 8 X quicker than USB. More rapidly than Firewire 400 or 800 ! Surprised e-Sata isn't used or available as typical equipment in new computer systems.

Review Date: 07/12/13
It at least performs with 1 drive docked via eSATA. Even even though I am working with a CalDigit FASTA 2e eSATA card in my Mac Pro (which supports port mulitplication) and have even had CalDigit replace that card, the Duet will not show each drives when connected by way of eSATA.It will show each docked drives by way of USB but that defeats the goal of purchasing this unit for eSATA use. Hoping an RMA will resolve this problem.

Review Date: 07/09/13
This thing is great. I plugged it in to the Esata port, works wonderful. See's both drives, and is really quick. For Esata your esata port have to assistance port replication to see both drives. On my motherboard (Rampage II Intense) I had to install the jmicron driver as the driver windows installed did not help port replication. As soon as I did that, it worked great. I adore this darn point.

Review Date: 06/23/13
Operates excellent, plug and play. Running on Windows 7. Good Item nada

Review Date: 06/21/13
quite great top quality, it does like it says. It would be good a on/off switch

Review Date: 06/17/13
Functions wonderful with USB out of the box. eSATA functioning immediately after installing PCIe eSATA adapter. My mobo did not assistance port multiplication over eSATA so a card was required. Simple to swap out drives. Make is sturdy but low-cost; for the price tag I cant complain. SATA connectors are exposed to the elements when a drive is not installed. There is a flap that pops up when a drive is not installed but there is a gap more than the ports anyways so its puzzling as to why incorporate flaps at all. ||| Would be good to have seperate power buttons for every slot to be genuinely hot swappable. Paired with an iStarUSA RAID-SIL3132-2ES. Applied driver that came with the card for Windows 7 x64. Just pointed the driver update to the CD and it found what it wanted. Still have a spare port on that card so Im almost certainly going to be receiving adding an eSATA enclosure.

Review Date: 06/06/13
I do enjoy the actual functionality of this, it functions good for what you want to do with it. I have a 1.5TB three.5 and a 320GB 2.5. It performs fantastic whether transferring information involving the two drives, or to and/or from the computer. 2.five is a Truly tight match. Really hard to install. You feel like you are going to break it although attempting to insert it. This may possibly be the only Con, but it is a Massive con for me.

Review Date: 05/29/13
Works as advertised, uses all possible bandwidth readily available for the selected connection variety. Wall-wart energy adapter - they could have simply put the transformer inside the unit. Connected to laptop through USB to recover some files when my desktop system failed, and the to use the other two drives from that program although waiting for new components from NewEgg.If you want to see each drives through eSata, I *think* you have to have a multi-port capable eSata connector. Most of the time, you require to acquire an add-on card to get this capability due to the fact most consumer0-grade motherboards don't have such a connector built-in. You can get such a card here at NewEgg.

Review Date: 05/25/13
Rapidly transfer, can use 2.5" and three.5", two drives on 1 eSata connection. Good device when it worked. I had challenges from the day I bought this point. Challenges existed on USB and eSata. It would either recognize only a single really hard drive or none. It would function only following switching esata ports a few times, removing and replacing the energy various instances, and restarting the personal computer over and more than once more. I was afraid to shut down the personal computer after I ultimately did get each drives to show up. It finally died tonight and refuses to show a single drive. I have five three.five" drives and two two.five" drives on my desk and none will show up on the thermaltake. All work completely on the RocketFish enclosures. I purchased the thermaltake at Ideal Get 31 days ago so that signifies it is non refundable and is now a ๖ paper weight with lights. This point is garbage. Save yourself from the mind splitting anger and hate - get the StarTech model rather. Manufacturer Response:Dear Consumer,We at Thermaltake apologize for the inconvenience this may have brought on you. Please contact ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com for warranty data.Greatest Regards,

Review Date: 05/23/13
When I received this product, I was initial struck by the looks of it. Quite nice seeking, higher good quality item. I purchased this device hoping I could retrieve files from an un-bootable really hard drive out of a laptop. I plugged it in, connected by means of usb cable and every little thing worked excellent. The drive showed up in my tough drive list and I retreived all the files that I necessary. None

Review Date: 05/19/13
Ƒ)handles a number of drive sizes including newer 12.5mm laptop drives; ƒ)dual connections -- USB 2. and eSATA; Ɠ)nice, steady base; Ƒ)transferring information between the two drives more than eSATA with port mulitiplier function yields a BSOD in Windows 7 Qualified 64-bit and 32-bit; ƒ)comes with the 'wall wart' energy adapter My con's section speaks for itself. Originally. I believed it was the drivers for my eSATA expresscard, but immediately after a little diagnositics it turns out the drivers were fine but this external enclourse was causing the eSATA expresscard drivers to malfunction causing the BSOD. How you ask? Right after about 3 files, or 3GB of information, the enclosure stops working. If I am transferring data amongst the enclosure and a drive within the personal computer almost everything performs as typical. This behavior only happens when transferring involving the two HDDs on the enclosure. This is extremely unfortunate. I do not have numerous troubles over the USB 2. connection. As of currently, I have not found a option to my problem.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Thermaltake
Model BlacX Duet
Color Black
Size 2.5" & 3.5"
AC Adapter Yes
Material ABS Plastic
Internal Interface SATA I/II
External Interface USB2.0 & eSATA
Specifications Power: Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz ; Output: 12V / 2A
Features Read & Write 2 Hard Drives simultaneously

All 2.5" or 3.5" SATA HDD up to 2TB (per slot)

Hot-Swap Capability for Rapid Multi HDDs Access & Exchange

Windows & Mac OS Compatible

Rapid Data Access & Exchange w/ Single eSATA or USB Cable Connection

Open docking station design maximizes heat dissipation

RoHS Compliance

SSG (Solid State Grip) Technology: Anti-Slippery Grasp Base
Physical Spec
Dimensions 5.51" x 4.76" x 2.74"
Weight 3 lbs.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
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