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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB 2.5" Black Ultra-portable Drive

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB 2.5" Black Ultra-portable Drive (Seagate: STAA1000101)
SeagateVPN: STAA1000101
Vendor: Seagate
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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB 2.5" Black Ultra-portable Drive
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.4/10
With 10 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/08/13
I bought this drive in an emergency required to use VM-ware Workstation 7 and 6 vm on laptop for That Monday did not discover a WD so took a opportunity. The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex is performing superior than expected for me.Will not get very technical but general overall performance for my demands is Wonderful!!!Cristal DiskMark are decent:-----------------------------------------------------------------------CrystalDiskMark three..1 x64-----------------------------------------------------------------------* MB/s ɣ,000,000 byte/s [SATA룄 = 300,000,000 byte/s] Sequential Read : 95.817 MB/s Sequential Write : 95.723 MB/s Random Read 512KB : 38.483 MB/s Random Write 512KB : 50.597 MB/s Random Study 4KB (QDɣ) : .546 MB/s [ 133.2 IOPS] Random Create 4KB (QDɣ) : 1.201 MB/s [ 293.1 IOPS] Random Read 4KB (QD៴) : .547 MB/s [ 133.6 IOPS] Random Write 4KB (QD៴) : 1.208 MB/s [ 295. IOPS] Test : 1000 MB [L: 43.% 鴈.2륩.eight GB)] (x5)Date : Cable is brief and no versatile at all. The enclosure is a fingerprint and dust magnet. This does not impact the functionality. I purchased this drive to be able to take a number of VM's on the road for Lab and presentation.This drive have been taking a beating from me for about four months with six virtual machines operating for 4 hours a day in test and extremely active lab environment that is a lot of study/write cycles not have not fail me when. So far quite satisfy!!!

Review Date: 04/23/13
Lots of storage for a excellent cost.Newegg delivery is second to none. My greatest complaint is that both the USB and connection to the device are extremely loose to where the slightest movement of the tough drive can disconnect the device from the Pc. Occurred in the middle of a backup. Ugh! I bought two units and the have the issue with each. Could be designed better.

Review Date: 04/04/13
Modest, quiet, lots of storage, just requirements 1 cable. Only glitch I've had with it so far is my Samsung Television stopped recognizing it in a single of the two USB ports, the 2nd port nonetheless functions fine. The drive has worked flawlessly in four computer systems and one other Samsung Television just fine, no difficulties at all. All these ports are USB two.. I waffled about for a whilst looking at big thumb drives and external drives to play videos on the Television. Believe me, this is a much far better remedy. Far quicker transfers and vastly a lot more storage bang for the buck. Purchased it from an auction site due to the fact of price, next day received e-mail flyer from Newegg with this temporarily at the same value I purchased it for. Bummer. Would have preferred to get it from Newegg.

Review Date: 03/25/13
size, price tag, performance, warranty, goflex!!This is a good drive so far! I own a FW800/USB Seagate Absolutely free Agent drive 500GB. This new drive is 1TB and usb three.ǘ. with goflex (hopefully by year finish thunderbolt 10gb speed will be readily available!) otherwise FW800 goflex will be a excellent solution!. The size of the drive is shorter than my other FreeAgent Drive but the capacity is fantastic!Speedy drive as well!Suggestions for Mac customers: You can format NTFS with the incorporated paragon NTFS drivers and make the drive usable for MacOSX and windows. Due to the size I would propose HFS+ or NTFS and NOT any other format!If you pick NTFS - you can not use the drive for TimeMachine OSX backups. If you choose HFS+ (Mac formatted Journaled ) you can't see it with your windows OS.. (unless you use macdrive HFS driver for windows, or use a VM in vmware Fusion!) lolGet this drive. Great value. Excellent functionality. I got two drives for .08 cents a gigabyte!two Year warranty. Seagate Name! - Calls for specific integrated USB cable. (Don't drop it!)- No case- fingerprint glossy black case. - The included films are WMV DRM'd files requiring WinMedia Player.. blah.. I'll pass so I did and reformatted to HFS+ Would advise this drive to any person. .Shopped about and this is very best drive for $ and efficiency. GoFlex is excellent!

Review Date: 03/24/13
This HD could be so good! if only it worked. Seagate employed to make the finest hard drives on the market, but they now look to have gone the way of affordable unreliable components. I loved this drive tiny, sleek and lots of space, affordable price... now i'm out my information, and waiting for seagate to send me a refurbished drive to soak up all my tears. Just check out the Seagate forums, kind in beeping- which is what this drive is positive to do if you use it on a regular basis enough. The forums are flooded with posts of poor suckers like me who are patiently waiting a response from the Seagate crew, oh and has everyone posted what to do if you drive gets hosed? nope. It functions as a excellent coaster for your fresh batch of lemonade. Will need a lot more Lemons? obtain now!

Review Date: 09/29/12
Cons: USB 3 cable is a bit short

Pros: smooth edge case,compact and good looking
Bought two for data and vidéo storage,backups purpose.Very nice product.Looks good.Two years warranty.Drive is silent and cool.I don't care much about speeds so i didn't considered this feature.On sale for 79$ wit free shipping was a good buy!

Review Date: 07/23/12
Cons: None

Pros: 1 TB, quiet portable, small, USB 3.0, quiet
Good buy for external storage and for someone looking for a portable hard drive.

Review Date: 01/13/12
I got this in great timing.It is operating great have had no issues and adore it. NON

Review Date: 09/21/11
Compact, uncomplicated to use, no external power supply. I ordered 3 in Could, 2010. I have returned two to Seagate. I am about to return a third, one shipped to me as a replacement!There are 3 connectors involved here, between the challenging drive and the adapter, in between the adapter and the USB cable, and between the USB cable and the host pc. The one between the adapter and the USB cable can come loose, requiring the user to ensure it is seated every single time it is plugged in.Intelligent data is not offered at the USB interface. Why not?The connector on the difficult drive is a SATA connector (I asked a Seagate consumer engineer), but mainly because of the way the shell fits over the drive, regular SATA cables don't fit securely on the drive, generating them risky. Thus, there is no good way to get Wise data off the drive.Seagate's customer service web website has minor difficulties, e.g. you have to enter the component and serial numbers once to see if you are still in warranty, and then once more to request an RMA.Some parts of it do not show up in Good idea, but I don't feel I'll order one more one.
Roger D ©1999@NCIX

Review Date: 08/13/11
Cons: No Slip Case included unlike it's smaller 500Gig Brother.

Pros: 1 USB Connector for Power, USB3.0, Appearance and apparent Durability.
I have 3 of these running at a Township Office service up Incremental Backups daily at the moment and another one used heavily for movies. The movies drive is in and out of my travel bag alot and takes a good deal of shakeage, droppage etc and it WORKS. The speed of USB 3.0 is nice! Some may have indifference's as to the way that Seagate has the USB cable connect to the drive. There's a plug deal that snaps on the drive (very stable) that supplies the cable. This is an all-in-one solution that allows the unit to feature Go-Flex abilities. The feature being you can purchase another snap in that will allow a user several options of connectivity such as iEEE firewire etc. Like I said, I've been using mine alot and the plug I find isn't any more trouble than any other cable. Zip.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Seagate
Series FreeAgent GoFlex
Model STAA1000101
Color Black
Interface USB 3.0
Capacity 1TB
Cache 16MB
Physical Spec
Form Factor 2.5"
Dimensions 5.3" x 3.5" x 0.9"
Weight 0.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 2 years limited
Labor 2 years limited
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